Best Cake Wedding Toppers Funny

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1. Wedding Collectibles Humorous Figurine Porcelain

Wedding Collectibles Humorous Figurine Porcelain

Ours has a quality gold metal alloy backing. The numbers are attached to make them more durable. One more way to have your wedding stand out is to have a wonderful keepsakes. The bride and groom are pinching each other's bottoms. The bride and groom are lightweight and sized to fit all cakes. The original cake top is crafted with high-quality porcelain and intricate details for a beautiful look. A wedding ring made of fine porcelain. Wedding Collectibles has a cake top design.

Brand: Wedding Collectibles

👤This was a beautiful cake. I loved it. It was elegant in the front and naughty in the back. The groom's head broke off at the end of my wedding night after it fell to the side. Our cake top was supposed to be a memory for a lifetime, but it is no longer. The head of the groom is missing. I'm very upset about this. I had to bring the cake topper to the venue the day before the wedding so they could have it prepared for me on the cake, so I don't have the original packaging anymore to try and contact the seller. They didn't return the box it came in. This is upsetting to me. Be careful with yours, they are very fragile. It didn't fall. It was sitting on top of the cake when it tipped over. Very disappointing.

👤I bought this for my daughter and husband to surprise them. They both liked it. It is a piece of art that can be kept as a souvenir. One of the waiter bumped the table and broke it. They were very sad. I ordered a second one and had it sent. It meant a lot to my daughter. It is beautiful. If it didn't get knocked onto the floor, it would be sturdy. It was sent in a nice box and packed well.

👤This is a cake decoration for a wedding. The couple was very well suited by the beautiful and unique nature of it. The whole thing was a huge hit after they cut the cake with a sword. I ordered this overnight from Amazon and it arrived on time, I was thrilled. My daughter painted the hair to match the couple and it turned out great because we didn't have time to order the customer hair color version.

👤I think my headline makes it sound like mine got broken, but it wasn't. We were very careful with it. I hope anyone that buys it makes sure that it doesn't get broken in shipping, because it is very fragile and can break, so I hope they put it up somewhere safe until their big day. It looks like the picture. My husband and I had quite a lot of laughs.

👤This was a bit expensive. I had to have it. It was a mullet business in the front and a party in the back. The front of the house looked sophisticated and my guests got a kick out of it when I turned it around and we were grabbing each others rears. The hand painting is great. I wanted a funny cake decoration and it worked out perfectly.

👤I need to see which one works for me because the other two are different sizes. I set up a return for the other two that we aren't using once we figured out the best one. We are in the 30 day return policy, but the seller says he can't return it. They should have to follow the Amazon standard of 30 days return policy. So buyer beware.

2. Accoutrements Unicorn Horse Wedding Topper

Accoutrements Unicorn Horse Wedding Topper

Missed delivery, damaged item, wrong color, wrong customization, or late delivery are some of the things that can go wrong with an order. They are more than happy to help you. A tall person is 6-1/8" tall. There is a plastic base. A great piece of conversation.

Brand: Accoutrements

👤It was very popular at a second marriage. This got laughs and made everyone laugh, and was loved by all the children. It was well made and colorful.

👤I loved this cake decoration. I used it for my wedding. You can see that it captured our personality. I thought it might look a little tacky, but I thought it looked great. Definitely a conversation starter. I was happy with the product and it was good quality.

👤Cute cake decoration. My daughter picked it out.

👤Really nice. I have to choose the cake topper and I don't regret it. Quality is good and it's heavier than I expected. You have to forensically inspect the imperfections to notice them. It is well packaged. It was delivered to my door without a hitch after it was shipped all the way to South Africa. The delivery was fast. Thanks to Archie McPhee and Amazon.

👤It was broken. I was able to glue the horn back on. Cute and fun.

👤The personality of the bride and groom should be perfect. Good quality.

👤It was used as a fake wedding cake topping at a summer party and it was a hit. If you're having a goofy event, I would highly recommend this cake topper, but keep in mind that drunk friends will steal it. I haven't seen mine in a while.

👤Our wedding cake looked great with these. It was great to add a little humor to our special day with this cake top. It was easy to fix because it came disconnected from its base.

