Best Cake Tin Storage

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1. Tala Cake Tins Mixed Set

Tala Cake Tins Mixed Set

There is a clear cover. The elegant cover allows you to show off your design. Please contact them if you need assistance. They will be happy to help. There is a set of cake tins. It's perfect for transporting anything from biscuits to cakes, from cupcakes to tray bakes, in a safe and dry environment. Trusted brand quality. Trusted brand quality.

Brand: Tala

👤There were tins that had different designs. It's not terrible, but it's not as cute as the picture shows. That made me angry.

👤It is a bonus that the tins are a little bigger than expected. The retro theme is reflected in the pastels in my kitchen. The bakes should stay fresh for longer with the airtight lids. The overall design is good with the names of different bakes displayed around the lid of the tin. They were neatly packaged inside one another with bubble wrap and packing paper to prevent any damage during transit. I've bought products from Tala before and have always found them to be reliable. If you are looking for something to keep your sweets and savouries in, or even if they are just for display, these tins will look good in any kitchen.

👤Tins were very thin, denting easily, but as I still use old tala cake tins, I know they will last a long time. It's good to store one tin in another. I should get good use of them because I would buy again at a good price.

👤My daughter was very pleased with the cake tins she bought for her, they were sturdy and good for her cakes and buns, and she would recommend them.

👤I got these and they are nice looking and will do the job, but the opening on the large lid had a small dent in it, but it won't affect its use. Time will tell. Overall happy with the purchase.

👤Tins look like the picture after arriving in excellent condition. They were individually wrapped and stacked inside each other. The tins are pretty, and the colors are not loud or garish. The tins tend to be upside down when they have a cake in them, so the branding on the lids doesn't bother me at all. It isn't seen. The pattern works when the tin is upside down. A fully iced and decorated cake was comfortably held in the largest tin. The cupcakes were held in the middle size tin. The small tin is too small to hold a cake, but it could hold biscuits or brownies. I use it to store baking ingredients. The cakes were successfully transported in the boot of a car. I would rate them well. I think the tins would be better if they were a little larger.

2. Nordic Ware Deluxe Bundt Keeper

Nordic Ware Deluxe Bundt Keeper

Measurement markings on the barrel are etched in both centimeters and inches to allow you to precisely roll dough out to the correct size. bundt and other cakes are kept fresh with clear plastic. The exterior displays cake. The locks are for transport. Before placing on the cake keeper base, let baked goods cool completely.

Brand: Nordic Ware

👤I bought this at the same time I bought my new bundt pan because I don't have a platter large enough to fit a bundt cake. It is a sturdy plastic. It isn't completely air tight, but it is close. I made a carrot cake bundt with a cream cheese filling. It can take a while for us to eat an entire cake because there are only 3 people in my household. I was amazed that it stopped the cake from drying out even after 5 days. I put the lid on the cake because I didn't want it to get too moist. I made a chocolate cake and it turned out the same. I was doubly impressed because I just bought a place to keep a bundt so I would have a place to keep it if I ever had to. If you don't eat your cake the first day, this is for you. I bought a large plastic knife to cut on this as I don't want to scratch it with metal. The knife is made for cheese and works great on cake.

👤The item was received with multiple cracks. I saw the same problem on another review and it's likely to happen again. The MFG packaging is only a thin narrow cardboard sleeve which doesn't offer any protection, and the shipping box was large with no packing material, and the Nordic Ware metal bundt pan was in the box. If you still want to buy this item online, you should buy it in a store since it will be a single item. The locking mechanism is not smooth to use and the product looks better online. I wouldn't put it in a dishwasher because it would crack if you dropped it. A glass would be more presentable than a soft plastic for home use, and for transport of a cake, a soft plastic would be a better choice. The metal product appears to be well made. The Nordic Ware Quality Control and Purchasing Department is likely to not hold the contracted supplier to the same internal standards of their metal products. They should drop it from their product line and come back with a more robust product design, and pay attention to proper packaging if they stick with a hard acrylic.

👤I know what other reviews mean about scratches and scuffs. Considering the price of this keeper, mine had minor scratches. It is beautiful to keep your cake in. I covered the plate with another plate and someone else suggested using parchment paper.

