Best Cake Toppers for Girls

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1. Ufocusmi Birthday Decorations Glitter 5 9x4 75

Ufocusmi Birthday Decorations Glitter 5 9x4 75

Their product design will highlight your gathering, and your satisfaction is their pleasure. A hit for your birthday party, the rose gold 18th birthday cake topper is a beautiful rose gold glitter color. This 18th Birthday cake topper is made from the finest of glitter material and has a unique design. The 18th birthday cake is perfect for your party. 18th birthday decorations for girls can be used as cake decorations or photo booth props. The Happy 18th birthday cake topper is easy to use.

Brand: Ufocusmi

👤The package was flat, but when I opened it, the item "cake topper" was folded.

👤The title of the review is very pretty. It is less thick than glitter paper on a toothpick. It may last for another child's birthday or one use, depending on your storage.

👤It's basic, glittery and perfect.

👤The cake was pretty, but delicate.

👤It was pretty. I didn't know it was card stock.

👤There was no way to attach this to the stick because it was flimsy. I was not happy with the purchase.

2. IZoeL Unicorn Rainbow Birthday Decoration

IZoeL Unicorn Rainbow Birthday Decoration

Birthday cake toppers made from food-safe acrylic allow you to create a unique cake design. This set also contains decorating instructions for Disney Princess cake decorations. The DecoSet range has many quality products. DecoSet is used by professional cake decorators for all their cake decorating needs. Happy birthday cake with rainbow, sitting, rainbow, balloon, cloud, and support stick. It works on 6inch and 10inch cakes. Rainbow Unicorn Cake Decor is made from high quality, non toxic, safe, and sustainable materials. You can make a rainbow cake. The little one will enjoy the atmosphere. The perfect birthday accessory for any age is the Unicorn Party Bags. Adding their colourful unicorn topper will make it the most fun party you can throw. There are many situations in which a unicorn cake decoration is appropriate such as birthday party, wedding, unicorn party and rainbow themed party, garden party, baby showers, kids girls birthday candy bar, cake decor, weddings, baby shower, anniversaries, etc. The product is hand-made, so it may cause accidental damage during transportation. If you have any questions, please contact them and they will be happy to help.

Brand: Movinpe

👤The picture of the unicorns was cute, but the ones I received were completely different. They looked like nothing at all. I wouldn't have bought this. Zero stars! There was a missing leg. I would like a refund. The seller refunded my money so I edited my review.

👤The cute toppers give a professional edge without the price tag. They were used with the color blast and ice cream cakes. There were lots of items to split between the two small cakes. We gifted them to another child in our community group after wiping them off.

👤The stem of one of the unicorns was broken and had to return. All the toppers had a smell. I didn't wash in the hope that the smell would go away. It's unsafe to stick in food items. Can you wash the clouds that looked like they were made with cotton or wool? The metal stems of the balloons are not sure if they could be washed for fear of rust. The box didn't have a description or a company label. So not sure what the top dogs are made of. I didn't use or return the product because of these reasons.

👤We liked this. I used it for my daughter's birthday cake. The colors don't match. Attached is a photo. The rainbow was not very sturdy and I felt like it would break. I thought I might break the rainbow because I had to screw in the stands. It didn't break. I was worried.

👤I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something people eat and we couldn't find a cute unicorn cake at the markets. I was very happy with the purchase of these. We used the "Trolls" cake design without the troll toppers. The bakery department was impressed with the quality of the cake. The 5 year year sealed the deal. My kids can play with them since you can remove the bases. Definitely recommend!

👤I chose this cake decoration for my son. She wanted a fancy cake but the cakes did not fit her budget. I was looking for a single figure but this set was more than I could have hoped for. The set was very cute when it arrived. My daughter was happy. The other parents gave me praise. The balloon figures were bright and colorful, but some kids thought they were candy and wanted to eat them, so they were kept away from young children.

👤All of it is cute. The compliment ends there. The clay was cracked in places and the happy birthday sign was bent from the box and assembled upside down on a stick. I had to glue it back together. If you have to do your own touch ups, order far enough in advance.

