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1. Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser Essential Oil

Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser Essential Oil

We donate a serving for every purchase you make. In disaster zones, hospitals, impoverished communities, and emergency living quarters, Liquid I.V. provides much-needed hydration. They have donated over 19 million units. The 400 liter capacity of the complete bundle is used to atomize essential oils for ultimate health. There are 7 light modes and two intensity settings for the light combinations. It has an auto shutoff feature for low water levels. The printed wood grain design on the side of the plastic is beautiful. Their essential oils are made from plants from all over the world, including lavender from France and Tea Tree from Australia. The therapeutic properties of the plant oils are intended by nature to be atomized by modern Ultrasonic waves instead of burning them with heat. Their Top 10 essential oils include lavender, tea tree, orange, peppermint, jasmine, nutmeg, clove, and spearmint oils. All oils come in amber jars to protect them from the sun. No cheap Additives or Fillers are used in creating their oils. Local harvest takes longer but is better for the environment and creates a better essential oil. Depending on the plant, they use a variety of processes. There is a 400ml Ultrasonic essence Diffuser, 10ml lavender essential oil, 10ml eucalyptus essential oil, 10ml tea tree essential oil, 10ml orange essential oil, 10ml peppermint essential oil, 10ml lemongrass essential oil, 10ml jasmine essential oil, and 10ml nutmeg essential oil

Brand: Pure Daily Care

👤The light wood grain looks great. This product is well designed. I bought it to help balance out the dry air in my bedroom. The product was packed with 10 oils and the smell was very natural. The scent spreads across the room, I have used several types of essential oils in it. My wife is fond of lavender and jasmine. It is a good price for a diffuser with so many oils. The auto turn-off feature works when there is no water inside. My family always forgot to check the water level, so I was happy to have this feature. I like to start the 6 hour timer before bed to get the oils started in the bedroom. It goes off in the middle of the night.

👤I was told by a friend that this product helped her save her sleep schedule by reducing her husband's snoring. As my boyfriend snores so loud, I purchased immediately. I noticed a big change after the first use. I use lavender, mint oils, and a little of whatever looks good before I go to sleep. I have been able to sleep. It hasn't completely cured his snoring, but it has helped. I am very happy I bought it. It stopped working after 8 months. When we turned it on, it made a weird noise, but now it doesn't steam.

👤I have had many of them in my life and this one is my favorite. It does a good job of releasing the essential oils. It is a nice neutral color. I was hesitant at first because I didn't know the quality of oils, but I've been very happy with it so far. Everyone in the office likes to stop by my desk because of the diffuser. I paid a lot for this and all the oils, but I got this one for free. That is not common in the stores. 12 essential oils can be as high as $75 and the price of a Diffuser varies from $20-50. Definitely a great purchase!

👤There were not many reviews about the oils. There were a couple questionable reviews of the diffuser. I have a wholesale account with other big oil manufacturers, and I use essential oils everyday. I smelled each bottle and it was lovely. I am certain they will be good quality, but I haven't used them yet. If you're not sure which ones to buy, you're on the fence. They have a great variety of oils, and another one is a bonus. Great price! Jasmine was put in my living room. It smelled great.

👤I thought it would be small, but it was the perfect size for my stand. I like how it doesn't smoke up my small room. I was initially worried that the smoke would cause my fire alarm to sound, but it doesn't get high enough to reach the ceiling. The lavender oil smells great and the item is very easy to operate and clean. It makes any room feel a little more peaceful. I wish I'd known about it a long time ago. I'm going to buy more of these for my house.

2. Atkins Endulge Strawberry Cheesecake Dessert

Atkins Endulge Strawberry Cheesecake Dessert

The dessert bar has strawberry cake. Enjoy a true dessert experience while keeping your lifestyle goals in mind. There is a pack of 5 individually wrapped bars. All tastes. There is no guilt. These dessert bars have 3 grams of net calories and 1 gram of sugar per serving. Stay on track. These dessert favorites are rich in fiber and are perfect for a keto lifestyle. When used with the ketogenic programs. snacking is smart The perfect balance of snacking and indulgence is struck by the delicious and healthy treats of Atkins. Something for everyone. The variety needed to satisfy all your cravings and help support your lifestyle is offered by the unique texture and flavors of the Endulge treats.

