Best Cake Vase for Wedding Cake Flowers

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1. Peony Wholesale Artificial Decoration Decorative

Peony Wholesale Artificial Decoration Decorative

A set of 50 artificial roses with long stems are packed and Gourmet. Pack in 2 window boxes. The roses come in a complimentary box. Mocoosy is committed to giving the consumer the best price and value for their money. Money back guarantee for 30 days. The customer service is always ready to help. Wedding decoration flower,Wreaths accessories, and hairpin accessories can be used. Home decoration. The material is fabric. It is color. As the picture. Penoy flower head is the flower name. The packing is about 5 cm. carton packaging is available. Artificial flower fake flowers, well made and vibrantly colored,looks real-like, perfect for your wedding day. Home decoration, craft projects, and make your own decorations. They are perfect for making bouquets,cake flowers or any other flower decorations that you want at your wedding, party, baby shower or home. They can be used for hair decoration. There is no limit to what artificial flowers can do. Eco-friendly material has a lifetime warranty. Buy with confidence. They are proud of their service. If you don't like Artificial flowers, just let them know and they will give you a 100% money back guarantee.

Brand: Peony

👤I was not sure how big these were or if they came with stems. They don't. They are small and not true to size. This is not what I was expecting.

👤We were able to make it work with our cake because these are not blush, they have a cooler tone. They were a perfect size, but they came a little smashed. They looked better after we opened them. A good buy, but wish the color was more like the ad picture.

👤I loved these! I added brass skeleton keys to the ornaments on my Christmas tree. It was so cute! The package covered the front of the tree but I was too lazy to decorate it.

👤I bought a bunch of fake roses and peonies on Amazon to do a project. The best of the best were the ones I bought. The look of them was delicate. Will be buying more.

👤I thought it would look like a rose, but it is small and 888-270-6611

👤A little smaller than anticipated, but still works. I'm not talking about my ex.

👤They are pretty. They arrived in perfect condition and were easy to attach to my wreath. I have only 1/2 through decorating it, but had to share a picture of how pretty they are.

👤Muyita, aunque pence, fueran un poquito.

2. InnoGear Artificial Bouquets Centerpieces Decorations

InnoGear Artificial Bouquets Centerpieces Decorations

These artificial flowers are easy to bend, cut, or pull out as you need them. They are perfect for making flowers, crafts, headbands, and any other flower decorations that serve as the icing on the cake. Lifelike: The artificial flowers of InnoGear are vibrant in color, natural-looking flowers with full and soft petals, vivid realistic and realistic. The artificial rose flowers are made of high quality latex foam. There was no flower dropping off. 10 decorative leaves are included in the package. The artificial flowers compliment them nicely. It's ideal for weddings, festivals, parties, home decorations, gardens, fencing, floral tributes, sheds and more.

Brand: Innogear

👤They look real to me. I would like to order more for my mom's gravesite. You can use it for anything. Will definitely order more in the future.

👤I don't write reviews if I have had a bad experience. This was a great experience. You can get 3 roses for $1. Shipping was fast. 50 flowers with stems and leaves were packaged very neatly and securely. There were no marks on the flowers. They were all in great condition. Very realistic looking. I've brought 3 boxes of flowers so far and will continue to use this vendor for my store. I hope this review is useful for another buyer. You will not regret your purchase.

👤I ordered ivory roses from both Lings Moments and Innogear for my fiancĂ©e. The price was half that of Innogear. I thought they would be lower quality. They were even better than Ling. We kept the flowers and ordered more because Ling's had rough edges. After the wedding she ordered the blush/pink ones for other decor. The quality and price are great.

👤I spent a lot of time looking for the right white roses for my daughter's bouquet. I read at least a dozen reviews for each of the 400 options I looked at. I placed my order. I was very happy with how well they were packaged, the bright white color and realistic look. Excellent value for the price, recommended by this customer.

👤These flowers were pretty. I received a lot of praise. The steams were cut off. They also have leaves.

