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1. Happy Birthday Topper Decoration Supplies

Happy Birthday Topper Decoration Supplies

Small parts and pieces are not intended for children under 13 years of age. The party decoration will add great flavor and festive atmosphere with the beautiful decorative design. It can be used for putting on the cake decoration. The transparent protective film on the sides of the cake is packed in cardboard. It's a good choice for gifts. The cake topper is about 14.2 cm wide and 4.1 cm long. The carefully prepared cake, party decoration, and these cake topper are indispensable parts of happy time with friends. Their product design will highlight your gathering, and your satisfaction is their pleasure.

Brand: Zanegear

👤The item arrived on time. I liked the cake decoration. I can use all or part of it. Nothing was broken when packaged well.

👤Solid, hold up nicely on a fragile cake which can be reuse. The black colour does not look solid black on a picture, but it looks perfect on a picture.

👤The kit was for the birthday sign. That works well, easy to clean and reuse. The little stars are flimsy. I threw them away.

👤The stars were smaller than I thought, but I ordered other cake toppers that I used to decorate the sheet cake. It's useful for a cupcake or small round cake. I would not purchase a similar style again, even if I could, because the other cake toppers I bought on Amazon were the same price.

👤It was very cute. I think it's a good idea. I didn't have time to glue the star back together since I opened it before I needed to use it.

👤I made a cake for my mom. This was the perfect ending. Like my beautiful mama!

👤Beautiful purchase! The package was perfect. No twisting. There were no missing pieces. Everything was perfect! They were easy to make and put on the cake. My stepmother liked everything about it. Would purchase again.

👤This was perfect! Love the quality of it. One of the stars had damage.

2. LOVENJOY Antler Birthday Acrylic 5 9 Inch

LOVENJOY Antler Birthday Acrylic 5 9 Inch

If you have any problems with their Happy Birthday cake toppers for cake decorating, please let them know and they will do their best to make it right. They want their customers to be completely satisfied. The cake top is 5.9'' x 6.9''. x 0.10 It is food safe and has a thickness of 2.9mm. The best birthday gift for hunters is a gift boxed for a beautiful presentation and max protection. The material is selected. It is not easy to get scratches or fingerprints with their frosted acrylic. If you want to save money, don't buy the cake toppers that can only be used once, instead buy a one that can be used again and again. The choice will be their topnotcher. If you receive a wrong item, please return it to them with the label image.

Brand: Lovenjoy

👤This item is high quality and sturdy. An outdoor person is having a birthday. It is so well made and perfect. You can put it back in the box and it will be ready for the next birthday. I put it in the top of a box as a birthday present instead of using it as a cake topper. You could use the Happy Birthday lettering on the Antlers in a flower pot. Thanks!

👤It's great, I love it for hunting theme. It was fun! The package presentation was cute. If you have a low key home and your husband doesn't like big parties, it's perfect for your birthday, and I bought another decorations at Amazon to complement the theme.

👤My son will be having a hunting themed birthday. Excellent quality and will be used for another birthday as well. I am not sure what the material is. It is washed nicely.

👤I am amazed! I left a review of 2 stars because I was disappointed with the product but it was just as pictured. I didn't have time to return it or purchase a different one, so I used it for my husband's cake topper. I didn't expect anything in return but the seller contacted me on their own and offered a refund of the difference in price in what I paid and what I felt was a fair price for the product. Within a day, I received a refund in my account of the difference, after I sent them what I thought was worth. Excellent customer service was what I couldn't believe. Highly recommend based on that. Not many sellers follow through with 100% customer satisfaction. $17? The box it came in was nicer than the item. The item was very thin and not worth the price. A little disappointed.

👤This came in a nice box. It worked perfectly for my cake. It's not cheap, but it's great for a souvenir.

👤The product arrived quickly and in perfect condition. It was what I was looking for in the size and diameter of the stem. I am using it as a centerpiece all year long. I broke off the tip of one side after hitting the corner. It's not symmetrical and that makes me cringe every time I look at it. My fault, not there's.

👤Great product. Well made, nice and sturdy. Looks great!

👤It will look good on my cake.

👤Superb product stands out.

👤It's amazing thick quality and comes in a great little box to keep while not being used. I'm very happy with this!

