Best Cake Topper Sticks Clear Flat

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1. 12 Cups Silicone Muffin Pan

12 Cups Silicone Muffin Pan

If you are not satisfied with the product, you can contact them at any time, they will solve it for you within 24 hours. The food grade muffin pan has a cup with a diameter of 2.75 and a depth of 1.1. The muffin tins set is easy to release and clean because of the non-stick surface. High resistance: It's safe for the oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridge, freezer. The heat resistant range is wide. F to 446F, 40C to 230C. There are multi-FUNCATIONS. You could bake more treats at a time, save time and money. You never miss this cupcake baking pan.

Brand: Caketime

👤I received a pan today. I go to college with my two daughters and we drive to breakfast. It gets to be expensive. I used to make egg muffins in my pan. It was a pain to clean that thing. They stuck no matter what I did. I received this one today. I washed and dried it. The muffins fell out of the pan. I don't think there is a need for cooking spray. I think I should shorten the baking time a bit. It was cleaned up very quickly. I'm very happy with this pan. I always put my pans on a cooking sheet in case of spills so it was no different when I had to put this one on. It's not stiff like metal pans after all. I don't know what other reviews meant when they mentioned an odor, because there wasn't one with me. I'm very pleased with this pan, I may have to purchase another.

👤I bought this to replace my non-stick muffin pan because I grew tired of having egg cups stick to it. The first time I used this, I put it on my table and went through the steps of adding each ingredient until they were ready to cook. I lifted it and realized that it really needs a cookie sheet underneath it. It made a mess. Lesson learned! I make sure that I have a rigid cookie sheet under this. I have used this pan three times. The egg cups slid out. They started sticking to it after that. Not every cup, but several. It doesn't come off easily. I have to scrub it off. It is really disappointing. I've been using cooking spray. It does not completely eliminate the residual.

👤At the time of ordering, there were no ratings or reviews for this product. I washed and made egg muffins from the muffin pan. They came out well. The pan didn't burn or discolored. I think this was a good buy. I'm not disappointed.

👤I wanted to make muffins without oil. I've made muffins with no spray and no muffin papers, and also made mini pecan pies, all without spray or oil. This pan is great. I put it on a cookie sheet. I need to buy a mini muffin.

👤I finally bought a muffin pan that I had been told was recommended. I washed it a couple of times but it still had a smell. I lined the pan with paper cups and baked a bunch of ham and mushroom muffins that I could smell the silicone in the pan. I was wrong to let them cool off after taking them out, as I was hoping the smell wouldn't have transferred to the food. The muffins tasted like the smell of lemon furniture polish. I had to throw out the whole lot. What a waste! I washed the muffin pan and tried again. Surely, that can't be healthy, and who wants food to taste like silicone? The muffin pan did what it promised, which is frustrating. If you have a sensitive nose, this is not the product for you. Stick with metal muffin pans.

2. Royal Clear Prism Pick Package

Royal Clear Prism Pick Package

BUTTERFLY CAKE DECORATIONS are perfect for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, garden parties, baby showers, home decoration, wall decoration and so on. A perfect gift for a wedding, anniversary, engagement, or new baby. You can design your own. It's safe. The picks are made from plastic. They are safe to use with food and drinks. They are not designed to be heated in the microwave, oven, or other appliances. These picks can spear and hold drinks. It is easy to create fun and easy to display hors d'oeuvre with the arrow pick. Style to drink! These picks are great for martinis and cocktails. It's easy to create a fun detail by spearing fruit, olives, or candies and serving with a beverage. The product is 4 inches in length. There is also a 6 pick available. Both sizes are great for serving drinks. There are two things: CONVENIENT and SANITARY. This item is only used once. They help reduce the time required to clean up after events or parties. One-time use items can be more sanitary.

Brand: Royal

👤I frequented and worked at the restaurant. When I ate a piece of chicken with this toothpick, I noticed it was with the toothpick. It tasted better than a spoon. The shape and style are appealing to me. It is more about the wood or bamboo toothpicks.

👤I thought they were cool and my favorite martini bar uses them. I use them at my home bar for special occasions with friends who think they are equally cool. The package was in good condition when it arrived. Score!

👤I ordered the pink because I wanted them for the bridal shower. When they arrived they were in a zip lock baggie with black substance on some of the picks and were more of a neon orange color. I ordered the clear after returning. They arrived in a box. It is clearly in a new condition. The picks were large enough to handle cocktail meatballs. There was a lot left to do.

