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1. Shortbread Traditional Highlands Ingredients Artificial

Shortbread Traditional Highlands Ingredients Artificial

Walkers Shortbread Fingers are the perfect butter cookie. The Walker family's traditional Scottish recipe is used to make this shortbread. There is nothing artistic about the pure shortbREAD. Quality ingredients are what they use. Their classic shortbread is made from four simple, natural ingredients: pure creamery butter, the finest flour, sugar and salt. ShortBREAD COOKIES FROM THE SCOTISH HIGHLANDS. Walker's Shortbread is based on the same recipe as the homemade shortbread Joseph Walker made in 1898 in a village in the highlands of Scotland. Walkers makes a variety of Scottish baked snacks, from Shortbread & Scottie Dogs to Highland Oat Crackers and Scottish Cookies. Give their tins as a gift or try their festive shapes. There is a constant of quality. The Walker family has been committed to using quality methods and traditional Scottish recipes since Joseph Walker opened his bakery in 1898.

Brand: Walkers Shortbread Ltd.

👤They are not. I got 4 cookies in the box. I assumed they were free of wheat because of what I typed and the level of relevance that Amazon suggested. There is a They are really really good. Like 5 stars. For sure. It sounds counter intuitive to give a 5 star rating for a product that isn't what I thought it was, but they're good enough to offset the pain. I won't buy them again because they're made with wheat, but they're good for the average person without a disease. I read that they had something in them, and I was like, "whatever." I should eat them all at once so I can get rid of them. That is what I did. I went full fat kid mode and ate all of them with some coffee after I found out they were outside of my recommended diet. Good stuff.

👤I used to buy these for my husband all the time, but there were so many issues with damage that we gave up. It's been a couple years since I tried again. Walkers was the most expensive and the best. I received my first order today, and it will be my last. The ad from Amazon is not true. It says all over "2 pack", 15 count, pack of 2, and shows 2 boxes. You need to read more because it's only one box with 15 packages. I think they should remove the two boxes since you don't get 2 boxes. My fault is not reading it better. The package I received today expires on 11/1. Shouldn't we be sending stuff that is close to the end of the day, but we are still within the date? Half of the packages have broken cookies, and they taste bad. All around failure. No more Walkers for us. If I buy them in the store, I have no problem, so I don't know if this is all Amazon's fault or not.

👤I've ordered from Amazon before and have no issues. I used to order them all the time. I took a pack of them immediately after I got them. They didn't taste fresh. I looked at the box and saw they were going to expire next month. If they tasted like they should, I could eat them within a month. They were already having a bad time. They're good from past experience. If you don't get them close to the end.

👤I didn't bother putting it in my mouth when I opened the package. Is this what the cookies are supposed to look like? I don't remember a cookie like that. It looks like dog food. When I opened the box, I was completely appalled by the cooking. I was going to have them as dessert after dinner. Another reviewer had an issue with the expired date. I didn't check the date before dumping. I didn't want the visual to distract me anymore. I will stick with pierre biscuiterie french butter cookies. They have the ones with coconut and the ones without.

2. Royal Dansk Selection Preservatives Coloring

Royal Dansk Selection Preservatives Coloring

There are snack size packages. The tree nuts have an Allergen information.

Brand: Royal Dansk

👤I find these cookies in large tins in other stores. These cookies are not worth 3 lbs. I was happy to find a small tin of cookies. I was worried about ordering them from Amazon because of other reviews that said their cookies were broken and in pieces. I ordered them. Even though the box was delivered on its side, all the cookies were in tact. They are as good as I remember them being. My mother used the tin as a sewing kit when she was younger. My mother did things the same way as I do now.

👤Too angry to write. A photo is worth 1000 words.

👤My grandparents used to have Royal Dansk Danes on hand for the holidays. I loved them all and could never stop eating them. I once ate an extra large tin after buying it. I haven't had these in a while, but I think they must have changed the recipe as they don't have the same texture and flavor. They are still good but not great. They arrived in perfect condition and fresh, but do wish they had the same recipe.

