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1. 365 Everyday Value All Purpose Flour

365 Everyday Value All Purpose Flour

Whole Foods Market's products give you that dance-down-the-aisles feeling. Their huge range of choices with premium ingredients at prices you can get down with makes grocery shopping so much more than tossing the basics in your cart.

Brand: 365 By Whole Foods Market

👤Even though every brand has a different percentage, the differences are usually slight. I've used the all-purpose flour in baked goods from King Arthur to Gold Medal, and it's not noticeably different. It's made with hard red wheat, a grain that is usually high in nutrition and therefore high in reactivity, and no notice is given to mixing it with soft white wheat, the way many all-purpose flours do for a more delicate result. Soft white wheat is used for cakes and pastries. I think it will be called "all-purpose" if some mixing is done. I wouldn't find it comparable to other brands. Since flour is hard to find, I'm substituting this Whole Foods brand for the ones I usually use. Wesselmann was named after Deborah Lee Wesselmann.

👤I kept a bag of Whole Foods flour in my pantry during the summer. There were a lot of weevils on top of the bag when I opened it. I know these bugs can grow in a warm environment, but when I opened another bag of Hecklers in the same pantry, there were no bugs. I can only conclude that the bug problem happened during Whole Foods handling. I was disappointed.

👤The whole wheat flour that I bought had bugs in it.

👤As soon as I received it, I was able to bake a cake because the flour was full of insects. The same thing happened when I opened a second bag. Everything is in the garbage.

👤It is not the best flour I have purchased. King Arthur's is the best flour I've used. This flour is very fine and bitter, which is why it is enriched. The wheat plant has three parts. The healthy parts are removed and you are left with the endosperm. All of the vitamins and minerals have been stripped from the milling process to create a longer shelf life. enriched flour is not the healthiest choice because it doesn't contain those natural fibers and turns straight to sugar when you eat it. It is still pretty good, better than basic store brands and other brand names. It is on the top of my list.

👤I've never used a worse AP flour. The KitchenAid could have kneaded it for hours and there would still be clumps of flour. I know what I'm doing when it comes to bread, and this stuff just didn't cut it.

👤This flour is similar to others. This flour is lacking, compared to King Arthur brand. Sir Galahad flour is better. It's much harder to find.

👤The best. I have done in the years. I didn't think it was safe to use this flour, yet everything turned out perfect.

2. 365 Everyday Value Organic All Purpose

365 Everyday Value Organic All Purpose

Whole Foods Market's products give you that dance-down-the-aisles feeling. Their huge range of choices with premium ingredients at prices you can get down with makes grocery shopping so much more than tossing the basics in your cart.

Brand: 365 By Whole Foods Market

👤This was bought recently to get on board with the baking craze everyone is on. It's very floury. Both are in scent and texture. You get the feeling that you're working with real wheat here. Be careful! While living my dream of being a pastry chef, I had times where I considered leaving my husband and moving to Italy to make fresh pasta and sleep with someone called Giovanni or Pablo. You have to be willing to take that risk with this flour.

👤I'm not sure what's going on with Whole Foods quality, but the pancake mix and flour I recently purchased was filled with live weevil bugs! The bags were brand new and sealed. As soon as the bags were returned, I opened them to put the dry goods in the jars. I bought another bag of pancake mix and flour at the store the week after I bought the first bag, and weevils were in both bags. I will not be buying these products again.

👤The extra cost for organic flour is worth it. My child no longer has tummy troubles or anxiety after I switched to all organic or non-gmo ingredients. There is a major difference!

👤My bread and pastries are great.

👤My favorite flour is used to make pancakes or crepes.

👤It's important to buy organic flour for baking.

👤There are two ingredients in this flour. That is it! They don't use any of the same things in their non organic flour.

👤This was okay. Didn't do as well as the usual Canadian flour or premium american flour. Even though it is well before the use by date, I thought it smelled off. I use it in things that are strongly flavoured. I'm making play dough with it. I'll use fresh flour for baking. I wonder if the problem is on the storage because I'm having trouble with the freshness of flours received lately. Maybe the box they're in is sitting in the sun inside the delivery vehicle for several hours. The summer season coincides with my freshness issues.

👤I opened my order after it was leaking out of the delivery box and there was flour all over the bag and multiple holes in it.

👤I'm a regular buyer and this time I give them 1star because my 2 bag flour had a very different smell and you can't return it. I'm trying to get it one more time.

