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Turntable 1 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Motorized Photography Newerpoint Turntable Automatic

Motorized Photography Newerpoint Turntable Automatic

The EBOOK USER GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS was written by RFAQK. The eBook User guide for this cake turntable includes 3 cake recipes, method of cake baking, leveling and icing cakes and much more. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The highest quality products are what drives them. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can contact them. Widely used are window display, product display, photograph show, cube spin display, advertising. Photographer can take photos in a panoramic view of your product. Improve the exhibition effect in trade shows. The turntable is the perfect product, it has a low noise and power consumption, and is specifically designed for the software. There are two directions forROTATING. The rotating direction can be changed by using the ON/OFF Button. It is easy to operate. Smooth rotation completes a full circle every 50 seconds. They want you to find a Quieter Turntable. You can barely hear it. It's nice to use it to display a product. You can get an electric rotating turntable and a cable. Please contact them if you have a problem with the product. They can give you a replacement or a refund.

Brand: Newerpoint

👤Excellent product. I use a camera. Highly recommended.

👤I never write reviews, but this item caused a circuit to burn, so beware.

👤It's easy to set another platform on top to get the base I needed, even though it was a little smaller than I expected. Very smooth operation of a powerful unit. The product rotation is smooth. The top of the platform will allow you to manually rotate it, so you have some options.

👤I was working on a PC build video and I had all the necessary B-roll shots but something was missing, even with my reveal shots, the product felt static and boring... I went to Amazon to try to improve them. Enter to win this wonderful electric turntable. When I remembered all the spinny jewelry product shots, I was more interested in the price and the reviews. I got it, and I am happy. The sample video of my CPU shows that the turntable took the shot to a whole different level in terms of reveal and professionalism. My other shots are just as cool. I am very pleased with the product. It's simple to use and it's DC powered so I can leave it running while I try different angles and shots without worrying about batteries. There are rubber feet. It is stable, rotation is smooth, and it is affordable. I mentioned this before. If I had known, I would have been spinning products long ago. Would buy again.

👤The motorized lazy susan is designed to be used for product video. Why? When I flip the switch to "on", the turntable moves very quickly. I was shooting a cookie that was balanced on it. The cookie never fell over because of the precarious balance. The cookie stayed upright the whole time, even when I switched it to off. Fantastic! The manufacturer says it can hold up to 45 lbs. I did a test with a dumbbell and the turntable still accelerated and decelerated smoothly. There was a noticeable increase in the sound of the motor, but the overall sound level is very low. If you are using this device for product videography, you will probably be editing the footage and adding music or narration over the video anyway, so noise shouldn't be a problem. The on/off switch changes the direction of the spin. The turntable will spin one way when you first start using it. The turntable will spin in the opposite direction if you turn it off. They have an option to change speeds. The turntable takes 45 seconds to complete a full revolution. Since I shoot at higher frame rates, I can add in speed ramps when I edit the footage in Adobe Premiere Pro. It's been an amazing deal that I paid less than $33 for this unit. If you register the product with the company, it will come with a lifetime warranty, which will give me peace of mind. This is a great place to do quality product videography.

👤I like this product. I was happy to spend a bit more for an option that wasn't so cheap. This is the second rotating display I have purchased and it blows the first one out of the water. I got my sister a candle holder for Christmas and it's perfect because there isn't any wobble in the motion.

2. Webake Turntable Rotating Spinning Decorating

Webake Turntable Rotating Spinning Decorating

6 inch/7 inch 9 inch diameter plate. Food-grade plastic revolving cake stand is a great quality. It's a must have for cake decorating. The 11 inch platfrom is approx 2.75 inch tall. It's simple to decorate professional-looking desserts at home with a textured platform. The cake turn table is on a hidden track. The perfect tool to use when decorating cakes is the cake spinner. You can decorate the cake and have fun with your friends and family.

Brand: Webake

👤It was fine. The rubber band on the bottom does not stay on, and I wouldn't trust a heavy cake with that.

👤As described. Delivery is free overnight. Very happy.

👤It didn't turn out well.

👤Son de excelente calidad! A la imagen publicada.

👤Works well. It's easy to frost cakes.