👤They're so simple and delicious, my grandma used to buy them for us and give them as a Christmas gift. The Pretzel looking ones have bits and pieces of Sugar. They're fun to eat and if you're not careful you'll be watching TV and eating them and in 20 minutes you'll realize there's barely left.

👤The cookies are damaged and the tin is damaged. I was really looking forward to this.

👤There were broken cookies. Please use theUPS. It is unacceptable. My treats were broken by FedEx.

👤These are just awesome. Simple, lovely, a little variety of types and always a hit. People give these as gifts or bring them to work. When one of these tins shows up in my office, I am always happy. A cup of coffee or a glass of milk is pretty much all you need. The bonus is added. You can use the tin to make your own baked goods, give them as gifts or transport them to a gathering.

👤It was very delicious. I wouldn't buy again. The cookies have crumbled. The cookies I got have an expired date of January 1, 2019. But crumbled cookies.

👤Some biscuits came broken and packaging wasn't the best but they're biscuits so it doesn't really matter Would buy again.

👤My wife was reminiscing about when she bought these biscuits when she was younger as she really liked them. The biscuits were not the same as she remembered and were in a different tin.

👤My childhood memories were brought back by this tin. Love it very much. I wish it was bigger. Will definitely buy again.

👤Excellent tasting cookies. Each one has its own flavours. It's on your tongue. It's a great value for money. Next time, I will get a bigger tin.

👤My sister and I were always given a tin of these by my mother. I decided to treat us all and bring back some memories after not having them in a long time. They are very good. There is nostalgia in a tin.

3. Walkers Shortbread Highlanders Traditional Ingredients

Walkers Shortbread Highlanders Traditional Ingredients

Walkers Shortbread Highlanders are hand-rolled in demerara sugar and are thick, crisp cookies. It was delicious from the first bite to the last. Walkers Shortbread cookies are made with 4 pure ingredients: butter, flour, sugar, and salt. Kosher with no artificial flavors, colors, orPreservatives is suitable for vegetarians. ShortBREAD COOKIES FROM THE SCOTISH HIGHLANDS. Walker's Shortbread is made from the same recipe as Joseph Walker made in 1898, but with different types of pure shortbread. Walkers makes a variety of Scottish baked snacks, from Shortbread to Scottie Dogs to Highland Oat Crackers. There is a constant of quality. Since 1898, the Walker family has been committed to using quality methods and ingredients to create their classic shortbread cookies.

Brand: Walkers

👤The cookies are good. The cookies were broken into many pieces, but the best one I have ever purchased. They should learn how to 9ack cookies so they aren't all crushed. A case of jello cups with fruit was next to this box. I think they got crushed en route. When you pay this much for 6 cookies, you expect to get what you pay for. I'm happy these weren't for a gift.

👤I love cookies. I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, I like The photo of the product is not legit. They have a photo of a 200 gram box. The product was clearly listed in the heading, so I was silly to read the box. Take care. There are only 6 cookies.

👤I am a repeat buyer of this item and Prime customer, initially it has always been delivered to my door, even though there was a specific instruction in the order, Amazon chose to disrespect that this time, the cookies were all broken in the package delivered. When I am a Prime buyer, I want to have my membership replaced and delivered to my door if I request it, because I feel disrespected by my membership and would like to have it replaced. When you pay for an item and request a mode of delivery for Amazon fresh, they choose not to respect you, and it's offensive. The smell of cookies is old and flat. I will appeal to Amazon Prime to do what is right and serve a paying customer by respecting how and where they want items delivered. This has happened with other items I have ordered off Prime, and I will not be dealing with this way anymore. Thankfully.