👤The cake keeper is attractive, sturdy, and reasonably priced, but I was disappointed in the color. I expected it to be clear, but it isn't. The smoke is gray. If you're looking for a keeper that is clear to see, you won't be happy with this. It is translucent. I wouldn't call it "crystal clear".

👤I have used my first one for years and this is the second one I have purchased. If you use a stiff paper plate like a Chinet, the tray is a little snug, but if you turn the lid, it will lock. If you need a container for tall cakes and pies, it's great. I have used it to store baked goods. The other Nordic Cake Keeper was looked at by me. I like the fact that you can see inside without having to open the lid. The Keeper is made of hard plastic and will crack if you drop it.

3. Pack Premium 2 5 LB Takeout Pans

Pack Premium 2 5 LB Takeout Pans

If you prefer buying in bulk to save time and money, then check out the multipack options which are great value for money. It is made from premium quality aluminum foil that is heavy duty, recyclable, and Stackable. The board is made of aluminum foil and comes with 60 pans and 60 lid. It is possible to keep your food out of harms way without worry with the use of secure snap on lids. It's perfect for everything from restaurant to-go containers, meal prep containers, school trips, camping, lunch, roasting, sample dishes, outdoor events, and more. It's great for packing food such as Spaghetti, Macaroni n Cheese, Vegetables, Meatloaf, Quiche, Lasagna, Roast and many other dishes.

Brand: Fig & Leaf

👤I was going to have my first baby and bought these to make freezer meals. These pans are perfect for having 1-2 serving of casseroles since you can't thaw a freezer meal once it's been baked. Excellent product, they hold up well in the deep freezer, and I have made several rounds of freezer meals with these pans!

👤Due to Covid, traditional family gathering couldn't happen this year. Instead of cooking a Thanksgiving feast, I packed it all and made some deliveries. The families who don't cook were very grateful. I was happy to know that Thanksgiving could still be shared. After sitting in a container for about 2 hours, food was still warm. It's pretty sturdy. I was able to seal the cover so the food wouldn't get cold.

👤It is amazing. I bought the Standard and Small size because I wasn't sure which one I needed, but I ended up keeping both! The Standard size is perfect for a full meal and the Small size is good for side dishes. I will use the small size for my meal when I don't want to eat too much, it will help me portion control and reduce waste. The to go containers come with both sides of cardboard and aluminum foil. The quality is good, but I like the fact that it is flat and not puffy. The plastic lid that looks like a dome and elevated was the type I was choosing. It takes too much space in the fridge and when I bring it to work. The board was flat for the win.

👤Pictures are not always what they seem. Please read the dimensions. I thought they were 9x6 because of how they look. It is a human thing. I'll be reading all descriptions after this mistake. They do well with kids meals, but not many people order food for kids. It says it holds very well, but it doesn't home the pounds.

👤These hold a lot of food. Good for preparing pasta meals in the freezer. I use them straight from the freezer to the oven. I store them with the paper side up so I can write on the top, but I flip the top over before cooking so that the metal side is up.

👤The paper lid falls apart and gets stuck to the food, making it soggy and making it hard to get off. The pans are great. I would have liked it to be a bit deeper but it worked. I wrapped the lids in aluminum foil but it was a waste of foil.

👤I love these containers. You can send your guests home with these because they won't have to leave with your good Rubbermaid containers. We use these on a regular basis for freezer meal prep. We prepare the meals in advance, label them and put them in the freezer. We don't like the micro so they go directly in the oven to reheated. These have become part of my household.

👤I cook food for the parents of a friend. These takeout pans are perfect for a meal for 2 because they don't eat in large quantities. They can freeze the dishes and put them in the oven when they want. I put the cooking instructions on the lid. It is easy for them. I used them to send leftovers home with my family during the holidays. They are sturdy and perfect for what I use.

4. Pack SimpleHouseware Kitchen Bakeware Organizer

Pack SimpleHouseware Kitchen Bakeware Organizer

Wrap Stand Wrap and Bag Caddy is about the size of a car. It was made from high-quality plastic and steel. 2 Set 3-Compartment Rack is for pot lid, cutting board, cookie sheet, pan, bakeware organization. They stand on rubber feet. Steel with silver painting is the steel construction. The 9L x 7.8W x 5H Inches are divided into two Compartments. The patent is called USD830781S1.

