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1. LUTER Handmade Birthday Reusable Decoration

LUTER Handmade Birthday Reusable Decoration

The cake is not included, the cake can't be put into the microwave. The kit includes a 4 inch horn, 2 ears, and 2 eyelashes. As the picture shows, color. If you keep them well, they will be reuseable, and they are designed with creativity and imagination. The birthday party can be made perfect with the help of the cake toppers.

Brand: Luter

👤Very cute! I made a cake for my daughter. The only bakery nearby that made these kind of cakes used an ice cream cone, so I bought a blank white cake and did it myself. I had to curve the eyelashes a bit since they were flat, and then apply some water to the back of them to make them stick to the buttercream.

👤My husband was making a birthday cake. It was much easier to use than to make one from fondant. The bowl shaped disc on the bottom of each piece makes it sit awkwardly on the cake. We beaded some icing around them to make them look better. The horn was short because the cake was six layers. We removed the stick from the horn and replaced it with a wooden skewer to give it more height and built flowers around the base. If we decided to make another cake of this style, I would purchase again.

👤Hated this set. The horn is not returnable. The horn is cheap and doesn't look good. Others have said that it is re-usable. I threw it away because it wasn't a quality product. It's too small for a multi-tiered cake. Nothing looked authentic.

👤The horn is not as large as shown. The gold part is about 4 inches. Our cake was small enough that it looked great. The horn and ears are not disposable. I don't know how many uses we'll get out of the construction paper eyes. I was able to use it for a second time. Our cake got a lot of praise.

👤The horn height is not 6 and so I give this item 4 stars. The height is over 6 feet. The bigger the one, the taller it will be.

👤My daughter's birthday cake was super cute and fast ship. The ears and horn can be used again and again. The eyelashes are paper. You will have to pipe them on in the future. Overall, a great value and look!

👤It was spray painted when it first opened but dissipated quickly. The horn is slightly curved and there is one side that is flat. I don't think you'll notice the flat part when it's in the cake. One of the plastic inserts was broken, but it doesn't affect the function of the product. I sanitized the fingerprints that were in the gold paint because I was grossed out by them. It is adorable. I ordered more.

👤The horn and ears were not as big as I had thought. The reviews online looked similar to what they looked like here. The horn was slanted. The horn is placed on top of the cake to show it is not balanced. The seller doesn't allow returns. Buy at your own risk.

👤My daughter's birthday cake was finished off by these. I kept them in case I need to make another cake.

👤Good quality product and great value. I used a horn on the cake. Looked great! The straw was used to hold the horn/ears in place. I used glue that came with the pack, but you could use butter cream. I would recommend this product.

2. Acrylic Unicorn Birthday Decoration Supplies

Acrylic Unicorn Birthday Decoration Supplies

You can use it as a fake or an accessory after the party, and use it as room decoration, plant pot decoration, desktop decoration, or a photo prop. The cake topper is made of high quality material.

Brand: Present Avenue

👤After being crushed during shipping, I showed up in 20 different pieces. A regular bubble shipping envelope has very thin acrylic in it. I wouldn't trust it if it's your only option and you don't have time or the ability to find a fix. Otherwise it is cute.

👤It was very cute, but broke quickly while rubbing against the frosting. Everyone loved it.

👤This is needed for my daughter's first birthday party. It was a nice cake topper, but it came like this.

👤It was cute and what my daughter wanted.

3. EcoZen Lifestyle Unicorn Wrappers Decorations

EcoZen Lifestyle Unicorn Wrappers Decorations

Some assembly is required. DOUBLE THE CUTENESS: Crown your cupcakes with joy. Unlike other cake decorations that are only printed on one side, their set includes 30 reversible cupcake wrappers with a sleepy unicorn/ pastel rainbow design, and 30 unicorn toppers printed on both sides. Prepare yourself for a lot of praise. Your guests will love the vibrant colors and gold glitter on the toppers. They designed their girl's birthday party décor to match most of the party supplies sold in the market. Quality you will love. You can use the cup cake decorations over and over again. They are made from high quality card stock and hold up well. They do not use glitter that is harmful. It will not fall on the frosting. It's easy to understand. Glue or tape is not required. The cupcake decorating supplies give your pastries a professional look. They fit both store bought cupcakes and homemade cupcakes. Not safe for microwave or oven use. Allow the cupcakes to cool down. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. Their set is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee. They will do everything they can to make it right if you reach out to them. Make that party risk-free by clicking on the Add to Cart button.

