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1. Fashioncraft Vintage Double Design Centerpiece

Fashioncraft Vintage Double Design Centerpiece

A special event won't get more romantic than this with their intertwined hearts. The Love Cake Topper is a celebration of eternal love. They can be used as a cake topper and as a centerpiece at your event tables. You can use the hearts as a cake topping and place them on your tables. Your guests will be happy to take one home as a souvenir of your special day. Vintage Wedding Topper: Vintage style double heart design cake topper/centerpiece hearts are hand painted in a vintage ivory color and have gold leaf accents. The intertwined hearts are on a base with a filigree design. The double hearts stand on a solid round base with a filigree design, packaged in an attractive picture box.

Brand: Fashioncraft

👤I read that the cake top was too heavy. I had a humongous cake, as you can see in the image. I was too happy to get married to care that the baker didn't do what I asked, but I was happy that she delivered the cake. This cake top was very pleasant and I liked it. When it was delivered, my sister said it was too heavy to be on a cake. I knew that the wedding cakes I've seen are sturdy. I love it and now it's sitting in my dining room and I think it adds some love to our home.

👤The top of the cake is beautiful but not white. I might spray it with a white color to make it work. It is very pretty and simple, but to the point. I have a problem with it because my daughter has a small cake and the description says it's 1.4 ounces. It weights 10.8 ounces. If you have a small more delicate cake, it will need to be reinforced. It is pretty and made well.

👤Well made cake topper. This one has sharper details which make it classier looking and is similar to ones on the market. We brushed silver metallic nail polish over the gold tone since they did not offer this in silver, and it came out beautiful. The manufacturer wouldn't give you a refund if you changed yours. Don't buy it thinking it was made to be changed. We were willing to take the chance, knowing that if we didn't like the results, we would have to buy another one. We wanted it to be more ivory than white, but if you are looking for a white top, this isn't it. I would recommend this over similar ones.

👤This top hat is pretty and sturdy. I got this so that my mom could keep it out of the closet as it matches her furniture. We washed it off after the wedding after I spray it with peal glitter to give it a sheen that better matched the cake. I would highly recommend this product.

👤My mom's beach wedding will use this product as a wedding cake topping. After ordering last week, it arrived in a few days. It will be a great souvenir after the experience. Would recommend this to anyone.

👤It's pretty! The price is a great value. The color of the icing looks more grey than white. Icing on cake is a cream cheese icing.

👤The cake was beautiful in person and matched the theme of the wedding. I was worried it would be too heavy but it was at the top of the cake. The matching serving set was just as beautiful. We can use it as a decorative piece in our home. Would recommend!

👤It was purchased for a cake. It was well packaged and did not suffer any damage during shippping. Looks great. Can't wait to see it on the cake!

2. Lillian Rose MSF984 Caucasian Multicolor

Lillian Rose MSF984 Caucasian Multicolor

Measures 6.5 inches tall. The wedding is classic and elegant.

Brand: Lillian Rose

👤I am very happy with this product. We are doing our wedding on a budget and I wanted a dress that was close to us and that was also in our colors. This dress is similar to mine and red roses. It came in a plastic box with packaging wrapped around it. I was happy to find a cheap wedding cake top. Absolutely love it.

👤I was awed by two things when it arrived. The figurine's weight was the first thing. How beautiful it was made was next. The weight was a disaster, but everyone loved how well it looked. We couldn't get it to sit on the cake and ruin it. We were in a rush with the wedding cake and might not have planned it correctly. We think that we should have put supports in the cake instead of sitting it on the icing. It was still something that everyone wanted to know where I got it. I gave it four stars because I think it should have been noted that it was overweight. I wouldn't give it less than four because of the beauty. It is the best looking wedding accessory I have seen.

👤I'm not happy with this purchase. The head of the groom was detached from the cake top, and then the neck was damaged. There was no damage to the packaging. The figures weren't as pictured in the description. The heads are of poor quality. The material has clear defects, and the noses are very thin. The groom's hands were placed awkwardly and once again chipping. I was expecting this to be the perfect cake accessory for us, but it looks like a cheap imitation.

