Best Cake Transport Container 12 Inch

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1. Cupcake Carrier Storage Container Translucent

Cupcake Carrier Storage Container Translucent

The dimensions are 3 inches and the capacity is 135 ounces. The holiday season is here. This cake carrier is designed to hold cake and serve. The cake keeper can hold up to 13 inch diameter cake. It's possible to fit 13 inch over-sized bakery items in a large container. There are two things that are safe: BPA-free and phthalate-free. Carry handle and locking cover. The dishwasher and freezer are safe. 14 inch diameter x 8 inch tall. The dimensions are 14 x 14 x 8 inches.

Brand: Unique Imports

👤I'm looking for cake holders that will hold a 3 layer cake forever. This does. ( o )/

👤I settled on this because I was desperate for a new cake holder. I try to buy American made as often as I can, but in this case I was desperate for something. I bought it because it was a decent price. It arrived with a "Made in USA" sticker on it. The imported cake holder from TJ Maxx was more expensive than the one I paid. It's the same quality as the imported one. I love the look, price, and quality of this cake holder. Being made in the USA is the icing on the cake. No pun intended.

👤It is large enough for a decorated cake.

👤It keeps my cakes nice and moist. Money was well spent.

👤I love this caketaker. I don't worry that a cake or muffins will fall out onto the asphalt when I walk across the parking lot because it's locked. It is large enough for my 9-inch cakes with decorations and piping around the base of the cake. It is tall enough for a 2-layer cake. I took a cake to a friend's birthday party and they loved it so much they ordered me one. Would buy again. Very happy.

👤The cake storage container is the perfect size, easy to use, and very spacious for tall cakes, and it supports what I need it for in the present as well as the future. This product is easy to carry when I need to transport for family functions.

👤It's perfect for cakes or pies. It keeps everything fresh. It's easy to wash.

👤I was looking for something similar to this for my mother. She makes a cake, sends it home with my son and I, and the only cake cover she had was not locking, and the top didn't stay on, so not difficult to knock it off kilter and have it slide, especially when sitting. That issue has been removed by this. The cover is in place. I would have given 5 stars. I don't like the locking mechanism. Since I can see these failing sooner than the kind that just slide in and out to lock in place along a track, I would prefer something less strong. Still, better than we had.

2. HelloCupcake Portable Cupcake Carrier Container

HelloCupcake Portable Cupcake Carrier Container

casserole dishes can help keep food hot. Surprise your friends and family with a great gift idea. TheTILE design keeps baked goods fresh. The HelloCupcake cake and cupcake caddy is great for storing cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, muffins, breads and anything you like to bake. Their dome is clear and rounded. The caddy has a storage space of over 10 inches in diameter and 4 inches in height, which can hold pies, cakes, and breads. There are 10 cupcakes that are 2.5 inches in diameter and 13 cupcakes that are 2 inches in diameter. It's easy to fit standard 10 inch pie plates and cake forms with plenty of height for taller baked goods. From the edge of each handle is the outside diameter. There is a sturdy construction. The dome is secured with two strong locking clips. The handle on the dome is easy to grasp and carry. The cake carrier has a stable base and strong locks that make it ideal for car travel, outdoor picnics, or simply secure storage in a busy kitchen. See-tHROUGH COVER: The clear plastic dome is great for displaying decorated creations. The dome's generous high sides keep cake icing safe. Food safe and eco-friendly: plastic will keep your food fresh and tasty. The carrier can be used in microwaves.

Brand: Hellocupcake

👤I ordered this container for storage, not as a cake carrier. The Tupperware cake containers are too tall for the fridge. I baked my cake today because the container arrived two days ahead of schedule. I would not have ordered it if I had known the delivery date. My cake is a standard size bundt cake, cut in half and frosted in the middle and on top, and it sits on a glass plate. I put the cake in the container. It fits nicely, but the lid messed with the frosting. Since the cake has no fancy decorations, it won't matter if I didn't have the cake sitting on a plate. The lock mechanism is a bit stiff, so if you want to use both hands, have it sitting on the counter. It fits nicely in the fridge. I don't plan to use the handle to carry the container. The handle is not strong. There are many reviews about various cake containers and the common theme is "do not trust the handle when lifting/carrying cake." I am very happy with this container. It arrived on time and it fits my needs.

