Best Cake Toppers Bride and Groom

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1. Language Love Embrace Topper 9 Inch

Language Love Embrace Topper 9 Inch

Measures 6 x 3 inches.

Brand: Language Of Love

👤We wanted a bride and groom. My mother in law was worried that it would look tacky and not match the rest of the wedding. I knew they were perfect when I found them. I finally decided on this one. The quote was tipped. The pictures don't do it justice. I didn't even think about the price tag because of the detail work. The mother-in-law fell in love with it. It is 9 inches tall. It's not big. I was worried that it would be a giant thing on top of the cake. The sculpture tappers are so nicely done that they still come across as elegant, even though they are not. Everyone in the family was happy with this purchase. I'm looking forward to keeping it for a long time.

👤The wedding was held in the early evening. I really liked this one in my local stores, so I chose it. This was worth it! It was six days before the big day so I ordered it with two day shipping. It's a good idea to cut it close. The styrofoam is really low quality, so it was packaged so-so. Trying to remove the top of the box made a mess. It crumbled everywhere. If you buy it, be careful. The box had a nice look to it. The white color seemed grayish in some places. It seemed like it needed another coat of white. The writing and detail were nice. No one could see the small flaws from far away. My groom thought it was nice that I was talking about something. Many of my guests stopped me to tell me about the pretty cake topper we had. Lots of "where did you get that?" That says a lot about this person. It is well made and solid, so I recommend it. The base was clear. We were married on a yacht in the middle of the ocean and there were no cake tipping problems. Thank God! Our cake was not too tall. Which really worried me. I will post two pictures from that day. I hope this helps. Good luck to the brides and grooms. Have a great wedding! I know we did.

👤It was ordered for my wedding. She wrote "This day I will marry my friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream with, love" down her dress. Didn't know it said that. I didn't buy it because of that. Guy's pants are grey. Her dress is white, the raised patterns are shiny and she is using them as household decoration after the wedding. It is not very large. 9 1/2 inches tall. The base is five inches.

👤I got married in October, but I haven't written this yet. This is large, but light enough for my homemade wedding cake to support. You can display the weight on the shelf after your wedding because the plastic bottom spreads the weight evenly on the cake. It looks better with a small floral arrangement around the base.

2. Wedding Engagement Toppers Decoration Silvery

Wedding Engagement Toppers Decoration Silvery

Rose Gold cake topper, love cake, wedding cake, custom cake, birthday cake, hen party cake. There are ideal cake decorations for a wedding party. Premium food safe shiny acrylic is the material. The cake toppers can be used again. It's perfect for a 6.0 inches cake. The color is mirror silver. A nice and safe package is what the cake topper comes with.

Brand: Aminjie

👤I returned it because it was cheap and had rough edges.

👤It was easy to break. Couldn't use it.

👤It was perfect on my kids wedding cake.

👤I'm glad we got it because it was a last min pick. It looked great on our wedding cake.

👤The item is not of good quality. It looks cheap.

👤mummy cake was more beautiful because of it.

3. Precious Moments Brunette Porcelain 172065

Precious Moments Brunette Porcelain 172065

The bride wears a gown with a bow on the back. Her sweet veil is pinned to her hair with simple Daisies and she carries a pink and White rose bouquet. Pick the figurine that fits your love story. It's perfect as a wedding gift or a cake decoration. It looks great in a collection or on their own, and it's adorable on the cake. The sculpted in porcelain is hand painted.

Brand: Precious Moments

👤The skin tone is too light and the pictured color was perfect. It came with a lighter skin tone, so I was disappointed.

👤I agree that the "dark" tone was not as dark as we would have liked. I am a fan of Precious Moments and grew up with the figures being pale and ghostly so it was not much of a surprise when I saw the tone of the film and it made sense to me that he would be paler based on their style. Without the pale bride next to him, you wouldn't see him as dark. We have chosen to keep them because they are the best we can do and I have always wanted to have Precious Moment cake toppers. If you are looking for something to represent an individual with a black or dark skin tone, Precious Moment has not yet reached that. I would describe the skin tones as ghost white, caucasian, and light brown.