👤This set makes decorating a cake so easy that I don't know how to do it. It is so cute. I used this to decorate a small cake for my daughter's 2nd birthday. I plan on using this again. I want to make a cake for my son, so I will probably buy a few more gender neutral figures.

3. Toothpicks Birthday Decorations Party Favors Supplies

Toothpicks Birthday Decorations Party Favors Supplies

We make the cake toppers out of soft clay, paperboard, and foam, and they are safe and non-toxic. cupcake pikes are only for decoration purposes. Colorful cake decors include pink, purple, blue, yellow, green, red and white, which will make your cake more cute and delicate, adding to the joyful atmosphere. It's a good choice for cake decoration and can be applied as cake topping, fruit pick, food pick, and so on, very suitable for graduation, wedding, baby shower, tea party and many other occasions. The package includes: a piece of rainbow, 6 pieces of balloon, 5 pieces of clouds, 1 piece of moon and cloud pick, and 2 pieces of star picks. The rainbow top is about the same size. 10 x 7 cm/ 3.9 x 2.8 inches are the balloon toppers. The clouds pick is approx. 11 cm/ 4.3 inches in length. The moon and star pick is about 12. The star picks are approximately 5.7 inches in length. The length is 8.5 cm/ 3.3 inches.

Brand: Zonon

👤I bought this for my daughter's birthday, but next weekend. The rainbow is broken and most of the balloons are smashed. You can't return the item, there is no option to replace it. I know they were only 8.00 but that's still 8.00 less. We don't have from her birthday budget, and now we have broken and smashed cake toppers. Very disappointed.

👤I usually read all the reviews before I buy something, and when it's good, I write a review, but when it's bad, I get this cake topper in the mail today. The clouds and stars looked like a kid made in arts and crafts, and the two balloons which I think are made out of resine were broken, so I am very disappointed. I only gave one star because I had to.

👤This is nothing but junk, except for the rainbow. The package has pieces of toothpick with cutouts on the back. The other pieces of the rainbow could have been made by a class of kindergarteners. The balloons are depressing and not a bright color, compared to the bright colors on the rainbow.

👤I got this for my baby's first birthday. I put the ice cream on myself. They were pretty. It enhanced the cake 10 times. They are pretty.

👤If all the balloons were not crushed, it would have been better. Not happy. You cannot return this item. The other stuff was cute, but what's the point of buying it if you can't use all the items in the kit. I'm very disappointed in this. How would you not know that you're shopping for a damaged item?

👤The product was strong. The colors made me angry. The rainbow has bright colors, but the balloons are dull. I would have preferred the balloons to have the same colors.

👤We had to find a different way to get a Cocomeleon cake after the cake lady canceled on us. I ordered these along with a Cocomeleon and they went great with our colors.

👤Excellent value! I wanted a rainbow dinosaur cake for my son's birthday. I used all the pieces and he loved them.

👤It's ok. The other reviews have stated that there are few damages on balloons. When I first saw this, I thought the rainbow and balloons would be worth the money. I am excited to put them on my daughter's birthday cake.

👤Absolutely brilliant. It's easy to make a cake look good.

👤The balloons were ok and I didn't use the clouds or stars but will save them for another time as I didn't want to put too much on the top. The daughter was over the moon with it.

👤The balloons are broken. It is not just from one perspective. They don't have a good side that I can use or show on the cake, so they look smashed all the way round. The other items are beautiful. I am very disappointed.

👤If you need to decorate a cake quickly, it's easy to asemble.

4. Birthday Toppers Confetti Balloon Topper

Birthday Toppers Confetti Balloon Topper

There are eye-catching decorations for your birthday party. There are amazing gold cake decorations for your guests. Birthday party decorations for any age. On top of your cake are ice cream cakes. There are eye catching decorations for your birthday party. The package includes a rose gold happy birthday cake, 7 star cupcake, 6 heart cupcake, and 1 inch confetti balloon. Attach the glue stick to the "Happy Birthday" design and heart star birthday cake with any cake or pastry. The decorations for the cake are amazing. The happy birthday cake topper is made of non-toxic material, and it is not easy to break, so it is safe to decorate your cake. Birthday party, wedding, baby shower, anniversary, animal theme party, garden party, home decoration and other events are ideal for this.