3. Wedding Engagement Marriage Decorations Glitter

Wedding Engagement Marriage Decorations Glitter

The customer satisfaction is 100%. The packing box will hold the cake top. Upon receipt of the returned item, each purchase is void. The material is safe and easy to clean. The size is approx 6.0 inches wide and 7.0 inches tall. The color is silver glitter. A nice and safe package comes with a thick cardboard packaging. They stand behind their product and are sure to sell it. For the Special Day, make lasting memories.

Brand: Jieein

👤The product is cheap and not what I thought it was. I just got it and want to return it. I will never order from your company again since you refuse to refunds my money for a poorly made cake topper. I don't want it so it will be trashed. You should be angry too because you sold this awful item to people and took their hard earned money. It is not worth 10 cents.

👤It is still standing months after my wedding and I loved the way it was sturdy. It was better in person.

👤I used this for my wedding cake. I still like to look at it.

👤It looks like the photo.

👤Absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to use it on our cake

4. SCHOLMART Married Wedding Handmade Preassembled

SCHOLMART Married Wedding Handmade Preassembled

The products are vulnerable to damage. Please contact them if you have a problem after you receive the goods. Food grade cotton, wooden pole, pre-assembled. It's 9 feet wide when extended and 9 feet high. It's perfect for cakes decoration. Place this cake top in a cake or dessert to turn it into a fun table centerpiece. It's perfect for a wedding or anniversary party decorations that are outdoors or forest themed. If you find that the product is damaged after you receive it, please contact them. You can compare with similar items.

Brand: Scholmart

👤I didn't know how to decorate my wedding cake. I decided to go with something simple after waiting. The cake was easy to cut and I bought this to slap on top before we did.

👤For a rustic themed wedding cake, these are so cute.

👤The quality is good. The banners are matched up, it's nice. The problem is that the sticks were too wide at the bottom for a top tier of a round cake because it was tied too close together on the top. I re-tied it to allow more appropriate positioning. It would have worked well for a cupcake setup or a sheet cake.

5. Black Glittery Topper Wedding Decorations

Black Glittery Topper Wedding Decorations

You will get a cake top with black glitter. Your friends will be welcomed to your wedding party with these cake toppers. Party decorations are perfect for wedding party decor, engagement party, bachelor party,Bridal shower party and more. The material is made of glittery paper. If there is damage during transportation, please let them know. There are moments and feelings to be added. Surprise your wedding party. Their product design will highlight your gathering, and your satisfaction is their pleasure.

Brand: Leesky

👤I bought this for a small cake in the side but it became the main cake at the wedding because we chose a too large one. Great price and product.

👤I bought this for my groom. It was delivered quickly and without any damages. The quality was not as good as a medium weight glitter cardstock on a craft stick. The item's description never said what it was made of. I could've done it myself. I thought it would be plastic. Not worth the price. My groom likes it so I am keeping it.

👤It was easy to keep since it fits into a scarp book and you don't have to find another place to store it.

👤My husband and I have a sense of humor and he's a gaming enthusiast so this was perfect as our cake topping. Everyone loved it and asked where they got it.

👤I like the package, it's nice, it's visual, and my husband and I love it. This is a great buy for all of us, we can't wait to use it for our wedding.

👤Our guests thought it was funny when my husband chose this as our cake topping.

👤Returned it! There is a lollipop stick. If they decided to look at the cake from the back side, they would see a white backing. The paper is flimsy.

6. Married Wedding Topper Silver Glitter

Married Wedding Topper Silver Glitter

We tried to pack every cake topper in a box before shipping, but if it still breaks during shipping, please contact them and they will be 100% responsible. This "BOOM!" is the size of 6.22" X 5.91" X 0.1". The cake topper is made of acrylic. It's perfect for engagement, wedding, bridal shower. It is also suitable for country weddings. A unique idea will be sent as a wedding gift. Also used as a photo booth prop. You can keep this unique cake topper forever as a souvenir. You can apply for a full refund if you find the cake topper damaged.