Brand: Simple Houseware

👤These hold a lot. There are 3 baking pans, 6 cutting boards, and 9 cookie sheets in the picture. They are sturdy and have a little weight to them, which makes them great for organizing. It's not a cheap version. It would work to organize large cabinets as well.

👤The product is perfect for use. I don't have enough space for things like cookie sheets, cutting boards, and muffin tins because we moved. I stacked them in this cupboard and knew I needed to organize them better. The space is well organized by the two racks.

👤These are the best rack I have ever seen. I have more cookware than I can shake a stick at, and I desperately needed a way to organize all those pots and pans, particularly pans, since I did a job rotation where I worked on a cookware brand. It was very frustrating to have to pull out 50 pans because I wanted to use the one on the bottom. The manufacturers warranty on your fancy cookware can be voided if you stack your pans in a way where they all sit on the other cookware surface and scratch it up. I purchased one of these items as a test to see if I would like it, and after setting up both racks in my cabinet to organize my pans, I immediately bought another set of racks. I don't think 1 rack on it's own would be enough, so now I have 4 racks total. There are 3 racks lined up next to each other in my cabinet. I use the 4th to organize my bakeware. I want to buy another set but my kitchen doesn't have a lot of space. I don't have a place where I could do it. I've been using these racks and rearranging a bit and they've given me back a lot of space in my kitchen and made it more functional. They feel high quality because of the nice weight of the product. The finish is dark bronze and it looks cheap, but I like it because it matches my high-end cookware nicely. It seems like my pan and the rack will last a lifetime with the proper care, since neither of them gets scratched up or shows signs of wear when I take out a pan. I can not recommend enough how these have changed my life.

👤I don't know what it was that took me so long to purchase this, but it makes a difference. I live in an older home with less-than-modern cabinets and I can't find a place to store my pots, pans and lids. I have to stack the pots and pans on one level in a cabinet that is split in two by a shelf, and I had the lids all laying in a big pile, mixed in with cutting boards on the bottom. It all fell apart when you needed something. These organizers are perfect for the space I have to work with. My cutting boards are in a neat place, I can reach them without pulling out the rest of the board, and this opened up room for other things to be stored in the same cabinet. A+.

5. Inch Round Foil Disposable Aluminum

Inch Round Foil Disposable Aluminum

Baking, serving, and storing in one convenient place with little ones: Their disposable 9” cake pans are perfect for convenience. MontoPack makes food service an enjoyable experience. Straight-edge dishes encourage even cooking and fit more food per container because of their deep, slanted walls. It is possible to bake pies with strong, flat bottoms. HeAVIER-DUTY ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION. It doesn't mean disposable is wasteful. Their foil cake tins with lids are made of thick, high-quality foil and are strong enough to be used again and again. They are easy to grip and hold. The 9-inch pie pans with lids help to reduce your carbon footprint by saving money while handling all your soups, salads, cakes, cookies and other light fare. The kitchen is clean. Clean conscience. If you want to keep your party going, skip the cling wrap, heavy glassware and expensive party plates. The 50-pack of aluminum pie tins lightens your load. Prepare food for an army.

Brand: Montopack

👤I wanted to put pies in the pans. We decided to sell pies to people at my work because my girlfriend is a chef. When I took the last order, we had almost 40 pies to make. My girlfriend makes pies that are not $5 special. The standard disposable pie dishes are not deep enough to hold each pie. These worked out perfectly. We made the pies smaller to fit, but we didn't have to scale back. These were great for Lemon meringue ice cream pie, French silk pie, pumpkin chaffant, and Dutch apple crumb pie. They held up well, and we made a small amount of money, and the price point allowed us to stretch our money a little better. It was a great experience and I'm glad we found these and will be using them in the future.

👤These took a long time to arrive. I received them. They stuck a large name sticker on the bottom of the pan. I am not sure if I will be able to return them because they are stuck on stickers.