Brand: N\c

👤I bought this cake topper to use on my dog's birthday cake as I don't like putting writing on cakes anymore for a cleaner aesthetic. I put the glue dots on the back of the pieces and pushed them into her cake, after I pushed the "straw" like piece to the back. It was a little frustrating doing each dot as they were so sticky and kept rolling into little balls, but for the price it was worth it. I probably didn't do it right because there were no instructions. I used a glue dot and went with it. The value was really high and would buy again. It's a good thing.

👤The product was not shown in the picture. The stars and hearts are cut out so you have to take them out of the board and stick them to the sticks in the bags. The challenge begins once that is done. The balloon is deflated in a bag with a ribbon, plastic piece, and white stick. I tried to blow up a small balloon but gave up. If I was able to blow up the balloon, I had no idea where the plastic piece would go. I used the rest of the items for the cake because the balloon caught my eye when I first saw it online.

👤The quality of the product was good. There were no issues there. Instructions on how to attach the balloon and fix the color are two suggestions I have. This isn't a rose gold. It was fine, but not the rose gold that I was looking for.

👤It wasn't pink or rose gold. My daughter's birthday looks not pretty because of the rust metal color. I ordered a custom cake and it was ruined by the topper. I would like to have one more day to run to party city or buy something else. It's a waste of money. I should not have used it. I get angry when I see the birthday photo.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter. She loved it.

👤A balloon popped. Flimsy looking at something. It was one star for quick delivery.

👤This product was what I ordered. Very pretty!

👤The rose gold theme was perfect.

5. 11 Pieces Butterfly Toppers Birthday Decorations

11 Pieces Butterfly Toppers Birthday Decorations

Their mini blackboard cake toppers can be used to decorate cupcakes, cake, dessert, cookie, fruit pie, donuts, cheese and so on, they can also be pretty photo props. The butterfly cake toppers are made ofPVC,firm and durable for applying, safe and non-toxic for food decoration. The material is hard to break and reuse after washing. The package includes a gold metal frame happy birthday cake toppers and 10 pieces butterfly cake toppers. The happy birthday cake toppers are 4.1x8.1inch. The size of the butterfly cake toppers is suitable for cake and cupcake. Happy birthday cake toppers should be torn off the protective film on both sides before use, the shiny one will be much more shiny. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Seermia

👤It was in time for a birthday cake. The gold can be used again. The butterflies are in 2 packs. I only used one pack. It uses clear glue dots to assemble. I think you can reuse the butterflies. I have an extra pack so I didn't keep it. It looks great with a butterfly theme party.

👤There is plastic wrap that needs to be removed before this happy birthday topper can be used. This top hat was not wrapped, it was cloudy, dirty and had some type of hardened substance on it. It was repulsive. The butterflies were new, pretty and were packaged better. Part of this shipment was used before.

👤The stems to hold up the butterflies and birthday sign are so thin and sleek that they kept falling over and not standing up straight. It was difficult to position them in the way they should have been. It still looked gorgeous.

👤I use them on a cake for my daughter. It was difficult to keep the butterflies on the metal rods. Before you use them, you have to put them on yourself. The end result was very nice. It worked for what I needed to do.

👤You get a number of butterflies and a birthday sign. The sticks have different colors and you can use large glue dots to fix it. It was nice, but not required.

👤I put these on my sister's birthday cake. They are easy to use and technically easy to put together, but it was a little tedious as the glue dots were individually wrapped. I would use tape for convenience and better hold. If you lay the butterflies flat, the glue dots made them stick. They were good and would order again.

👤The customer liked the cake. It is easy to use and will purchase again.

👤All I can say is that it is beautiful. I added butterflies to the cake I bought from the bakery. It turned out like I imagined. I will do it again in the future.