👤Cookie sticks are not fingers. When I heard that my fingers were out for delivery, I was taken aback, but then I remembered ordering the Walkers cookies. Walkers know how to make nice cookies for having with a cup of tea and the "fingers" are the shape that's best suited for dunking. If you're really into dunking in melted chocolate as a base for ginger or almonds, they're also great. You don't have to tell people that you didn't bake the shortbread yourself because they will be impressed by how cute they are. If you purchase the package of 6 little boxes, you can wrap a ribbon around one and present it as a quick gift, perhaps with a box of tea. Even though the box is small, it's not intended as a single treat. I don't think 100 calories is bad for a treat that's not overly sweet. The Highlanders. I don't care that the boxes arrived in their own plastic envelope with no padding or protection and some of them were broken. They are very good. A round, thick, salty, flour like, and a nice edge of sweet from the demerara sugar is what this is. The cookies I received are lighter in color and are not as hard as some. Since they are broken, I'm transferring the broken ones to my own jar and packaging the rest of the cookies into tins for distribution. I would recommend buying two packages if you need 6 cookies.

4. Mi Del Swedish Style Cookies Ginger

Mi Del Swedish Style Cookies Ginger

7.44 ounces, 6 ct. There are ginger cookies for the whole family to enjoy. Certified peanut free. They are MI-deLICIOUS.

Brand: Mi-del

👤I agree with the people who wrote about the cookies being hard. These are only for drunkens. These are perfect for tea, coffee, or milk, did I mention hot cocoa? When a full dessert is not required, they are the best after meal. I have never had that happen to me, even if I purchased them from a grocery store.

👤I love ginger snaps. I add a few bags to my purchases. They have a good crunch. I am not happy with the price fluctuations. I bought them 2 weeks ago for $2.99 and now they are $5.99. The price will come back down in a couple of weeks. I canceled my Amazon subscriptions because of the volatility.

👤I like good gingersnaps, but these aren't very good. They are thick, hard, and tasteless. I like ginger heat, but there isn't much ginger flavor in them. I won't be ordering again.

👤My favorite cookie is ginger. I like to have these with a cup of tea from Scotland. The cookies have a gingery taste.

👤I know what 10 oz looks like. It's small. A small amount of cookies. The cookies are old. It's pretty boring. I don't think it's a good product.

👤These cookies are great. Store bought cookies usually contain too much fat. These are not the same. There is no saturated fat and only 4 grams of unsaturated fat per cookie. They are really good. I will buy again.

👤I haven't had these cookies in a while and I was looking forward to tasting them. They were disappointed because they didn't taste fresh, there wasn't a snack at the first or second bite, and they didn't have a taste of ginger. I remember the good old fashioned ginger snaps, but they didn't taste like them. My search continues!

👤These are for people who like ginger snaps. If you're looking for ginger snaps with a strong ginger flavor, these are for you. You won't be able to eat more than 2 or 3 because the snaps are strong.

5. Tates Bake Shop Chocolate Cookies

Tates Bake Shop Chocolate Cookies

Only natural ingredients.

Brand: Tate's Bake Shop

👤I like chocolate chip cookies. I don't like cookies that are too sweet. The soft cookies are terrible because they taste like chemicals. These cookies are not too sweet and don't load you with too many chocolate chips. Don't get me wrong... I like chocolate. I like the taste of cookies with butter. The only complaint I have is soy. I don't eat a lot. Soy is a health hazard if you ferment it. It causes breast cancer and other diseases. 'soy alert' from the internet search engine. The Weston A. Price Foundation has articles. Soy is in almost everything. It's like trying to find food that isn't made in China. Unless I have time to make cookies, these are my first choice. The best I have found so far.

👤These are flat, brittle, and dry, and I prefer a thicker and chewier cookie. There is a These are the best cookies I have tried. So far. The other thing that makes me bannas about it is the price. There is no reason for this. Rice, tapioca, gum, oats, and other ingredients are common. It seems that GF is associated with a kind of profit grab. There is a I didn't want to need this type of cookie or food. I did not know I was allergic to wheat until I was in my 30s. Not to be confused with a disease that is much more serious and in need of a vaccine than anyone else. Walmart, Amazon, Target, Giant/Stop and Shop, Safeway, Kroger, etc. should all have cheaper house brands. They will make money and people will be safe from going broke.