👤These are sufficient when a crust is used. I had to hold the edges of the pans while pressing to make sure the pans wouldn't bend. The pans and refrigerated crusts were sturdy once we were in them. I like the covers. That's an issue with pies. You have to use plastic wrap or aluminum foil if you don't have a covered pie plate. The pans and lids will be useful for more than just pies. I will buy more when I need it. Two thumbs up from me.

👤These are a great deal for disposable pans. I bought these to make holiday pies for my friends and family. The only thing I can say is that it's not a pie pan because the sides don't have a slant to them as typical pies have, it's more of a cake style pan. I have made a lot of holiday pies and they came out great.

👤I needed two raised things for the project. I was hoping to find a hinged covering on a base, but no such thing as that size is available. When I stumbled across your item, I was able to use 2 of your pie-tin covers for the project, which I've been too busy to work on at the moment. There is a Wow! The price for 50 pie tins with covers is amazing. I had to use a tin with cover to take bagels to a friend in the hospital. They were heated in the microwave and then put in a tin and cover. He had to stop and pick up his mail. The bagels were kept warm by the tin. I bought them for my project. I wouldn't have had a way to keep the bagels warm. A cook is in our complex. She will get the remaining tins and covers. She'll use them well. The man is named Terrell.

👤The disposable pans had a lid. I bought these for my bake sale and gifts. I made some pies which turned out great, so no problems withstanding the oven temperature. I could put a label on the pie tops because of the lids. The lightweight foil design arrived in tact and held its shape when adding ingredients for baking, because the order arrived quickly and well packaged. They keep their structure well even though they are lightweight. Good purchase.

6. Pack Plastic Storage Containers Cheesecake

Pack Plastic Storage Containers Cheesecake

There is a dual function. The base of the baking pan is safe for use in the oven and can also be used as a serving platter. The cover's inner dimensions are 10-3/4". The 2 Pack is for pies up to 10” It's a great way to get your pie to a party. It's ideal for storing doughnuts, bagels and cream pies. The freezer, dishwasher and microwave are safe. The dimensions are 3 inches and the capacity is 135 ounces. The dimensions are 3 inches and the capacity is 135 ounces.

Brand: Zilpoo

👤I took about 20 minutes to get them apart. Great value, other than that.

👤I looked at the pie holders with handles, but the reviews said the handles broke or were not strong enough. I wanted a container that would keep a pie fresh and safe from being eaten. For the price, these did that. They can be stacked on top of each other and have tight lids. They travel well and can be used for many other things. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I used this set to use my Emile Henry pie pans and it was perfect. I keep my pies safe and fresh. I can take my pies with me now. The Emile Henry pie pan is in the picture. It was a perfect fit. I use them for other baked creations. Short cakes are enough to fit. Excellent for cupcakes, muffins, and cookies. You can see what's inside the clear bottoms. The containers can be washed by hand or the top rack of the dishwasher. It feels like they will last. I'm happy I didn't spend more on containers with handles and snap closures. These can be stacked when full or empty, and can be nested when empty.

👤I was looking for a container that could hold a dessert. Nothing currently available works. I have a container that works well and I was looking for one that was square. The company no longer makes those. I came upon your containers by trying other words. Had not thought to look for pie holders. They work well for cheesecakes. The woman is trying to separate her bottoms. It's hysterical and deserves ad use. I ordered the set after watching her. I watch the video again. If you want to get the two bottoms apart, dish soap between them. Good luck.

👤Before I packaged them to return to Amazon, my husband said he would give it a try. He squirted liquid dish soap around the edges of them as he pulled them apart. He ran water around the edges to get the soap to the bottom. They came apart when he pulled them together. If you want to buy these, you should use the dish soap method to pull them apart. The manufacturer needs a slippery plastic between them. I bought these to hold my paper plates in the pantry, and it works great. I wouldn't buy a cupcake or pie because the lid wouldn't stay on. I should have read the reviews before buying them. You cannot get these apart without damaging them. Now is the time to send back.

👤We didn't need anything heavy-duty in these containers. My daughter likes to bake so she fills these with cookies, cake or cupcakes on a regular basis. When you put the lid on, you need to pay attention. It feels a little awkward closing it, but it fits. My husband doesn't check to make sure he made a secure seal.

