Best Cake Topper Wedding Bride and Groom Rustic

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1. Juvale Wedding Cake Topper Decorations

Juvale Wedding Cake Topper Decorations

The height is 6.5 inches. The figurines depict the knot tying of two partners in crime. A good design. This statue is made of durable resin and has a cute design that will make you smile and make you want to eat your wedding cake. It's a collection. A post- wedding souvenir that will remind you of your wedding day. All of the courts: It's a perfect gift for a bride and groom. A fun souvenir for wedding guests. Measures 6 x 3 inches.

Brand: Juvale

👤I bought this wedding cake topper to make my in-laws angry.

👤I wore them black to match our complexion.

👤I haven't used it yet. We cracked up laughing when we opened it. If you didn't know how to apply makeup, the faces look like they ate lipstick, and had blue eyeshadow on their eyes. I can't beat it for $10. We love going easy. If you love silly things, then you should get it, even if you're looking for a fancy detailed one.

👤I was expecting something bigger but it was missing paint in some areas in the hair and the dress and white paint on the suit, so it was a disappointment. I was going to do this to match my hair colors and skin tones, but just a heads up. I will be using it in my wedding.

👤Very cute. They didn't have them in Black. I have to paint my own.

👤My daughter and her fiancée wanted it. They are big gun enthusiasts so it is appropriate for them. I don't think it's good quality, but I would pick something else. They love 3 stars for them.

👤The quality of the pair was disappointing. There is a messed up paint job on the nose of a bride. Thin and brittle noses. I hope I can make it better.

👤It has a decent amount of weight. A lot cuter in person. I would have preferred a different hair color.

👤I was happy with this cake decoration. The faces are nicely depicted. Carefully painted. Netting veil adds to impression. A 4 tier cake has good weight and height. Excellent value.

👤The painting on faces looks rushed and wrong.

👤I loved it for my wedding cake.

👤Sam is a picture on our wedding cake.

👤It's perfect, I'm getting married next year and I met my fiancée on gta, we both love it.

2. Toppers Decoration Sweetheart Anniversary Birthday

Toppers Decoration Sweetheart Anniversary Birthday

The gold cake topper crown is perfect for any party or event and is suitable for every occasion. Birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, anniversaries, weddings, and much more can be had with their decorative cake topper.

Brand: Cuteexpress

👤The cake is not in the photos. The seller was unable to send a photo like the listing photo. I would have to pay for the return shipping. It's not worth it. I don't recommend this product or seller.

👤I can't wait to use them. Cute.

👤It's a lot nicer than the picture.

👤I felt the wood around the Mr. immediately after unpacking my first order. I decided to return the same item. Although it didn't break, I opened my second package. The wooden outer layer moves and feels like it is ready to break, but for $8 bucks. You should not expect anything more. I like the look of it and will keep it for my wedding. I hope it doesn't decide to break on me.

👤Looks like a different picture. Completely different lettering. And. It doesn't look like real wood. The wood on the outside was peeling off without me even touching it. Very disappointed.

3. Wedding Collectibles Humorous Figurine Porcelain

Wedding Collectibles Humorous Figurine Porcelain

Ours has a quality gold metal alloy backing. The numbers are attached to make them more durable. One more way to have your wedding stand out is to have a wonderful keepsakes. The bride and groom are pinching each other's bottoms. The bride and groom are lightweight and sized to fit all cakes. The original cake top is crafted with high-quality porcelain and intricate details for a beautiful look. A wedding ring made of fine porcelain. Wedding Collectibles has a cake top design.

Brand: Wedding Collectibles

👤This was a beautiful cake. I loved it. It was elegant in the front and naughty in the back. The groom's head broke off at the end of my wedding night after it fell to the side. Our cake top was supposed to be a memory for a lifetime, but it is no longer. The head of the groom is missing. I'm very upset about this. I had to bring the cake topper to the venue the day before the wedding so they could have it prepared for me on the cake, so I don't have the original packaging anymore to try and contact the seller. They didn't return the box it came in. This is upsetting to me. Be careful with yours, they are very fragile. It didn't fall. It was sitting on top of the cake when it tipped over. Very disappointing.

👤I bought this for my daughter and husband to surprise them. They both liked it. It is a piece of art that can be kept as a souvenir. One of the waiter bumped the table and broke it. They were very sad. I ordered a second one and had it sent. It meant a lot to my daughter. It is beautiful. If it didn't get knocked onto the floor, it would be sturdy. It was sent in a nice box and packed well.