👤My mom has a disease. She is very specific about which brands she likes. I knew Tate's was a good brand and personality have enjoyed their non-GF cookies, so I thought I would get my mom some of them. She loves them and they are her new favorite.

👤Generally, I prefer a cookie that is thick and soft. I like the ones that are not baked. When I pulled out the package, the cookies were wafer thin and delicate. I need to go without wheat so wanted to try them out. The flavor is quite delicious once I got past the crisp texture. I think you will be pleasantly surprised if you try these.

👤Everyone has a preference on what makes a great cookie. Some cookies are thick and dense. Some like small, soft baked cookies that taste like cookie dough. If you like either style of cookie, you won't like "Tates". There is nothing bad to say about this brand. These cookies are very good. If someone just handed one to you without seeing the bag, you wouldn't know they were free of the allergy. I can't taste a difference between the regular and the gluten-free versions of their chocolate chip cookies. I think I would need to buy a bag of each and try one cookie from each bag to truly see a difference. These cookies are very good. They don't skimp on the chocolate chips. I recommend these if you have a allergy to the wheat. You will not feel cheated or like you are missing out. They are still delicious even if you don't have a allergy.

6. Fiber One Cookies Chocolate Pouches

Fiber One Cookies Chocolate Pouches

Soft-BAKED COOKIES. Fiber One Soft-Baked Chococlate Chunk Cookies are soft and delicious. There are healthy vegetable skewers. They baked in 20% of your daily value of fiber so you'll feel like a smart cookie when you say 'yes'. The irresistable taste of chocolate chunks in these Fiber One Soft-Baked Cookies makes them a great choice for chocolate lovers. The potties are favorite. It's perfect for an office snack, lunch box, dessert, or on-the-go treat. 6 ct is contained in 6.6 oz.

Brand: Fiber One

👤The deal is here. I used to enjoy eating these cookies, but they felt very decadent. They used to measure 3 inches across. If you're lucky, you'll get a cookie that's 2 inches, but sometimes smaller. The amount of cookie you get for your money has not been reduced. It's not just these cookies that are upsetting me. I buy everything. My cat food used to fill the cans, and again, manufacturers are putting less in the can than what I used to pay. I would give Fiber One a 5-star rating for having a great tasting product that kept me regular, but the cookie no longer fills me up and I find myself having to eat 2 or more, so I wouldn't give them a 5-star rating. I have to spend more to feel full because there are only 6 in a box. No. I'm done. I will never buy any product that reduces the portion size without reducing the cost.

👤I bought Fiber One items that have sugar instead of artificial sweeteners which have their own negative effects so I am happy that they are available. These are good for a lower calories product. I don't get heartburn. I eat fiber on a regular basis and am used to it. The inuli is the type of fiber they use. Is it terrible? It burns my entire stomach in a very short time and lasts for at least six hours. I don't like using non-nutritive fiber from trees and non-edible plants to say there is fiber in the food. We have a lot of issues with the colon.

👤These cookies are good. They taste the same as regular cookies. They have a lot of chocolate in them. A small snack that I can eat to satisfy my sweet tooth. They are 120 calories with 5 grams of fiber, which is better than regular cookies. They are wrapped individually so they can go where I go. I can also, when people are having desert. A 120 calories cookie is in line with my plan. The added fiver is a big plus. It was delicious.

👤I am sure I didn't get an old box as they were soft and tacky. Exactly like homemade? It depends on the homemade! I put them in the microwave for about 5 seconds and they were out of the oven. It's not so bad for you! It's not like a cookie should be a health food, but less calories and more fiber than regular cookies. The con is that it is not a big cookie, smaller than the Pepperidge Farm Choc Chip, but a regular size cookie. It wasn't bad, but not quite like homemade. Not going to try to figure out which ingredient makes it taste different.

👤When I looked at the price, I was almost sketical. I decided to grab a box to see if they're as good as the rating suggests. I can confirm that they're a steal for the price after trying one. They are large in size. The flavor packed into these cookies is insane. They taste great and blow regular store cookies out of the water. I can't complain about the fact that there's only 6 cookies per box, but I can complain about the fact that I have to order more than one box next time. I've tried a lot of Fiber One products over the years, and I'm pretty sure that they're still one of the best products out there. They like to be health-conscious.