Brand: Ecozen Lifestyle

👤The covers are cute and sturdy. liners cannot be used solely as liners. There isn't a bottom covering. You will need to bake your badder in cupcake liners to make it look better. Before attempting to eat a cupcake, the covers have to be removed. I would rather have cute all in one liners than a liner and a decorative cover that needs to be removed creating double the effort and waste.

👤Cute cupcake liners. I bought it again to use on a baking sale and it was a success.

👤My daughter is having a 3rd birthday party and I want cupcake wrappers with rainbow and unicorns. The cute set matches the supplies I bought. This is the way to go after comparing the prices of several cupcake liners with similar faces and horns. Good quality and a good price. I love how they can change from one color to another. They are very sturdy and easy to assemble. I thought they were too big for store bought cupcakes. The quality of the material was very good. I was afraid that it could fall apart, but it wasn't. They were stuck in frosting for 2 hours. I will be using them again for an upcoming baby shower, and they are sure to draw attention. The colors were vibrant. So beautiful! My girl loved them. The cupcakes were very cute. It's a great piece that makes a big impact. I would definitely order from this company again and it would be worth the money. Highly recommended. My birthday girl was a perfect birthday thanks to ecoZen.

👤I bought these for my daughter's birthday. I'm not really a confident cake designer. I don't want to spend a lot of money on a cake, but I do want it to be cute and look nice for her birthday. I was browsing through the supplies and came across the wrappers. So cute! They are perfect! I know I can make some delicious cupcakes, and they will look great without me having to do a lot of decorating. The wrappers are both pretty. When my daughter saw them, she did a shriek.

👤The cupcake wrappers were a hit. I was pleasantly surprised by the strength of both pieces. The wrap was easy to hold onto. The top of the cake stayed in place. I was afraid that the frosting would weaken the topper, but it did not. The coloring on the pieces was perfect. I appreciated that the wrap could be flipped. I would buy them again.

👤My oldest child made cupcakes for his little brother and we ordered cupcake holders because my youngest one is obsessed with them. My kids are lovable-hearted and they have an illness. My oldest one wanted his younger brother to have the best birthday ever so that meant make good cupcakes and put the designs he wanted. The holders were adorable and sturdy. My son is in love with the mythical creature and we want to order more during the holidays. They can make anyone happy if you have them.

4. Talking Tables Unicorn Candles Multicolor

Talking Tables Unicorn Candles Multicolor

The cake deorations are bright colored and are for a birthday party. The Talking Tables pack of 5 Unicorn face shaped candles is a great way to add some magic to your birthday cake. Each pack contains 5 candles. It's ideal for a kid's birthday party. You can mix and match this candle cake topper with other party accessories. The party theme can be completed with these in their Amazon store. Quality. Their products are sturdy and made with care. Talking tables inspire the world to be together and to connect with one another. All humans need to gather. They inspire people to have great gatherings by providing great quality, beautifully designed and fun products that always get the table talking. They give them the creative choices to put the fun in and take the stress out, because time together is the best of times and is the human glue and love of hosts around the world. Talking tables inspire the world to be together and to connect with one another. All humans need to gather. They inspire people to have great gatherings by providing great quality, beautifully designed and fun products that always get the table talking. They give them the creative choices to put the fun in and take the stress out, because time together is the best of times and is the human glue and love of hosts around the world.

Brand: Talking Tables

👤I was not happy that I only received 4 candles for my granddaughter's birthday. The package has a hole in it.

👤Two of the candles were malfunctioning. The stick in the box was the only thing missing from the package. That makes it worse.

👤My daughter loved the candles on her birthday cake.

👤Beautiful candles, so pretty. We saved them for an art project because my daughter loved them. The person is a Cutie.

👤My daughter loves animals. She loved them on her cake.

👤I didn't check immediately upon arrival. Two out of five had no horns. If they were all intact, they were adorable candles.

👤My daughter's birthday cake was baked in June 2021. The price and quality are good. Feel strong.

👤Candles for birthday girls!

👤The product arrived quickly and I was very pleased with it.

5. Unicorn Cupcake Toppers Wrappers Decorations

Unicorn Cupcake Toppers Wrappers Decorations

If you want to upgrade your bakes for a unicorn party, you can place the sugar decorations on top of the buttercream, icing or sugar paste. Sturdy and durable, the material is made of environmental friendly cardstock and sticks. The package includes 40 cupcake wrappers with a sleepy unicorn/ pastel rainbow design, and 40 cupcake tops with the same design. Wrap them around the base of your cupcakes and top it off with their beautiful Unicorn topper. Imagine a pop of color on your cupcakes. Their Premium Unicorn wrappers are perfect for birthday party decorations, baby shower, kids' birthday party and wedding. These cupcake toppers are intended for decoration and should not be put in the oven or microwave. Please do not reuse them and keep them away from children under 3 years old.