👤I'm very happy that I got this cake top for my wedding. It was important for my husband and I to have the same hair. It was difficult to find a light skinned woman with dark hair to make a cake. It was difficult to find the dark haired tan skinned man. These cake toppers were made for interracial couples.

👤I ordered a bride and groom with dark skin, but they are not dark. The only reason I purchased was because I was able to buy a groom with a matching bride. The groom is dark skinned and that is more important than the light skinned one. I sent them a message so they would know about it. Great quality.

👤I collect things. I bought the bride and groom for our anniversary. They are pretty. I wish the bride was a bit darker.

👤The groom statue was put out for my husband the morning of our wedding. He was able to find them. They come well protected and no damage is done to the product when it arrives.

👤Stay At Home Dads, We Know Games is the seller of these. The delivery date was a day earlier than expected. They are so cute and can't wait to be on our wedding cake. They are legit and in perfect condition, even though they require a shipping fee and are less than the prime seller's price. So cute!

👤My sister and brother in law were given Precious Moments couples pieces to be on their wedding day. The two pieces have incredible meaning and with any Precious Moments piece, you can always count on incredible quality, detail and craftsmanship!

4. Precious Moments 172007 Porcelain Figurine

Precious Moments 172007 Porcelain Figurine

Brand new packaging. A bride with a beautiful headband, a white rose barrette, and a gorgeous gown looks into her husband's eyes as he joyfully lifts her up with love. Your favorite couple will appreciate this thoughtful gift as they relive the day they said they would have for years to come. It makes a wonderful wedding or anniversary cake. This is a unique gift to give to someone. The sculpted in porcelain is hand painted. It is approximately 7H x 5.25W x 3.75D inches.

Brand: Precious Moments

👤The hair was painted to look like we had a wedding cake. I love it!

👤When we saw the figurine, we fell in love and purchased it for our wedding decoration. When we opened it, we were surprised by the quality. The hair and expressions of the little people are adorable and it has a sturdy weight to it. It was larger than we anticipated, but it was perfect for what we needed, and now we have it in our new home.

👤I absolutely adore this. I used it as a cake decoration. It is a good price and cute. It would be great as a cake decoration.

👤We received the order on 1st December and were told that I would receive it on 13th December, so it was very helpful that I received the cake topper a week earlier. We were thrilled that we were getting what we paid for, the figurine is cute and exactly as it appears in the picture. The piece will fill the top of the cake. It will not look empty. After the wedding, the bride and groom will keep the figurine in their home as a souvenir.

👤We put it on the table in front of the cake because it was going to be used as a wedding cake topping. I have always loved Precious Moments, I thought this couple depicted my husband and I well. We can display it on a shelf and remember our special day when we look at it.

👤Three years ago, my wife and I received one of these for our wedding. During an earthquake in Alaska, it shattered. I bought one to replace it. She was sad when the last one broke.

👤It turned out to be a good wedding decoration. The couple of actually surprised love, I attended to very good quality material. Kind of gift. It looks great on the cake.

👤Representantes idneas para ese momento.

👤It was cute and looked unique, and it enhanced the beauty of the cake by being the wedding cake topper.

👤At our wedding, I made an excellent cake topping. I love it!

5. Wedding Engagement Toppers Decorations Acrylic

Wedding Engagement Toppers Decorations Acrylic

A nice and safe package is what the cake topper comes with. The material is safe, non-toxic and reuseable. They can be used after being cleaned. Approx 5.7 inches wide and 6.8 inches tall. A nice and safe package comes with a thick cardboard packaging. For a special day, remember forever. They stand behind their product and are sure to sell it.

Brand: Jieein

👤I found it too flimsy to place in the cake because I didn't read the fine print. The script was nice and the color is pretty. I didn't use it so it was a waste.

👤This is the cake top for my wedding. It is light weight and fragile and the second prong broke when it was opened. It looked great on our cake, but you have to be careful with it.

👤It is beautiful. If you don't want the traditional Bride and Groom figures, this is a great place to start.