Brand: Tztwodcaz

👤It sums up covid weddings. Only close family made it easy to be married. There was a cardboard backing in the package. The back is made of plastic and laminated with a metallic cloth so that it shimmers and shines, but remains a smooth surface at the front. You can get cute laser cut toppers with this price. Amazon saves the day again because of the lack of planning on my part.

👤I loved it. I wish they had it in gold when I ordered it. I modpodged the gold glitter myself. It turned out to be beautiful.

👤It's fine for a one time use. My newly eloped daughter had a cute cake. If you need something large, check the dimensions.

👤I covered it with flowers because it was not visible.

👤You could imagine the flimsiest of plastic. I was able to pull it out of the plastic, but it broke before I could.

👤It was fun to do things a little different and fit our formal/rugged theme very well.

👤The headline says it all. My husband likes to say "Boom!" This was perfect for a mini-ceremony cake.

👤Nothing special about it. It is plastic and flimsy and could be used for a small bachelor party or something, but it would be nicer if it was used for the reception.

7. Finally Wedding Engagement Decoration Antique

Finally Wedding Engagement Decoration Antique

Save it for your special day and frame it after the party. You can make your own spray colors. The wide is 5.9 inches and the high is 7.0 inches. It's suitable for a cake of 5 inches or larger. The design of your wedding party will be very popular.

Brand: 77 Ponies

👤It is a very lightweight piece. When it arrived, it was broken. Don't let that stop you if you want it. The return process was very smooth and the other one was received in perfect condition. We have been together for 13 years so we wanted to put this on our wedding cake.

👤We have been together for 11 years and are getting married. Guests would get a kick out of this cake topping. I can paint it to match our color scheme. Excited.

👤I did the same thing, in case you thought it was gold. It's easy to paint.

👤I broke the package before opening it. Not worth the money.

👤This was for our big party this summer. It fit in many different ways.

👤I had to delay my wedding because of covid.

👤I am not sure if it was broken in two places or if it came in broken. Was able to glue it back together.

👤It came in broken and would have been cute.

8. CB Avalon Gallery 6 9 Inch Wedding

CB Avalon Gallery 6 9 Inch Wedding

We stand behind their product and are sure to sell it. For the Special Day, make lasting memories. A 6.9-inch couple with cross and wedding rings. The cross base is 6.9-inches tall and has a 3-inch diameter. The wedding couple measures around 5 inches in height. The color was off white and ivory. It is made of a substance. A beautiful set for a wedding.

Brand: Cb Avalon Gallery

👤I liked this cake decoration. It felt like our catholic faith to follow God's path because it was so different from the traditional ones. I got a lot of compliment on it, it looked beautiful on our cake. There is a I have this set up on our entertainment center because the bride and groom aren't attached. I love it. I bought this for my special day.

👤We used this as a cake decoration. The cake held up just fine and looked great! The display cabinet at our house has it. I was impressed by the beautiful details on it.

👤It is beautiful and elegant. It is very sturdy and the perfect size. The cross is a stand for the bride and groom, so after it's off the cake, you can leave them together as a single souvenir for your wedding memories. It's perfect.

👤The wedding cake was ivory colored. It will be great to go on the mantle or in the China hutch.

👤The words have a ridge through them in real life, so you can see where the mold came together in the picture, but there was no shading. I'm not sure if I should keep it or send it back.

👤I love this one. When we found this one, we both loved it, we had been looking for weeks in stores and online. It looks good in the picture, but is much better in person.

👤There is a small chip in her hair. It feels sturdy and pretty. It will make a nice home decor.

👤This was the best one. It was sturdy and didn't have to worry about it falling over or ruining the cake. I wasn't worried about it being broken when it arrived. It was everything I wanted it to be.

9. Fishing Wedding Cake Topper Anniversary

Fishing Wedding Cake Topper Anniversary

100% guarantee of customer satisfaction! If damage is found after receipt, please contact Amazon customer service. The material is thick and black. The width is 6.3 inches and the height is 7.0 inches. It can be used multiple times. The design of your wedding party is very unique. The bride and groom are very jealous of each other.

Brand: Zilove

👤I can't wait until my wedding. It gets filled with names. It will be hung up on the wall.