6. Unicorn Cupcake Decoration Birthday Wedding

Unicorn Cupcake Decoration Birthday Wedding

Logistics and after sales. The cake decorating kit is shipped from the US and can be delivered soon. They will give you a perfect solution if you have any questions. The plastic is high quality. There are 2 unicorns with wings and 2 without. There are party supplies for baby shower, wedding cake, and themed party. They can make unique gifts, cake decorations for many occasions. They will reply to your questions within 24 hours.

Brand: N\c

👤One of the ponies had a broken leg. Very disappointed. The leg was buried into the cake. Not worth it.

👤Make sure you know how small they are. They are made solidly.

👤My niece liked these on her birthday cake. They are sturdy and adorable.

👤I opened my box and it was broken.

👤They were used for a cake decoration. Again, adorable.

7. Unicorn Rainbow Birthday Decoration Supplies

Unicorn Rainbow Birthday Decoration Supplies

The clay is soft. Paperboard is used to make the cloud and birthday topper. The balloon is made of foam. The package includes a rainbow cake, balloon cake, and clouds cake. It's suitable for birthday cake supplies, cupcake decoration, dessert cake insert. The rainbow is about 3.83 inches in length and 2.76 inches in width. The height of the beast is about 2.6 inches. The cloud is about 5.12 inches long. The balloon is about 5.28 inches long. The rainbow top is about 7.9 inches long. You can celebrate with a beautiful cake for your special day, whether you have a wedding, birthday, anniversary, a new baby, or another special event.

Brand: Honey Homes

👤I was going to buy this cake top for my friend's birthday cake. Plans have changed and I need to return it. The item is in its packaging, but the return policy will not allow you to return it. No matter what. If you buy this and the plans change, you have to keep it. I'm stuck with a cute animal looking at me.

👤I used this set for my daughter's 3rd birthday. She is a big fan of rainbows and pink. It was perfect! We didn't have a large celebration due to Covid, so I didn't want to spend $100 on an actual Unicorn cake. I decorated a bundt cake. Everything was cute. My daughter thought they were candy pieces and was excited to eat them. She was a bit disappointed they weren't eaten.

👤I wanted it to make a cake out of it. The balloons were poorly painted and the unicorn appears to be from clay. The sign was bent, sticks and ribbon had detached, and the lettering was different. The night before, I hot-glued everything back together. I was hoping to save time, but it would have been easier to make this myself. I can probably recycle the rainbow, clouds and unicorn, though it's a "use once" purchase.

👤It is not high quality. It's cute, but it has problems. The happy birthday had fallen off the stick. The bag has one ear missing. The horn was broken and I had to fix it. I don't know where the ribbons came from. My three year old won't notice any of the problems. It looks fun.

👤The rainbow layer cheesecake my husband made for my big 3 7 looked absolutely adorable and I wanted a theme for my party.

👤My daughter's birthday cake was shaped like a 6. It was easy to fit on the cake because it was the widest piece. She loved the rainbow and balloons. There was a lot of room for candles. I was pleasantly surprised that the pieces were strong.

👤I use this product for my daughter's birthday and it's a great value for your money, it makes any cake look professional, it's very sturdy, and could be used again, they came in a plastic bag. It is worth every penny.

👤I would recommend this product. My daughter's cake was perfect. The cake was not cheap and the rainbow and unicorn were heavy duty. I loved it.

8. LANGPA 22 Pieces Butterfly Decorations Birthday

LANGPA 22 Pieces Butterfly Decorations Birthday

Click "add to cart" to buy this cake topper. They offer a 100% money back guarantee on their product. You can attach the butterfly to the cake using the butterfly cake toppers, they are made from high strength clean paper. Happy birthday cake t-shirts are made from metal border and acrylic panels, which are safe and non-toxic for food decoration. The material is hard to break and reuse. There are 4 sizes, 3.43x2.48inches, 2.68x1.89inches, 2.56x1.77inches, and 1.97x1.42inches, and 1 piece round acrylic panel with gold metal frame happy. It can serve as delicate accessories for cake, cupcake, ice cream, cheese, fruit or other dishes you want to decorate, greatful for birthday party, baby shower, parties or other events. This unique cake decoration can help you to decorate your birthday cake. Will make any store bought cake into a magical one. Your party guests will be impressed by how cute your cake is. Happy birthday cake toppers need to tear off the protective film on both sides before use, the shiny one will be much more visible.