Brand: Shelling Home

👤My daughter chose this package because of the lovely pastel color, and I was so excited to receive it. I am very upset that the color of the wrapper is not close to what I see on AMAZON. I plan for her to wear the BD theme, but it is not compatible with the rainbow color she is wearing. The wrapper is not very large. All cupcake oils and frosting can be put on a cupcake. Don't put the topper on it is flimsy. The item description said there were 40 cupcake wrappers and 16 cupcake toppers, but I only got 23 of them. I was shorted more than half. I tried to contact the seller but haven't heard from him. I don't have enough time to order more decorations. There is a My daughter is sad on her birthday. I want my money back. So angry! Do not recommend.

👤No glitter! "edible glitter" is what the description says. The picture is supposed to look like it is glittery, but it ends up looking tacky.

👤There are a lot of cupcake wrappers and toppers. They are larger than I thought and looked good on the cupcakes. Definitely statement pieces. You can mix things up with the two designs or go with the same design. I would recommend it.

👤It was just as described. The 40 wraps and 40 toppers were sturdy and the perfect size. There is a side with pastels ( baby colors, pink, blue, yellow). The other side is similar to the one shown. There are flowers on both sides of the t-shirt. The price was great compared to all the others. Will buy again.

👤The pieces don't have any type of coating. Assembly needs to be done before serving. After a couple of hours, the paper portion of the cupcake frosting becomes soft and falls over.

👤It was very cute for a birthday with a unicorn. They are a little deep for a homemade cupcake but they looked good with a store bought cupcake dropped in. The cupcakes are kind of tall. They fit on the cupcake tower. Everyone thought they were cute.

👤I absolutely loved them. Way better than I anticipated. It is definitely worth the price.

👤These were easy to use. The price was reasonable. We got a lot of praise for how beautiful the cupcakes looked. Some people thought they were purchased at a store.

6. MOVINPE Unicorns Sculpture Birthday Decoration

MOVINPE Unicorns Sculpture Birthday Decoration

You can use it as a party favor, cake topper, table decoration or as a gift. There is a Happy Birthday Banner, 2 balloons, a pink/ white cloud, and a Moon. It works on 6inch and 10inch cakes. Rainbow Unicorn Cake Decor is made from high quality, non toxic, safety and not food grade. It's not dirty and it's not disposable. Do you want to host a fantastic fairy tale party for kids or yourself? A fun and fun atmosphere can be created by a cute and sparkling rainbow cake. Party bags are used to decorate cupcakes, muffins, cake, treats. There are many situations in which a unicorn cake decoration is appropriate, such as birthday party, wedding, unicorn party and rainbow themed party, garden party, baby showers, home decoration, kids girls birthday candy bar, cake decor, ice cream cake ornaments, weddings, baby shower, anniversaries, tea

Brand: Movinpe

👤This was for my daughter's birthday. The decorations were packed separately per item. They were pretty. They were sturdy and didn't break. I put all of it in a nice box and it could be used again and again. I would purchase again from this company.

👤My son wanted a PFUDOR cake for his 10th birthday because the PFUDOR song has become sort of a cult classic joke in our family. The set was perfect to make it happen. It was spectacular, I modified it a bit and added flaming torches for the big happy birthday moment. We were able to save most of the pieces for future use.

👤I put this on my daughter's cake. She loved it. The cake turned out great! I did the inside and outside of the rainbow cake she asked for.

👤The packaging for this set was so carefully done that each item was wrapped individually. I let my granddaughters put the items on the cake and the sticks were strong. My granddaughter said it was the prettiest cake she had ever eaten.

👤I am surprised by how good this is. The clay texture of the rainbows is flexible. Lots of pieces and good quality make it easy to modify how you want. I am very impressed. I don't know if I used all the pieces in two cakes.

👤The two animals are made of ceramic. thick paper that holds up well is the rest of the decore. The cake theme is brought into perspective.

👤I added the cake to the top. I did not have to break my pocket for my birthday. If you are looking at something on a budget, this is it. It is not new. It's nice.

👤This was the perfect way to decorate her cake. She loved it. It made the cake look amazing, and I felt like a baker afterwards.

👤I bought this kit to decorate a cake. There are lots of options in the package. I think the props looked great on my cake, I only used a few of them. It is a great value to reuse. Highly recommended.

👤The cake top arrived today. It will look great on the cake. One of the unicorn's tail was missing and the other one was cracked. I can not glue it back on. When I pay over 20.00 dollars for an item, I expect it to arrive undamaged. Better packaging would have helped. Highly disappointed.