👤I wanted a cake carrier that held my 10” cheesecakes, but it wasn't tall enough for the frig. This one is perfect. The cake holder fits over the cake because it is a bit smaller than 10” and the cheesecake is baked in a 10” pan. The sides of the lid are not touched by the cake. I put a round cake under it to keep it from sliding. The clips that snap onto the lid are hard to snap, so be sure to have the table solid, so that it doesn't go flying. It is perfect for what I wanted it for.

👤These are perfect! I can't store my Tupperware cake carrier because it's too big. The size of this one is perfect for pies, cakes, and even layer cakes as long as they aren't crazy high. The cupcake tray is on the underside of the bottom. My daughter asked for the exact same one as a gift after I got one for myself. It's great quality and fast shipping.

👤I bought this for family cookouts and birthdays after an ugly food accident, because I love to bake. When I hit the brakes, I tipped over a cake inside my car and it was so hard to clean the mess. The container has a wide base, so it is stable, and the seal is tight. I keep it in the wheel-well behind the front seat of my car. I haven't used it for cupcakes yet, but it fits cakes and pies really well. The seal is tight enough that I can store the cakes inside without it going rancid, and it also kept out the flies when we were outside. I found two notes asking where I got this container so it's definitely a hit. I will be ordering another soon.

👤The container is perfect for transporting cakes. My cake fit perfectly. The top is attached to the cake tray. It's easy to snap on. It is easy to carry and clean.

3. Boxes 10pcs 10x10x12 Inches Window

Boxes 10pcs 10x10x12 Inches Window

The bakecraft box is designed by bakers for bakers. You are their top priority and they stand behind the quality of their products. They will make it right if there is an issue with your order. Plain white cake box allows you to label your cake while keeping it safe during travel, family get together, or for your loyal customers; use as a cake container, bakery box, cake transporter. These large bakery boxes with window are great for displaying cakes, desserts and other pastries. A transparent window with a decorative outline on the top allows you to easily peek in and see what is on display. The ideal Bakeries cake container, bakery box, cake transporter, treat box, baked goods packaging and businesses showcasing their large tire cakes are some of the things. The large, tall cake box with window can be easily assembled and total protection for your cakes while maintaining its sturdy nature and also well packaged to maintain the integrity of the boxes. The pastry boxes are thick and sturdy. They are the best choice when you want to transport a large tiered cake. It's easy to ascend. You will need to assemble the boxes before they are used. It is easy to assemble. It takes a while to assemble each box. The thick white window box is a sturdy paperboard that can be assembled. These boxes for cakes are made of natural paperboard and are free of chemicals and safe for food storage. Each cake bakery box is free of harsh chemicals so your deserts are safe from contamination. These boxes for cakes are made of natural paperboard and are free of chemicals and safe for food storage. Each cake bakery box is free of harsh chemicals so your deserts are safe from contamination.

Brand: Kbg

4. Cake Keeper Cover Cupcake Insert

Cake Keeper Cover Cupcake Insert

The dimensions are 10 inches wide and 5 1/2 inches tall. The diameter is 9 inches and the height is 4 inches. This round cake saver with locking lid and handle latches shut ensures your cakes, pies, cookies, cupcakes, and cheesecake don't get old. The clear top and white bottom of the cake saver keep the focus on your treats, and it is designed to hold it all. The cake transporter comes with a collapsible handle and a cupcake insert that can hold cupcakes, muffins, mini cakes, and other tiny desserts. There is a crinkle turntable and extras included. Their cake carrier has a plastic cake turntable, cupcake shelf, and extra snap latches, which make it easy to decorate cakes and cupcakes. FRIDGE & FREEZER SAFE. The cake carrier is made from PP plastic, which is strong and reliable, and it has a sealed lid to protect against freezer burn. You should start transporting your cakes and cupcakes in the right way. Simply add to cart.