7. Barnetts Holiday Gift Basket Valentines

Barnetts Holiday Gift Basket Valentines

A beautiful gift box with 20 chocolates. There are 20 delicious gourmet chocolate covered sandwich cookies in 5 decadent flavors. The gift is ready to give for anyone who loves cupcakes, donuts, desserts, and chocolates. This beats all other foods, fruit, and flowers delivery. Premium dark dessert chocolate is handmade and dipped in it. Their boxes have a dozen fancy decorated cookies with an exciting assortment of toppings, all carefully packaged to ensure safe arrival to your expecting arms. It's perfect for sweet 16. You'll eat a couple if you try one. Share with everyone, including family members. Thank you for the gift for all of them. Happy birthday to your boss, brother, sister, boy friend, father, moms, and fathers day, father in law, and any adult occasion. You are the perfect hostess to impress and indulge loved ones because of the delicious goodies. Their premium, natural ingredients give them deliciousness. It's a treat if you enjoy it with cheese or coffee, and be sure that the delight will be delivered every single time for your 100% satisfaction. The cookies are loved by everyone. It's good to beat macarons any day. Finest Koksher. The treats are burning with fire. The baked goods, cakes, cupcake, bars, and brittle from Barnett are non-dairy certified by theCRC, which will be appreciated by dads, the entire family, and all your best recipients, including those with dairy allergies and lactose intolerance. The most gifted brand by both employees and employers. Popcorn, nuts, oreo pack are boring.

Brand: Barnetts Fine Biscotti

👤Cookies are not looking in the right place. There were cookies all over the box. The cookie is a hydrox type with chocolate and messy topping. It's not a gift to give someone.

👤We were happy to be told that this gift arrived on time and in good condition. The recipient liked the flavor. In the past, we've ordered from Cheryl's and it's been hit and miss. Delivery has been a problem on a few occasions. This is the first order we have for this item and it will be our last.

👤I tried one in every flavor after I got these. They taste good, but you can buy the cookies at the grocery store, melt them and add your own flavours. They were bought to try the gourmet part. I think one of them had a colored chocolate chip on top of their nuts. I was happy that I finally got to try them, and I knew from reading the reviews that they were cookies. I wanted to try the gourmet, but I didn't find them to be special. I gave it a four star because it came on time and there were no broken cookies. The money did not go as far as I would have liked. I think you could make them yourself for a lot less, there is nothing wrong with the taste.

👤The description is not accurate. My friend asked if I was the one who sent the gift. I told her no. That sounded good. She must have been talking about the "Elegant Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookies" I sent her. I was embarrassed by my oreo gift and just paid $32 for 20 Oreos when I could have spent more on a pack of 45. Not happy.

👤It took over a week to get it. The box was nice and the cookies were good. I was having a hard time differentiating between the different types of them. One of them had a taste for peppermint, and that was the only variation I could find. The cookies were again very good and that's not a complaint. They're chocolate covered. I guess it's up to the buyer to decide if a chocolate covered cookie is worth $30.

👤I ordered the cookies to serve at the graduation party. I wanted some chocolate cookies to fill in for the graduation cookies that I had done for her. I thought these would be the perfect last minute addition. The bonus was the free one-day Prime shipping. They arrived the next day and were even better than I anticipated. They taste good. At the party, I received a lot of compliment. I didn't care about the packaging because I was removing them from the box for serving. They were wrapped in a bow and packaged well. I wanted to eat a broken one, but they were all in perfect condition.

👤I surprised my mother in Wisconsin with this item. She shared it with my sister after it arrived. Within 24 hours, all the cookies and desserts were gone, and she was eloquent about the flavor, texture, and presentation of the items. It was a wonderful gift. I think I'll order this for myself.