👤The decorations are suitable for a child's cake. I think it's a good idea.

👤There are items de qualités, vraiment beaux and l'ensemble.

7. Risshine Eyelashes Christmas Birthday Decoration

Risshine Eyelashes Christmas Birthday Decoration

If you have any questions, please contact them, they will give you a satisfactory answer, and Amazon will be responsible for the whole process of product delivery. The golden unicorn horn cake topper is made of high quality material, non-toxic and safe to be used for both kids and adults. A pair of ears and flowers are included in the package. A pair of eyelashes makes a cake look more vivid. For cakes up to 12 inches, the cake topper is needed. It is easy to use the cake topper above the cake and paste the eyelashes on the side of the cake. It's great for decorating the cake. If you keep them well, they will stay that way. The Golden Unicorn cake decoration is perfect for baby shower, wedding, and birthday party for kids. Customer satisfaction. Let them know if you have a question about their product. Your recognition is very important to them. Have a great experience with their products.

Brand: Risshine

8. Unicorn Rainbow Birthday Decoration Supplies

Unicorn Rainbow Birthday Decoration Supplies

The clay is soft. Paperboard is used to make the cloud and birthday topper. The balloon is made of foam. The package includes a rainbow cake, balloon cake, and clouds cake. It's suitable for birthday cake supplies, cupcake decoration, dessert cake insert. The rainbow is about 3.83 inches in length and 2.76 inches in width. The height of the beast is about 2.6 inches. The cloud is about 5.12 inches long. The balloon is about 5.28 inches long. The rainbow top is about 7.9 inches long. You can celebrate with a beautiful cake for your special day, whether you have a wedding, birthday, anniversary, a new baby, or another special event.

Brand: Honey Homes

👤I was going to buy this cake top for my friend's birthday cake. Plans have changed and I need to return it. The item is in its packaging, but the return policy will not allow you to return it. No matter what. If you buy this and the plans change, you have to keep it. I'm stuck with a cute animal looking at me.

👤I used this set for my daughter's 3rd birthday. She is a big fan of rainbows and pink. It was perfect! We didn't have a large celebration due to Covid, so I didn't want to spend $100 on an actual Unicorn cake. I decorated a bundt cake. Everything was cute. My daughter thought they were candy pieces and was excited to eat them. She was a bit disappointed they weren't eaten.

👤I wanted it to make a cake out of it. The balloons were poorly painted and the unicorn appears to be from clay. The sign was bent, sticks and ribbon had detached, and the lettering was different. The night before, I hot-glued everything back together. I was hoping to save time, but it would have been easier to make this myself. I can probably recycle the rainbow, clouds and unicorn, though it's a "use once" purchase.

👤It is not high quality. It's cute, but it has problems. The happy birthday had fallen off the stick. The bag has one ear missing. The horn was broken and I had to fix it. I don't know where the ribbons came from. My three year old won't notice any of the problems. It looks fun.

👤The rainbow layer cheesecake my husband made for my big 3 7 looked absolutely adorable and I wanted a theme for my party.

👤My daughter's birthday cake was shaped like a 6. It was easy to fit on the cake because it was the widest piece. She loved the rainbow and balloons. There was a lot of room for candles. I was pleasantly surprised that the pieces were strong.

👤I use this product for my daughter's birthday and it's a great value for your money, it makes any cake look professional, it's very sturdy, and could be used again, they came in a plastic bag. It is worth every penny.

👤I would recommend this product. My daughter's cake was perfect. The cake was not cheap and the rainbow and unicorn were heavy duty. I loved it.

9. Colorful Shaped Toothpick Birthday Decoration

Colorful Shaped Toothpick Birthday Decoration

Please don't put these cake toppers in the oven because they are decorative and inedible, and should be left out of sight of little kids. The quantity is 2 cm/ 2.5 cm/ 3 cm. There are 4 colors. The material is foam. High quality cardboard and food grade sticks are not sharp and are safe. Please do not place the cupcake toppers in the oven. Can be used to decorate cookies, cakes, fruits, brownies, ice cream and more. Perfect for a baby shower, birthday party, seasonal or festive cupcake decorations. If you have a problem with the products, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Yeooyoor

👤Most balls are stuck in the paint and cannot be used.

👤I can reuse them. I loved the colors.

👤There was a smell and the stick was near the ball. I never used them.

👤It was very well made. I like the different sizes and pastels.

👤Great for a themed cake. The colors were a bit more subdued than I expected.

👤The balls were pink, blue, yellow and white. These are not what the picture shows. The orange is not yellow. Will be back.

👤1/3 of them are already falling color and 1/3 are thrown in the trash.