👤I am using a lot of roses for my wedding centerpiece, I am adding greenery that can distract from the roses that are wrong, and I am willing to work with it. I wouldn't recommend these roses from this seller. The roses I bought from another seller were packaged well. wires were barely a smushed rose, in a neat line. They look like someone used them and then returned them. I thought the first box was a mistake, but the second one was just as bad. That isn't as big of a deal as the splotches. Some of the roses seem to have someone dripped water on them and left water stains. If you aren't looking at them, it's not too noticeable, but if you need a close up of them, buy from another seller. I tried to pick up the color distortion in the camera, but it was much more obvious in person.

👤It was perfect! I wanted a cake with nice roses. The material is like a soft silky suede and these were perfect. Everyone thought they were made from fondant. I had to tell people that they weren't eating. The product was great for the price. The pink was in a well packaged box. The vine on the rose is strong and bendible. If you need it smaller, you can cut it with scissors. It was perfect and fit my needs. These can be used for decorations or banners. If you have someone with an allergy to flowers, they would be great for a suit or prom night. They look like real roses. I'm impressed. If you're nervous about the buy, this is the sign that you're looking for.

3. Lings Moment Centerpieces Arrangements Decorations

Lings Moment Centerpieces Arrangements Decorations

The best choice for weddings, parties, homes and offices. Two bouquets have better effects. There is a combo pack of flowers and colors. Ready for you to make your bouquet, centerpies, boutonnieres, and corsage. The package includes a garden with a dusty rose, blush rose, ivory rose, and blush high-centered rose. The artificial flower has a stem that is 8 inches long. They're perfect for making flowers at your wedding, party, baby shower, or home. The size of the foam flower may be different from the dye lots.

Brand: Ling's Moment

👤The flowers were bought because of the reviews and pictures. Some people said that the color was off. That isn't true! They held up to the abuse when I made and remake my Boquet 6 times. They are beautiful. I had a hard time keeping my circular. I think I got it down. I ordered the dainty dusty, garden dusty and elegant dusty. I thought the french garden would be my favorite. I didn't enjoy it as much as the other people. My dusty was lost in the mail. I bought an additional box of dusty rose for fourteen dollars. I used 3 different boxes for my dance. They look stunning in person, and it's worth the money. I received a rose. If you are going to buy any of them, buy that one. It's the most beautiful box of flowers.

👤The lighter colors have a slight sparkle, I love that! You wouldn't know they were fake if you had a flashlight on. The code for 30% off purchases was on the package. You should get the second one from there because I want more than one.

👤My daughter's wedding is in September and I have spent a lot of money preparing for it. Buying multiple boxes at the same time. The flowers are not real. I have bought 16 boxes and have another 1 coming. boutonnieres, table decorations, throw bouquet, bridal bouquet, bridesmaids boutique, and mom's wrist corsages are included in the wedding. The box I received yesterday was terrible. It was not even half full, there were 4 stems without flowers, what was in there was not as good as I have been used to. I was disappointed. I will be ordering more because I need to finish getting ready for everything, but I hope that this was a coincidence. I was expecting more of this box because it was one of the more expensive.

👤These are amazing. I wanted a bouquet for my wedding, but it was expensive. I bought a bunch of supplies after using pins on the board. I am amazed! I bought the flowers and broaches off eBay and Amazon. It is absolutely gorgeous. The flowers are beautiful. They are not real with this look, but they are great quality. I will purchase more to use elsewhere for my wedding. Definitely worth the money.

👤These flowers are wonderful. They are just as beautiful as real flowers. I made my bridesmaids bouquets as well, they turned out pretty good, but I loved them, the colors went perfectly with our wedding colors, and I am no expert in floral design. The bouquets looked really elegant and beautiful because of the elegant dusty rose.

👤The flowers of Ling's Moments are of the highest quality. They are pleasing to the eye and soft to the touch. My daughter's wedding bouquet was expensive. I was going to buy one from Ling's. I came upon some flowers. I decided to make it myself. My daughter loved her bouquet. She said she was not tossing it. Please make another one for tossing. We used a few on the cake. Don't second guess yourself. Purchase flowers from Ling's Moments. You will be like HaPpY. You and your bride will be happy.