Brand: Atkins

👤Not 2 grams of carbs! I think I'll take my notes to a lawyer for feeling depressed after being thrown out of ketosis. Such false advertising! I only ate one. I only spent 3 bucks. That is the reason it is on sale. I am a ketone blood reading freak. I try different snacks. This one isn't it! Blood ketone started at 2.3 after bar "just one" was at 0.2 an hour later. Eggs and cheese are usual for dinner, but this bar took my soul.

👤I was excited to try these. I like lemon desserts. They didn't live up to expectations. The taste of lemon. The lemon flavor is very similar to a melted lemon. There was a rice crisp texture that was out of place. I was expecting more of a cake texture. The bars are small for the price. Would not buy again.

👤It is like any other diet bar at GNC. It is sweeter and more firm than it is soft. I wouldn't buy them again, they aren't that good. They are good. If you are looking for something special, this isn't it.

👤These are really good. One of the bars in my order looked weird when I opened it, but I will definitely purchase these again. The flavors are balanced and sweet. I'm excited to try the other new additions to the line.

👤I have been trying to watch my intake since I was diagnosed with a type II diabetes two years ago. People ask about my diet when they comment on my weight loss. If it tastes good, I cannot eat it. I can eat it if it tastes like cardboard. My wife bought a box of the dessert bars from the store, she wanted to eat them. They are great. I can eat it and still watch my intake because it has flavor. I can accept that they are small, but they don't taste like cardboard.

👤Avoid the drug at all costs. They have been a faithful fan of the diet for about five years. This is not it! I bought these bars to provide an alternative snack to my diet. This product is a rip off. The bars are only half the size of the wrappers. The rest of the sealed package has been filled with air. The bar is only about 60 percent of the size of the wrapper it comes in, if you squeeze it at the top. They tell you the weight, so it should all be based on that. Save the rest of the wrapper and box and not have to pay for packaging costs. They want to make you think that you are getting a bar that is twice the size. They taste like chewing on metal. They use sucrose. We look for healthier alternatives than artificial sweeteners. Why not the people from Adkins? People will tell you that there isn't a double blind test on Stevia. There are two questions. Why not? It has been around a long time for someone to do this. And 2. It has been used for thousands of years in some cultures. The answer is that the sugar industry doesn't want to have to compete against Stevia. The last point. The Adkins Diet is used by people who like to take jabs at the Keto diet. When users of the Adkins diet had problems with their kidneys, they had problems with the high goals of the diet. The truth is that Keto is a high fat intake. I am aware that it may seem worse for someone who has not done any research. I have found that high fat and low carbs, along with a good amount of lean meat, has made me a better person. My cholesterol levels are great now. The truth is that some people have problems with their kidneys because of their high intake ofProtein and it can be converted intoCarbohydrates. The idea behind a Keto diet is to limit the amount of carbs in the diet, because the problems that can result in some people from excessive carbs in their diet are well known. A diet that is low in calories and high in fat is called a keto diet and it converts your body to run on ketones. I brought this up because of my experience with this diet. The elite armed forces teams often eat a diet that is low in fat and high in calories. Do your own research and talk to your doctor before changing your diet. Many doctors will avoid a Keto diet, but I don't think they do so with enough research. There are doctors who know a lot about the benefits of keto and who recommend it for people with diabetes, weight problems, and even people with anxiety issues. I used to work for a doctor who was in charge of an elite combat group in the U.S. armed forces, and we found 888-353-1299 Do your own research, find a doctor who knows what you're doing, and make your own decisions. In my opinion, don't confuse Adkins with Keto.

3. Natrol Melatonin Dissolves Absorption Strawberry

Natrol Melatonin Dissolves Absorption Strawberry

Studies have shown that people who don't get enough sleep have a higher risk of illness, and it can also impact the time it takes for the body to recover. Research shows that sleep strengthens your immune system, improves mental sharpness, and keeps you balanced moods. Natrol Melatonin is a nighttime sleep aid that assists with occasional sleeplessness and is non-habit forming, so you can use it with confidence whenever you need to adjust your internal clock. Natrol has a fast dissolving strawberry formula that can be taken anytime, anywhere. Natrol is a leading U.S. manufacturer of vitamins, minerals and supplements that help people around the world improve their health.