3. Artilife Diameter Electric Motorized Turntable

Artilife Diameter Electric Motorized Turntable

It's used for window display, jewelry, picture display, cube rotation display, and advertising. Provide customers with a viewing angle that is at least a degree away from the exhibition to enhance its effect. The motorized rotating cake stand has a diameter of 10 and a load capacity of 44lb. One rotation in 40 seconds, low power consumption, and white light. It is easy to use anti-clockwise/clockwise by on/off button. The rotating display stand can hold up to 44 lbs., perfect for display jewelry, collectible, toy, cake, mannequin, digital product. The package has a display stand and a power cord.

Brand: Artilife

👤The item works as it should, except for the light. It doesn't turn on?

👤The product worked well at first, but then began to get loud, and eventually did not turn on, I never put more weight on it than was recommended. I'm not sure why this happened but I have a product that has stopped working and I'm out of my return window. If you need something cheap but don't expect quality to be great, get this product.

👤It works great, I bought it to shoot videos of some customs.

👤It makes a little noise when spinning, but I use it for my videos and do voice and music over. I wish the light would turn on without being in spin mode. It works well for my needs.

4. Display Turntable Battery Rotating Collection

Display Turntable Battery Rotating Collection

1. Automatic rotating platform. The maximum weight is 10 kilogram. Can be used to display items. There are places in shops, studio, schools, library, exhibition halls, living rooms and other places. 2. Controltable speed, direction and angle. 1R/L is either clockwise or counterclockwise. The 2 gear speed regulation is 1-2 revolutions per minute. The rotation angle can be adjusted by 3ASA. It depends on what you want. 3. There are three power supply modes. 4. The key to turn on and off is on the rotating display stand. Turn on in 1 second and off in 3 seconds. 5. The diameter is 195 MM and the height is 40 MM. The package does not include a battery. The Electric photography turntable is a great way to display and sell products.

Brand: Deliekee

👤Some items were under the UV. They worked for a while, but stopped spinning. The gears were okay after I disassembled them. The motor drives the gears from a magnet that is hovering over it. If you don't spin it, it will go on its own. I think the electric components are not good enough to maintain the power required. Maybe the UV panels are too cheap to keep working. I would try another brand.

👤I was surprised. I found this pretty robust after all the bad reviews. You can watch the video. I put a huge cutting board on it and two clay cups on it and it worked well. I do a lot of photography videos for clients and this will work for many of my needs. Thanks for a good product. I only gave it 4 stars because it is plastic and the mirror is thin.

👤I ordered this on July 19th. February 12 is 2022. I put a 1/64 car on the table when I got it. I change it every few months. The battery is not a rechargeable and it never gets sunlight. I've never replaced the battery because I'm still spinning. That's impressive. For a lightweight device. I didn't think it would last this long. I gave one to a friend and he is still spinning even though he has replaced his battery twice. The rotation speed is the neatest thing about this thing. You can spin the disc fast or slow and the engine inside will set itself to the speed you moved your finger. At least it tries. It's great if you want a very slow rotation, but it won't spin fast if you're looking for that.

👤I started a video channel. I wanted to show the models to their full potential. A turntable was the way to go. This one fit the bill. It fit my small video area very well. It helped to show the models in full view. The small platform tends to shake if the model is a bit heavier. That is a small complaint. You should read the instructions. The buttons are programmed to do a lot of things for you.

👤The turntable is large and heavy. It's convenient to go to a trade show that's solar. I don't like the fact that the turntable doesn't have an on-off switch and stays spinning all the time.

👤I didn't expect much for the price but they work well for what they are used for. I have been using them for over two weeks on a display that is on 24/7. I put a lighter weight product on it. The batteries hold up well to my surprise. I replace my batteries every week. They probably last longer.

👤If you are going to use them in a display case, be aware of the noise they make. I use them as turn tables for curing prints, and they are fine for that. There have been no issues so far.

👤It is a great job at an affordable price. The batteries seem to have good life in this product. I'm very happy and recommend.