4. SERRAFLORA Artificial Flowers Centerpieces Arrangements

SERRAFLORA Artificial Flowers Centerpieces Arrangements

There are more great cupcake, candy, cookie and cake ideas in the current Wilton yearbook. There is a combo pack of flowers and colors. They look very realistic. The long wire stem of the flowers and greeneries makes them very easy to work with. They are the best flowers. The artificial flowers and greenery combo pack can be used for a variety of purposes. Daisy x7 is a set of artificial flowers that include a 2.50 inch rose and a 1.96 inch peony. The branch is 6.29 inches in diameter and has a orchid on it. There are berries Stems, flower rod wire, and hot melt accessories. The flower box is long and wide. The stem is long. You can trim the flower stems to fit your needs, they are perfect for flower decorations at home. The soft iron wire can be used to make a variety of flower arrangements, such as bouquets, centerpiece, kissing balls, boutonnieres, cake flowers, and any other flower decorations which you want at your wedding, party, baby shower or home.

Brand: Serra Flora

👤Most flowers are missing from my box. I received a pair of scissors and a tissue. The second box was perfect and met all my expectations. I don't want to touch the open box again because it has grease and oil on it. How does this happen? I need to have that second box like yesterday.

👤I bought this prop for book staging. It was easy to work with. If you want a larger item with more flowers, you should order 2.

👤So beautiful! I love them! They are even more beautiful than the pictures. I bought them for my friend who is getting married and she will be doing the bridesmaids bouquets.

👤I was not sure what I was getting since there were no reviews, but I am so glad I took the risk. These are what I was looking for. The kit is easy to put together, the colors are vibrant, and the flowers and greenery are good quality. The majority of the flowers pictured are from the bouquet kit. I would recommend any bride that is doing this.

👤The flowers were beautiful. I was surprised that it was more beautiful than I anticipated. I wore them for part of my costume. I received a lot of praise. I can not throw it away because it is too pretty. I will buy these flowers in other colors. Excellent quality and many uses.

👤Silk flowers are almost like dried flowers with muted colors. Soft to touch and come packaged in a box that is not crushed or shaped. You have to assemble, but I prefer that over crushed flowers. There is a small amount of plastic greenery. The flowers look real, but these do not. There is oneouquet stem with 3 branches and several nubs to attach flowers. Great buy!

👤So pretty. There is a nice variety of flowers. Two boxes was enough for two full table arrangements. The value is great.

👤I bought this for my baby's dedication. I got about 8 mini arrangements from them. They will be hanging from the tree. Excellent quality and colors. There were only 2 small flowers that came with a weird flourecent orange. The flourecent orange worked out to create a little pop in two of the arrangements. Will be buying again.

👤I have never purchased from the US and found the flower heads disappointing. Otherwise happy with the purchase.

👤Muy bonito, el material, e de excelente calidad.

5. Duovlo Flowers Vintage Artificial Decoration

Duovlo Flowers Vintage Artificial Decoration

Each bouquet has 13 stems, 6 flowers, and 2 buds, total length is 20.87''. The flowers were stuck to one stem and can be done. The hot wind of the hair dryer can make it more beautiful. There may be a slight colour difference due to the lighting, computer monitors, etc. You can use it for home, table, wedding, party, meeting room decor.

Brand: Duovlo

👤Salutations all. I decided to buy the most popular fake flowers to make sure I could make a decent looking wedding bouquet. The best looking was actually the fastest. I would give a solid 4 for quality. There are stains on the flowers, but she gets a 2.5. There are stains on the flowers and the leaves are weird.

👤These flowers are beautiful. When I first looked at them, I wondered what I had bought, but after they came out of the bag, you fluff them up, and they're gorgeous! I cut off all of the leaves and greenery in my first two sets and made a bouquet with wire cutter and a Mercury Glass job. I've ordered many sets since, and I'm making professional arrangements with them. I've been asked where I get them many times.