👤This is a cake decoration for a wedding. The couple was very well suited by the beautiful and unique nature of it. The whole thing was a huge hit after they cut the cake with a sword. I ordered this overnight from Amazon and it arrived on time, I was thrilled. My daughter painted the hair to match the couple and it turned out great because we didn't have time to order the customer hair color version.

👤I think my headline makes it sound like mine got broken, but it wasn't. We were very careful with it. I hope anyone that buys it makes sure that it doesn't get broken in shipping, because it is very fragile and can break, so I hope they put it up somewhere safe until their big day. It looks like the picture. My husband and I had quite a lot of laughs.

👤This was a bit expensive. I had to have it. It was a mullet business in the front and a party in the back. The front of the house looked sophisticated and my guests got a kick out of it when I turned it around and we were grabbing each others rears. The hand painting is great. I wanted a funny cake decoration and it worked out perfectly.

👤I need to see which one works for me because the other two are different sizes. I set up a return for the other two that we aren't using once we figured out the best one. We are in the 30 day return policy, but the seller says he can't return it. They should have to follow the Amazon standard of 30 days return policy. So buyer beware.

4. Dihtan Wedding Toppers Bride Groom

Dihtan Wedding Toppers Bride Groom

If you find that the product is damaged after you receive it, please contact them. You can compare with similar items. With your wedding day just around the corner, make sure everything is planned to the smallest details and enjoy a beautiful cake that will stay in your memory. The wedding bride and groom is what you need. The cake figurine is painted with care to the smallest details, so it is easy to clean, and it is made with premium quality, highly durable food grade poly resin. This wedding anniversary topper is versatile and can be used as a classic wedding cake topper, table decoration or unique centerpiece. Preserve these wedding cake decorations as a romantic souvenir of your happiness throughout the years. This top hat will look great on your mantle piece, bedroom, or even office, as a reminder of your unique day. If you order the Dihtan cake decor for yourself or as an original gift idea for a friend or loved one, you can be sure to win their appreciation. It is an excellent choice for a wedding, engagement, anniversary and other special occasions.

Brand: Dihtan

👤The quality is really good, but the paint job is not very nice.

5. LOVENJOY Silhouette Acrylic Wedding Decoration

LOVENJOY Silhouette Acrylic Wedding Decoration

You can apply for a full refund if you find the cake topper damaged. Great wedding gifts for dog lovers are gift boxes. The cake topping is 5" W x 6.7" H, perfect for a 5" or larger cake. It is food safe and has a thickness of 2.9mm. It is not easy to get scratches or fingerprints with their frosted acrylic. You can frame it after the wedding to remind you of your special day.

Brand: Lovenjoy

👤Since my husband and I have a husky that we absolutely love, we wanted to incorporate her into our wedding, so I chose this topper. I noticed that it was a little flimsy when I received it. I put it in a safe place so that it wouldn't break and I told people to be gentle on the day of the wedding. As I was getting my hair done, I noticed that the top of my room had been opened, and I was sure that what I hoped wouldn't happen had happened. The tail of the dog looked broken. I was told by my coordinators that she would have it fixed before the cake arrived. I was happy to find something that looked like our dog but I wish the material was more sturdy.

👤The packaging was great. When I opened it to check it out, it slipped out and one of the stakes broke as it hit the floor. The bakery said it was a challenge to place it. My brother and his bride have two black dogs, which fit in well with the theme of the ceremony outdoors by a pond. It is easy to imagine a bride and groom in a field of wild flowers with their dog. All the other ones I looked for were not like this one.

👤It was a huge hit, we bought it for a wedding shower. I put it on a 10” cake and it was perfect. The gift presentation box that came with it was very nice. It's a great value for money. It was well made and quick to ship. Excellent packaging.

👤For small and large cakes. We used a very small cake. It was in a well padded box. Was surprised by the quality. It's a must have for people who love dogs.

👤My son's groom's cake was ordered by me. He and his bride have two dogs, and he thought this was perfect for them. It was a little smaller than I 888-276-5932. It's about 6 inches wide, made of plastic, and is black. I am happy I ordered it.

👤Was it necessary for our simple ceremony? It was packaged well. Thanks for the fast shipping!

👤The order came out perfect. It is very cute. The cake top is sturdy and in great condition. Communication was good with the seller. He went above and beyond to make sure we were getting what we wanted. He sent me updates on the creation of the cake topper, the processing of the order, and the shipment. More than 5 stars is deserved. Thank you!

👤This is a great cake decoration. I had a cake and it looked amazing. It was sturdy and large. I traveled from California to Costa Rica. It made it with no problem because it was packaged well. If I ever need another cake decoration, I will buy it from them again.