👤The design is exactly what we were looking for, but it seems a little expensive for the size of the item.

👤This was perfect. Thank you so much! I got it for my brother's wedding.

👤I bought this item and it came broken, but I did an exchange and it was broken again, so I ripped the bag open and put it in a new box. Where are the pieces of the topper?

👤Cute cake decoration. I thought it would be cheaper to make it out of plastic. It was on top of the cake.

👤The size is perfect and the make is great. Can't wait to use it for my wedding.

👤It shows our love for fishing and our special day. It would have been a complete insight to our life if we had a dog. Highly recommended. Thank you for that special touch for our wedding.

10. Jimhamhug Fishing Decoration Engagement Anniversary

Jimhamhug Fishing Decoration Engagement Anniversary

The Bride is separate from the groom. The Mr & Mrs Fishing Wedding Cake Topper is made of acrylatino. It's about 6.39 X 4.72 inches. It's perfect for 6 to 10 inch cakes. Place this cake top in a cake or dessert to make it a fun table centerpiece. It's perfect for a wedding or anniversary party decorations that are outdoors. You can keep this unique cake topper forever as a souvenir.

Brand: Jimhamhug

👤It's a thin plastic piece. It was a conversation piece.

👤It is very cute but hard to paint and break. It is very cute.

👤The topper can break easily. The fish line and fish on our wedding cake were broken, so we had no choice but to install it without them.

11. Wedding Anniverary Topper Dancing Glitter

Wedding Anniverary Topper Dancing Glitter

The side to side width is about 6 inches. The front side is glitter black. The back side is black. Good for engagement, wedding, anniverary, bridal shower. A unique idea will be sent as a wedding gift. They tried to pack every cake topper in a box before shipping, but if it still breaks during shipping, please contact them and they will be 100% responsible.

Brand: Uniquemystyle

👤Absolutely amazing. I asked for a custom hat for the bride and groom. They asked for the genders and heights of the children and made something so perfect I couldn't have designed it better myself.

👤I haven't pulled off the protective film yet. I said this item was the most important thing at my wedding. To make the children feel special and not left out, I had this made specifically for them. The company answered all my questions very quickly. I would recommend this to everyone. So happy.

👤The cake top is gorgeous. The bride, groom, and 2 boy children are all black. It is black on both sides. It was wrapped in plastic and taped in place so it wouldn't move during shipping, and it was in a nice blue book like box with foam inside. It's much thicker than I thought, and it's really sturdy. We received a lot of praise for this cake topper. Everyone loved it and wanted to know where they got it. I've recommended it to many people. You can't beat the price for such good quality.

👤The back side would remain black if you got a color. The back of the glitter is white plastic. It was in 4 different pieces. Our dogs are on different stakes and a couple is on another. Communication was great. I was able to show our daughter which couple I wanted her to marry, and then choose 3 dog shapes out of 60. None of it broke. It was wrapped in triple bubble wrap. The silver glitter is good.

👤I have a tall girl and a boy from a previous marriage, and wanted a cake that showcased our new family. I don't want a cake that makes my fiancĂ©e taller than I am. They sent me a design, but I told them I wanted a larger figure for my daughter, and they sent me a silhouette of someone else's design. They sent me a new design with my suggestion. The result was perfect. I am very pleased with my order and I am in love with the cake top. My friends love it too.

👤I was so excited when I opened the box, it said glitter 2 girls, but it was a male and a dog, not a female and dancing girls.

👤This was the best of the three cakes I ordered. I was looking for a very sturdy and large item, and it was just what I was looking for. A very appreciative surprise came in the box.

👤It's like the picture. I'm worried about how sturdy it will be in my cake. I think it will need more support.


What is the best product for cake wedding toppers funny?

Cake wedding toppers funny products from Wedding Collectibles. In this article about cake wedding toppers funny you can see why people choose the product. Accoutrements and Jieein are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake wedding toppers funny.

What are the best brands for cake wedding toppers funny?

Wedding Collectibles, Accoutrements and Jieein are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake wedding toppers funny. Find the detail in this article. Scholmart, Leesky and Tztwodcaz are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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