👤My daughter's Sweet 16 is coming up. Her color theme was pink and hot. I didn't want to spend so much money filling up the vases with single silk flowers at Michaels, because they cost 9.99 each. And voila... I found this bouquet on Amazon. I received it today and it is beautiful. I went to the dollar tree to buy the Long Spring Grass to accent the vase. The centerpiece consists of 1 glass vase, 1 bouquet, 1 Spring Grass, 1 yard of diamond wrap, and 5 vases covering the top and bottom. The bouquet stem should be cut at the ends to fit the vase. The stem was long on my vases. It stayed on the ground after I cut it. Love it!

👤I made a wreath out of the peonies I ordered. I gave them 4 stars because they smelled terrible. The smell and folded flowers were helped by the use of wrinkling release. Still pretty! And looked realistic.

👤I love these! I played with them for ideas for my wedding. I'm in love. I think this would be perfect for my crazy hot summer wedding, with a mixture of a few other flowers and better placement. Will purchase more from this seller.

👤The flowers look great. They were used to make floral letters. The stems were cut off and hot-glued to a piece of cardboard. Will definitely buy again.

👤The flowers are very high quality. These are perfect for photo shoots. A large bunch of peonies is perfect for a bouquet.

👤These flowers are gorgeous. I'm very pleased with how they look at my wedding and I'm using them for my centerpiece. I added fake babies to them. You can't tell if they are real until you get close. Highly recommend these!

👤Me gusta porque es, porque, porque

👤Parecen de verdad. Acabado.

👤Si me gusto, perfectas condiciones.

👤The flowers are plastic. I am covering plastic with tape.

6. JUSTOYOU Artificial Realistic Bouquets Decoration

JUSTOYOU Artificial Realistic Bouquets Decoration

Lifelike flowers. The gold realistic blossom roses artificiales will make you look stylish. It won't take up a lot of time for care of them. High quality craft. The fake roses stem is made of metal wire and wrapped in plastic. Their factory has more than 10 years of experience in making artificial plants and flowers. The home is located in the same area. The realistic rose flowers are good for people who are allergic to pollen and can be used to decorate the living room, bedroom, and entertain guests. It's a good idea to do it yourself because you don't need to spend a lot of time caring for them. Different color roses can be a great gift for a festival or a wedding, as they can give you many options to express your feelings.

Brand: Justoyou

👤Artificial roses are always a small fortune, so they are a good deal. I was shocked and upset that they folded the bouquets and put them in a small box. Buy bigger boxes for shipping if you raise the price by a dollar. I would have paid it. I have to bend back into shape 40 of them. Many of the leaves and petals have a small stain on them, either red or black. It's not very noticeable, and I just cut off the stained pieces. I would be panicked if these were for my bouquet. I'm not too concerned or upset because they are just individual roses to add to the bridesmaids bouquets. They look pretty. Again, were a good deal.

👤I ordered red champagne roses because I enjoyed them so much. My edit to this review was disappointing. They are not as realistic as they could be. They were crammed into a tight box together and are all devastated. The stems were folded in half like the first order, which is fine if you want to bend them back to straight. I can't figure out how to fix the smashed blossoms. They are being returned. If you want these flowers, go for the champagne color. The champagne colored roses are in a bouquet with some other roses. They are large with long stems that can be trimmed. The long stems were bent in half so you'll have to do some work. They came a bit more crushed than I expected and I can't quite get them uncrushed in all places. I guess that makes them even more realistic. They are still nice and fit my needs.

👤I bought the purple roses for an arrangement I am making for a friend and I am very pleased with them. The color is correct. If you know how to fluff them out with a blow dryer, they are fine. I took a picture of my kitchen.

👤These are so realistic, I am so shocked. I like receiving roses from my husband, but it gets expensive sometimes. My husband will save a lot of money because of the look and feel of these. You will not regret buying the red roses, they have more color than the picture shows. They are looking to order more in white color, so please keep an eye on this.