👤I love it! When my husband saw his birthday cake, he was very excited. We use this product on our wedding cake, but it got lost. I surprise my husband when he talks about how amazing it was.

👤A lot smaller than the picture shows. I had a hand that was about the size of my hand.

3. Birthday Topper Decorations Happy Acrylic

Birthday Topper Decorations Happy Acrylic

WIDE APPLICATION The golden cake kit is perfect for a cupcake or cake decoration. The bright and sparkling gold will make the atmosphere warm. Happy birthday, let your party be filled with happy vibes! Give your family and friends a great birthday party. Special design party decorations for 1st -16th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, or any Birthday Theme Party Supplies are available. Birthday party cakes are perfect for decorating with acrylic cake toppers, they are perfect for Wide Occasions. This King Happy Birthday cake is perfect for this atmosphere.

Brand: N\c

👤The cake top came very quickly. It was wrapped in a way that protected it from harm. It was not cheap or flimsy. The design added to the decor I had. Definitely a great purchase!

👤Don't put this piece near candles. Remove the cake if there are candles.

👤My husband liked the cake topper. It works well with the gold and black background. It was great. The handle is a little fragile so be careful when you remove it from plastic.

👤The cake top is pretty in person. It is a must buy as it is very sturdy and not too small. Get it.

👤Love everything about it... You guys are great.

👤The cost of the birthday cake topper was high.

4. ZHENGYE Birthday Topper Acrylic Decorations

ZHENGYE Birthday Topper Acrylic Decorations

If you have a problem with the product, please contact them. The width of these Cake Toppers is 3.3 inches and the length is 6.4 inches. The best way to add a crown of classy decor is by decorating a king birthday cake. The package is made of high quality Arcylic. The item can be washed and used again. Double Sided, and with protective film on both sides, you should peer off first.

Brand: Zhengye

👤I bought this cake accessory at the last minute. Not knowing what to expect. The cake top is very nice and has a nice weight to it. It is a thick plastic. It looks good.

👤I was going to get my husband's cake made but the caterer couldn't fit my order in time. I had to think quickly. I went to my local supermarket and ordered his favorite cake. It arrived pretty quickly after being ordered the same day. I ordered the crown from Amazon as well. My husband was very happy that I saved on this item.

👤I got it for my boyfriend's birthday. The size of the cheesecake we got was perfect. It's perfect for all Kings.

👤My son's last name is perfect.

👤My husband had a mini-key lime cake for his birthday. He loved it! It's perfect for a mini cake.

👤The cake topper is small and did the trick. It's okay.

👤Cute! It was used for two parties. It's super thin and the B broke while placing on the cake, but no one noticed.

👤I thought it was much bigger. It is cute.

5. Topper Acrylic Birthday Decoration Supplies

Topper Acrylic Birthday Decoration Supplies

We back their kit with a lifetime warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can eat your cake as well. It is risk free to try it. The cake toppers are made of high quality material. The gold cake topper can match different style cakes and make your cake more attractive. They are perfect for birthday party and are suitable for many cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, deserts. The width of the cake toppers is 4.5 inches, the length is 2.3 inches, and they are perfect for a cake of 6-9 inches. When you teal off the gold happy birthday cake toppers, they will be much more shiny.

Brand: Elwish

👤These are great for cakes. These are glass and are very sturdy and don't break easily. I have been able to reuse them. Some of them are elegant and some are fun. I would highly recommend these cakes.

👤These are the little things that I love as a home baker. The design on smaller cakes is absolutely gorgeous and adds a touch of elegance to larger cakes. I had to take away a star from these toppers because of their flammability. The look on a 6 year old's face when the cake's top burst into flames and continued to melt onto the cake was priceless. The cake is not pictured here. Look how pretty!

👤They aren't so great. It is ok for the price. Not really, what are you expecting more yellowish? I bought a glittery one at target and it is thicker and shinier than the ones I am going to post. I have a small cake and they work very well on the pic.

👤A beautiful option instead of candles. I would prefer the birthday girl not blow on a communal cake. It has a protective layer that makes it a little annoying to ply off. I don't see why that protective layer is necessary.