👤My parents have two dogs. This will be very well received. It's even more special because of the space in the display box for a message to be added. I will definitely buy again from here.

6. HappyPlywood Topper Toppers Wedding Birthday

HappyPlywood Topper Toppers Wedding Birthday

The bride and groom are very jealous of each other. The cake topper is a great addition to your wedding cake and will be a great souvenir from your special day. It's perfect to fit a top tier cake. The width of the top tier of your cake should be asked to choose the right size of the cake topper. It was made from a thick piece of plastic. Black plastic is the same color on both sides. Special strong packaging is used for delivery. The perfect touch to your cake is a cake top. There are other models of wedding cake toppers. You can find other matching products in their store.

Brand: Happyplywood

👤I ordered this for my son's wedding. It was broken. I had to glue it together to get through the wedding. Cheaply made.

👤I received it today and it will work great for a cake I'm making for my neighbors reception, it's going to be a surprise.

👤The wood themed wedding cake is very delicate and light. It was great to have a last minute wedding. Definitely recommend!

👤The size of the cake is great. I needed it for the two tier cake. Quality product!

👤My son's groom's cake was great because he is a hunter. It was packaged well and we received it quickly. I am glad I bought this.

👤I loved having this for my wedding cake. Everyone kept asking where I got it. Definitely a big hit.

7. Wedding Anniverary Family Topper Glitter

Wedding Anniverary Family Topper Glitter

The side to side width is about 6 inches. The front side is glitter silver and the back side is white. When looking in person, it's even more beatiful. If you need one of the glitter colors shown in the color chart, you can contact them for more information, but they need to be custom made and take about 20 days to arrive. Good for engagement, wedding, anniverary, bridal shower. A unique idea will be sent as a wedding gift. They tried to pack every cake topper in a box before shipping, but if it still breaks during shipping, please contact them and they will be 100% responsible.

Brand: Uniquemystyle

👤When I realized that my husband was the one, I saw this pop up on an advertisement years before a proposal was even brought up. I joked about how perfect it would be if we got married and he laughed and said the cats had the same personality as our two boys. I left it alone for a few years after adding it to a wish list. He proposed in December of last year, and I immediately recall our conversation about it. It was the first thing I ordered, and it lived up to the hype. It is the perfect size, not ostentatious or so large that it will topple over. It fit in the cake and we got a lot of praise for it. Those looking for a cute addition to their special day would definitely recommend it.

👤Pets make us family. The dogs were at the wedding. We searched for a long time before finding the perfect one. It was too wide for our 6” wedding cake, so would recommend using it for 8”+ tiers. It is something we will hang on to forever. Over time, our family will change, but this will always mean a lot to us.

👤I love it but had to order a second one. It was broken when it arrived. It wouldn't let me replace them since they are a third party company. They are pretty fragile, so just a warning to everyone.

👤Our wedding cake was perfect for this. We were careful with it because of the negative reviews. It comes in a small box that makes it a good memory keeper. Thank you!

👤When I received it, it was broken in half. It wasn't sturdy or durable. The metal was very thin. The two boys on the exam were made to have huge ears, like the rest of their size.

👤The customer service is amazing. You get exactly what you ask for from them. They delivered ahead of time because we gave them a very tight time frame. My sister fell in love with this item and no one else would. It's perfect! I highly recommend them.

👤The groom's head snapped off when it was removed from the cake, and we had hoped to keep it as a souvenir. Treat it with care if you want to keep it beyond the wedding.

👤This was a hit. It's adorable! I was worried that the black silhouette would look odd on the cake, but it did.

8. SCHOLMART Married Wedding Handmade Preassembled

SCHOLMART Married Wedding Handmade Preassembled

The products are vulnerable to damage. Please contact them if you have a problem after you receive the goods. Food grade cotton, wooden pole, pre-assembled. It's 9 feet wide when extended and 9 feet high. It's perfect for cakes decoration. Place this cake top in a cake or dessert to turn it into a fun table centerpiece. It's perfect for a wedding or anniversary party decorations that are outdoors or forest themed. If you find that the product is damaged after you receive it, please contact them. You can compare with similar items.

Brand: Scholmart

👤I didn't know how to decorate my wedding cake. I decided to go with something simple after waiting. The cake was easy to cut and I bought this to slap on top before we did.

👤For a rustic themed wedding cake, these are so cute.

👤The quality is good. The banners are matched up, it's nice. The problem is that the sticks were too wide at the bottom for a top tier of a round cake because it was tied too close together on the top. I re-tied it to allow more appropriate positioning. It would have worked well for a cupcake setup or a sheet cake.