Brand: Cake Master

👤The lock broke when it opened to serve cake. I think the bit will come off again. I lost the old one and it worked best.

👤It worked and I got my birthday cake to our hotel 5 hours away. I don't like that all the parts are separate. The cake stand would be better designed if it popped open from the bottom of the holder. The separators snap into place or are attached to something. They are useless parts that are likely to break. The main Tupperware cake snaps well.

👤This complete set is easy to use and affordable, it comes with everything to make a nice cake and carry around.

👤The product is sturdy. It has a cupcake keeper and a revolving cake tray. The lock keeps the cake fresh. Highly recommended.

👤There are only 11 cupcake slots. My husband likes it.

👤I like the fact that a piece of the cake keeper should be used to keep cupcakes, as it looks really good.

👤One of the downlocks broke after securing the cover for the cake in the freezer. It might be too easy. Will try to be more careful with the two spare parts.

👤I like it, it seems sturdy. Very useful.

5. Carrier Portable Container Cupcake Transport

Carrier Portable Container Cupcake Transport

A tray at the bottom can hold ice packs. It's a perfect carrier for their next event. Pies, cakes and desserts can be kept fresh and odor free with the Refrigerator friendly, air tight design of the baker. No sliding and protection of edges are ensured by non-slip trivot. The locking lid and collapsible handles on the pie carrier can prevent damage to the tops of pies and cakes. Protect the tops and edges of pies and cakes with this container. The cupcake tray has a built-in cupcake holder that can hold up to 11 cupcakes. A built-in snack tray has sections for veggies, fruit, relish, or nuts.

Brand: Houseify

👤Great product! The height was too restrictive for my use. I returned this item because I found a taller one.

👤I don't love this as much as I wanted to. I bought it to transport cupcakes. It is great for a double layer cake.

👤It is difficult to get the top to the base. One has to press and lock the plastic. I don't think this will last long. Very disappointed.

👤It worked well for a lemon meringue pie.

👤The concept is nice, but not great. It wouldn't be easy to lock/unlock. The lid is not very strong. The cupcake holders are nice.

👤A well-made product. The delivery is estimated to be Feb 3-6. After the last-minute order was placed, he was able to deliver. It arrived in time for Christmas.

👤I couldn't get the latches to open. It was so attractive that I was so disappointed.

👤The cake carrier is easy to store.

6. Multi Layer Disposable Containers,Cake Containers 12x12x12

Multi Layer Disposable Containers%EF%BC%8CCake Containers 12x12x12

Surprise your friends and family with a great gift idea. The cake box is strong and can hold large cakes, it's perfect for transportation, cake shops, take-out shops, bakeries, dessert shops, home baking transportation, and so on. The cake box can be assembled according to the creases of the cardboard. It's easy. There is a transparent skylight in the box cover. The box cover is assembled after the double-sided tape is torn off at the four corners. The box body can be opened from one side. It's convenient to take out the cake. The box has a wide range of uses. It can hold large cakes, snacks, pastries, biscuits, chocolatecake boxes for tier, bakery boxes and cookie boxes. Birthday, wedding, party, Christmas and anniversary are a few of the occasions it can be used in. It can be used for other things. The box is made of white cardboard and will not cause pollution. A cake box can hold multiple layers. The 12x12x10inch is 10pk. A cake box can hold multiple layers. The 12x12x10inch is 10pk.

Brand: 00000

👤It is easy to assemble.

7. STERILITE Cake Server Pack White

STERILITE Cake Server Pack White

35 plastic dome lid and 35 square pans are included. 13 7/8"L x 13 5/8"W. Carry handle and locking cover make transporting secure. The dishwasher and freezer are safe.