👤The product was cheap, but getting them apart was the most difficult task I've ever encountered with stacked items. It took me about 25 minutes to pry them, run under hot water, and then slip a knife between them... Again, solid product, and maybe my experience was not the norm... They were hard to separate. I don't keep them stacked anymore. That was worth a single star off the board.

7. NYHI Disposable Recyclable Extra Sturdy Containers

NYHI Disposable Recyclable Extra Sturdy Containers

Trusted brand quality. Enjoy or freeze! The NYHI ultimate aluminum pans can be used to cook, store, or transport food. The sturdy construction and secure snap on lids will allow you to bake, cook, freeze, or transport your food without worry. Keep your favorite foods warm. Your delicious homemade brownies, barbecued steaks, and your delicious homemade lasagna need an aluminum foil pan that will keep them nice, juicy and warm. Their disposable aluminum pans are what you need. on the leaves for maximum conversation! The NYHI exclusive aluminum baking pans come with snap on lids that will protect your foods, which is different from other cheaply-made foil pans. Simply fold over the edge of the pans and you're good to go! The design was for happy meALS! If you are looking for a set of pans with lids, then you should look no further. Their nifty aluminum pans are perfect for taking out food, sending food to friends, or just making apple pie. PANS are made in the USA. NYHI disposable foil food containers are made in the USA to ensure the highest standard of quality. They will give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied. No questions were asked.

Brand: Nyhi

👤The containers were great. Excellent quality. My niece gave birth to a baby recently and I bought them to prepare and freeze the dinners. I realized that bowls or containers would be better than gallon stage bags. I was able to find the directions on the cardboard lid. I highly recommend them and will purchase again.

👤Came in quickly and no damage was done. The containers and lids fit together nicely. It's perfect for a family of 4 with young kids. It is comparable to a Pyrex baking dish. Exactly what I was looking for.

👤These pans are great for freezing food. When stacking pans in the freezer, the lid is very sturdy and holds up. The paper lid makes it easy to write the cooking instructions on it. I love the size, convenience, and sturdiness of this pan, even though you must remove the paper lid and cover it with tin foil before cooking. The pan is strong enough to be used in the oven without the need for a cookie sheet. The serving size is 4.

👤I use them to freeze 2 serving meals. I can pop them into the oven from the fridge when the food thaws because they stack nicely in the freezer. The fact that they are disposable makes it easy to clean up.

👤I ordered the 8.4 x 5.9 pans to bake the crme brlée for the Mother's Day gathering. How convenient is it that my mom and siblings ate their dessert from the pan? The pans were perfect for dessert. I don't recommend stacking them right out of the oven with hot, heavy custard until it cools. I used the larger pans to make the enchiladas for each sibling, which they could take home. This is an amazingly convenient way to bake and take, and it does not involve washing pans. My family was impressed when I rolled into the gathering. I intend to bake and take, and stay in the future, without washing pans. I received these pans quickly, and I highly recommend them.

👤I have used these pans many times for multi- family meal preps. I advise putting foil down before the included lid and using a permanent marker to label with the following info: date, meal name, thaw/no thaw, reminder to remove lid before cooking, cooking instructions. These are small enough to fit in the freezer.

👤My family always makes a big casserole or dessert and shares 1/2 of it with family, friends, special events or storing the rest in the freezer. It's very handy to have a way to divide the dish up when you want to cook it. It keeps from having favorite dishes scattered all over the neighborhood. My sisters were thrilled to receive these and have a supply on hand during the Pandemic! The shallower pans are not as strong as they used to be. They serve the purpose for me. My family always tells me to place the dish on a cookie sheet when cooking. The sturdier base makes it easier to handle and manage the dish, so you don't have to worry about it in the delivery.