Brand: Natrol

👤The one I bought was at the drugstore. The one sold on Amazon is the one that is right. The first time I bought this, it was from the store that sold it. I decided to buy the same tablets on Amazon. The one sold on Amazon has completely changed its shape, taste and quality, which is something I expected. I feel like I'm eating tasteless candy. It used to be like as soon as I took one or two, it numbed my brain, and I felt asleep. I used all of Natral until I bought a new one, because I thought it had changed ingredients. It proves that Natral hadn't changed anything. I don't think this product is on Amazon. The package design is different. These things happen a lot on Amazon. I'm searching for different stores and considering quitting my all medicine subs. Disappointing.

👤I believe they have changed their ingredients. The last bottle had an artificial taste.

👤This stuff works. It can cause VIVID dreams just like I've read. Holy moly! I had the most realistic dream, but it wasn't a good one. I've read that 10mg is too much. The second night, I broke the tablet in half and it worked well. Without the vivid dream. I would get one with less strength because I think this is a good brand.

👤I have been buying the 5mg version for years. I saw these and tried them out. These are terrible tasting and I don't know what the difference is. I canceled my subscription. I will go back to the 5.

👤I take a little bit of everything every night. Puts me down and I don't wake up the next day. Definitely recommend.

👤I have amelatonin bar in my night stand. I know how it works for me. This is what I have experienced, that melatonin doesn't work the same for everyone. I feel sleepy after 30 minutes and I have trouble keeping my eyes open in an hour. It tastes like candy. It helps me fall asleep and stay asleep. I usually dream where I used to only occasionally dream. It gave me nightmares for the first couple weeks, but didn't bother me sleep. I wake up feeling good. It tastes like a strawberry out of season. If I don't set an alarm and remember at least a little of my dreams, I will sleep longer. No problems waking up. I wake up feeling good. It has a faint hint of strawberry. I don't have to choke it down. I'm out once I'm out. If I wake up to go to the bathroom, I can continue my dream. If I don't set an alarm and sleep in a dark room, I can sleep for 12 or more hours. After an hour or so, I wake up and have a throbbing head that lasts all morning. I don't like this dose, but I'm sticking with it because I think changing my sleep schedule will be worth it. I might split them in half. If you take this brand after brushing your teeth, you won't be eating harmful artificial sweeteners or getting cavities. It is important to hide it from pets since it is fatal for cats and dogs even in small amounts. If your pets are interested, hide it. The chart shows you how to find your dose. If you haven't read it, I recommend it. Good luck!

4. Rechargeable Electric Flameless Windproof Cigarette

Rechargeable Electric Flameless Windproof Cigarette

The discharge cycle battery can be charged 500 times. The lighter needs a DC rating to be charged. It's good for the environment and energy saving, and it's flameless, windproof, and safe, compared with traditional disposable lighters. The package includes a gift box, ausb cable, and a cigarette lighter. All lighters are guaranteed to be 100% satisfaction guaranteed, even if it passes the standard 30 day return period.

Brand: Q&g

👤I bought these for my husband and I were excited about them. The torches don't work at normal speeds. They charged them straight out of the box. One works great, but the black one just won't get enough power to really heat the coil, so we both smoke and ride our own bikes. They would get 5 stars if both worked. I have the product for a while now. The package worked out. The first review was too generous after using the lighter. Sometimes the lighter will hold a charge. Some days it will last all day and other days it won't. The lighter is DEAD. I charge it and in five minutes the light goes out and it says it's fully charged. It isn't. Not even close. I've tried many different cords at home and the one that came with the set was the only one I had left. It doesn't matter. The fact that only one would work out of the packaging changed my mind. I wouldn't recommend anyone to purchase from me again. I see reviews where people say they had issues with the company and they responded and made the problem right, and others say that it's great and had no problem. I have had issues since day one. In a nut shell. The price is tempting because it's a pair of lighters, but you won't get anything. Don't buy it.