👤We used them with our fruit. Good quality and sturdy. I loved the length. It's a good way to hold fruit in a drink.

👤I will be using the cups for my wedding. You would think they are. Will look good.

👤It's great for my small business cakes. I would be ordering more soon. Thank you!

👤I used them for cupcakes at my baby shower. I put a tip at the top and it was sturdy. They added a touch of elegance to the decor.

👤These are good. They are a step up in appearance from toothpicks. They are going to "upscale" your cocktails. Double check before ordering to make sure they are the correct length for use with your glassware because they are just a bit short on the short side.

3. Transparent Decoration Engagement Graduation Anniversary

Transparent Decoration Engagement Graduation Anniversary

The round sticks are suitable for a wide range of applications. You will get 20 pieces of cupcake toppers in 4 styles, each style has 5 pieces, and can be matched with different style cakes and make your cake more beautiful. The transparent cake toppers are made of quality acrylic, are safe and reliable, and are easy to store for future use. The blank cake picks are suitable for many occasions, such as birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, anniversaries, family gathering theme parties, New Year and so on, they will make the cake more chic and eye-catching. The birthday cupcake topper is about the right size. You can use the 12 x 11 cm/ 5 x 4.3 inch cake top for most cakes, it's easy to write and wipe off, and you can design patterns on the cake top. The cake top decoration is an example of a do-it-yourself design, which allows you to play with your imagination and show your skills, drawing different patterns, writing blessing sentences or using some other handmade accessories to decorate the cake.

Brand: Jetec

👤This isn't 5 inches. Don't buy. It is more like 3 inches. It feels cheap and flimsy. The description is incorrect.

👤The previous 1 star review did not do anything. These cupcake tops are not 5 inches, but 7 inches. This reviewer is told that this size refers to the entire package of 20 toppers.

4. Romooa Reusable Cakesicle Popsicle Classrooms

Romooa Reusable Cakesicle Popsicle Classrooms

It is an economical choice to have a pack of plastic round top stirrers. The mirror popsicle sticks are made of quality materials, which can be applied many times, and the mini size is convenient for children to hold. The cakesicle sticks have a smooth edge, comfortable to grip, and each ice cream stick is pasted with protective film, which can keep it clean and away from scratch, please tear it off when using, also can be applied for home cooking over and over again. The package includes 30 acrylic rods, each rod is about 0.4 inches in width, bright color, and sufficient quantity for your daily use, even in the party. These cakesicle sticks can be used to add more charm to your cakes, popsicles, chocolate lollipops, cotton candy, and more, as well as nice gifts for family, friends and children to do homemade crafts. The rounded edges of the mirror stick make it safe for children, and it's an adorable gift for your friends or family on a hot summer day.

Brand: Romooa

👤This item was received today. I thought it would help someone else out in the future by reviewing the product so soon. I got these bad boys for popsicle season and wanted something more sustainable, not a fan of excess trash. I was initially disappointed because it wasn't as vibrant and fun as the product pic. A piece of film came peeling off after they washed them. The sticks are covered in protective film on both sides. They are beautiful and reflective. I am happy with the popsicle sticks. Will update if things change.

👤These are very cute. They were packaged in cardboard. I don't see the point in the film because they are not scratchable. I took 2 stars because it took about an hour to remove the film from both sides of the stick. I will use them but won't reorder because of the difficulty in removing the film coating.

👤Don't forget to peel off the clear sticker on them.

👤The other reviewers aren't being dramatic about the plastic film on the popsicle stick. I thought they were exaggerating the situation. These are trash popsicle sticks, not to be thrown in the garbage. I lost all of my patience while trying to get the film off of the first stick and processed the return. Don't waste your time, just buy another brand.

👤The plastic on the outside makes them not worth the trouble.

👤They faded quickly upon use.

👤It was a perfect touch for my cakes. The popsicle sticks worked well. I will be buying more colors.

👤Las paletas ven hermosas. Son bellisimos. 100% recommend.