8. Aluminum Lasagna Meatloaf Disposable Cooking

Aluminum Lasagna Meatloaf Disposable Cooking

There is safety. Tin-coated steel, food grade, hand wash only, do not put in microwave. You will notice a difference in quality. Sick of cheap, flimsy cake pans? You are in luck. These pans are thick and strong. You get perfect cooking and baking with them because of their heat conductivity. These disposable kitchen pans come in handy for many cooking and storage tasks. They are great for homemade breads, casseroles, cakes, and much more. Food storage containers are also made by them. Plastic food containers can make a mess in your cabinets. That won't be a problem with these pans. You can neatly store them without taking up a lot of space. Do you hate washing dishes? It won't be easy to clean up because disposable cookware is an excellent choice for anyone that wants to cut down on the number of dishes they have to wash. When you are done cleaning up, you can throw these pans in the recycling bin. Every order comes with 30 premium oven pans. You will save money if you buy these pans for a restaurant or home.

Brand: Nyhi

👤The claim they were thicker than others was the main reason I got them. They were flimsy when received.

👤I need these pans to bake loaves of bread for friends and family. They are not as light as the ones I buy in the grocery store. They hold their shape even with a lot of bread. The price is a lot cheaper than buying in the store.

👤I have used them to bake fruit cakes for gifts and have been pleased with the pan.

👤This pan was bought for smoking. The other pans are more expensive, but they're not as thick. If a bake sale is used, then it's not necessary for a expensive pan. The pan lasts up to 6 - 8 hours before the metal weakens, so I use it for smoking. If you're doing long cooks such as briskets, I would recommend changing a pan after 7 hours.

👤They're not as thick as other aluminum pans, but they're still very usable and I love being able to order what I need and get it when I need it. The pan is still a good one.

👤Not satisfied, had torn envelope, so couldn't easily return it. It would have. The figure is only 2 in HEIGHT, not 4 as stated by the man.

👤The Banana Bread that I bake is in the perfect size for these pans. Good quality and good results!

👤This type of pan is very durable. They seem to be new after using and washing in the dishwasher. If you choose, they can be used more than once.

👤El producto en s es bueno, la calificacin es por el pedido.

9. Cupcake Carrier Storage Container Translucent

Cupcake Carrier Storage Container Translucent

The dimensions are 3 inches and the capacity is 135 ounces. The holiday season is here. This cake carrier is designed to hold cake and serve. The cake keeper can hold up to 13 inch diameter cake. It's possible to fit 13 inch over-sized bakery items in a large container. There are two things that are safe: BPA-free and phthalate-free. Carry handle and locking cover. The dishwasher and freezer are safe. 14 inch diameter x 8 inch tall. The dimensions are 14 x 14 x 8 inches.

Brand: Unique Imports

👤I'm looking for cake holders that will hold a 3 layer cake forever. This does. ( o )/

👤I settled on this because I was desperate for a new cake holder. I try to buy American made as often as I can, but in this case I was desperate for something. I bought it because it was a decent price. It arrived with a "Made in USA" sticker on it. The imported cake holder from TJ Maxx was more expensive than the one I paid. It's the same quality as the imported one. I love the look, price, and quality of this cake holder. Being made in the USA is the icing on the cake. No pun intended.

👤It is large enough for a decorated cake.

👤It keeps my cakes nice and moist. Money was well spent.

👤I love this caketaker. I don't worry that a cake or muffins will fall out onto the asphalt when I walk across the parking lot because it's locked. It is large enough for my 9-inch cakes with decorations and piping around the base of the cake. It is tall enough for a 2-layer cake. I took a cake to a friend's birthday party and they loved it so much they ordered me one. Would buy again. Very happy.

👤The cake storage container is the perfect size, easy to use, and very spacious for tall cakes, and it supports what I need it for in the present as well as the future. This product is easy to carry when I need to transport for family functions.

👤It's perfect for cakes or pies. It keeps everything fresh. It's easy to wash.

👤I was looking for something similar to this for my mother. She makes a cake, sends it home with my son and I, and the only cake cover she had was not locking, and the top didn't stay on, so not difficult to knock it off kilter and have it slide, especially when sitting. That issue has been removed by this. The cover is in place. I would have given 5 stars. I don't like the locking mechanism. Since I can see these failing sooner than the kind that just slide in and out to lock in place along a track, I would prefer something less strong. Still, better than we had.

