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1. Gold Happy Birthday Cake Topper

Gold Happy Birthday Cake Topper

3 small and 1 big film cardboard paper golden color fans cake toppers, 2 acrylic happy birthday golden cake topper, 1 confeetti ballon with golden color round paper in it and 1 pole are what you will get. Use the words "happy birthday" as a cake topping. It's perfect for birthday parties of all ages. Don't leave any regrets because everyone's birthday is memorable. Safe and Eco-friendly. The Happy Birthday cake topper is made from eco-friendly gold glitter and is safe for adults and children. Babies, children, girlfriends, boyfriends, grandparents, moms and dads, as well as co-workers and friends who enjoy this style of birthday party, are better Suited to use. This Happy Birthday cake is perfect for this atmosphere. The happy birthday cake decorations topper is perfect for taking photos and shooting videos. The unique text style will make your party theme unique as well. The cake top is perfect for decorating your birthday party. Capture the moment.

Brand: Leeleean

👤There is a cute cake top. I ordered two. I decided to keep it for later use because I liked it so much, instead of returning the second one.

👤A happy birthday sign. It was fast, no complaints, but it was a bit pricey.

👤It was easy to use. The stick is not a toothpick. It worked.

👤It was easy to use. My daughter had a cake.

👤It looks good, but is not plastic. It's a type of paper with a coating.

👤It was not flimsy and looked like a photo.

2. MOVINPE Decoration Birthday Candles Confetti

MOVINPE Decoration Birthday Candles Confetti

The package includes 2 pieces of candles in different numbers, you can refer to pictures for checking the number, and each candle is packaged in a separate plastic box, which provides more safety and reduces damage during transportation. The package includes a Golden Happy Birthday Banner, Gold Confetti Balloon Topper, and Happy Birthday Candle Topper. It works on 6inch and 10inch cakes. The gold cake decor is a perfect cake decoration for a Golden birthday party. Happy Birthday Candles are made of food-safe material. Warm light made your cake delicious. Make your birthday extra elegant by creating a warm atmosphere. Birthday cake decoration is for decorating cupcakes, muffins, cake, treats. The cake decoration is perfect for a boy and girl. ATTENTION. Do not light up the candle without removing the balloon. Under adult supervision, the candle must be used.

Brand: Movinpe

👤I like the color of gold. I like candles. There is a balloon in the description photo. There is no balloon in the order. The confetti is splattered throughout the package.

👤It was perfect for my daughter's cake. My order came exactly as it was described. The balloon was the main item I ordered since my cake already had a lot going on and the stars were a perfect addition. My daughter liked the accessories on her cake.

👤Love is something that I love. The original image had all the toppers. I had a balloon for a day and a half and it was full of air. This purchase was very happy with me.

👤The kit was easy to use. It added a touch to our cake.

👤I wanted to make it special for my husband because he fell on the day after Thanksgiving. The cake top did the job. It looked like a cake. The set up was easy because the items were packaged well.

👤Such a great purchase! It made my son's cake very special. It came out great!

👤Disappointed. This is what I received for my birthday. I have two Y's. Can I get a letter? There is waste.

👤The balloon and candles were not used, but the happy birthday sign decorations were used for a money cake and they broke out of the packaging.

👤The Happy Birthday topper was a hit. They double as candles. Everyone was "ooing" and "awing" when they looked at the cake. The product is very cute.

👤I like it. It was easy to assemble and beautiful when you light the candles.

👤This product made the cake look better. You can always save the candles/decorations that were included, we did not use all of them. Quality was strong.

👤Encanto, satisfecha con el producto. La ocasin fiesta was 70s en Cumpleaos #65 sper.

👤I was able to use it to decorate my cake, but it broke apart.

3. PALASASA Birthday Toppers Glitter Decorations

PALASASA Birthday Toppers Glitter Decorations

The Serrated knife blade is 8 inches, the total length is 11 x 1 x 2 inches, the pie server blade is 2 inches, and the wedding champagne glasses are 2.5 x 8.4 x 2.5 inches. This item needs easy handling. The glitter happy birthday card and food grade stick are all you need to assemble them. The material is glitter and wood sticks. There are 6 gold glitter Love star and 1 gold glitter "happy birthday" cake toppers. A cardboard packaging is used for the cake topper. You can contact Amazon customer service if you have questions about the delivery service. If the cake is damaged, please contact them and they will give you a solution. You can enjoy your party and happy hour 100% if you just serve you.

Brand: Palasasa

👤The hearts were lovely, as were the "Happy Birthday" piece. You're supposed to stick the pieces onto the bare wooden picks with circular sticky circles. The gold paint on the sticks would make this more attractive. I put the Happy Birthday and the hearts on top of the cake and it looked great.