👤I absolutely adore this! I wanted to try it out before giving it to my mom to see if I needed to return it. It worked on my candle. It took me a couple of tries to get it to work. It will turn off after 10 seconds, but I think it's a safety feature. It was already charged. I didn't read the directions because I didn't want to open it completely. I knew she would love the skeleton cigarette holder I got, it was like a ring. I think this is a great gift. I would give it to people who don't smoke. Like your kids who like candles. It is a really safe product. A burn on your finger is the most serious injury you could get. I haven't tried that, so don't quote me on that. If you plan on giving it to a child or an older person who doesn't know better, I would use your knuckle to see if it burns. Don't use your finger tips because it will burn on your fingers. I don't like lighters so I would love to own my own. If you don't do it right, they will hurt. I am also afraid of catching something on fire. It would be great to use it for my candles. I was surprised it worked for a candle. I know it will work on her cigarettes. I read that it wasn't working or that it was bent. If you can get a replacement for this product, I would contact them.

👤This product is a great idea, but it is poorly executed as far as its actual function goes. After only a few uses, the button moved in its housing, making it difficult to tell if it is in the off position, which makes me worry about its safety. I'd be more worried about that if it held a decent charge, which it only manages to hold enough of to light a cigarette, if you're lucky. Don't buy a cheap model. If you love the idea behind it and still want to try it out, I'd invest your money in one of the more expensive models, where the quality is clearly better executed in design and materials.

5. Liquid I V Multiplier Electrolyte Supplement

Liquid I V Multiplier Electrolyte Supplement

Hydration Multiplier is powered by the CTT to deliver hydration to the bloodstream faster and more efficiently than water alone. Lemon Lime has a mix of lemon and orange notes. The breakthrough delivery system is called Cellular Transport Technology, orCTT, and it is used in all of their products to enhance rapid absorption of water and other key ingredients into the bloodstream. The Hydration Multiplier Electrolyte Powder Drink Mix is made with premium ingredients and non-GMO. Convenient single-serving packets are easy to enjoy on the go. Pour one packet into 16 ounces of water. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please message their store through the marketplace messaging interface and they will give you a full refund. They donate a serving for every purchase you make. In disaster zones, hospitals, impoverished communities, and emergency living quarters, Liquid I.V. provides much-needed hydration. They have donated over 19 million units.

Brand: Liquid I.v.

👤I met the manufacturer. They have decided to replace low glycemic sugar with pure cane sugar. The athlete wants sugar. No one. 11 grams of sugar is what the taste is made of. It tasted like a drink. Guys get rid of the cane sugar. Thanks.

👤My grandson introduced me to Liquid iv. I had to go to the hospital for dehydration. He told his dad that he thought Liquid IV would help him. I showed it to my doctor, who was happy that I was going to take it. She uses it herself. I have noticed a big difference in how I feel after a month on it, and I don't have to pee as often. I recommend it to many of my friends at the retirement home where I live. I feel like I have a new lease on life at the age of 91. Thank you so much!

👤11 Gr Sugar is in a stick. 500 is the amount of sodium. Is that 21% or more? This is not genetically modified. How healthy is that? Explain... Why? Dehydration is a very serious condition. My experience in Las Vegas was brutal and this product will put my health at risk. People are reading the label.

👤The product tastes great, feels good, and definitely gives me electrolytes. Don't be deceived by the fact that it says one packet is equivalent to 2 bottles of water. You still need to drink a lot of water, too much can cause a lot of problems. Everything is in moderation. Make sure to drink plenty of water with this product.

👤This stuff is amazing. I just had a surgery and I need to stay hydrated. I found LiquidIV while recovering. It has been a great life as I struggled with staying hydrated. This is the real deal, unlike the other water enhancers that claim to have electrolytes. I was told by my surgeon that I was having a problem. I told her about it. She researched it and is now telling all patients to use it. It tastes great if you like lemon lime. The other flavors have not been tried by me. I like to make it into a slushee by mixing it in my blender with water and lice.