👤It looked great in my wedding photos and was as cute as it looked in the photo. My mom told me a funny story before I and my husband arrived at the reception. Before the reception hall coordinator came over, my mom had to go in. Someone knocked into my cake, and the lovely cake top fell off and onto the floor, decapitating both the girl and guy. The reception hall put the cake top next to the cake because they were worried that if they fell off again it would be the end of it. I don't know who knocked into my cake and decapitated the two. Photos were taken before the incident. It's a good thing.

👤The workmanship of the real product is better than the picture shows. The man on mine is not as cartoonish as he is here. It's heavy, as other reviewers have said, but that's because it's made of plaster and not cheap plastic, like I was expecting. I wasn't a fan of it when we bought it, but my fiancĂ©e chose it for our cake. I went along with it because I wanted to encourage his involvement in the wedding planning. You can choose your battles. I wish we could make it look like us. Control over the hair color would have been nice.

3. Weddingstar Bride Groom Couple Figurine

Weddingstar Bride Groom Couple Figurine

Each product is complete and easy to use, just insert it into the cake. A cardboard packaging is used for the cake topper. The measurement is 4.13" (L) x 5.3" (H) x3" (W). The bridge is not included in the cake topper. The porcelain cake top is hand painted. The porcelain cake top is hand painted. The bride and groom can rest along the edge of your wedding cake.

Brand: Weddingstar

👤I tried to order it twice in case the first issue was a problem. Both items are of poor quality and not made by "Weddingstar." The vendor is selling knock-off versions of the photo from the website. Purchase it from the manufacturer for only about $10 more, if you want it to be as pictured. The item you receive looks like a toddler painted it. It isn't of high quality.

👤This was a bit expensive but I will paint the hair of the bride and groom and we will be good to go.

👤My niece told me that she really wanted a cake topper for her wedding. I asked if she had it yet, but she said it was out of stock on the site. I asked her to send me the link so I could see the top, once I had a name for it, I quickly came to It was available immediately. It was a lot cheaper than the wedding store. I have not seen it in person, but it has to be perfect because she called me the day it arrived and said it was beautiful. I can't wait to see it on her cake if she says it's perfect.

👤The sculpture is beautiful and detailed. It's perfect for our wedding. Thank you!

👤The packaging and speed of service were good.

👤The cake is beautiful and amazing. One of the comments here said that I didn't need to pay more for the hair because I already have it. It was easy to do with a thin detailing brush and a color of your choice. No one will be able to tell the difference with a little care. It looks like nothing was changed once it dries. Thank you for suggesting this!

👤I would have preferred a cleaner paint job, but this is a good quality piece and we looked at many similar pieces. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't find it, or any other cake topper in which the man had long hair or facial hair. I have many male friends with long hair. A nice piece, and very representative of us as a couple.

👤Good value for money. It's unique! People lived.

👤+ gut verarbeitet + preis leistung + gute Farbgebung - etwas schwer.

👤Sehr schne Figur. Ich ist die Hochzeitstorte verwendet.

👤Ihren schnes und romantisches Motiv ist gute und detaillierte Verarbeitung. Ich ist farbecht und bleucht so schnell.

👤Nun sitzen die beiden in unserem Wohnzimmer und erinnern.

👤My son is not having a wedding cake, so I will put this on a small clear riser at the guest book table. The detail is very nice. An enchanting couple! I love it!

4. HONEYRIBBON Wedding Cake Toppers Sophisticated

HONEYRIBBON Wedding Cake Toppers Sophisticated

Please choose the item you want and send them an email to tell them your order number. Make your wedding even more amazing by creating your perfect memory with this wedding cake topper from HONEYRIBBON! Their wedding cake toppers are romantic and feature a dancing bride and groom that will last from your honeymoon to your 50th anniversary. Unsurpassable elEGANCE: Their bride and cake groom are hand painted and have a shiny finish, which will make them stand out on your wedding day. This traditional wedding decoration adds class to every event, and it makes a beautiful keepsake to preserve the memories of you and your partner expressing your love. The decorative wedding toppers are made with high-quality, durable, and tough resin that will last for years. The figurines are waterproof, and they are balanced so that they will fit comfortably and safely on any wedding cake design. Whether you are planning a classic wedding or are drawn to vintage flair, these bride and groom cake topper figures are a perfect addition to any aesthetic! Their exclusive wedding toppers for cake come with a custom-made box that makes them great bride and groom gifts. They are committed to creating high-quality, handcrafted products that make your wedding day as fun and extraordinary as you have always imagined it! They want their wedding cake decorations and wedding accessories to make your special day with your significant other truly memorable.