👤I used these on my daughter's birthday cake, they looked great and were easy to put together. The happy birthday part broke the next day when I was trying to store it, it was flimsy and only used for one time.

👤You need to hot glue the stick to the back. It took no more than a few minutes to compliment the cake.

👤I was under the impression that it was wood, but it is not and it will probably last one time.

👤I was happy with the price I paid for this item. I have ordered similar items before, but it was $10 more, and I need a cake topper in gold. I didn't think I would have to assemble it. I used school white glue. When I got all the 6 heart shapes in the same size, I thought there would be 3-4 smaller ones, but we will make do. It was worth it for the price and the fact that you could get it the next day.

👤The material is low quality but the price is low and you get a lot of decorations. I have used a few cake toppers and never cared how thick they were, but this one is thin and flimsy because you have to assemble it yourself. The tabs on the sticks are small and thin, making them difficult to stick on, and the sign is thin, making it difficult to build on the back. It matters on the hearts. If I needed a cake with hearts, I would order again.

👤I was a little upset when I got the item because I didn't read the info before buying it. That was my fault. I didn't know I would have to assemble them. It was very easy to do. I was very happy with the results.

👤It looks like a professional set for a birthday. You can only use the sign part once, because it is mostly paper and will tear if you remove it from the sticks. If you place the sign on the cake so that you can reuse and store it without having to remove the sticks from it, you should be prepared to throw the sign out.

👤Look pretty. If treated with care and removed before cutting, they can be used again. The pack was good value.

4. 11 Pieces Butterfly Toppers Birthday Decorations

11 Pieces Butterfly Toppers Birthday Decorations

Their mini blackboard cake toppers can be used to decorate cupcakes, cake, dessert, cookie, fruit pie, donuts, cheese and so on, they can also be pretty photo props. The butterfly cake toppers are made ofPVC,firm and durable for applying, safe and non-toxic for food decoration. The material is hard to break and reuse after washing. The package includes a gold metal frame happy birthday cake toppers and 10 pieces butterfly cake toppers. The happy birthday cake toppers are 4.1x8.1inch. The size of the butterfly cake toppers is suitable for cake and cupcake. Happy birthday cake toppers should be torn off the protective film on both sides before use, the shiny one will be much more shiny. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Seermia

👤It was in time for a birthday cake. The gold can be used again. The butterflies are in 2 packs. I only used one pack. It uses clear glue dots to assemble. I think you can reuse the butterflies. I have an extra pack so I didn't keep it. It looks great with a butterfly theme party.

👤There is plastic wrap that needs to be removed before this happy birthday topper can be used. This top hat was not wrapped, it was cloudy, dirty and had some type of hardened substance on it. It was repulsive. The butterflies were new, pretty and were packaged better. Part of this shipment was used before.

👤The stems to hold up the butterflies and birthday sign are so thin and sleek that they kept falling over and not standing up straight. It was difficult to position them in the way they should have been. It still looked gorgeous.

👤I use them on a cake for my daughter. It was difficult to keep the butterflies on the metal rods. Before you use them, you have to put them on yourself. The end result was very nice. It worked for what I needed to do.

👤You get a number of butterflies and a birthday sign. The sticks have different colors and you can use large glue dots to fix it. It was nice, but not required.

👤I put these on my sister's birthday cake. They are easy to use and technically easy to put together, but it was a little tedious as the glue dots were individually wrapped. I would use tape for convenience and better hold. If you lay the butterflies flat, the glue dots made them stick. They were good and would order again.

👤The customer liked the cake. It is easy to use and will purchase again.

👤All I can say is that it is beautiful. I added butterflies to the cake I bought from the bakery. It turned out like I imagined. I will do it again in the future.

5. Birthday Creative Right Angled Vertical Decoration

Birthday Creative Right Angled Vertical Decoration

Under the light, the cake toppers will shine brightly if you peel off the protective film on both sides. The Happy Birthday cake toppers are made from high-quality acrylic. It can be easily stored and used again. The right-angled shape of the paper is unique and will leave a deep impression on your guests. These can be used for birthday cakes, cupcakes or ice cream. The decoration will make your cake stand out. The cake toppers are perfect size for 8-15 inch cakes and are 5.12 inch in width and 7.08 inch in length. You'll get 4 PCS "Happy Birthday" letter cake toppers with all different styles on different colors, which will meet your different needs.

Brand: Woxcos

👤I love this one! It is easy to assemble, but you have to add the letters.

👤Had to glue it back together with glue dots.

👤I used these to make a great cake and they looked exactly like pictured.

👤It was better than I anticipated. I will purchase again.

👤voy a comprarlos nuevamente, gracias!!

👤So elegant! I made my cake look fancy.