👤This product is sold for life. I can easily finish off 2 bags of IV fluids in an hour if I suffer from extreme dehydration. Even though I drink lots of fluids, my body seems to have trouble absorbing them. I said there has to be something that can help after I had 6 hospital stays for dehydration in 3 months. I did more research. LiquidIV and a few others were purchased in order to see what fit the bill. LiquidIV is the best. Since taking this steadily for 5 months, no hospital stays for dehydration have been reported, and even if they were, they wouldn't be able to exercise or play softball. The taste is great, it's a subtle lemon/lime flavor, and it's not "oily" as some of the other products that are similar. I have made nearly all my friends, coworkers and others believers in this product. You will not be disappointed by the purchase.

6. Rechargeable Overcharge Protection Indicators Electronic

Rechargeable Overcharge Protection Indicators Electronic

A red and a greenCharging indicator means your device is fully charged. There is built-in overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overcharge protection and short circuit protection. It will stop charging when it is fully charged. Plug the device into the contact port of theusb charging device. The design of the device keeps it stable. Plug and play is easy to use, it has over charge protection function. You will receive the cable. They offer a 12 month warranty and friendly customer service.

Brand: Xoudky

👤This is a very good charging device. The only reason I ordered this particular one was because it would come in the next day, compared to all the other ones on Amazon, so this was really my only choice. I was hesitant to order it because of the bad reviews, but I am happy to say that you will not regret buying it! I plugged the package into my laptop and then screwed on the battery after plugging it in. After I plugged it in, I screwed my cart on the battery. I know the charge did because I was taking huge hits. It is. There is a job. I have noticed that while it is charging, it stays red for a few seconds, then turns green for a short time, then back to red again. I assume that there are no problems. If you need to charge your pen or battery, buy this, it turned out to work.

👤They all stopped working and fell apart. I ordered one from the store. It might have been the same price, but I know it will work.

👤The cord and connections are the same as the manufacturer. One would expect that. Work the same way as before.

👤Straight garbage. I tried to remove the battery from the charger. The plastic holding the threaded insert broke when it was removed from the power and ground wires. Poor build quality. You can buy from a different brand.

👤The only place you can charge a battery is on a countertop. I don't want my battery to be dangling from a wall outlet because it's heavy. I have to get in just the right position to work because one of my chargers doesn't work straight out of the box. A bad connection is most likely with the cord.

7. Hemp Gummies 18000 Potency Premium

Hemp Gummies 18000 Potency Premium

You won't forget taking one of these. These are delicious and don't use bitter hemp tablets and pills. It smells great. Oh my gosh, it's so good! The health benefits of pure and organic supplements is what makes the Nutrient Rich Treat so special. Their natural gummies have vitamins E and B, as well as Omega 3, 6 and 9. Enhance your productivity with better brain function. It is possible to improve your attention to details with the help of the natural ability to help your brain work more efficiently. Relief From Discomforts is a great way to address headaches, muscle spasms, nausea and inflammation. Each piece is made to re-energize you while numbing any ache or uneasiness you may feel. Are you feeling down and blue? Instead of drinking wine or ice cream, take one gummy candy. It helps to relax and calm.

Brand: Wellution

👤I have been injured while serving in the armed forces and have been in pain for a long time. The taste is similar to gummy bears and they are very effective in managing my pain. I don't feel tight like you do, and I don't use opiates 1 to 2 a day. They have earned my business for a long time. Thank you for everything you have done for me.

👤I take a gummy bear every morning and night because of my joint pain. I walk and sleep better. I tend to be less anxious. The easiest way to take it is with gummy bears. The gummies are the best for me, even though I have had the oil and the ointment.

👤The product has zero CDB. Just a plant. I thought it wasCannabidiol, but the label said it was notCannabidiol. If you are looking for something, don't buy. Why are the differences between the two important? Both of the oils come from the same plant, have the same components sought after for their health benefits, and have become useful products. The differences are important for consumers who think that both oils are the same. Some producers might describe their products as Medicinal when their effects haven't been proven, in order to encourage the misconception. Knowing the differences between the two will help users better discern what to look for when shopping and whether they want to add these products to their health regimen. The seeds of any plant in the cannabis family can be used to make the oil. The seeds contain a lot of oil, which is easy to extract. Most of the time, these seeds are used for their health benefits. The seeds do contain someCannabidiol, but not enough to offer any benefits.