8. Barnetts Chocolate Christmas Corporate Thanksgiving

Barnetts Chocolate Christmas Corporate Thanksgiving

The gourmet chocolate covered sandwich cookies are ready to gift for family teachers or as a care package for students and families. The Delightful Flutes are delightful. Each hand dipped in premium dark chocolate is covered with twelve sweet assorted toppings and carefully packaged to ensure safe arrival! A great gift for everyone. Birthdays, Easter, Mother & Fathers Day Clients, Customers, Colleagues, Thinking of you, Sympathy, Get-well, Condolence, Shiva, or any Occasion. Gourmet and fresh every time. Only premium, natural ingredients are used. They bake fresh in their bakeshop for you to enjoy. All of Barnett's baked goods are Kosher and are sure to be appreciated by all your recipients, including those with dairy allergies.

Brand: Barnetts Fine Biscotti

👤I bought these for my wife for Mother's Day and thought they would be a great gift. When she opened the box, we were both shocked that they were dipped. I wouldn't have paid $24 for covered Oreos. The chocolate they dipped/draped them in is so thin it is almost unnoticeable. I would have paid the most for this if I knew what it was, and I have no problem buying quality sweets and paying for them. You can use your money to buy a better dessert.

👤Not as advertised. There are even cheaper sandwich cookies. This is worth more than the $23 I paid.

👤I bought this for my wife and she loved it. It was wrapped in a bow and perfect. We finished the whole box of cookies in one sitting. It's a great gift to give for a treat.

👤They are not anything more than cookies. Not worth it. You get cookies.

👤I gave a large box of cookies to a neighbor who gave great feedback. She said that the cookies were so good that they were eaten in a day. I bought a few smaller boxes for myself to try before I gave, and I was very pleased with the taste and look. This is the first time I have ordered this product, and I will definitely order it again in the future. Thanks for making gift giving easier during the holidays.

👤I think they're mediocre, it looks like a cookie dipped in something and it leaves a weird aftertaste in your mouth, there is no way it's worth 25 bucks.

👤These are not the 12 delicious gourmet chocolate covered sandwich cookies that are advertised. They are plain old cookies. Icing on them. I can put three raisins on top of some icing to get a similar result. I wouldn't call this "twelve decadent flavors" if they were all cookies, with chocolate icing and a variety of simple decorations. I would make 500% profit if I went to the grocery store one time. I am glad I didn't get the twenty-four pack. The box probably cost more than the rest of the food. I got my money back after complaining to Amazon that the cookies weren't as described. I got a full refund because this item is not returnable, but they don't tell you until it's too late.

9. Original Cakebites Classic Italian Rainbow

Original Cakebites Classic Italian Rainbow

Three slices of almond cake separated by fruit and finished in a dark chocolate sauce brings the bakery to you in New York. Sharing is caring, which means that a bite-size cake can be shared with friends. All the cake in just one bite is a delicious snack that makes for a delicious snack after a long day of work, school or even on the go. Each box has 4 grab and go packets, which hold 3 individual cake bites. The bakery is fresh and delicious in New York.

Brand: Cookies United Always Fresh

👤I was born in New York but moved to the west coast when I was young. I have visited NY many times over the years and still love the city. We can't get White Castle and Rainbow Cakes on the west coast. I don't really like either of them, but they hold a special place in my memories and so I must have both. When I saw these cakes on Amazon, I thought I had to order them, but I wasn't expecting much. I was surprised. These are the best Rainbow cakes I have ever had. They are not the best thing I've ever tasted, but they are the best Rainbow Cakes, and they are truly delicious. I was surprised that they were moist despite being shipped in hot weather, and I packed the entire box in about 3 days. If you're someone who enjoyed Rainbow Cakes when you were younger and no longer have access to east-coast style delis, I highly recommend these. It's a good thing.

👤The first time I ordered these, they were delicious and came in the original box which was sealed in plastic. The first thing I noticed was that all of them were in a clear plastic package. I thought that was odd. I thought that the box was ruined and that it was just repackaged in a plastic bag. My 11 year old received one of the individual packages. She came back into the kitchen and asked if the cakes were okay to eat. I noticed that they had MOLD growing on them and that the bottom of the cakes had been smashed. If I have to take time out of my day to send these back, this will be the last time I order these.