5. Fotoconic Electric Motorized Rotating Turntable

Fotoconic Electric Motorized Rotating Turntable

The Fotoconic rotating display stand can hold up to 20 lbs, perfect for display jewelry, collectible, toy, cake, mannequin, digital product. The light is in white and has a speed of one rotation in 40 seconds. The button is easy to operate and anti-clockwise. It can be used to create a video in the same way as Arqspin, and it can also be used to display plastic models in different ways. It's ideal for an event, a party, or a wedding.

Brand: Fotoconic

👤This thing turns them all! You can see the items in the video. I have my own lighting and the LEDs in the middle are no longer working. Plug and play. You name it, it turns laptops, headsets, mavic pros, intel NUCs, and so on. :D

👤The electric turntable we used worked amazingly. We bought a table from Ikea and used it as a platform. You can change the direction of rotation by flipping the switch off or pulling the plug back in. We wanted our display to change so you could read the name from beginning to end correctly. Great piece of equipment! We put over 140 lbs on it.

👤After leaving it working for a long period of time on 240V it seems to somehow work fine now with the 110V adapter, at last it works now as it should, so I added one star cause. I have the one with the light in the center, after fighting with this thing since day 1 here is my review.

👤This thing has been frustrating from the beginning. The switches that turn on the light and the movement are difficult to press without causing the entire turntable to move. When you think you have the product setup in the perfect position, then you try to turn on the movement or light, it's not nice. The turn table jerks, which is a nasty issue. No rhyme or reason. It starts its movements at random times. There is a clunky sound that happens on and off. I take pictures of jewelry to make sure it doesn't cause any issues. The way the table turns is not logic. The operator doesn't have control over it. It will sometimes go left when you switch it on, but the next time it will go right. If there is no way to control it, why bother with that feature? The piece of plastic emits random noises, does not move smoothly, and has a switch in direction feature that is useless if you try to turn it on. If you're into photo sessions and have no control over which direction your product is moving, then you should buy this junk. If not, then look to spend more on a quality product that isn't made by this manufacturer.

👤It works as advertised, but makes a horrible squeaking noise every 30 seconds.

👤This item is simple and appealing. It's large size and weight capacity make it ideal for larger, more expensive items to be placed on it. It has a constant loud noise and it only got worse over time. It had a loud grinding sound and a click sound that happened at regular intervals. I wanted to love this product because it has all the features I wanted and at a reasonable price, but it has too many issues that will make it fail in the future. Spending money on something that is better quality is something I recommend.

👤There are better ones with lights that change colors. If it didn't make this horrible noise at it, I could look past it. Turn on the volume to hear the screeching sound it makes.

6. Qinmay 360 Degree Electric Turntable Photographic

Qinmay 360 Degree Electric Turntable Photographic

It can be powered by batteries or a computer. It is stable enough and can easily carry a weight of 22 pounds. All directions and angles can be seen on the desktop. The jewelry display rack is designed with a rotating table that can be adjusted to fit different needs. The turntable is easy to use. Plug it into the power cord and flip the switch. The desired direction of rotation will be obtained when the single switch operation is turned on and off. Smooth rotation and moustache. The turntable is designed for a software that is ideal for it. The turntable support has low noise and low output. Will not affect the stability of your video shooting. It's used for window display, jewelry, picture display, cube rotation display, and advertising. Provide customers with a viewing angle that is at least a degree away from the exhibition to enhance its effect.

Brand: Qinmay

👤This looks like a cheap toy that won't last long. The plastic feels thin. The cord is too long. You have to buy a battery that is not normal because the cable is short. Not worth the money. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤There was no box or rotating display when I opened the product. There is a short plug that can be used to power the display. I have to keep it plugged in, but now I have to put the wire out every time I shoot a product. I am so annoyed.

👤When I spoke with an Amazon representative, they said that the battery wasn't included. The soldering is not working when I use the microusb. To get the device to recognize power, it was necessary to hold up the cable.

👤The battery that is advertised is missing. The cord is short and I can't use it all.

👤Large size, spins well. I love it.

👤The other turn table was not as good as this one. The other one was very slow. happy with this purchase

👤I received batteries with this item. I thought it was a stand alone device. Not true. You need crazy batteries to operate or plug in at all times. Where are my batteries?