👤I found these gummies on AMAZON. They are the best. I don't have to take a lot of them because I get terrific relief from chronic back pain. They are not coated with sugar dust or sour flavors. They are very effective. I have a disc problem. I have too many discs to be a candidate for surgery, so I have to wait until technology improves. The minimum amount of sugar in the gummies keeps me pain free all day. I tried the drops, but they all tasted terrible. I will be buying them for a long time. Thank you, Joyce.

👤Be careful... There is noCannabidiol in these places. This product is made from the seeds of the industrial honeybee plant. Cannabidiol is made from plants and flowers. CANNABIDIOL. (Cannabidiol)

👤My daughter bought me some sample packages of cannabidiol to try after my doctor took me off of my medication. I was amazed at how calm and mellow they were. I got my sleep pattern back in order thanks to the melatonin added to the gummies. I bought these gummies from Amazon. I love them. They have great flavors for them. I would recommend Premium Hemp Gummy Bears to anyone.

👤My mother has sleeping issues and I ordered this product to help her. This one came through and did what it said it would do, as there is a lot of hemp available that promise good taste and results. After a week of taking the gummies as directed on the bottle, mother realized it helped her. Will definitely keep this purchase in mind for future reference. Thank you Hawaiian Health! - William.

8. Crosman SNR357 Black Grey

Crosman SNR357 Black Grey

The 100 total Classic King Size Cones were stacked neatly to avoid damage. A heavy-weight, full-metal body. The speeds can be up to 400 and 500 with.177 caliber pellets. The COMPATIBLE WITH.177-CALIBER PELLETS OR.TREDITIONAL STEEL BBs are not included. Proper and safe handling is the goal. To stay on target, there is a fixed blade front sight and adjusted rear sight. It's ideal for skills training.

Brand: Crosman

👤I love it. It scares my squirrel out of the bird feeders. I ring the cow bell and they hate it. They should be kept out and eaten their own feed. I don't share for squirrels, but I feed them all.

👤The pellet pistol has a hammer but is not noticeable. Not the most accurate. The price was very heavy. It's got some weight to it if you shoot the person in the face a few times and club them with it.

👤The air pistol works well. It was a present for my dad and he loves it. When it comes to loading and unloading a pistol, the bullets work like they are real. The bees are inside the bullets. Highly recommended.

👤The air gun is heavy. I have not seen a real one. I think they might be a little smaller. It seems to be more accurate with pellets. I hit a target at 35 feet. It seemed to shoot a little high and to the left, with only one bullseye, but that may have been my aim. I found the Colt revolver casings fit the air rifle I had purchased, and they are interchangeable. The slide safety/cylinder release is my only complaint. When I took the gun out of the plastic confinement, I couldn't move the slide from safety because I couldn't open the cylinder. I used a rubber mallet to force it to lose. I have to repeat the process of getting it free when I put it on safety. The support I received from Crosman was helpful, but they are aware of the problem, which will make it difficult to use the safety. The problem will be fixed in the future. Quality control would have caught the problem before it was sold. The screw holding the safety button should be removed first, then the slider should be used to remove the burr. They suggested that I use a rubber mallet to hit the slider so that I wouldn't scratch the finish. For the price, I would recommend the gun. I want you to know that I fired 42 shots and had plenty of air left, so you can get from 80 to 100 shots from a single CO2 cylinder.

👤It came new in a box, but there were missing parts, so you have to buy things separately to use the pellet gun. I wanted a stress free purchase and to get what I ordered, not a reject piece, is a burden. The vendor's 800 number is not in working order. Customer service and integrity have been affected. Totally disappointed.

👤The plastic grip doesn't want to stay on the handle. The pellet gun is of the highest quality. Everything is metal. Good weight to it. Solid power.

👤Be careful, it looks real.