Brand: Na

👤I love this figurine. I am very happy with this piece. The gift box is beautiful and the photos show it. I was looking for something different and different from the normal cake toppers and this dancing figurine is perfect. Thanks to Amazon, it arrived very quickly. I love that it looks great on my shelf. A great way to remember our day. Can't wait to see it on our cake. Also took a picture of it.

👤The material it's made from is glossy and makes it fragile. The box is made of foam to protect it. I'm very happy with this purchase.

👤So happy with this score. Way better than we anticipated. It was nice to have a cake that looked good and we were able to keep it on our bookshelf as a reminder of our wedding. Good packaging and sturdy.

👤The cake top is of high quality. It's perfect for our cake. There was some black fluff over the white dress, but it was easy to wipe off with a dry towel. A great figurine. Very pleased!

👤The gift box was nice and we liked this one very much. This is a nice present for anyone, it is beautiful and shiny. Excited to see it on our cake. I will make sure to post pictures. Love the name too.

👤Very nice. Our friends had a similar one on their anniversary. I think this looks better. I was very happy with the choice and my other half gave the nod as well. We love it. It was nicely presented in a box. Excellent quality and shiny.

👤Really beautiful. The packaging is beautiful. It is really secure. It will be used for our wedding.

5. Personalized Topper Valentines Topper Love Anniversary Bachelorette

Personalized Topper Valentines Topper Love Anniversary Bachelorette

There are other models of wedding cake toppers. You can find other matching products in their store. Artificial flowers can be Paste by hand. The width is 6.5 inches and the height is 8.6 inches. Two or more layers of cake decorations of 6 inches or larger are suitable. The design of LOVE is very romantic and beautiful.

Brand: 77 Ponies

👤The cake top is very cute. The package arrived undamaged. The pictures made the cake top look gold. It's actually wood. I made a small cake for the bridal shower and it still looked lovely.

👤You could see a lot of glue when we received it. The flower in the middle was gone. There was a wedding flower added to it. The back is not very pleasing but it is wood and you can paint it or just remove the glue that comes through it. It's a very inexpensive and cute cake topper, it's going to take some work to make it perfect.

👤The stand was broken, the flower came off, and the leaves were glue to the back side of the stand so the love was backwards. Don't buy from this vendor.

👤This was a great addition to a backyard wedding. The cupcakes and cake were very romantic and small.

👤It was a delicate item to handle. If I had more time, I would return it and look for something better.

👤A nice decoration for a wedding cake. The wedding was canceled because the groom died, so I couldn't put it on the cake.

👤It's perfect for what we needed. The leaves are flexible plastic and it is somewhat sturdy. The wood is thin enough to cut to the size you need, and the cute little white flower can be removed if needed to add your own color. I would recommend this product. Thank you.

👤The flowers had fallen off the leaves and looked cheap when opened. Don't waste your money. I was sad because I was excited to use the photo for our wedding and I loved it.

👤It is very cute. We are doing cupcakes as well as a cake for our small wedding cake ad. Adding another flower of the same color as we are using will fix the flower in the middle.

6. Wedding Collectibles Humorous Figurine Porcelain

Wedding Collectibles Humorous Figurine Porcelain

Ours has a quality gold metal alloy backing. The numbers are attached to make them more durable. One more way to have your wedding stand out is to have a wonderful keepsakes. The bride and groom are pinching each other's bottoms. The bride and groom are lightweight and sized to fit all cakes. The original cake top is crafted with high-quality porcelain and intricate details for a beautiful look. A wedding ring made of fine porcelain. Wedding Collectibles has a cake top design.