10. Supplies Birthday Flatware Tablecloth Invitation

Supplies Birthday Flatware Tablecloth Invitation

If you have any problems, please let them know. Your smile is what they always strive for. Prepare for the best party ever with their complete unicorn party supplies kit. The party supplies kit includes everything you need for a party. The package includes paper plates, forks, spoons, knives, and Napkin for 16 people. Solid, durable, food grade paper material is the high quality. It's safe for kids as it's eco-friendly. They chose to use paper for their party supplies because it can be easily recycled without damaging their planet, the same reason they chose to use colorful paper straws. The unicorn party supplies can be used in many occasions, such as birthday party, baby shower, Thanks giving day, picnic, etc. Just give you a great place to hang out. Happy party favors for the kids! They believe you will enjoy the party.

Brand: Alldriey

👤It was perfect. Everything I hoped for.

👤The decorations are beautiful. It arrived several days before it was due, and there was a lot of stuff included. They are very nice and everything was there. Thank you!

👤This saved a lot of money and time. My daughter's birthday was celebrated with a large party of almost 100 guests. I bought 4 of them. I have a lot of products left over, but I get a lot of praise for everything. I recommend you get these instead of getting each individual piece, it was a birthday gift for me. A party in a box. Quality was excellent.

👤Everything was beautiful and sturdy and it was absolutely amazing.

👤I like the design of the product. I was only able to use half of what was included. The box was wonderful. I made them and carried the contents in them. If you put a dense item in there the bottom could open and the contents could fall through. Plates, cups, napkins and forks were used. I realized that kids won't be using knives so they were not used at all. Paper straws and spoons were not used. We had ordered a decorated cake with a top that was not used. If you are making your own cake, the eye lashes will be useful. The headband and balloons were used. My daughter did not want to wear the ribbon. I used them well, but I wish it was less expensive.

👤I didn't know how much I was getting from the candles and the balloon string, but everything was beautiful. I contacted the email address they sent with my package and within minutes of telling them I was missing some items, they responded! I highly recommend this! It is definitely worth the price.

👤I brought 2 sets. I will buy more plates and utensils next time.

👤Cute. My daughter will like the decorations.

11. Handmade Birthday Decoration Supplies Eyelashes

Handmade Birthday Decoration Supplies Eyelashes

The cake topper kit includes the Unicorn Horn, Ears, Eyes paper straw and glue dots. CAKE is not included. Non-ToxIC INEDIBLE MATERIAL. The inedible pink horn and ears of the cake are suitable for kids to use. Food grade plastic is used for Stake. There are party supplies that include husk. There is a 5.8" pink horn, a set of ears, and flowers to match your cake. It's easier to decorate a cake with a plastic stake. Four pairs of eyelashes make a cake look more vivid. The cake topping works best on cakes up to 12 inches. There is a cute cupcake dessert. Make your cakes or snacks look as delicious as they taste with the hand-crafted Unicorn cake topper. Catching your eyes is something to do. The baby shower first birthday unicorn cake topper set can be used to decorate cakes. There is an overarching purpose. The cake decorations of graduation, wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, St. Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, Children's Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and many more are possible with the girls unicorn party favors. Also can be used as cupcake picks, party food picks, and kid birthday cupcake picks.

Brand: Zkptops

👤This is a great value for the price. It has a few different options for the eyes and is well packaged. I would definitely order again.

👤I was under the impression that you could wash this and use it again. It was very easy to use. The horn and ears should be separate. It would have been easy to cover with frosting.

👤I love it! It's much easier to make a horn out of fondant. It survived the trip to Jamaica in a suitcase with other stuff. Will buy as long as they are popular.

👤A very cute cake top. It was a little larger than I wanted, but it still looked adorable. It came with different eyelashes so you could pick the right one. Reusable for future cakes.

👤It was perfect for my daughter's birthday. I like that it is not heavy. Everyone loved the cake.

👤I made a headband out of the horn stuffed with molded foam. The eyes work better if you bend them a lot. This was a large cake. I think there are two layers.

👤The cake was cute. I had to cut some of the felt off because I could still see it on the cake. I would recommend buying the cake for my daughter.

👤I loved how this made my cake look perfect. My granddaughter loved it.


What is the best product for cake unicorn face?

Cake unicorn face products from Luter. In this article about cake unicorn face you can see why people choose the product. Present Avenue and Ecozen Lifestyle are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake unicorn face.

What are the best brands for cake unicorn face?

Luter, Present Avenue and Ecozen Lifestyle are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake unicorn face. Find the detail in this article. Talking Tables, Shelling Home and Movinpe are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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