👤These are really good. They have a wonderful flavor and are moist. These little cakes are delicious. I'm happy I finally bought them. I want to keep eating them, but I have to be careful. It's a perfect amount of three cakes per package. These are very nice. The White little cakes are nice, but I think these are better. So good!

👤The last one I received was different from the others, it was in a bag and not a box. The packs were covered in mold when I opened them. Absolutely disgusting! The date of the expiration is December 28, 2018).

👤There is a warning I would like to say, "Yuck, don't buy, as that would leave more for me." That would be a huge lie. These cakes are very good. Each of our friends received a pack from me. One friend ate her husband's food after I gave her some. These are very good. I had these at a Christmas party and one gal brought them from NY. I bought various brands but this brand is just shy of being in NYC and eating fresh out of the bakery. I made a small cake for a family member's birthday. It looked very festive as I gently peeled the chocolate on the outside of these and then covered it with a thin layer of chocolate, but it was gone before the evening ended. You will buy more if you try these. After writing about their taste and appeal, I have to have another.

10. Oh Chocolate Assortment Thanksgiving Valentines

Oh Chocolate Assortment Thanksgiving Valentines

This beautiful Oh! is a gift that leaves a lasting impression. There are 20 decorated sandwich cookies in the nuts tray. The gift box has 20 separate compartments to highlight the beauty of each piece. Traditional candy and chocolates can be replaced with trendier baked goods and dessert treats. The taste is very rich. You and your family will enjoy these sandwich cookie snacks. The petit fours are dipped in dark and white chocolate with contrasting toppings that highlight the premium taste of the creamy chocolate. Eye-popping tops. The dark chocolate cookies are topped with nuts, caramel chocolate chips, roasted shelled sunflower seeds, white candy crunch, and rainbow nonpareils, while the white chocolate cookies have a variety of topping such as sweet craisins, dark chocolate chips, and rainbow nonpareils. Thank you for these delicious snacks. You can show your appreciation to your hostess, coworkers, or your grandfather or grandmother. Every party has nuts baskets. These cookies are OK Kosher, non-Dairy, and pair perfectly with decadent wines that feature tastes and aromas of figs, raisins, and honey. Whether it is Halloween, New Year's, Hanukkah, an anniversary or birthday celebration, or a corporate lunch with clients, the Oh! is an add value to your gift this season. The signature cookie arrangement is enjoyed by both food and non-foodies. It is all set to be sent and devoured in a beautiful gift box. If you love it or want to get your money back, you'll get 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Brand: Oh! Nuts

👤I bought these as a gift and not because of any reviews. If it was bad, I could always eat them myself. It was dropped at my door by the delivery person after it arrived. A sticker that says "fragile" would fix this. I understand why some arrived broken. I couldn't see if they were in good shape because there was plastic on top of the bubble protectors. I broke the seal to check for myself. I was pleasantly surprised. The smell of these will make you want to eat them. I assumed they would love them so I placed 5 stars for taste.

👤The gift box had a red sticker on it. The gift box was ruined by it. An attempt to remove a sticker. Some of the cookies crumbled. The product is not worth the price. I wasn't in a position to return the gift because I was rushed to give it. The box was wrapped in a strap instead of the large teal bow shown in the picture. Ovarian cancer awareness is promoted by the color teal. My wife died of that disease and I wanted to tell the recipient that. I raised my rating from one to five starts. After listening to my issues, the manufacturer gave me a fair refund.

👤I'm not a fan of biscotti, but these are wonderful! I bought several boxes of these and everyone I game them to loved them. They aren't the usual hard kind of biscotti, they are more like a cookie, but not too sweet, and the frosting and variety of topping just complete them. I would buy them again.