Brand: Langpa

👤This is a fast way to decorate a cake. The package is fine despite the broken birthday sign. I need this in the next day, but I can't use the broken sign to decorate my birthday cake. Disappointed!

👤The butterflies were easy to apply with sticks and sticky substance. There is a perfect assortment of sizes. The circle was happy. Would buy again.

👤The two happy birthday signs are both pretty and I love that they come in two different colors. The cake was pretty. My girl liked it.

👤I used these butterflies on my birthday cake and it was absolutely beautiful. Love them.

👤It's just beautiful! There are two different colors. I used pink ones for this cake. The price is great. Would definitely recommend.

👤I didn't use all of them, but they were pretty and cool for the price.

👤I only use a few of the butterflies to decorate the cake, everyone likes them.

👤I bought this to use for our daughter's birthday. It came with two cake decorations to choose from.

9. Rainbow Colorful Birthday Decorations Supplies

Rainbow Colorful Birthday Decorations Supplies

Money back guarantee for 30 days. They want 100% customer satisfaction. They will reply in 24 hours, so please feel free to contact them. The material is safe. The back of the figurine is flat. Only for decoration purpose. There are certain operations. It doesn't require much cake making skills. It is easy to make a beautiful cake. There is a pack of 1 Pcs Rainbow cake topper. Baking accessories, cake accessories, baby shower,birthday, wedding,anniversary,party supplies or others are included. You can use it as a fake or an accessory after the party, and use it as room decoration, plant pot decoration, desktop decoration, or a photo prop.

Brand: Aprildecember

👤Stay away from this item. I bought for my daughter's birthday. I cannot be more disappointed. It arrived with cracks all over the top pink rainbow part, gaps between the rainbow stripes, and clouds that were drawn in using a black pen. It looks like a 3yr old made this. I could have used it with all its flaws. I could smell a harsh plastic chemical when I opened the package. I don't want this thing near my house because of the smell. I will be calling Amazon tomorrow.

👤The item was thrown in a regular Amazon envelope with no padding. There were two clouds that were broken and a rainbow that was not equal on 888-739-5110 The cutouts of the clouds weren't even clean, and the faces looked bad on the clouds. Not worth the money. It would be better if the clouds weren't there.

👤My daughter's Bluey cake was super cute, but it was missing a cloud. I kept it because I didn't know she had a cake.

👤An adorable addition to our cake was made.

👤I thought the rainbow top added a nice touch to my granddaughter cake. The topper is great for multiple use.

👤There is a missing piece to set the cake topper in the cake. I can't put it on the cake because it won't sit up.

👤I really finished my cake. I loved it!

10. MOVINPE Unicorns Sculpture Birthday Decoration

MOVINPE Unicorns Sculpture Birthday Decoration

You can use it as a party favor, cake topper, table decoration or as a gift. There is a Happy Birthday Banner, 2 balloons, a pink/ white cloud, and a Moon. It works on 6inch and 10inch cakes. Rainbow Unicorn Cake Decor is made from high quality, non toxic, safety and not food grade. It's not dirty and it's not disposable. Do you want to host a fantastic fairy tale party for kids or yourself? A fun and fun atmosphere can be created by a cute and sparkling rainbow cake. Party bags are used to decorate cupcakes, muffins, cake, treats. There are many situations in which a unicorn cake decoration is appropriate, such as birthday party, wedding, unicorn party and rainbow themed party, garden party, baby showers, home decoration, kids girls birthday candy bar, cake decor, ice cream cake ornaments, weddings, baby shower, anniversaries, tea

Brand: Movinpe

👤This was for my daughter's birthday. The decorations were packed separately per item. They were pretty. They were sturdy and didn't break. I put all of it in a nice box and it could be used again and again. I would purchase again from this company.