5. UNIQOOO Engagement Graduation Anniversary Decorations

UNIQOOO Engagement Graduation Anniversary Decorations

This cripsy glass look acrylic cake topper is modern and chic. It's a great addition to your cake. This cake topper is made of 2mm crystal clear acrylic and is easy to write on with any water or oil based marker. You can wipe off with acetone. For many occasions, use it. There is a package that includes a pack of 20 clear round cake toppers. Each is 5 inches in diameter, stick length is 2 inches, and thick. These are blank products which don't have any personalization on them. There are no alterations included. There is a 100% money back guarantee. In business since 2011, UNIQOOO products are backed by a 100% guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase. For more information, contact their customer service.

Brand: Uniqooo

👤These are the ones I love the most! All of them arrived perfectly packaged.

👤Will update review with a picture is excited to add this to my line of cake toppers.

👤I don't think it's a good idea to shorten the tip of the cake because it won't stand on cakes.

👤If you like designing and crafting your own cake toppers, you will be happy with this selection.

👤The cake toppers were made with paint. Perfect size!

👤They are perfect for personalized cake. They add a touch of class.

👤I adore this vendor. Fantastic products and amazing packaging. Highly recommend!

👤The product was broken and smaller than I thought it was.

👤The stem is easily broken because they are a bendy plastic.

👤I was able to get around using these toppers, but I was sent 18 instead of 20. It's too late for a refund. I wish something could be done about this. So far, great toppers.

👤I was excited to get these for my friend's birthday. They were too thin. The majority of the acrylic from this shop is 3 or 4mm. I didn't know it was 2. It doesn't make sense that they made it with 2mm.

👤These are great! I understand that the stick is fragile and there was one in the middle where it was broken. They are perfect and will be ordering again.

6. Picks Arrow Clear Cocktail Doeuvre

Picks Arrow Clear Cocktail Doeuvre

Well made, great quality. 1000 count 3 1/2'' The plastic Arrow Pick is clear. Heavy duty plastic is disposable for convenience. It's great for cocktail garnishes, sandwiches, appetizers, samples and more. The clear color of the arrow design is classic. The picks include 25 signature ones.

Brand: Happy Hour Supplies

👤I found them cheaper than I was looking for, but they are still what I was looking for.

👤It's a perfect size for a plate.

👤Exactly what I needed. It was clear and strong.

7. Stirrer Disposible Plastic Crystal Swizzle

Stirrer Disposible Plastic Crystal Swizzle

On top of your bakery or homemade cake, brownies, ice cream cake and more. There is a decoration for your birthday. The paper sticks can be set on your preferred height. The plastic used for the swizzle sticks is toxic free and odor free, and it is disposable for easy clean up. The great size fits most small coffee cups and disposable lid and is ideal for stirring your favorite cocktails and mixed drinks. Stir hot and cold drinks: plastic sticks in simple, popular and contemporary design has a knob at one end to keep fruit and vegetable in place, great for mixing drinks such as coffee, tea, mixed drinks, cocktails, hot chocolate, etc. You can use these crystal SWizzle sticks to stir milk, coffee, ice tea, cocktail and other beverage, convenient for daily use, dining out and office use, also great for parties and events. You will receive 100 packs of plastic mixing sticks, which are suitable for restaurants, bar supply, coffee shop, institution, concession stand, school, office breakroom and for daily home use.

Brand: Absok

👤FLAT sticks with a ball on top are not round stirrers. The pictures and description are misleading.

👤They were used to make cake decorations. Would buy again.

👤Un buen producto.

8. Gmark Triangular Plastic Cocktail GM1003F

Gmark Triangular Plastic Cocktail GM1003F

The plastic is made of high quality plastic. There are 6 Prism picks. There are 300 pieces in a box. The Prism Pick is a classic pick for fruits and finger-food. Its long and slim body is a great tool for cocktail decoration. It's ideal for buffets, banquets, catered parties, restaurants and hors d'oeuvres. These can make your serving more appealing.

Brand: Gmark

👤The Sticks are clean and amazing quality.

👤The pucks were bought to use for the stick. The white stick that most HB signs come with looks awful. I use glue dots to adhere the clear stick to the cake sign.

👤I created a cocktail for our annual Christmas holiday cocktail contest that was perfect for my cherries.

👤I returned the item because they were not sturdy enough. The refund was received.

👤It's perfect for loading up veggies.

👤It makes for great cocktail sticks.

👤It is very durable. Definitely will be buying more.

👤It's perfect for fruit kabobs.