👤I was looking for silver roses. I wanted them to sparkle. These definitely do. They look great when all fluffed. The problem was getting them to follow that path. I think the amount of effort needed is ridiculous. I knew the flowers would be small from the reviews. I would rather pay a little more for them to be nicely packaged, otherwise this would have been a sure return. I had to use a hair straighter to get the leaves and petals straight after using a hairdryer. Yes, it's a bitiness, right? They come in a 10 pk and not 12 as I had thought, but luckily my vase opening works with 10. It was a good buy for the price. If you don't mind the work, I would recommend it.

7. YYaaloa Rhinestone Diamond Decorations Supplies

YYaaloa Rhinestone Diamond Decorations Supplies

DIMENSIONS The gold rose is 3 inches in length. You can cut the length with simple household scissors when you need it. 6 flower shape rhinestones per row, 5/8" diameter per flower, is the size of 10 Yards. 10 mini rhinestones are around the center stone. Best for Birthday Wedding Decorations, Wedding Cakes, Party Supplies, Baby Shower Events, Arts Crafts Projects Diamond Mesh Wrap for Decorations is wide application. It's great for any occasion, create brilliant elegant accents to your accessories with bright glitter mesh, it's perfect for wedding bouquets, tables, candles, vases, cake stands, chairs and other special event decor to provide a truly Platinum look. The sparkling ribbon is sure to draw attention to it. It looks great on wedding cakes, napkin holders, and other items. Makes a great arts and crafts accessory. It is easy to cut the faux rhinestones, which are attached by a mesh grid. The mesh is easy to fit around. Simple household scissors can cut the length you need.

Brand: Yyaaloa

👤The centerpiece was made for the table. It was easy to work with and finished up nicely.

👤This is plastic and not metal. It is easy to work with. I like it.

👤It's difficult to sew because cracks in the plastic destroy the effect it's supposed to create.

👤There were no defects in the large roll. I recommend.

👤I'm happy it came seperated, it will be convenient for my project. I don't have to cut it. Will order again.

👤I haven't had time to use it yet, so I can't review it honestly.

👤I made my vase beautiful. Will purchase again.

👤I will be using this product more often.

8. Jasion Artificial Arrangement Decoration Champagne

Jasion Artificial Arrangement Decoration Champagne

It looks real-like and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, creating a friendly ambience. The flowers and leaves are made of silk. The flower stem can be bent easily. Each bouquet contains 12 roses. The stem and bouquet sizes are 27*5*5 cm and 27*19*19 cm, respectively. It is elegant, pure and vibrant. It can be remained for many years. The flowers are easy to clean and are suitable for everyone. The best choice for weddings, parties, homes and offices. Two bouquets have better effects.

Brand: Jasion

👤Dos porque son pequeas. Natural.

👤I like how these look. You can put them in a vase by fluffing them out.

👤The roses are seam well made, but they are smaller than expected and less open than the photos show. I think it's a good price for them. I like them.

👤We are having a wedding anniversary party. I ordered only one 10 head bunch to see if it was enough to fill the vase. I ordered 5 more because they looked so beautiful after cutting the stem. The first bunch arrived in perfect condition and I am hopeful that the additional bunches will also. The price and quality were impressive.

👤I would have rather gone to Walmart for this as the roses were terrible. The roses were crushed, 5 of them had grease on the red petals, the leaves were dirty yellow, and the glue used was incredibly cheap because many of the roses were glue. I have never had my glue tacky or uncured after days of use.

👤Better than I anticipated. It was received in two days. The flowers look good. I needed to add more greens. At a dinner event, 30 tables are used as a centerpiece. Update! The last night was an event. I made a big arrangement for the table. The lady assigned registration didn't want it because she didn't want to smell roses all night. She thought they were real. The arrangements looked beautiful.

👤I rearranged the roses from the same listing. I need red roses for a project but now I have to use lower quality ones. You can see the ones that I ordered from the same listing, as opposed to the ones I got delivered today. The first picture of the Amazon listing is a flower. The rest of the photo shows a lower quality rose. Beware. You will get the plain rose, not the ruffled one. Not happy.

👤The roses make my room look better. I like it. I expected it to be good.