👤My son wanted a PFUDOR cake for his 10th birthday because the PFUDOR song has become sort of a cult classic joke in our family. The set was perfect to make it happen. It was spectacular, I modified it a bit and added flaming torches for the big happy birthday moment. We were able to save most of the pieces for future use.

👤I put this on my daughter's cake. She loved it. The cake turned out great! I did the inside and outside of the rainbow cake she asked for.

👤The packaging for this set was so carefully done that each item was wrapped individually. I let my granddaughters put the items on the cake and the sticks were strong. My granddaughter said it was the prettiest cake she had ever eaten.

👤I am surprised by how good this is. The clay texture of the rainbows is flexible. Lots of pieces and good quality make it easy to modify how you want. I am very impressed. I don't know if I used all the pieces in two cakes.

👤The two animals are made of ceramic. thick paper that holds up well is the rest of the decore. The cake theme is brought into perspective.

👤I added the cake to the top. I did not have to break my pocket for my birthday. If you are looking at something on a budget, this is it. It is not new. It's nice.

👤This was the perfect way to decorate her cake. She loved it. It made the cake look amazing, and I felt like a baker afterwards.

👤I bought this kit to decorate a cake. There are lots of options in the package. I think the props looked great on my cake, I only used a few of them. It is a great value to reuse. Highly recommended.

👤The cake top arrived today. It will look great on the cake. One of the unicorn's tail was missing and the other one was cracked. I can not glue it back on. When I pay over 20.00 dollars for an item, I expect it to arrive undamaged. Better packaging would have helped. Highly disappointed.

👤The decorations are suitable for a child's cake. I think it's a good idea.

👤There are items de qualit├ęs, vraiment beaux and l'ensemble.

11. Mity Rain Pink Elephant Topper

Mity Rain Pink Elephant Topper

It's suitable for cake decora tions of 5 inches or larger. The package includes a cute elephant with gold moon design, 4 gold pearl balls, 4 silver balls, and 5 pink heart picks, perfect for girl baby shower party cake decorations. The pink elephant cake topper is 2.3 inches in width and 2.75 inches tall. It works great on cakes up to 8 inches. You can use less balls around the elephant. If you want to make a bigger cake, their elephant cake topper is great. It's a great way to decorate your cakes or handwork arts. The desk can be placed with the elephant. Great for birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, wedding. It's cute and magical. It can be used as a party favor, cake topper, table decoration, car interior decoration or home office decor. CUTE ELEPHANT RESIN FIGURINE-- It will make your party worth sharing and create unforgettable moments. It's very cute when it's on your cake. If there is a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Mity Rain

👤I bought this for my friend. The balloon is flexible but stays where you put it. The hearts are made of fabric. Cute.

👤The cake looked amazing.

👤This is very small. I had to order two in order to look good on the cake. It is small but adorable.

👤It was easy to design on my cake, it was a great value. Looked amazing, and caught everyone's attention.

👤It feels like it's been used. I don't have time to order another because it took too long. How can anyone send a cake that is ugly? It is so ugly, it looks nothing like what they said. I am ashamed of them. It is all rust, how can you put this on a food item? Not worth the money.

👤It arrived smashed, but I love how cute it is. This was the fault of the carriers. The elephant is good quality. The gold paint on the elephant's head was smudged by a paper between it and the moon.

👤This was perfect! It was a beautiful addition to my cake.

👤The little elephants were adorable. I bought 2 packets to have sex.


What is the best product for cake toppers for girls?

Cake toppers for girls products from Ufocusmi. In this article about cake toppers for girls you can see why people choose the product. Movinpe and Zonon are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake toppers for girls.

What are the best brands for cake toppers for girls?

Ufocusmi, Movinpe and Zonon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake toppers for girls. Find the detail in this article. N\c, Seermia and N\c are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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