👤Beautiful! Just what we needed.

👤Beautiful! It is stable, low weight and keeps up.

👤I ordered the worst quality cake on Amazon. It was broken. It was breaking more when we tried to remove it from the packet. You can't file a return for it. Don't buy it.

👤I received a broken product. My wedding is in a few days and my fiancée is glueing the pieces together.

👤It made the cake look better.

6. Wedding Collectibles Porcelain Couple Topper

Wedding Collectibles Porcelain Couple Topper

For a special day, remember forever. They stand behind their product and are sure to sell it. The height is 7 and the base is 3. Wedding Collectibles has a cake top design.

Brand: Wedding Collectibles

👤Good quality and different. I like that it is all white.

👤When we are allowed to gather again, it will be used for the reception. I love it!

👤Very stylish and elegant. It was on time. For years after the wedding, it is a great peace to display.

👤It was used as a cake topping for my wedding. It is beautiful.

👤It is beautiful and elegant. I love it! My fiancé thinks it is nice.

👤The glass cabinet will look lovely with this beautiful cake gone.

👤Our wedding cake was absolutely stunning. We have a lovely souvenir too.

👤Light weight and beautiful.

👤Es un suelo de verdad... 10/10 lo volvera.

👤Perfecta para el pastel de bodas, elegante, and much more.

7. Decorations Reception Engagement Supplies Double Sided

Decorations Reception Engagement Supplies Double Sided

Please note that the protective film is not wrong color and should be removed to see the right black color. There are cake decorations. It's time to marry now that the game is over. A funny and shining decor for your cake with a "game over" design, add memorable humor moments for your party, a unforgettable memory. The double-sided black glitter is not the same as the single-sided glitter. This game is about a wedding cake with black glitter. The front and back are glitter. It's suitable for any wedding cakes. The width and height are the same. The good size is perfect for cakes of 6 to 8 inches. Will make your cake look great. Enjoy your time. You can dress up your cake with the glitter cake topper. It will fit in your cake and glitter won't fall off. The package includes 1Pcs cake topper. They have a package that is strong enough to prevent cake topper from being broken. Sturdy enough to be used again in the future.

Brand: Little Man

👤Don't waste your time ordering this. Looks like it's in a cupcake.

8. Wedding Engagement Toppers Decorations Glitter

Wedding Engagement Toppers Decorations Glitter

We stand behind their product and are sure to sell it. For the Special Day, make lasting memories. The ideal cake decorations for a bride and groom wedding. Premium double sided silver glittery cardstock is the material. It's perfect for 6.0 inches or larger cake. Each product is complete and easy to use, just insert it into the cake. A cardboard packaging is used for the cake topper. For a special day, remember forever. They stand behind their product and are sure to sell it.

Brand: Jieein

👤When received, it was broken. Poor quality.

👤It was a part of the theme and perfect for a wedding cake. The mey dress was matched perfectly in more ways than one. I loved it.

👤Our little ceremony cake has a perfect touch. It arrived quickly! There were no complaints here.

👤It was broken when it arrived. I can not return it. My wedding is a few days away and I have to worry about finding a new bride. I am out more money. Thanks for nothing!

👤I didn't know this was just paper. Totally flimsy. I didn't like it.

👤It was bent and flimsy when it arrived. Will not use the money.

9. Wedding Engagement Toppers Decoration Acrylic

Wedding Engagement Toppers Decoration Acrylic

Birthday, wedding, hen party,Rose Gold cake topper. There are ideal cake decorations for a wedding party. Premium food safe shiny acrylic is the material. The cake toppers can be used again. It's perfect for a 6.0 inches cake. A nice and safe package is what the cake topper comes with.

Brand: Aminjie

👤Great achievement. But. We had planned out on our wedding cake, but we didn't see it until later. Be sure to open and check the packaging.

👤The quote is great but there are dents and scratches on it.

👤Great cake decoration! There were scratches on it but they were not visible from the outside.

👤The piece that broke off was barely touched before the cake was cut.