👤Abierto, el blister viene. Artculo procedente de una devolucin? Parece, el estado es correcto. La empuadura is a demasiado. Algunos compradores. El acabado es bueno. No repetir vendedor, el asunto del blister is suficiente. No tiene un producto no Amazon.

9. DripDrop Dehydration Electrolyte Watermelon Servings

DripDrop Dehydration Electrolyte Watermelon Servings

A doctor created a patented formula for DripDrop ORS to deliver fast dehydration relief. It also contains vitamins and minerals for immunity boosting. An ORS is a way to treat the signs of dehydration. It is 99% less expensive than an IV, and it provides faster dehydration relief than sports and pediatric drinks. 3X THE ELECTROLYTES and 12 THE SUGAR OF SPORTS DRINKS are formulated to address the signs of dehydration relief fast without the sugar and stickiness of traditional sports drinks. The body has a sodium-glucose co-transport system. Stay hydrated and recover faster from dehydration with the formula meticulously crafted for fast absorption. Dehydration can be caused by alcohol consumption, workout, travel, heat exhaustion, and feeling under the weather. The 8 flavors of DripDrop ORS taste great and offer dehydration relief fast.

Brand: Dripdrop

👤I wanted to see what the hype was about, because I see these used by other chronically ill people. Pots syndrome is one of the chronic health issues that I suffer from. I can't seem to stay hydrated. These are a life saver. These are for pots if you have them.

👤Guys don't waste money on this. I work out everyday. I would drink these before I worked out. This didn't do anything for me. Couldn't tell the difference. It's really sweet. Don't waste money or time. It was just sugar water.

👤I worked on loading docks. Most of the time I have a frozen gallon of water sitting behind me on a forklift and it's not cold because of the fast paced work. My military buddy told me about these after I passed out in a trailer. I tried them out for a week at work. I feel like a million bucks again in the heat with just one packet. I'm going to compare this to a gallon of water and the hydration feeling is insane. I'm not saying stop drinking water, but if you need that extra boost before heat exhaustion, it's changed your life at work. I got the entire crew and company to buy them for us.

👤Do not buy. I am ashamed of this product. Sucralose, natural flavor and fructose are synthetic ingredients. There is all in this pouch. I had a knee flare up after drinking a day or two on a hike. These ingredients are to blame. I could have worked on my legs. I am a fit ballerina who does not get swelling. I avoid synthetic ingredients and am ashamed that this company targets military and police. First responders are slowly poisoning themselves. Why do you need to put this junk in the pouch? Sugar should be enough. Look it up, nutrition facts do not lie. Studies show that natural flavor is approved by the FDA.

👤I love the drop. I like the berry flavor the best but decided to try this mix pack. The flavors are great. I don't drink enough water daily, so I wanted extra hydration. These taste great. There is a My husband was tired and had a headaches and said he thought he was dehydrated. I made him one of these and before I finished the glass he said that his headaches were gone. I feel great! Like instantly! What did you give me? He was blown away. These really work.

👤My doctor says that I get leg cramps because of dehydration. I need each bottle/glass of water to count so this product was of great interest. I got a multi-flavor pack to test them all. The berry has a bad taste. I have never been a fan of the lemonade flavor. The fruit punch from the watermelon is my favorite because it tastes like a melon but has no taste after a while. I only drink two water bottles a day. After 16 days, the pain has subsided. Is it because of this product? I am actually drinking more water. I don't drink as much water in the winter. I am giving this to my elderly parents because they don't drink enough water. They love lemonade. It is a change from plain water.

10. Premium Oil Anxiety Improvement Support

Premium Oil Anxiety Improvement Support

We use only natural ingredients, the newest technology and double check the process at their manufacturing facilities to achieve the highest quality product.

Brand: Colorado Lab

👤After only 2 weeks of consistent use, my arthritis pains decreased by 100%. It made a difference in my sleep and anxiety. People should try it.

👤I didn't expect much when I went into this. The oil doesn't have the best taste. It's not bad, it's just oil with an after taste. For 90 seconds, you hold a dropper under your tongue. I have a compressed disk and was hoping it would help with the pain. I wasn't disappointed. I was able to sleep well. I'm glad I took the chance. I was willing to try other things. It didn't completely take away the pain, but it took the edge off and made me rest. That's what I needed the most.