10. AuldHome Enamelware White Rustic Decorative

AuldHome Enamelware White Rustic Decorative

6 inch/7 inch 9 inch diameter plate. Cute desert robbery. This base plate and round cover is sure to please at home or on the go. CAKE SAVER: Store round tiered cakes, bundt cakes, cupcakes, small pies, cheesecake and cookie arrangements. Also portable for travel. The material is ceramic over galvanized steel. There is a Distressed white with black printing that holds treats up to 9 inch diameter and 4.5 inch tall. The style is rustic. Vintage distressed kitchen decor for modern farmhouse. The Alsaceware collection is from Alfred Home. Explore the full AuldHome white series.

Brand: Auldhome Design

👤The seal is air tight. To open it, you have to use two hands. It has an extra seal rubber.

👤The cake plate arrived in 2 days. I was surprised by the weight of it. The first time I tried to pull it apart, I was stumped. There is a rubber seal that keeps your baked goods fresh. There is a bonus! I chose it because I liked the nostalgic look, and I was very pleased with the quality of it. I will be buying friends this special gift for a long time, and pray they become family heirlooms.

👤When I received this, I fell in love instantly, it was very well-made and adorable, and anyone who comes and asks where I got it, I just love it.

👤This is the 3rd review I have done. I absolutely love this dessert cover. It looks even better in person. The seal is heavy and air tight, and it is not flimsy or poorly constructed. If I could, I would give it more stars.

👤I love the cake plate with the sealable lid, it keeps your cake fresh.

👤I put it on my counter top. It seems like the air is tight. Comes with a sealed ring.

👤The gasket is coming off. It was bought to be an airtight container.

👤I wanted a container to hold my pies. The container is sturdy. I was looking for something that looked vintage.

👤excelente material, va acorde, con mis artculos de cocina.

11. Sandwich Plastic Container Dessert Display

Sandwich Plastic Container Dessert Display

It's widely used in major catering companies,birthday parties,food distribution companies, friends gatherings,picnics, and can hold sandwiches,desserts,cakes,pasta,cookies,salads,chocolate,candy, etc. They are safe to use. The set of 50 pieces roll cake boxes are 7.5"x 3.3"x 2.4" and can fit roll cakes, cupcakes, cheese, pastries, desserts, breads, biscuits, Hot Dog, Sandwich, Sushi,Vegetable and fruit salad. The tray is made of high quality white cardboard and food-grade plastic, it is eco-friendly and safe to use. The delicious roll cake inside is clearly visible, thanks to the clear design. The roll cake stand fits tightly with the slot on the edge of the lid, good seal performance, easy to fix food and box cover, make food clean and sanitary, and convenient to save and carry. Customer service is what it is. They will try their best to help you if you have any concerns. Their greatest encouragement is your satisfaction.

Brand: Xiaohong

👤They are great for my business. The lids are a little loose for me. I tie them up anyways so it will work.

👤The product is amazing. I needed it for my chocolate bombs. These are small chocolate bombs. The price is good for the quality of the product. It was on time.

👤My daughters wedding was going to cause me to change my idea of a charcuterie table display. Everyone said it was a great way to do the meat. The lanes were not like the ones shown in the pictures. But had a client make them and they were really nice and personalized and dated with a design. So happy and kept the boxes closed.

👤These are used to serve cakes, cookies and other mini treats. I love them so much. Will keep buying.

👤I like the quality and value of my crochet projects. They are clean and presentable, unlike some other plastic containers.

👤The price is great but the packaging is not up to par. Maybe the seller can put it in a box. It is fine. It feels a little thinner than the brown ones.

👤It's perfect for a small pack of strawberries.

👤I didn't get enough lids in my order.

👤Non imballato correttamente, alcuni coperchi dell scatole. I come da descrizione del venditore.

👤Ottimo capiente e chiude molto bene, oltre questo bello vedere il prodotto.


What is the best product for cake tin storage?

Cake tin storage products from Tala. In this article about cake tin storage you can see why people choose the product. Nordic Ware and Fig & Leaf are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake tin storage.

What are the best brands for cake tin storage?

Tala, Nordic Ware and Fig & Leaf are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake tin storage. Find the detail in this article. Simple Houseware, Montopack and Zilpoo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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