9. Gettin Hitched Western Affection Wedding

Gettin Hitched Western Affection Wedding

Wedding Collectibles has a cake top design. Base diameter is 3.25" A cake with a gold heart. The wooden hitching post is a miniature Hay Bale.

Brand: Wedding Collectibles

👤I am incorporating this into bridal shower decor and a gift for the bride. It's small and very homemade, which is the charm. I like it. Came much quicker than expected. The styro foam packing was bad for the environment, but it arrived in perfect condition. I hope this company stops using the stryo foam. It's just cute. It is light but strong.

👤I ordered this for my granddaughters wedding cake. There was a mix up with the order. I received great customer service and received a new one in 2 days. It is a cute item but we added a stain to give it a richer look. It worked well. Look at the picture.

👤I feel the value of my money was well spent on this piece. The thickness is perfect for it to be on top of the cake. It seems very sturdy and can't wait to be on top of our cake.

👤I ordered a cake top for my daughter's wedding. It was very nice. The seller made sure it got to me in time, even though I was afraid I wouldn't get it in time. The heart part is fragile, and it was packaged well, I liked it as a cake top because it can be displayed in my daughter's home afterwards, not in a box. Highly recommended!

👤The cake top looks the same as it does in the picture. I didn't notice that there was twine wrapped around the base. Can't wait to put it on my wedding cake.

👤I was very impressed with the packaging of this cake topper, it will work great for our cake.

👤It looks good and is of high quality. I would recommend a rustic wedding.

👤Very cute, but small. I think this should cost at least 10 dollars less, but I still like it, and my personal information is printed correctly.

👤What was needed to finish the cake?

10. LINGAIXINYUE Pcs Mrs Cake Toppers

LINGAIXINYUE Pcs Mrs Cake Toppers

All of the design's copyrights are reserved. Premium wedding cake toppers are included in the package. MR and MRS cake toppers measure 2 in width and 5 in height. Simple chic rustic style sweet cake decorations. The natural texture of wood gives a rustic and primitive feeling for a wedding engagement bridal shower couple sweetheart party lovers's anniversary. It's a great way to remember weddings, anniversaries, and special occasions. Fast Amazon delivery and 100% refunds. If you're dissatisfied with their products, you can get help from Amazon to exchange them or get a refund.

Brand: Lingaixinyue

👤It's perfect for my son's wedding.

👤These should not be recommended. The quality is terrible in the picture. Did not have the same handwriting.

👤They are a good size for cake decorations.

👤I can not use this because there is no Mr. Sign.

👤It was broken and missing pieces.

👤A chunk of the bark fell off.

👤Looks like a different picture. Very disappointed. They used a pen that was running out of ink. Will be back.

11. LOVENJOY Around Romantic Wedding Gift Boxed

LOVENJOY Around Romantic Wedding Gift Boxed

Wedding Collectibles created a cake top with a custom base design. Add a meaning to the cake. The cake topping is 6.9" W x 7" H, perfect for a larger cake. A box for a beautiful presentation. It's not easy to get scratches or fingerprints with the thick dual-side frosted black acrylic. All of the design's copyrights are reserved.

Brand: Lovenjoy

👤The little cake top is beautiful. The little hearts are adorable. This can be used for anniversaries, not just the wedding. The box it came in is a perfect gift box and a great box to store it in.

👤The design is pretty, but it needs to be more sturdy and durable, because all of them arrived broken.

👤This will be a perfect fit for my wedding cake. The storage box it comes with is very nice. It is very convenient and well designed.

👤The cake was brought for my wedding but it was not Sturdy and looked childish. When I bought this product, I was told I could not return it if I wasn't happy, but now I'm stuck with something I'm not happy with.

👤This was a great addition to my daughter's wedding cake. She and her fiancé are outdoorsy people. It was easy to use. I would have posted the picture if I had received it yet.

👤It was pretty and the box was nice.

👤I haven't used it on a wedding cake yet, but it seems very nice, and I'm not sure if it will hold up.

👤Die Gre ist fr die richtig Hingucker.


What is the best product for cake topper wedding bride and groom rustic?

Cake topper wedding bride and groom rustic products from Juvale. In this article about cake topper wedding bride and groom rustic you can see why people choose the product. Cuteexpress and Wedding Collectibles are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake topper wedding bride and groom rustic.

What are the best brands for cake topper wedding bride and groom rustic?

Juvale, Cuteexpress and Wedding Collectibles are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake topper wedding bride and groom rustic. Find the detail in this article. Dihtan, Lovenjoy and Happyplywood are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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