6. Acrylic Birthday Decoration Supplies Children

Acrylic Birthday Decoration Supplies Children

Their product design will highlight your gathering, and your satisfaction is their pleasure. The gold happy birthday cake topper set has 8 different styles, double-sided design, they can match different style cakes, making your cake more attractive and more delicious. A small decoration can have a big impact on your party. The cake top is made of high quality acrylic, it can be reused and more durable than other paper cake tops. It has a clear protective film, just tear it off when you need to use it. Their gold cake toppers are great for decorating cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, deserts, tables, and so on, adding more joy to your party and creating a very romantic atmosphere. The ideal size for most size cakes, a cake or a cupcake is their acrylic cake topper. You can adjust the cake depth according to your preference. 100% SATISFACTION: If you are not completely satisfied with their products, they will give you a full refund. They are waiting for you to contact them, so please feel free to do so.

Brand: Owill

👤I ordered these because I wanted a different cake. They are beautiful, but on the thin side.

👤If I could return it I would, I was so disappointed when I received it. I missed the return window because I was ill.

👤I like the size and all the different shapes arrive in perfect condition.

👤You are getting a lot of cute toppers to choose from. It isn't the best. The force you put on these will break.

👤This was a great value pack. It is always someone's birthday when I bake. I know I will get a lot of use out of gold. The cake in my photos is 8” in diameter.

👤Toppers are easy to break. They were broken to pieces when I received them. I bought them because they were cheap. I was disappointed after receiving the cake toppers. It was not as good as another product I had bought before. It was a waste of money because they can't be returned.

👤I bought this for my birthday and they all broke. They broke somewhere from the warehouse to me. They had to be glue down. The product needs to be able to be shipped in better condition.

👤This is one of the cake picks. It worked well. They were packaged nicely. The clear plastic on the front and blue plastic on the back have to be removed. Quality and price are great. Thank you!

👤These will be perfect for making my cake look special and I will use them on the next birthday cake I make. They are sturdy enough to be used again and have 8 different designs to choose from. The nice gold shiny effect is due to the fact that you need to peel the plastic cover off. I'm very pleased with these, they are well worth the money, and would be a good idea to reuse instead of paying for the card type each time.

👤These cake decorations are sturdy. Have ordered another set.

👤I use these on cakes for work. Good quality and sturdy. The film is protected on both sides and shiny after being removed. I will be buying again once I have used all of them.

👤I paid more than twice as much for one of them. When Ebay didn't show up on the day I ordered them as a back up. Well packaged and eight to choose from! Very pleased with them.

👤Overall the quality is good, but it looks a bit yellowish. good They arrived quickly and peacefully. You can use them with different styles of cakes. I wanted them to be a bit more expensive.

7. Happy Birthday Cake Topper Decoration

Happy Birthday Cake Topper Decoration

You will get 10 gold happy birthday cake toppers in total, 5 different pattern designs give you more choices, they can match different style cakes and make your cake more attractive. The Perfect Birthday Gift can be used to decorate cake. The birthday party can be more meaningful if the atmosphere is added. Happy birthday cake topper made of bamboo sticks and glitter paper will not harm the environment or health. It's very suitable for your birthday party and can be used for cake, ice cream, pastry decoration. It's perfect for your birthday. The golden cake topper, "happy birthday", is an artistic, very aesthetic, and enhance the atmosphere of birthday parties. If you're not satisfied with the product, you can contact them at any time and they'll solve it for you within 24 hours.

Brand: Leeleean

👤Skimpy is not worth the cost. I would return it if I didn't need it for my birthday cake.

👤Sper caro para un chico.

👤Muy mal producto es decir.

8. Birthday Toppers Decorations Supplies Glittering

Birthday Toppers Decorations Supplies Glittering

They are perfect for any kind of party, and will make you more pleasant. 18 pieces of happy birthday cupcake toppers in 6 styles that can be matched with different style cakes are included in the package. The cake toppers are made of quality acrylic, they are safe and reliable to decorate various foods such as cakes, ice cream, desserts, pastries and so on. The cake can be more eye-catching with the help of these cake toppers, which are suitable for many occasions, such as birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, anniversaries, family gathering theme parties, New Year and so. The birthday cupcake topper is about the right size. It's 12 x 11 cm/ 4.7 x 4.3 inches. You can adjust the depth of the cake topper into the cake. Under the light, the cake toppers will shine brightly if you peel off the protective film on both sides.

Brand: Tenare

👤These designs are standard in the baking industry. I stopped counting after I realized that at least 8 out of the package were cracked on arrival. I would have kept the package if there were less than 3 broken. There was no protective packaging around the toppers, they were more flimsy/thin. These could have broken because of the combination of the two. I am a busy baker so I wouldn't purchase again. I have to have reliable vendors when buying things that I can be sure will be in good shape when it arrives.