👤This flour is my favorite. I decided to buy it online for the first time after buying it in the store. They came with a lot of little black insects. This happens when flour is sitting in storage. I will only purchase when I can pick it up myself. They should pack it for me. They're probably sending out old items to online shoppers. No thanks!

👤The bag was damaged. They wrapped it in a plastic bag so it wouldn't get wet. All purpose flour is heavy and light. You wouldn't know you weren't using AP flour if the bakes and rises were good. I've tried spelt before and it had a nutty flavour. I like the lighter version. The price seemed high.

3. 365 Everyday Value Organic Grade

365 Everyday Value Organic Grade

Brought to you by Whole Foods Market. The packaging for this product is new. The product and quality are not going to change even though you may get the new packaging in your order. Enjoy! Their Dark Maple Syrup is made from certified organic maple trees. Your waffles will be appreciated. USDA certified organic. If it's organic, it's non-gmo.

Brand: 365 By Whole Foods Market

👤This syrup was disappointing to me. It's not like maple syrup, it's more like generic syrup. I don't think my money was well spent.

👤It's tasteless when it's part of the headline. The taste is tasteless and nothing unpleasant about it. It was used on waffles and pancakes to try to figure out what was happening. Nothing more than the smallest suggestion of maple flavor.

👤I felt like it was from Mcdonald's. I didn't find it to be rich, full, and maple syrupy. You would need to eat it straight for it to not be rendered invisible or at least like a simple syrup when put on top of other foods. I eat a bland diet that isn't like my taste buds are fried. It was almost like a version of maple syrup.

👤It was too high in calories and tasteless. It would end up being high in calories if there was more than one serving.

👤After trying a lot of brands, we gave this one a try and never went back. It tastes good. Kinda soft.

👤It's hard to find organic maple syrup in glass. It tastes great.

👤I enjoy the thick texture of the maple syrup from the 365 brand. It's too expensive for the size. This bottle will only last you four days if you cook a lot. I would like to see the brand make a 64 ounce size that can last for three weeks.

👤I'm pretty disappointed that the bottle has a cheap tasting sugar water syrup with a hint of maple. I don't like maple syrup very much. I expect maple flavor when I'm eating sausages and pancakes. The product is expensive and the brand needs to do better in this area.

4. 365 Everyday Value Organic Powder

365 Everyday Value Organic Powder

Brought to you by Whole Foods Market. The packaging for this product is new. The product and quality are not going to change even though you may get the new packaging in your order. Enjoy! Quality ingredients and delicious flavor. Cocoa beans from Fair Trade. Whole Foods Whole Trade Guarantee Certifier is certified organic, kosher, vegan and vegetarian.

Brand: 365 By Whole Foods Market

👤I read that some reviewers were surprised that this didn't taste like chocolate milk. It doesn't have sugar. It isn't supposed to be sweet. It's for people who take a small amount of oatmeal, yogurt, and smoothie for health benefit. If you're looking for chocolate milk, buy products that say it.

👤Some of the other reviews state that this is not for cocoa. It is bitter. Even if you like bitter baking cocoa flavor, it doesn't mix well in hot water because there are still pockets of packed powder floating in the water after I stirred it vigorously. I am happy that my money went to fair trade farmers, but I will not be buying this again.

👤I liked everything about this product. It's sugar free and I use it in hot chocolate with some monk fruit and almond milk. It's the best.

👤This cocoa powder is wonderful. Better than any other brand. Can't get enough of it! It has a rich, dark chocolate flavor that I can't get enough of.

👤I like this product. It has a lot of the qualities that make me proud. Cocoa butter is vegan, not important to me. The price is very comparative to similar products that are only commercially produced. I went to order more and it is currently unavailable. So sad.

👤This is one of the best cocoa powders I have tried.

👤Gourmet cocoa. This is my favorite cocoa powder for baking. I usually buy dark cocoa powder for its bold and thorough flavor, and this is perfect. It makes a genoise. It is also free of the things that are found in some brands. It sifts well.

👤It was good taste that made my journey easier. There were no complaints. Adding sugar or alternatives to the recipe is necessary.