👤I have had some products from this company. I apologize for ordering 3 boxes of the biscotti from them. I gave two as gifts and one as a gift for myself. It was a big mistake. The cookies didn't taste like biscotti. They were very bland and not firm. They tasted like old cookies from the dollar store. These are not the type of biscotti you can dunk into coffee because they fall apart instantly. I didn't think they looked pretty, but I wouldn't buy them again.

👤What a treat! I pulled this out to share with my new daughter-in-law when she stopped by for coffee and a chat, even though I bought this to give as a gift. How delicious! I brought these with me from Paris. It was a great day. I'll never forget that one.

👤My sister is very hard to shop for and I bought this for her. She doesn't like the clothes I give her. I had to eat. I stumbled upon this box set when I was looking for gift food box sets. My sister is an avid coffee drinker and already has all the mugs and coffees in the world so I thought I'd get her some cakes to eat with her morning coffee. I got to try some of the assorted biscottis that she loved and they were great. It's soft so you won't break a tooth. Great taste. I took away a star because I expected the box to be a bit bigger. I will order again for myself.

11. Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies

Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies

It is made with non-genetically modified ingredients. Their delicious Butter Cookies are created with the finest natural ingredients. Their butter cookies are baked in a way that respects the traditional Danes baking practices. The Royal Dansk Butter Cookies are perfect for festive gatherings. The tin is recycled. It is organic.

Brand: Royal Dansk

👤The Royal Dansk Danish butter cookies are delicious. I have been buying these cookies for 30 years and they taste the same despite some reviewers saying otherwise. The cookies have always been made with coconut and have a mild coconut flavor. If you don't like the taste of coconut, don't buy these and complain about it. If you didn't read the ingredients list, Royal Dansk should not be blamed because coconut has always been on the list of ingredients. If you like butter cookies with a mild coconut flavor, then you should buy these since they are the best of the commercially available brands that I have tried.

👤Surprise! As you open the box, there is no sewing materials inside. There are butter cookies from Danes. It tastes like butter sugar cookies. They're not hard or moist. Some designs have more sugar on top, but for the most part all tastes the same. Three cookies are held in small cupcake paper holders. There were no crumbs in the batches I received. You can put your sewing materials in the tin when you're done eating cookies.

👤The cookies are great, but this is the 2nd time I have ordered them and they have been damaged. The damage is happening before they are boxed.

👤The quality and flavor of these cookies have changed a lot since I last had them. The cookies did not taste like butter. They have an odd taste in coconut. These used to be similar to delicious, My husband thought they had changed in flavor too. I think I just bought my last tin.

👤Royal Dansk has the best butter cookies. They're the right amount of sweet without being too sweet. The tin is larger than I expected, so that was a plus.

👤Don't buy from this seller. I bought these in December. I ordered some tins. I opened a tin for Christmas and noticed the color was off and the taste was off. There was too much going on. I just threw them away. Today is January 8th. The second tin was opened by me. The taste is terrible. The color is off. The lovely date was 2 months before I bought them. Don't buy these. I'm so angry! I ordered another tin. I was hoping it was not a real thing. Nope. These are discolored and taste bad. I don't know what's going on with Amazon. I bought 5 tins and all of them are disgusting.

👤The box was rectangular and had cookies inside. The can that contained the cookies was badly damaged inside the box and broke the plastic seal. There was no padding or air packing to keep the can from sliding back and forth inside the box. Many of the cookies were broken. They tasted fresh. I was going to eat some of the cookies but I did the damage. I would have been angry and embarrassed and apologized to the recipient if these had been bought as a gift. The cookies were still good, even though the tin is a total loss. This is how the food made me feel.


What is the best product for cake whole foods bakery?

Cake whole foods bakery products from Walkers Shortbread Ltd.. In this article about cake whole foods bakery you can see why people choose the product. Royal Dansk and Walkers are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake whole foods bakery.

What are the best brands for cake whole foods bakery?

Walkers Shortbread Ltd., Royal Dansk and Walkers are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake whole foods bakery. Find the detail in this article. Mi-del, Tate's Bake Shop and Fiber One are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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