👤Don't hesitate to buy! The designs are included in the order. The design is sleek, modern and sturdy. These are made out of something other than paper. You can't beat the price.

👤The cake toppers exceeded my expectations. They have different designs. They're very well made and can be washed gently. They are pretty. Such a great purchase!

👤I thought these gave my cakes a special touch. They are a thicker plastic with a gold foil sheen. I have used one for two cakes. It's nice to have the option to reuse them or give them to a friend. It was nice to have a variety to choose from.

👤Perfectos para el cake, vino llegaron perfectos.

👤I thought they would be flimsy, but they are quite nice. I would order again.

👤They were lovely. They were what I expected. They added a pretty touch, but you have to handle them carefully.

👤Exactly like in the pictures. Money saving purchase.

6. Toppers Decoration Birthday Confetti Shower Gold

Toppers Decoration Birthday Confetti Shower Gold

WIDE OCCASIONS -- Their black cake decoration itmes are perfect for decorating cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, deserts and boys dads birthday cake. There are 4 golden paper fans, a confetti balloon cake, a birthday hat, and a star candle. There are 8 packs in total. The materials of this birthday cake kit are non-toxic and eco-friendly. The paper fan and birthday hat are made from high-quality cardboard. It is easier to store and reuse the cake topper. The imported latex confetti balloon has a bowknot and double pole. The cake topper is 6.4"x4.1". The confetti balloon has a maximum size. The big sun flower fan is larger than the small one. The candle has a shiny star shape. The hat has an image of a happy birthday on it. PERFECT CAKE The golden birthday theme bright gold color cake topper set will make your birthday sparkle. Your birthday hero will shine at the party with the shiny black-gold birthday hat. Enjoy beautiful photos and warm happiness memories. WIDE APPLICATION The golden cake kit is perfect for a cupcake or cake decoration. The bright and sparkling gold will make the atmosphere warm. Happy birthday, let your party be filled with happy vibes! Give your family and friends a great birthday party.

Brand: Tiktoy

👤I used these on cupcakes for my daughter. She put the cute hat on. The hat was difficult to put together but we were able to get it to stay and it had a few flaws in the paper. The balloon was easy to put together. It was a long time. The Happy Birthday sign is very cute. A bit thin and flimsy. I was not expecting it to be strong. I had to hot glue a few of the decorations together.

👤I was looking for cake toppers. They added to my creation of a yellow cake and chocolate frosting. Everyone loved how it looked. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The kit is small. It's on a carrot cake. The 55th birthday sign is a separate purchase. I discovered these kits and will be using them more often.

👤They were arrived as described and made my cake look professional. I love it!

👤This was very cute and cheap. It was very effective on the cake.

👤I bought this for my 4th year. She loved it! It's easy to put on cake.

👤The birthday cake was what was advertised.

👤A fun little kit! I will use for my husband's birthday. It's worth it for the price. I like that it comes in a set. Adding a more elaborate set up is a perfect addition. The paper made products are sturdy, color is rich and not dull, and there is no need to worry about the look or use being affected by shipping. I would buy again.

7. SK HB1 Flashing Topper Happy Multicolor

SK HB1 Flashing Topper Happy Multicolor

They are perfect for your birthday party, they are suitable for decorating many cakes, cupcakes, ice cream or other pastries. There is a retro light display. The design is reminiscent of vintage era Vegas neon. A push of a button on the back causes leds and flash in sequence.

Brand: Suck Uk

👤I decided to bake a birthday cake for my husband because of the flu. I decided to buy this because I am not a great cake designer. The legs were long enough to hold it in place on the cake. I liked the nostalgic look. It worked well. I pressed the button on the back after removing the plastic tab from the battery compartment. It turned itself off after a short time, maybe 40 - 60 seconds. I hit the button and it started flashing again. There is no way to turn it off. You have to let it run until it turns off. If you hit the button again, the run timer will start at zero again. I put the plastic tab back in the battery compartment after my husband's birthday. We celebrated a coworker's birthday by video. I held the sign up for my coworker after I pulled the plastic tab out of the battery compartment. It worked well again. I put it away for the next birthday party. It was a good investment.

👤My son had a Las Vegas themed cake for his 21st birthday. He and everyone else were surprised that it lit up. I was very happy with the purchase and I am glad I bought it.