👤This is a great product. My son needed it for a project. It was packaged well and came very quickly. I was very pleased with the quality of it. I've found more uses for it than just the project. I would definitely recommend this. It is a great value for the price.

7. Puroma Aluminium Turntable Decorating Decorations

Puroma Aluminium Turntable Decorating Decorations

The spinning cake stand is made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy material and it is almost impossible to slide it away while decorating. The heavy rotating cake turntable with a flexible axis is very comfortable to use. It's perfect for either left or right-handed. You can use the various icing spatulas to apply icing on the side or top of cakes, smooth the frosting surface, or make a cut cake. 4 types of white combs icing are made of food-grade plastic and are excellent for beginners who want to add some drama to icing jobs. It is easy to clean the non-stick surface with a soft cloth or sponge and it has an extra long life.

Brand: Puroma

👤I like this cake turner. Didn't know it had a lock. Not a cheap wobbly cake turner. You will like it.

👤This table is very smooth. The time spent on smoothing the cakes was reduced. It will spin with the smallest touch, but that's why I got it. I was hesitant to buy it because of the other reviews, but I am so happy I did. It's easy to clean, sturdy and has a good weight.

👤This was delivered to me quickly. I have never tried a homemade iced cake, so I was excited to receive it. I did it. It is not perfect, but my granddaughter thought it was. I am not sure about a lock feature because I haven't read the directions. I will find it next time. It is a great addition to my baking and decorating arsenal.

👤The kit is great for cake decorating. The table is very sturdy and has a grip at the bottom to keep it from moving. There was no chance of the cake moving out of the center because of the grooves on the top. The plastic tools for smoothing the cake out are flimsy but still work if you bend. I had a pleasant experience and encourage anyone who is unsure of this product to give it a try. Despite the grooves on the wheel, it was easy to clean.

👤Wow! I was worried that the spinner would be flimsy. The opposite! It has a sturdy bottom and a heavy Turn plate that can spin fast. It's highly recommended for anything you use it for. The price for the Turntable is great. Thank you!

👤What an amazing product! This is the heavy and solid turntable that I have had before. It was very cheap but it was an excellent stand. It spins smoothly and doesn't move.

👤You can lock it in place with a rubber band. The top of the stand has multiple rings etched into it to grip the cake and provide guidelines for keeping it smooth. The accessories are decent, but they aren't made of STAINLESS as the offset spatulas began to rust and I have yet to use them. I bought this for the stand itself and got it on a flash sale which made it cheaper to get compared to other models, so I don't care that much. If anyone else cares about that, it makes a nice noise.

👤This is a great value. For the price, I figured I'd try it. I was so glad I did. It is what it is described to be. It's very sturdy, smooth and solid. Doesn't make any noise when turning. The lines on the top help me center my cakes. I used rolled masking tape to hold my cake boards in place, but now use foam shelf liner cut into a small circle. Couldn't be happier! Each time I decorate, I use Spatulas.

8. Vunshinn Rotating Turntable Photography Collectibles

Vunshinn Rotating Turntable Photography Collectibles

OPERATION CONTROL is for direction clockwise/counterclockwise. The speed is regulated by 1-2 revolutions per minute. The rotation angle can be adjusted by 3ASA. You can adjust according to your needs. The rotating display stand is perfect for Theme Exhibitions, Window displays, Product displays, Advertising, and provide a customer view of your product. Photography products can be used to display watches, jewelry, 3D models, cakes and collectibles. The display turntable won't affect your video shooting. The turntable stand runs low power consumption and low noise. There is a power supply that can be used with a power bank, a power supply that can be used with a power supply that can be used with a power supply that can be used with a power supply that can be used with a power supply that can be used with a power supply that Strong construction made ofABS, non-toxic, sturdy and long lasting. Quality made and improved rotating display holder rotates more stably. 7.87 inch diameter, max load 11 lb

Brand: Vunshinn

👤I bought this stand after a previous purchase that used a less common battery, not included. I searched for a stand that said use of AA or any other batteries. The rotating stand is the same as the first, but only takes a battery that is not included. The description and photos of this item are incorrect. I want to use this item with no need for a special battery.

👤A piece of garbage is worth a premium price. Another disappointment from China. Check the product's origin. Throw it back and keep shopping if it's Chinese.