👤This is a big joke. I need my money asap. The product is a lie.

👤This is the best oil I have tried. Within hours of taking it, I noticed a difference. I didn't like taking the pills the doctor prescribed for me. I took the pain killers and it went away. I sleep better. It helps me get rid of anxiety and my body feels great. I feel better when I take this oil because I have energy at work. My husband is pain free because he started using it and it helps to relieve the pain that his cholesterol medication causes to his body.

👤I have not noticed a difference in the way I feel after taking this stuff several times.

👤The product being promoted as equivalent of cbd oil is incorrect. The results of the research show thatHemp oil does not provide the same benefits asCBD oil. Similar levels of cannabidiol are found in some of the oil of the cannabis plant. It isn't the same oil as candiba oil, and doesn't offer the same benefits. There is little to no scientific evidence supporting the claim that there is an alternative source ofCannabidiol. After using this oil for two weeks, I can attest that there is a huge difference between the two.

👤I use this product for headaches. It allows me to sleep better. The bottle says "Colorado Lab", but it used to be labeled "Kentucky Naturals", which is weird. I read the bottle but the ingredients are the same. No mint added? I ordered the original bottles that were labeled "Kentucky Naturals", and I'm hoping it continues to work like that. Did anyone else notice the change?

👤The impact on pain is immediate.

11. Under Eye Mask Patches Patch

Under Eye Mask Patches Patch

Carry these on your carry-on. It's small and easy to use. De-Puff and Lighten help to get rid of the dark colors under your eyes. Don't be bothered for trying to look good by carrying on with your face skincare routine. No more dilated eyes. It looks like you got 8 hours of sleep. Look fresh after using Eye Treatment Gels. The real 24K gold slows down the appearance of aging and gives a youthful glow.

Brand: Dermora

👤It contains a drug. This is a cancer causing ingredient. This ingredient turns into FORMAL DEHYDE, which is a known human carcinogen, in liquids.

👤I've been looking for a great under eye pad that will help stop darkness and reduce the appearance of puffy eyes. I have been using these pads for a few weeks and have not noticed a difference. The cooling effect is nice, but the darkness is still there, and I like to keep them in the fridge. These pads were not a good purchase for what I needed them for, since I don't have wrinkling.

👤Just received them. Very disappointed. Not "gold". Silicone patches that are very thick are very soft. Constantly adjusting. Nothing like advertised. See the picture. The product is in the box on the eye area. There are patches that are slipping. Would not recommend it.

👤I have fair skin. I deal with under eye issues when I smile. I don't mind dark circles or crows feet. I did not put them in the fridge since applying cold under the eyes will reduce puffy eyes. I could test the product on its merits alone. I left them there for 25 minutes and let the area dry. I noticed some differences in the appearance of the skin but not the appearance of it's elasticity. The pictures I took before and after were taken in the same pose and lighting so I could see the worst of it. There were pictures of me smiling and having a closed mouth grin. The before pics were the top picture. You can see the difference in the non grin version. I would give an additional 1/2 star if it was possible. I will not give a full star because I still believe that cold cucumbers would do the same thing. Cold reduces swelling. I have found a secondary use for these masks. The cold helps reduce my pain. It's good for relief from the flu. After a big night of partying, my husband and I felt terrible the next morning. I put a set of these on him despite his protests and he loved them. He felt immediate relief and said the masks must be hitting a pressure point because he feels it helping his whole head.

👤I used the eye masks for the first time. I've already seen a small difference after just one time. I'm always hesitant to try new products because of my sensitive skin, but after reading a lot of reviews, I decided to give them a try. I'm trying to figure out what I would like to do before my friend's wedding. I have dark circles under my eyes. I put the masks in the fridge before putting them on, which makes them feel great. They were difficult to get out of the packaging because they were slimy. They stayed on my face. They were there for a few minutes and didn't notice. I left them on for a little while. I will see more improvements with consistent use. Excited to use these!


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