9. UiiziC Artificial Ascendant Centerpieces Decorations

UiiziC Artificial Ascendant Centerpieces Decorations

Each of their face hydrangea bouquets is hand-made by skilled craftsmen and comes with a 30-day return service. The artificial pampas grass is perfect for making flowers and grass decorations for weddings, parties, and other occasions. The artificial ascendant pampas grass could be adjusted to fit your requirements. The stems are bent in the package to reduce the freight cost. Artificial ascendant pampas grass is made of soft and high-quality silk, which makes it very natural and fresh, a great alternative for dried flowers and grass. Colorful is bright, fresh and shiny, providing a beautiful display and colorful scenery. Grass and berries may vary slightly. There is a variety of colors available in dusty blue, white, beige, brown, peach, and copper-white. Good service, free exchange and return. If you have any questions, please email them, they will resolve them as soon as possible.

Brand: Uiizic

👤The artificial flowers were the perfect touch for my home office. I love how bright they are.

👤They were exact. It was difficult to find the perfect window panel decor for a small shelf and long window. But behold this beauty! The Funsoba Rustic Small Vase Set with Wood Rack for Home Dining Room Centerpice Dacoration is also included.

👤I love these. They should have turquoise.

👤The floor vase has feathers on it. The feathers are perfect for the vase and I didn't want another floral arrangement. I ordered 3 more bunches after arranging them, in order to create height. They are easy to bend and arrange. They were packaged.

👤There are ugly fibers on the wires. It's the worst thing I've ever seen. Money is thrown away.

👤This product was really disappointing. They would be able to fit in once reshaped. I didn't think this was the case. The stems are mostly straight, but the top part is flopping over and looks terrible in my vase. This product was a total waste of money because I had to trim the stems to fit in my vase.

👤I used 4 vases and threw in some peacock feathers. The color was perfect for the pictures in the listing.

👤I found these to have been manufactured and fell apart after opening the receipt. The second set was slightly better than the first, but I exchanged for a second try. These are stiff and should only be handled gingerly. The materials are subject to short life of use. I think artificial stems are not the kind of item that can be used again and again.

10. CEWOR Artificial Flowers Festival Champagne Colored

CEWOR Artificial Flowers Festival Champagne Colored

The size of the roses may vary slightly and there may be some color differences between different dye lots. The package includes two bouquets of artificial roses. The total length is about 25 cm and the bouquet is about 18 cm. The flowers and leaves are made of silk. The flower stem is made by hand. It's easy to bend. Each bouquet is made of 12 rose flowers and has a high degree of simulation. More leaves, full shape, clear veins, high quality materials, comfortable feel, will not fade, no need to care, are the advantages. It's suitable for weddings, parties, homes, offices and other occasions. It is a good choice for the bride to hold flowers. The two bouquets will have different effects. You should buy it in advance if you are using them for important activities.

Brand: Cewor

👤I ordered the flowers along with the peonies. I have attached a picture of them. I like the roses a lot more than the smaller ones. The vase was made with a $1 glass bottle. You have to use both bouquets for a full look in a smaller vase. I took out a few flowers for a different vase, so my flowers are not as full as they would be otherwise.

👤The roses are beautiful. I would buy them again.

👤The flowers are soft and beautiful. The delivery time worked well for my bridesmaid proposal boxes. I was disappointed by the texture of the flowers, as I was expecting something more silky and realistic, whereas what I received felt like artificial flowers. The stems looked artificial and plastic. The petals would give off more of a real look if they were a little bit more open. The head of the Rose and stem looked a little unfinished because of the stringy glue that was coming from there. I pulled the glue away and it was fine. For what I was using them for, a few things could improve.

👤I bought these for my students. I separated the bundles so that I could give each student a rose. They enjoyed the roses and felt appreciated. You can present the roses in a variety of ways. I had a few students put them in their hair. These are definitely recommended by me. They look great in the bouquet.

👤The blooms are pretty. They are not as pink as the photos show. They are bundled into two bunches of 12 roses, each bunch held together by an extremely tight zip-tie. After two weeks, the cinch mark on the plastic stems does not completely disappear. If you are using a colored vase or will not see the stems, this might not matter to you. If you plan to use in a clear vase, be warned. It confirms that they are artificial.