👤When the flashing began, made me smile. My niece is turning 28 and has been a'retro' girl for years. I know the first Las Vegas sign and hope she gets it. The directions say the flashing goes from top to bottom in 4 different levels. The cake will look cute on top and there are two legs and a stick at the bottom.

👤I bought this for my husband's birthday, and he loved it. The package was opened and the tab was pulled. I liked the fact that it included the batteries. The auto shut off feature was nice. Would definitely recommend.

👤The negative is that it does not stay lit up for very long, as previous reviewers noted, and I like it a lot. I had to turn it back on. I would have given it five stars if the company made this.

👤This was in terrible shape when it arrived. I was happy that it was in a recycle envelope. I believe this was damaged before it was sent, as was the other item I purchased. It appears that it was run over by a car. I thought I could clean it up, but I realized it was supposed to go on food, which is disgusting. I have no idea if this thing works or not because the batteries are dead.

👤It's a nice size and it's exactly as advertised. It's fun to give a little pizazz to your cake.

👤I have different versions of this that are always a hit at parties. Be prepared not to get them back.

👤I can't wait to use this cake top for everyone's birthdays. It goes through the sections from top to bottom and then turns off to save battery. Press the button on the back to get it going again. My three year old thought it was a novelty on their birthday cake. This is a large cake to give an idea on how big it is.

8. Birthday Glitter Letters Decorations Celebration

Birthday Glitter Letters Decorations Celebration

It is easy to store and can be used again. There is a happy birthday cake. Eco-food safety plastic sticks are hard to fall down. The Happy Birthday cake topper is about 6 feet tall. It's good for birthday cakes. Happy Birthday is measured in gold. The wide is 7 cm. The sticks measure 10 cm. This is a finished product. Just put it in your birthday cakes. It's easy to use. Happy birthday, black cake. Add Decor To A Birthday Party. On top of your bakery or homemade cake, brownies, ice cream cake and more. There is a decoration for your birthday. The paper sticks can be set on your preferred height.

Brand: Elehere

👤It liked the shine and added a nice touch to the cake.

👤I loved everything about it. It is well designed.

👤It has served its purpose. I want to make sure that you don't remove the plastic from the top of your head, but overall I liked it and my client was satisfied.

👤It was perfect for my husband's birthday. Smaller than expected. I knew this from reading the measurement. The cake is 9in at the bottom and 7in at the top, to give you a better idea of the size. I was satisfied and would recommend.

👤I made a cake for a friend and this was the perfect cake decoration.

👤It worked well for the type of cake that we made. We used it to make a hole in the cake. It was a birthday surprise.

9. Restards Birthday Confetti Decorations Supplies

Restards Birthday Confetti Decorations Supplies

All of the JenJen Tradition products come with a worry-free warranty, if you get a problem, please contact the seller for a replacement. You will get 4 paper fan cake toppers, 1 black happy birthday cake, and 1 confetti balloon cake for decorating your birthday cake. To make your birthday cake even more beautiful, they designed this set of black series cake toppers. Their cake is made from merterial. The happy birthday cake topper has a protective film on it. All of their cake toppers are brightly colored and make your cake more wonderful. They are a great way to show your love for your partner at your birthday party. Adding more joy to your birthday party and creating a very romantic atmosphere is suitable for decorating cake desserts or other pastries.

Brand: Restards

👤The Happy Birthday came broken and I am giving this product 3 stars.

👤I loved the set of cake topping. If you are going to use candles, you should either use just one or keep it far from the balloon, or you should not use candles at all. I couldn't get the rest of them to light up. It was fun to see confetti everywhere.

👤The decorations made my cake look better. I loved it. Will purchase again.

👤There were no instructions for connecting the balloon to the stick. I only had part of the decoration. It's still nice, but it needs instructions.

👤The cute pieces were easy to assemble but broke when I removed the plastic.

👤I wish it came with instructions for the glitter balloon. The pieces I used were meant for the stars. Everything else is beautiful.

👤I had to glue the straw to the balloon holder because it was too big.

👤Very cute! The perfect size for a cake.