👤The table requires a battery that is more expensive than the battery itself. There was no thought put into this product. Either give the battery or make it work with AA's. WOMP, WOMP, WOMP.

👤It does what is required. It was pleased with its appearance and features.

9. Wisazly Motorized Turntable Photography Collectibles

Wisazly Motorized Turntable Photography Collectibles

There are three modes of operation control. 2SR is for the speed regulation. The rotation angle can be adjusted by 3ASA. It depends on what you want. The jewelry display adopts a turntable design that can be adjusted according to the demands. There are three power supply modes to choose from and it's perfect for displaying in all directions. The display turntable won't affect your video shooting. The turntable is the perfect product, it runs low noise and low power consumption, and it was designed specifically with the software in mind. It won't affect your video shooting. Sturdy and Durable Material made ofABS, non-toxic, sturdy and long lasting. Quality made and improved rotating display holder can hold up to 22LB. WIDELY. The rotating display stand is perfect for photography, video shooting, display watch, digital product, hair care, jewelry, and collectibles. It allows the Photographer to take photos in a panoramic view. Improve the exhibition effect at trade shows.

Brand: Wisazly

👤I wrote a good review with a video and picture because I received a card in my shipment that said I would get an Amazon gift card for my review. I contacted Amazon. They said they have never seen those and it is probably from the shipper. I contacted them but they have not responded for a week. So... I will continue with my original review. I would be scared to return a defected item for bad customer service. The entire time it is turning... You can hear it and it makes terrible videos.

👤The buttons don't work, the batteries it ordered don't fit, and the off button doesn't work. A piece of plastic.

👤This motorized display is so beautiful! It makes selling bracelets on my website easy. I like the multiple speed options and the ability to change the direction of the rotation. The display is large enough to show or camouflage. It is definitely a game changing thing.

👤The display stand works great when plugged in with the cable. If you want to use a battery for long-term use, you should buy a 18650 battery. I had seen a user comment that the unit uses AA batteries, but the item description line was different. I was surprised that the battery needed is not included. I hope to find a unit that uses a more common battery.

👤The product does what it is supposed to do. The battery compartment is an odd size and I don't know what to put in it. It runs off of the computer's memory card. We'll keep the action figure because my son wants to change it.

👤If you have a spare 24 bucks, just throw it away.

👤It was a very satisfying purchase. The display works well with my products, even my heaviest item still rotates without problems.

👤I use it to display my diecast cars. There is a forward and reverse action as well as a rocking back-and-forth action. It works well and hasn't let me down.

10. Wilton Decorate Practice Decorating Supplies

Wilton Decorate Practice Decorating Supplies

The water is warm and soapy. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. A plastic white board opens and locks into a flat position to imitate working on a real cake. There are over 80 piping techniques for buttercream and royal icing on the practice sheets. The practice board surface is 11.25 inch x 8.5 inch. Practice sheets are easy to clean and include internal storage. You will soon be able to make amazing stars, flowers, petals, leaves, dots, and borders.

Brand: Wilton

👤The kit is great for beginners. It will help people perfect their piping skills. Good luck and have fun. I know that! If you pipe directly on the sheets, they will get ruined. It's true! You don't have to worry about ruining the sheets because the front of the case opens so you can put them in. I think that's correct.

👤I like this, but it could be better. You can make it better on your own. The practice board does not come with bags or tips. Or something else. Those must be purchased separately. You should not use a metal spatula to remove the icing from the board. It will scratch the board. Silicone or plastic spatulas can be used. Again. . Not included. Here is what I find lacking. They use different tips on the same sheet. It would have been better to use the same tip for all of the exercises. You don't want to have to change your tips. The practice part is only once or twice. You should have an entire sheet of practice so you can do it over and over. You can do it on your own. You can make rose after row by making your own practice sheets on your printer. Scan the practice sheets. Or take a picture. And then take the picture. Print it out on a page in Word. The board will stand at an angel. You should practice on an angle because the side of cakes are not flat. It was made in China.