👤Some of the students arrived broken. The ones that were not broken seem to be less durable. The plastic was stuck to the front and back. The silver coating was pulled off by plastic from the back. Would not buy again.

👤Muy buenos y lo ms q me gusto es q son.

👤I opened the box last night to use it and many were broken. Disappointing. I like these things. Since I've ordered them from a different buyer before, they are simple and cute. These ones were half broken. Is that a word?

👤Me variedad de diseos. Un opcion. 2 se rotos, huevos color y excelente velocidad de entrega.

👤Half of the box was broken the first and last time I bought it.

👤Someone stepped on the package when the cake toppers were broken.

👤So far, this is good for any treats.

9. Birthday Wedding Anniversary Valentines Decoration

Birthday Wedding Anniversary Valentines Decoration

If you're not satisfied with the product, you can contact them at any time and they'll solve it for you within 24 hours. There are 26 Balls Cake Toppers with 2 cm, 2.5 cm, 8 cm, 6 cm, and 2 cm. The balls shape is charming and adds life satisfaction. Can be used to decorate cookies, cakes, fruits, brownies, ice cream and more. A great choice of party decorations will add a happy atmosphere to any event. They are perfect for any kind of party, and will make you more pleasant.

Brand: Rasslisa

👤This made our cake better. There are lots of options. As the metal colors break, they are not disposable or washable. One time use is worth it.

👤We were very disappointed that the cake came old and used.

👤It looked like it was in a damp place and it started to fade, I didn't like it, it was a waist of money. Not happy with the order.

👤Some of the balls have black laces.

👤It's really cheap looking. The paint was chipping off. It would be better if Christmas ornaments were on cake.

10. Birthday Topper Decorations Mirror Acrylic

Birthday Topper Decorations Mirror Acrylic

You'll get 4 PCS "Happy Birthday" letter cake toppers with all different styles on different colors, which will meet your different needs. The material is safe and reusable. Approx 5 inches wide and 5 inches tall. A nice and safe package comes with a thick cardboard packaging.

Brand: Jieein

👤I tried to wash it, but it was very thin.

👤Cheap. Don't buy. The package was opened soon after.

👤Even though it was packaged in a bubble envelope, it arrived in 4 pieces. Good deal. If you enjoy running around town at the last minute, you won't risk getting delivery too close to the event.

👤I couldn't use it because it broke.

👤It's perfect for a large cake.

11. Birthday Mirrored Versatile Decoration Keepsake

Birthday Mirrored Versatile Decoration Keepsake

There is an arrest warrant. The cake toppers are fragile. If they are broken, not in good condition, or don't meet your needs, please contact them and they'll send you a replacement or refund your purchase price. It'sTILE: Their Happy Birthday Cake Topper can be used to represent any and every birthday. It's perfect for most cakes. The design is 7 inches tall and 6 inches wide. The piece will look great on any cake shape. Food that is safe. The materials used for the construction of this cake top are harmless for both adults and children. Place this gold cake topper on your cake and you will not have to worry about it. Make it a special day. It is a perfect gift for your birthday party. It can be used for many photo shoots. High quality. They strategically design contact points and areas that are more vulnerable to break. Their gold designs are made with care in mind.

Brand: Cc Town

👤It was cheap and flimsy. The product was broken when I received it. I couldn't use it for my husband's birthday cake. I am unable to return this junk because I am dissatisfied with the quality.

👤The sign arrived with one letter that was broken, and it was so tightly attached to the cardboard backing that I broke another letter when I tried to take it off. The sign is sturdy, but how the letters connect to each other is a problem. The packaging needs to be changed.

👤It broke apart when I put it on the cake. Not strong at all. I would like it to be returned. It is not eligible for return. Very disappointing.

👤I bought this for a friend. It was well packaged. The cake went great with the happy birthday Hopper. It made the cake look better. I saved it for future birthdays. Good value for money.

👤My son's 18th birthday cake was brought this. The time that passed made it impossible to return. Really disappointed.

👤It matched the stir sticks the customer had made. She and I both loved it.

👤It is very thin and cracked into 3 pieces.

👤The cake top was broken in a mailer. I didn't have time to order another so I would have returned it. I removed the plastic from the sides and the paint was peeling off. I don't recommend poor quality.


What is the best product for cake toppers happy birthday gold?

Cake toppers happy birthday gold products from Leeleean. In this article about cake toppers happy birthday gold you can see why people choose the product. Movinpe and Palasasa are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake toppers happy birthday gold.

What are the best brands for cake toppers happy birthday gold?

Leeleean, Movinpe and Palasasa are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake toppers happy birthday gold. Find the detail in this article. Seermia, Woxcos and Owill are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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