10. Birthday Toppers Surprise Husband Silivery

Birthday Toppers Surprise Husband Silivery

Each item has been hand designed and crafted. The cake toppers are attached to sticks. The kit includes a universal happy birthday cake, a super dad cake, and a super man version. One best husband, one father they love you and a sweet father fly me high cake. The birthday decorations for men are made by the best acrylic which is tough, bright color and durable, and food friendly. There are tips. Please remove the protective film before use. High quality cake toppers are assembly-free and water resistant, they will bolt upright after repeated uses. For all kinds of events, loving cake toppers for father and husband. They can be used more than once. Birthdays, fathers day, anniversary, welcome home event, and so on, are perfect gifts for men. All of the JenJen Tradition products come with a worry-free warranty, if you get a problem, please contact the seller for a replacement.

Brand: Jenjen Tradition

👤My husband's birthday cake was a great addition to this cake set. It made a plain cake into a fun and exciting cake and made him feel special. It was easy to use. You can put them in your cake by just unwrap and slide them in. Product arrived in tact.

👤Excellent quality. The red race car pictured did not come with mine. It came with a translucent circle with Happy Birthday that was too large, but the other pieces were great.

👤Birthday decoration has an awesome addition. I didn't like the black color back side, but everyone loved it.

👤I saw this one on Amazon and it was very cute. Don't forget to remove the plastic covered pieces, I didn't know they were covered in plastic. The happy birthday banner in the back is not part of the set. I bought that separately.

👤It is very fragile. So watch out!

👤Decepcionada el paquete lleg.

11. MOVINPE Decoration Birthday Candles Confetti

MOVINPE Decoration Birthday Candles Confetti

The package includes 2 pieces of candles in different numbers, you can refer to pictures for checking the number, and each candle is packaged in a separate plastic box, which provides more safety and reduces damage during transportation. The package includes a Golden Happy Birthday Banner, Gold Confetti Balloon Topper, and Happy Birthday Candle Topper. It works on 6inch and 10inch cakes. The gold cake decor is a perfect cake decoration for a Golden birthday party. Happy Birthday Candles are made of food-safe material. Warm light made your cake delicious. Make your birthday extra elegant by creating a warm atmosphere. Birthday cake decoration is for decorating cupcakes, muffins, cake, treats. The cake decoration is perfect for a boy and girl. ATTENTION. Do not light up the candle without removing the balloon. Under adult supervision, the candle must be used.

Brand: Movinpe

👤I like the color of gold. I like candles. There is a balloon in the description photo. There is no balloon in the order. The confetti is splattered throughout the package.

👤It was perfect for my daughter's cake. My order came exactly as it was described. The balloon was the main item I ordered since my cake already had a lot going on and the stars were a perfect addition. My daughter liked the accessories on her cake.

👤Love is something that I love. The original image had all the toppers. I had a balloon for a day and a half and it was full of air. This purchase was very happy with me.

👤The kit was easy to use. It added a touch to our cake.

👤I wanted to make it special for my husband because he fell on the day after Thanksgiving. The cake top did the job. It looked like a cake. The set up was easy because the items were packaged well.

👤Such a great purchase! It made my son's cake very special. It came out great!

👤Disappointed. This is what I received for my birthday. I have two Y's. Can I get a letter? There is waste.

👤The balloon and candles were not used, but the happy birthday sign decorations were used for a money cake and they broke out of the packaging.

👤The Happy Birthday topper was a hit. They double as candles. Everyone was "ooing" and "awing" when they looked at the cake. The product is very cute.

👤I like it. It was easy to assemble and beautiful when you light the candles.

👤This product made the cake look better. You can always save the candles/decorations that were included, we did not use all of them. Quality was strong.

👤Encanto, satisfecha con el producto. La ocasin fiesta was 70s en Cumpleaos #65 sper.

👤I was able to use it to decorate my cake, but it broke apart.


What is the best product for cake toppers happy birthday for men?

Cake toppers happy birthday for men products from Zanegear. In this article about cake toppers happy birthday for men you can see why people choose the product. Lovenjoy and N\c are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake toppers happy birthday for men.

What are the best brands for cake toppers happy birthday for men?

Zanegear, Lovenjoy and N\c are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake toppers happy birthday for men. Find the detail in this article. Zhengye, Elwish and Tiktoy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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