👤The flowers looked bigger than they actually are. Each bunch of roses is 1 dozen. They work for me in my living room. I thought they would be more open. They seem to be coming out of the bud phase. They are ok to keep for minor decorating. It wouldn't be a good idea for a wedding.

👤I don't leave a lot of reviews on Amazon. I had to say something about the roses. They are even more beautiful than the picture shows. The description is accurate for the size. I wanted to spray paint these black for a Halloween centerpiece. I am going to do something else with them. Many times I am disappointed in the quality of items on Amazon, but the same can be said for these. I absolutely adore them.

👤I placed the flowers in a tub that was rustic. I put the tub in the flowerbeds. We had a bad winter and many of my plants did not make it, so I am replacing them with artificial flowers. You can't tell the difference between the artificial flowers and the live plants. I bought several of them and plan on buying more.

11. MISSWARM Jasmine Artificial Restaurant Decoration

MISSWARM Jasmine Artificial Restaurant Decoration

The packaging for the artificial flower was bendable. The jasmine flower can be bent. The vases have a perfect shape. Artificial flowers are made of PE materials and can be bent or cut in any shape you want. The bouquet is harmless and friendly. Adding a fresh pop of color and a wintry touch to your wreath, arrangements or other craft projects with this Winter spring summer and autumn fake flowers is perfect. There are 10 pieces of artificial jasmine flowers in this package. Each stem is 74 cm long. White Yellow Red is available.

Brand: Misswarm

👤If you want it to look full, you better order 5 or 6 because they don't say one stem is all you get. Sorry but true.

👤I've had these in a vase in my living room for over a month, and the other night my husband looked at them from our sofa and the conversation went like this... "I like the branches you have - they look nice". "They're fabric, right?" "They're not real!" I was initially disappointed when I opened the box, I wondered how the little white bits were going to look like jasmine branches in a vase. I can't explain it, but the little fabric rolls on paper-wrapped stems look unconvincing in the box, and then they transform into a vase, and from a few feet away. They're perfect against a Japanese block print painting in our living room. It's strange, but it works. This is a great choice if you're looking for a clean and neutral stem.

👤This thing is big. It seems to be high quality.

👤I bought two bundles for my boyfriend's house. I taped them to tall branches because they were too short. The red flowers were small and unique, so they didn't look feminine, the plastic buds at the end of the branches made the overall look a little more real, and the branches were easy to bend into different directions. They were the pop of color he wanted for his living room. I highly recommend them. These floral branches look great two years later. It's not very visible if the dust settles on the hardwood floor or on the floral branches because no one dusts them and they look new.

👤It is true to color. I was able to cut them with a wire cutter. They are easy to bend and shape, and the bunch you get looks full and dainty. The easiest way to keep them together is to use a gold twist tie on the stems. I put the gold tie up the stems and used white sand for the fish tank in the vase to hide it. Would buy again.

👤These look cute and are very decorative. They are more artistic than realistic. If you are looking for realism, I suggest using real flowers. These are better looking than the plastic flowers you can buy in craft stores. They are made of paper and silk. I bought 4 because they look a lot better than I thought. If you put foam in the bottom of your vase and arrange it nicely, you only need one bunch for a 14 inch vase. They were packaged well to avoid damage. I might buy the red ones and switch them at Christmas.

👤Excellent quality and a great price. I will purchase from this seller again.

👤It's a shame that it's made out of paper because it looks like the real thing. It won't last long.

👤They were not what I was expecting. I thought they would be made to look like flowers. They are rolled up strands of material when you are close. I've displayed them but not flowers, they are still nice.


What is the best product for cake vase for wedding cake flowers?

Cake vase for wedding cake flowers products from Peony. In this article about cake vase for wedding cake flowers you can see why people choose the product. Innogear and Ling's Moment are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake vase for wedding cake flowers.

What are the best brands for cake vase for wedding cake flowers?

Peony, Innogear and Ling's Moment are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake vase for wedding cake flowers. Find the detail in this article. Serra Flora, Duovlo and Justoyou are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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