5. 365 Everyday Value Tortilla Restaurant

365 Everyday Value Tortilla Restaurant

Whole Foods Market's products give you that dance-down-the-aisles feeling. Their huge range of choices with premium ingredients at prices you can get down with makes grocery shopping so much more than tossing the basics in your cart. You can feel the style of the restaurant when you pick up one of these chips. It was light and shatteringly hard with a touch of salt. All the corn flavor you would expect is brought out by stone grinding. Show your appreciation for them by making a homemade hot sauce or creamy queso. Scoop, crunch, smile. It is certified as being free of the harmful effects of the gluten-free diet. Non-GMO project is verified.

Brand: 365 By Whole Foods Market

👤I've had these chips delivered two different times and each time they were the same. I thought it was a mistake after the first time. Not anymore. It is either that they are old when they are bags or not. The bags were three months ahead of their best by date.

👤These were not fresh out of the bag. I think they can be made to work for food. Don't waste your money if you buy another brand.

👤I ordered 20 of them. They only had one in stock. There is a I didn't get what was on the picture so I added another 1 star review to this product. The bag was 70% air. I purchased this product because it would be a good alternative for scuba divers to use. The chips were very hard and old on arrival, but this is nothing new. Thank you!

👤Maybe the bag doesn't seal. They were tried within a few days.

👤Is this style restaurant? No, girl. These are mom chips. You know the type. The chips your mom buys are more healthier than the ones she eats. Whole Foods doesn't carry Juanitas like normal so we can all be happy. If you like rice cakes, I would not recommend these chips, but if you like food, I would.

👤The bag had a strange smell and taste when opened. I am not sure how that could happen with a chip. I think the oil they were cooking in has an odd smell. We tried two chips and then threw the bag away. Don't buy these again.

👤These were not new. I wouldn't have paid that much if I had known that the problems had not been fixed.

👤The packaging doesn't match the picture. Whole Foods doesn't match any of their packaging. They are a bit old and may have caused me to break out. It seems like someone found a blank tortilla chip bag, stamped or printed with a Whole Foods logo, and pretended it was their product.

6. 365 Everyday Value Organic Mountain

365 Everyday Value Organic Mountain

Whole Foods Market's products give you that dance-down-the-aisles feeling. Their huge range of choices with premium ingredients at prices you can get down with makes grocery shopping so much more than tossing the basics in your cart.

Brand: 365 By Whole Foods Market

👤I strongly discourage anyone from applying the product to their genitals. mamma!

👤I'm wondering if I got a bad one because of the flavor of the honey. I ruined the whole cup when I put some in my tea. I smelled the honey and knew it was the culprit. I have never tasted or smelled honey with this flavor, compared to every other one I have had, it was just plain gross.

👤The product arrived with a cracked lid and I was disappointed. The inside seal was not damaged. I thought it would be okay. The taste is not good. It has a bad smell. I will never order it again. I had high expectations, but they didn't match up.

👤I start my day with a mug of hot water, juice from a lemon, and a dash of honey. The honey had a strange taste. I didn't get used to it. I was unhappy when I opened my order and found a small jar. I was happy when the jar was empty. Will not purchase again.

👤I don't think this type of honey is for me. It tastes weird and makes me want to brush my teeth. Couldn't ignore the taste. I threw it away.

👤There was a bottle busted in my cabinet. I live alone. There are no kids or pets. Poor material. I would love to have the afternoon back but the mess was mind numbing. It is likely a one time thing but it is serious. Never buying this brand again.

👤It was ordered 3 times. First two times, they are okay. The 3rd bottle tasted different. I checked my order history and found that I had been ordering the same item which didn't have a consistent taste.

👤You can beat this option for money. It's very good. I liked it on salads and in tea and ran out quickly because it was so delicious.

7. GoMacro MacroBar Organic Protein Peanut

GoMacro MacroBar Organic Protein Peanut

GoMacro's own melt-in-your-mouth peanut butter chips are mixed with roasted peanuts to celebrate the beloved salty-sweet taste they all know and love. GoMacro's plant-based bars deliver a satisfying taste in a bar that will give you a healthy energy boost. GoMacro's organic, high-protein bars are guilt-free and are a great snack for anyone. They're big on taste and have a list of certifications that are large. GoMacro is bigger than a bar and made with positive, plant-based ingredients, bringing positive change for those hungry for it, one bar at a time.

Brand: Gomacro

👤I ordered a box of bars. I received 1 bar. Why would I pay for one bar? I can't return the bar for my money back. If you're looking for this product, go to someone else. This isn't a real thing. I'm angry.