Brand: Sterilite

👤I really wanted to use this product to transport my sourdough bread, but the plastic makes it smell like it has been around for a long time. There is no smell when the cover and base are separated. The smell is as strong as ever if you put the two together. It's like a chemical reaction between the base and the cover. It's too late to request a refund, but the company should have noticed that the product was designed for food and should have stopped selling it.

👤This is a large carrier. I made a single layer sponge in a 9" pan and it looked small in this container. I wish I'd paid more for another carrier because of several poor design decisions. Thebelly button is hidden under the handle, which is a rough area left from the mold. It's also where your knuckle go when carrying your cake, which is not comfortable. The clasps to hold the top on are cheap and look like they would snap with a large cake. The bottom of the carrier is hollow. If you're as messy a baker as I am, you're going to have a hard time cleaning those crevices. If you want to go for something a bit more well-designed, skip this carrier.

👤The first cake I stored in this cake holder was thrown away. The container was thoroughly washed before I used it. When I opened the container the next morning, I could smell a strong chemical smell and the cake had been ruined. I can't recommend this product without a way to remove the chemical gas that builds up when closed. I didn't think this would come from a STERILITE product.

👤When the tiers are high, it holds a 9-tier cake. I was surprised. If your base is larger than 9 it will have to be lower than 3 tiers. A 10" tart is not a problem. I wouldn't carry it by the handle because it would be a bad idea when you're working on a baked creation. It is plastic.

👤This is a light server. I created a vinyl sign for the outside thatAdhered perfectly on the first try. I baked a two layer cake, put it on this server, and drove 200 miles without any issues. The cake was fresh and perfect when it arrived. I'll be giving them as gifts.

👤The cake server was amazing. It exceeded my expectations. I flew from Portland to Houston with a cake that was 41/2" tall. We had a connecting flight and it made it through the airport. When we arrived at our final destination, the cake was in good condition. I can do this more often now. When you're on a plane with a cake, everyone is nice. It's funny. The pictures I have attached are from the trip. It was easy to carry the cake. I loved it!

👤It is nice to have this. It's made of a nice sturdy plastic and has a large cake area. Keeping cake on the kitchen table or storing food during a picnic is a perect. I used it to store a double layer cake and it fit in my room. There are no strong chemical odors in the lid. Let me know if the review helped. Thanks!

8. BLUSHORE Cake Boxes Inch Cheesecake

BLUSHORE Cake Boxes Inch Cheesecake

It's great for packing food such as Spaghetti, Macaroni n Cheese, Vegetables, Meatloaf, Quiche, Lasagna, Roast and many other dishes. Give your cakes a professional look with a display box. Sturdy box keeps your cakes safe for delivery. Stores flat with pre-folded edges for easy assembly. Simply slide your cake in, lock the side tabs and you're done! Premium Quality is made of high quality paperboard that is food safe. Premium Quality is made of high quality paperboard that is food safe.

Brand: Blushore

👤It's possible to fit an 8 inch cake. The box is easy to assemble. Make sure your cake is on a cake circle when you put it in the box because the cardboard is a little thin. I wish the boxes were taller. The only thing holding the lid closed was the sticker. The cake was slightly taller and they pressed against the plastic.

👤It is very easy to assemble. A standard bundt cake with room to spare. Very pleased with the purchase! Thank you!

👤I think the price reflects quality. The boxes are very flimsy. Great for bakegoods without frosting. I added a second cake board at the bottom of the sides cake to make it stronger. I used a board at the bottom of the cake. It was cake that made it to it's destination.

👤Although I am not a professional baker, I like the look of this cake box. The gold seal is a nice accent. I wish the flap inserts were more resistant to damage. I am happy with my order.

👤The boxes were the right size for the cakes my daughter makes. The boxes were sturdy and a great value. They were easy to assemble. She was happy that she didn't have to worry about the cake moving to the box and that she could add more wrapping to the box. We will definitely use these boxes again. We are always looking for great products that help out her small business and the price was a big plus.