Brand: Wedding Collectibles

👤This was a beautiful cake. I loved it. It was elegant in the front and naughty in the back. The groom's head broke off at the end of my wedding night after it fell to the side. Our cake top was supposed to be a memory for a lifetime, but it is no longer. The head of the groom is missing. I'm very upset about this. I had to bring the cake topper to the venue the day before the wedding so they could have it prepared for me on the cake, so I don't have the original packaging anymore to try and contact the seller. They didn't return the box it came in. This is upsetting to me. Be careful with yours, they are very fragile. It didn't fall. It was sitting on top of the cake when it tipped over. Very disappointing.

👤I bought this for my daughter and husband to surprise them. They both liked it. It is a piece of art that can be kept as a souvenir. One of the waiter bumped the table and broke it. They were very sad. I ordered a second one and had it sent. It meant a lot to my daughter. It is beautiful. If it didn't get knocked onto the floor, it would be sturdy. It was sent in a nice box and packed well.

👤This is a cake decoration for a wedding. The couple was very well suited by the beautiful and unique nature of it. The whole thing was a huge hit after they cut the cake with a sword. I ordered this overnight from Amazon and it arrived on time, I was thrilled. My daughter painted the hair to match the couple and it turned out great because we didn't have time to order the customer hair color version.

👤I think my headline makes it sound like mine got broken, but it wasn't. We were very careful with it. I hope anyone that buys it makes sure that it doesn't get broken in shipping, because it is very fragile and can break, so I hope they put it up somewhere safe until their big day. It looks like the picture. My husband and I had quite a lot of laughs.

👤This was a bit expensive. I had to have it. It was a mullet business in the front and a party in the back. The front of the house looked sophisticated and my guests got a kick out of it when I turned it around and we were grabbing each others rears. The hand painting is great. I wanted a funny cake decoration and it worked out perfectly.

👤I need to see which one works for me because the other two are different sizes. I set up a return for the other two that we aren't using once we figured out the best one. We are in the 30 day return policy, but the seller says he can't return it. They should have to follow the Amazon standard of 30 days return policy. So buyer beware.

7. Meijiafei Cursive Wedding Topper Silhouette

Meijiafei Cursive Wedding Topper Silhouette

Save as a memento. You can save this beautiful topper for years to come if you wipe it clean after use. There is a color show on the website. There is a Cake Topper shape. It's in 4.5 to 5 inch wide. The order by Amazon Shipping only delivers the color and style on the website. Send them an email for your request. Please choose the item you want and send them an email to tell them your order number.

Brand: Meijiafei

👤The cake top is perfect. I tried to put it into styrofoam so I could spray gold glitter on it. Just don't try that, just use super glue and it will stand tall.

👤It broke when I tried to put it on my cake. We needed it for the wedding party.

👤This achieved its purpose. The cake looked nice, but the pictures online make it look very dull.

👤Love what it says... Love the look. I broke the Light post because it was so flimsy. Still going to use it... It looks like they are leaning on a fence.

👤This product is not what I was expecting. I will use it.

👤It was perfect for my daughter's big day.

8. Bridal Garter Hunter Wedding Dragging

Bridal Garter Hunter Wedding Dragging

The design of your wedding party will be very popular. The cake is made of something. It's about six feet wide and six feet high. Newlywed bride and groom can make a symbol of love with the cake toppers. There is a suit for funny party decor. You can keep this unique cake topper forever as a gift.

Brand: Yzybuaego

👤The Bride and Groom are not Traditional and have a sense of humor. It's not heavy so you don't have to worry about it taking the cake.

👤Simple and cute cake decorations. This bride and groom should have a perfect top. It was cracked down when he arrived. I may have to repair what I received.

👤It's awesome as a gag gift. I used it for a friend and it was awesome.

👤It deserves 0 stars. It was very misleading. I am so disappointed. Not all of it is worth $1099. How can I get it back? I had to give it one star because it doesn't deserve that.

👤The bride wanted the top of her cake to be like this. I dropped it 6 days before the wedding and one of the legs broke. It is very fragile and very pretty. I ordered a second one and hope it arrives in time. Very cheap!

👤I guess you get what you pay for, but I would have liked it a little bit more.