👤The one I received had some scratches. The cake was due the next day so there was no time to come back. Unless you looked closely, it was barely noticeable.

👤The perfect touch of class for my mother's wedding reception.

👤I came in and it was covered in scratches.

👤It looks good on any style wedding cake.

10. Lillian Rose MSF984 Caucasian Multicolor

Lillian Rose MSF984 Caucasian Multicolor

Measures 6.5 inches tall. The wedding is classic and elegant.

Brand: Lillian Rose

👤I am very happy with this product. We are doing our wedding on a budget and I wanted a dress that was close to us and that was also in our colors. This dress is similar to mine and red roses. It came in a plastic box with packaging wrapped around it. I was happy to find a cheap wedding cake top. Absolutely love it.

👤I was awed by two things when it arrived. The figurine's weight was the first thing. How beautiful it was made was next. The weight was a disaster, but everyone loved how well it looked. We couldn't get it to sit on the cake and ruin it. We were in a rush with the wedding cake and might not have planned it correctly. We think that we should have put supports in the cake instead of sitting it on the icing. It was still something that everyone wanted to know where I got it. I gave it four stars because I think it should have been noted that it was overweight. I wouldn't give it less than four because of the beauty. It is the best looking wedding accessory I have seen.

👤I'm not happy with this purchase. The head of the groom was detached from the cake top, and then the neck was damaged. There was no damage to the packaging. The figures weren't as pictured in the description. The heads are of poor quality. The material has clear defects, and the noses are very thin. The groom's hands were placed awkwardly and once again chipping. I was expecting this to be the perfect cake accessory for us, but it looks like a cheap imitation.

👤It looked great in my wedding photos and was as cute as it looked in the photo. My mom told me a funny story before I and my husband arrived at the reception. Before the reception hall coordinator came over, my mom had to go in. Someone knocked into my cake, and the lovely cake top fell off and onto the floor, decapitating both the girl and guy. The reception hall put the cake top next to the cake because they were worried that if they fell off again it would be the end of it. I don't know who knocked into my cake and decapitated the two. Photos were taken before the incident. It's a good thing.

👤The workmanship of the real product is better than the picture shows. The man on mine is not as cartoonish as he is here. It's heavy, as other reviewers have said, but that's because it's made of plaster and not cheap plastic, like I was expecting. I wasn't a fan of it when we bought it, but my fiancée chose it for our cake. I went along with it because I wanted to encourage his involvement in the wedding planning. You can choose your battles. I wish we could make it look like us. Control over the hair color would have been nice.

11. Wilson 2 Inch Topper Figurine Hispanic

Wilson 2 Inch Topper Figurine Hispanic

It's perfect for a wedding decoration or as a gift. The figurine is 5 inches tall. The bride and groom are Hispanic. The bride and groom are holding hands and a small rosary is draped over their arms. It can be used as a cake side statuette. Ivy Lane Designs has all your wedding accessory needs.

Brand: Ivy Lane Designs

👤I like it very much. The figurine is pretty. It is perfect for the desk.

👤Not like shabby plastic ones. This one is definitely a keep sake item.

👤I wanted a cake that looked like us. It was made out of ceramic. It's pretty. It's a good touch for a catholic wedding. I can't wait to see what it looks like on top of our cake.

👤The item is 5 stars. I had a problem with the delivery. It broke at the head, arms, and mid section, so I had to glue it back together.

👤This captures what we want to say. It's perfect.

👤My husband and I loved the cake topper for the hispanic couple. It was brand new and beautiful.

👤It is going to look great at our wedding. A couple is holding a rosary in one hand and golden coins in the other, perfect for a Catholic wedding. Excited to see it on our wedding day!


What is the best product for cake toppers bride and groom?

Cake toppers bride and groom products from Language Of Love. In this article about cake toppers bride and groom you can see why people choose the product. Aminjie and Precious Moments are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake toppers bride and groom.

What are the best brands for cake toppers bride and groom?

Language Of Love, Aminjie and Precious Moments are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake toppers bride and groom. Find the detail in this article. Jieein, Wedding Collectibles and Little Man are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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