👤The quality of these is very good and they did a good job. Can fit a layer cake. It is very easy to assemble and look professional. The window at the top of the box is what I like the most. Highly recommended.

👤It's easy to put together and sturdy. I am going to fill them with deserts for the baby shower. They had a gold sticker on the box.

9. Transparent Transport Display Birthday Weddings

Transparent Transport Display Birthday Weddings

You will need to assemble the bakery boxes before they are used. It is easy to assemble. It takes a while to assemble each box. The thick white window box is a sturdy paperboard that can be assembled. The contents of the box are kept intact by the cake E-Flute. You can get value for your money by clicking on the add to cart button. 3 boxes are large and retractable and can be used many times. It's perfect for 8 to 10 inch cakes. A good layer of frosting increases the diameter of the cake. The frosting does not touch the sides of the package when it is in a box. The boxes come in a packaging made for them, avoiding problems during transport. The base and cover are pre-assembled, so it's very easy to assemble. Ribbons are included in the kit. There is a ribbon in the packaging. Your packaging is more elegant and beautiful with it. Storage, transport and display are multi-purpose functions. It is a high-quality cake box and also a beautiful gift box. It is a good choice for holding small-sized toys, flowers or chocolates for gifts, or it can be used as a storage box, dust-proof and moisture-proof, and can be easily folded and placed when not in use. If you are not completely satisfied with their product, they will give you a money back. No questions were asked.

Brand: Evencorp Inc.

👤These are 3 layers of cakes that sit on top of 12inch boards with cake toppers and they fit in the cake display box. I am happy to find large cake boxes at a reasonable price. The cakes are Red Velvet and a Banana Strawberry creme cake.

👤If you pack the cake in this box, it will ruin it, because the product is very bad. It is recommended to buy. This is not recommended to anyone.

👤Had no instructions, did not go together well.

10. Disposable Containers Shipping Birthday Anniversary

Disposable Containers Shipping Birthday Anniversary

ICKER LABELS Their bakery boxes with window displays come with 25 round "Made with Love" stickers and 25 rectangular blank stickers with gold foil frames for writing names and messages. It's the top value for your money. 12 bakery cake carrier boxes in 6 sizes are well differentiated and can be used for a birthday party, bake sale, baby shower, bridal shower, holiday dinner, family get together, or for your loyal customers. It's easy to ascend. You will need to assemble the boxes before they are used. It is easy to assemble. It takes a while to assemble each box. The thick white window box is a sturdy paperboard that can be assembled. The contents of the box are kept intact by the cake E-Flute. The perfect cake carrier. Their tall bakery boxes are made of 10 inch cake containers. It works well for moist goods, but you will have to add cake board, cake drum, to make a thick white window box. Boxes for any event. Even though cake carrier with lids are ideal for cakes, they can also be used for cupcakes, cookies, pizza, pies. There are 12 Tall Layer Cake Boxes in 6 sizes.

Brand: Vtpt Ecom

👤These boxes were amazing. I have a home-based baking business and do a lot of deliveries. My cakes arrived in perfect condition. Highly recommend! It's worth it for peace of mind.

👤There is a lot of clearance around the cake. I would buy again.

👤These cake boxes have been ordered many times by me. They are thick and sturdy. It's worth it for protecting your taller cakes.

👤I love these boxes! I wish they were taller. quick thinking to wrap and tape to fit, still received a compliment. The thank you stickers were a nice surprise. How do I place an order? The made with love 1 is in the photo. The box was cute.

👤There was no plastic on them. I didn't notice until I used them. I could not return them. I had to buy a roll of plastic and cut and glue it to myself. The boxes are a bit confusing to assemble.

👤I was hoping these boxes would be easy to figure out because I hate assembling anything. They really are. I received a variety of sizes and a really sweet gift of a big sheet of assorted round thank you and love stickers. I took the time to write this review because of the stickers. A customer appreciation gift goes a long way. You will be very happy to get these boxes.

👤I bought these for my tiered cakes at my home bakery. These are great. Sturdy and heavy duty. They are easy to assemble, and the window adds a nice detail. I will definitely be buying these again.