👤The product is exactly as pictured.

9. Roman Wedding Anniversary Topper 8 5 Inch

Roman Wedding Anniversary Topper 8 5 Inch

Customer refunds are 100% supported by them. They will try to serve you if you have any problems. The cake is decorated with a dancing male and female in a love embrace. Hand wash is recommended for the figurine. The wedding cake topper is about 8 inches tall. The final touch to your wedding cake. Ready for gift giving.

Brand: Roman

👤The piece is more beautiful in person. Next month, we will have this on top of our cake.

👤It was perfect for our wedding cake. I didn't know it said "Love is kind" on one of the ribbons of the bride's dress.

10. Language Love Kiss Topper 9 Inch

Language Love Kiss Topper 9 Inch

The hair color shown in the picture is a custom color.

Brand: Language Of Love

👤I was looking for something more than a cake decoration. It was a lot to ask. I didn't want the willow tree type toppers because they weren't formal enough for me. I looked through listings on both Amazon and etsy. It was like finding the right dress when I found this. When I received it, it was taller than I anticipated. It worked because it became central to the cake. This is white with white iridescent details. It's made of clay and rests on a plastic base. It's not necessary to worry about it being too heavy because the base really evens it out. I added a few pictures that I thought would be helpful, since I was looking for details. I don't know what other people do with their cake toppers after a wedding. It's a great conversation piece and I display it in my dining room on my buffet where it gets a lot of praise.

👤My wife and I loved it when we got this for our wedding. I read that it was quite heavy and that it was made out of very solid material. We decided to put flowers on the cake instead of putting it on the cake because we didn't want to risk it falling off the cake. I think it was a good decision. The piece that we keep in our home is a gorgeous piece that is very well made and the detail on the top is very impressive. The writing on the dress is amazing. We didn't mind that the husband and wife aren't proportioned right. If you reinforce your cake to cope with the extra weight or don't really care if your cake's top goes on it, then you can't pass this one up.

👤This was a great addition to my cake. Everyone commented on the scripture. It was taken by someone at the venue, I hope they loved it as much as I would have.

👤The product was in excellent condition when it arrived. I didn't have that problem with the faces blended together, as was stated in some other reviews. We loved it so much that it was beautifully made. The only other option was to put the cake on the table, but the maitre d said it was too heavy. We have it in our home and we love it. Would definitely recommend others.

👤We loved this cake decoration. There is a lot of detail on the dress. It was a hit on our wedding cake. I recommend it as a keep cake.

👤This was the perfect size and design to put a spark on the top of my daughter's cake, and I purchased it for her wedding. The figurine is on a shelf in the living room and is a beautiful piece of art. The cake-topper is light and small, and not heavy, which makes it hard to think it is cheap plastic. It is a nice piece.

👤Was happy with this one, it wasn't too large and beautiful. It was praised for its elegance.

11. Jimhamhug Fishing Decoration Engagement Anniversary

Jimhamhug Fishing Decoration Engagement Anniversary

The Bride is separate from the groom. The Mr & Mrs Fishing Wedding Cake Topper is made of acrylatino. It's about 6.39 X 4.72 inches. It's perfect for 6 to 10 inch cakes. Place this cake top in a cake or dessert to make it a fun table centerpiece. It's perfect for a wedding or anniversary party decorations that are outdoors. You can keep this unique cake topper forever as a souvenir.

Brand: Jimhamhug

👤It's a thin plastic piece. It was a conversation piece.

👤It is very cute but hard to paint and break. It is very cute.

👤The topper can break easily. The fish line and fish on our wedding cake were broken, so we had no choice but to install it without them.


What is the best product for cake wedding toppers bride and groom?

Cake wedding toppers bride and groom products from Fashioncraft. In this article about cake wedding toppers bride and groom you can see why people choose the product. Lillian Rose and Weddingstar are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake wedding toppers bride and groom.

What are the best brands for cake wedding toppers bride and groom?

Fashioncraft, Lillian Rose and Weddingstar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake wedding toppers bride and groom. Find the detail in this article. Na, 77 Ponies and Wedding Collectibles are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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