9. BLUE TOP Decoration Christmas Decoration

BLUE TOP Decoration Christmas Decoration

The package includes 2 pieces of clear round cake toppers, each measuring 5 inches in diameter and 2 inches in thickness. The firework picks are 9 inch long in total and 6 inch long while expanding. Each firework stick has two colors and six colors in one bag. 100pcs picks are enough for a party with 20 people. ECO-FRIENDLY. The foil Frill firework cupcake toppers are made of 100% natural wood and are food safe. There are festival picks. There are two colors of foil frill end assorted, six colors in one bag, and a purple color. The firework ends help to bring you pleasant feelings or make you feel excited at an important moment. Cocktail picks with frill firework end are a great decoration for cupcakes, snakes,Sandwiches, kebabs, hamburger, andfinger food. The Colorful festival foil frill firework picks are great decorations for a wide range of occasions.

Brand: Blue Top

👤These were very festive.

👤Product arrived quickly and will work great for the party.

10. Pieces Disposible Plastic Crystal Swizzle

Pieces Disposible Plastic Crystal Swizzle

You will receive 100 packs of plastic mixing sticks, which are suitable for restaurants, bar supply, coffee shop, institution, concession stand, school, office breakroom and for daily home use. The plastic used for the swizzle sticks is toxic free and odor free, and it is disposable for easy clean up. This product fits most small coffee cups and disposable lid, which are suitable for stirring your favorite cocktails and mixed drinks. Stir hot and cold drinks: plastic sticks in simple, popular and contemporary design has a knob at one end to keep fruit and vegetable in place, great for mixing drinks such as coffee, tea, mixed drinks, cocktails, hot chocolate, etc. You can use these crystal SWizzle sticks to stir milk, coffee, ice tea, cocktail and other beverage, convenient for daily use, dining out and office use, also great for parties and events. You will receive 100 packs of plastic mixing sticks, which are suitable for restaurants, bar supply, coffee shop, institution, concession stand, school, office breakroom and for daily home use.

Brand: Honoson

👤I use these as cake topper sticks and they work great. The round tip at the end is cut off with pliers and it doesn't damage the rest of the stick. They hold well and go smoothly into the cake. It's a good idea to buy and use as a topper stick.

👤These are great but be careful if you are looking for regular drink stir sticks. I am responsible for not looking at the measurement before purchasing. They work well and are sturdy.

👤I didn't care for the packaging. They were all over the packaging when they were loose in a box. They are a nice disposable stick.

👤I told red to go in the cave. I am disappointed because they look pink. Not happy.

👤I counted them only getting 65, not 100. They do their job. Will not purchase again.

👤The sticks were a great addition to my bar set up.

👤There was no 100 in the box. Since the box was short, I have to tell them I can't give them it on time. Very disappointed.

11. Haooryx Birthday Decorations Supplies Centerpieces

Haooryx Birthday Decorations Supplies Centerpieces

These glitter cupcake picks are made of quality materials which are tear resistant and reliable, colorfast and light in weight, which can be applied multiple times with confidence. The casino birthday kit includes a happy birthday banner, poker cake topper with 2 paper sticks, 30 casino themed cutouts, hanging swirls, bamboo sticks, glue points and a roll of ribbon. The casino decoration supplies could be reuse multiple times. They can serve you and your friends for a long time because of their wear resistance. The casino happy birthday banner is pre-cut and you can hang it. The glue point is needed for the cake topper and centerpiece. The swirls need to be connected to the card. They are easy to assemble. Enjoy the time to make your own party. The Casino Game Night Party combines red and black poker elements to provide a classic visual effect, and one set provides a variety of party decorations to solve the problem of collecting various parts, and enjoy the fun of the poker world with family or friends. Their casino themed birthday decorations are very popular for poker birthday parties, game night party, Las Vegas parties, bachelor parties, magic themed parties, etc. It can be used as a birthday gift or a party gift.

Brand: Haooryx

👤It was great for a coworker's birthday.

👤It wasn't what I was expecting. I don't know how I am supposed to use the sticks. I think you need to make your own tape. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤I wish I didn't have to put every single piece together.

👤You have to put it all together. They are cutouts.


What is the best product for cake topper sticks clear flat?

Cake topper sticks clear flat products from Caketime. In this article about cake topper sticks clear flat you can see why people choose the product. Royal and Jetec are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake topper sticks clear flat.

What are the best brands for cake topper sticks clear flat?

Caketime, Royal and Jetec are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake topper sticks clear flat. Find the detail in this article. Romooa, Uniqooo and Happy Hour Supplies are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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