👤These practice boards have been a great addition to the lessons I'm teaching my grand daughters about cake decorating and sugar paste design. You should give each practice sheet a light lamination to prevent oil stains. As you move from sheet to sheet, oils can still get on the practice board as they work on each skill, but it is covered by the top of the sheets. A great product for anyone interested in learning how to decorate cakes.

👤Products arrived a day earlier than expected. I tried to figure out some of the patterns. The end result does not look like the pictures when your mind knows what to do but the hands are not as cooperative. Having these templates to practice the different patterns is a great help after the first 30 minutes. The shapes and lines looked better after my second practice. This product is designed to be used over and over again to make cupcakes and cakes look nicer. Repetition builds confidence and speed. There is no need to make a cake with this kit. The portable table has a smooth slate. You are ready to tackle cake or cupcakes when you are satisfied with your practice work.

👤The instructions were written in two different languages. I contacted the seller and was told to contact the manufacturer. Very disappointed with the small size and plastic that doesn't last very long. I was disappointed that it took me over a week to get here because I didn't check to see if prime when I ordered. I needed something like this and couldn't find it elsewhere. This is the first time in my life that I have been so disappointed with an order from Amazon.

11. Fat Daddios Intermediate Turntable Diameter

Fat Daddios Intermediate Turntable Diameter

13 inches in diameter. It is chrome plated. The bottom rung of holders is 4.5 cm and the top rung is 6.2 cm. It's the same size as the inch (30 5 x 12 7 cm). It's ideal for the intermediate or professional cake designer. Smooth rotation and easy decorating can be achieved with ball-binding caulk.

Brand: Fat Daddio's

👤I used a plastic turntable forcing and decorating my cake, but I needed to make a cake while on vacation, so I purchased a lightweight one from Fat Daddio. I wouldn't have to carry my heavy one with me on vacation. The Fat Daddio was weighed down by my cake, which made it difficult to spin smoothly and cleanly. I was scared that my cake would fly on the floor when I tried to spin the turntable because it would move across the countertop and slip from the center of the turntable to the edge. I regretted not having my own turntable. I don't recommend it for anyone to use to decorate a cake, because it's not worth the time to return it. I've had a lot of success with other products from Fat Daddio.

👤I'm a "novice" cake baker but also very shallow and into outward product appearances. My kitchen said there was no space for a metal turntable cake stand. The heart is not always correct in economical decisions. I first tried the Ultra rotating cake stand. It worked well. It was cheapened by its atrocious green/white color scheme. It was donated to someone who was less unkind. Although I didn't have a lot of confidence in this product, I was comforted by its compactness and plainness, which made me feel good. I expected cheap flimsy plastic and a short life span for its low price. Although it is made of plastic, it doesn't look cheap. The body is well made. It's very easy to clean. It's easy to decorate when you have cake rounds. I plan to use it for a long time.

👤I bought this tool for my baker friend, who decided to make her own wedding cake. I wish I had bought icing birthday cakes a long time ago. This was the most important tool I had for the wedding cake job. It sits on the counter without tipping. It's a simple device, but the best eleven bucks I've spent on kitchen tools!

👤Spina is great with nothing in it. It was difficult to get the cake to spin after I put it on it.

👤I made a 6 layer wedding cake. I put the cake on the cake stand and then put the turntable on top of it to make sure it turned smoothly. I'm happy I got this instead of the more expensive brand that I've been looking for. I put a piece of cabinet liner on top of the stand so it wouldn't move the whole time. I wish they would make them in 14 and 16 inches, but for now they will.

👤I have never had a turntable like this before, and I am really happy that I bought one. The turntable makes it easier to ice the cake.

👤I was surprised that it has a statue. I wasn't sure if I liked it because it made the table almost 2 inches above the surface. I love the pen holder on my table after I got my salt/pepper shakers. The plate is pretty. It turns smoothly. When I need something from the turntable, the added height catches my attention.


What is the best product for cake turntable electric?

Cake turntable electric products from Newerpoint. In this article about cake turntable electric you can see why people choose the product. Webake and Artilife are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake turntable electric.

What are the best brands for cake turntable electric?

Newerpoint, Webake and Artilife are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake turntable electric. Find the detail in this article. Deliekee, Fotoconic and Qinmay are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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