👤These boxes are very nice. They're easy to fold together, and true to size. My clients like to look through the windowed lid. I wish they weren't only available as a multi pack. I mostly use the 10" and12", so it makes it pretty spendy to leave half of them unused. It would be better to order all of the same size at the same time. The boxes are wonderful.

11. SpecialT Window Disposable Containers Dessert

SpecialT Window Disposable Containers Dessert

CAKES LOOK TASTIER! They allTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkias have seen cheap food boxes that attract oil stains and smudges. These are not those! You spent a lot of time making the perfect cakes and treats, and you should show them off. This set of baking boxes is now risk free. Stunning presentations are what you should create. A transparent top window with a decorative outline allows you to peek in and see every detail of the display. Show off your baked creations at your professional business or as a gift for a birthday party, bake sale, baby shower, bridal shower, holiday dinner, family get together, or for your loyal customers; use as a cake container, bakery box, cake transporter, treat. The overall dimensions of the 10-inch muffins are easy to fit a normal sized cake, tall cake, or other medium-sized gifts. Take on the go. The thick white window box is a sturdy paperboard that is easy to fold and assemble. You can give someone the perfect gift to satisfy their sweet tooth with these decorative cake boxes with window, whether you are a professional pastry chef or just someone who loves to bake. There are package contents. The package includes cake boxes 10 x 10 x 8 inches.

Brand: Specialt

👤It's hard to find tall boxes locally. I ordered from this company. I was surprised by the quality of the boxes. I will order again. My cake is an 8” round and sits on a 10” cake board and fits perfectly in the box.

👤I use these boxes for cakes. I don't have to worry about cakes being crushed because they are sturdy. Most of my cakes don't fit in regular height boxes and I appreciate how tall they are.

👤These cake boxes are gorgeous. They are sturdy and good for presenting tall cakes. This is the first time I've used Amazon Warehouse. The prices for these boxes were great. The contents were all intact even though the packaging was damaged. I ordered these because of my concern that some boxes may be damaged. I was happy to learn that the cake boxes were not damaged. I will order again and hope for the same results. The regular sale price was half off.

👤I like them. Would buy again. They are tall enough to hold a 4” tall cake with a hand popping out from the top. They are sturdy to keep cakes safe. I like that the top is separate from the bottom so that if I have a taller cake or a toppers, I don't have to worry about it touching anything. I can not do that with the folding lids.

👤These boxes are exactly what I wanted. It is difficult to find boxes that are large enough to hold the cakes I bake. I am very pleased with how professional these are. The window on top is really easy to put together. These will be a great addition to my business. They say packaging is everything.

👤I love these boxes for my cake orders. They make my orders look more professional when I hand them to clients. I would love to have a box in a 6x6 size for my cakes. The cake industry has changed since tall cakes are the new normal. These are available on Amazon. Most clients will throw away cardboard because it's so expensive.

👤I love these boxes. I am a cake designer and have used many different brands of boxes, but these are my all time favorite. My cakes are taller than I am. They are very well made and study. I know my cakes will be safe, so I'm confident in sending my art to my clients in these boxes.

👤The best cake box ever for my cakes. The box is sturdy and beautiful. It's worth the money.

👤These boxes are great for tall cakes. Delivery is quick because they are sturdy. These are easy to put together. I would buy these again. I often make cakes for people and need to transport them. I need a sturdy item that will hold up the height of my cakes. These fit the part. The price is reasonable. If you're a baker, you can't go wrong with these.


What is the best product for cake transport container 12 inch?

Cake transport container 12 inch products from Unique Imports. In this article about cake transport container 12 inch you can see why people choose the product. Hellocupcake and Kbg are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake transport container 12 inch.

What are the best brands for cake transport container 12 inch?

Unique Imports, Hellocupcake and Kbg are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake transport container 12 inch. Find the detail in this article. Cake Master, Houseify and 00000 are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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