👤My son loves them and I have ordered them many times. The last shipment he received had a lot of moldy bars in the box. The box has an expiration date on it. If the box expires in February, I just ordered them, and I was surprised that it had a narrow window of best-by eating. It is unacceptable. How do I get a replacement box?

👤My husband and I have chewed on the bars at least 6 times and pebbles and stones have gotten into my teeth. The company should contact me to get a refund.

👤I received my first box that was expired full of mold after ordering these bars for almost a year.

👤Let me start by saying that I love these lipsticks. I only eat Banana and almond butter. They are usually very good. The box before the last one was so hard that I had to cut it into pieces. It had a large amount of hair. I couldn't eat it. Would not have killed me. The last box wasn't as old. They were fresh and good when I first got them. I tried to use a meal replacement, but got hooked on them. It was difficult because they taste great. I like to give a positive review, but I don't like to give a negative review because I like to read customer reviews and that's what I base my opinion on. The price for these bars is too high. I thought it would be cheaper if I got on auto-ship. They should have a special deal for one that buys a lot and eats a box a month, and be able to buy a case at a much lower cost. This is my opinion. If I keep getting food that is not fresh, I will need to stop ordering and get off of auto-ship. I was on auto-ship and they took forever to get here. My hat goes off to you because you are a small company. I like non-GMO and organic. Could reduce the amount of sugar. Bananas have a lot of sugar in them. I hope I never find a hair again, if the price was lower, they would have received a 5 rating from me. If you don't do something to get the price down, more will be bought. I commend you on the effort you put into this bar, I am a small business and you are a small business. Would love to taste it. I am really angry at the Banana. I am changing my rating to a 4. Thank you.

👤The product is sold on Amazon. I've had no issues buying this product from a grocery store, but it's not the same buying it on Amazon. I don't know how Amazon stores food products, but I think they don't have air conditioned facilities. The macrobar I received smells like an old product and tastes like it has been there a long time. If you want quality food products, I urge you to cancel your food-related subscriptions.

8. 365 Everyday Value Walnuts Chopped

365 Everyday Value Walnuts Chopped

Whole Foods Market's products give you that dance-down-the-aisles feeling. Their huge range of choices with premium ingredients at prices you can get down with makes grocery shopping so much more than tossing the basics in your cart.

Brand: 365 By Whole Foods Market

👤I almost broke a tooth when I took a bite of banana bread that was made from shells.

👤I was lucky to not break a tooth because the last bag had pieces of hard walnuts.

👤The walnuts were delivered in a box that would fit in a microwave. Really?

👤I should have read the most recent reviews. She showed her exp date from her bag when she got an old bag. My age is OLDER! These could be great. When they're fresh. The best buy date is important. I contacted Amazon and I believe they are aware of the issue and should pull the older ones off the shelf.

👤I bought the above because I wanted to give Mazi a treat, and the smaller pieces have been a real treat for him, which makes me very happy. I have a small white lovebird with only one foot, and she likes to eat tiny pieces of food, so it's easy to break down chopped walnuts into even tinier bits for her. I'll be ordering them again.

👤The package was in two pans of fudge brownies. Some for the topping. great taste. Not shell particles were found. The pack was sealed well.

👤To top off Sweet Potatoes with cinnamon and fake butter, half a handful of Omega's.

👤I had them set up for a regular delivery and ordered them regularly for over a year. They were fresh and tasty. The last few bags I ordered were completely sealed and off by the time I used them. I would bite in to something old and rancid if I were to toast them. I canceled my subscription.

👤The walnuts were really good. I don't like grabbing a few nuts and having the bite spoiled by a couple that are bad, sour, rotten, whatever you want to call them. This is the first brand that I have purchased where the product was good. No bad tastes. I added oatmeal with yogurt and berries to make it more filling. Buy with confidence.

👤We use walnuts in our vegan diet to replace factory farm meat. They are good in cookies as a topping for oatmeal or pancakes.

👤The Halves and package Pieces were something I was disappointed in. The nuts are the same quality and delicious. They are just like the other package, but with a course chop, but not a fine chop.

👤It tasted great. The price is not great. There is a bag full of a good size range. The taste and texture of walnuts are very good.

👤Would have preferred a bigger pack at a lower price.

9. 365 Everyday Value Organic Sugar

365 Everyday Value Organic Sugar

Brought to you by Whole Foods Market. The packaging for this product is new. The product and quality are not going to change even though you may get the new packaging in your order. Enjoy! USDA certified organic. If it's organic, it's non-gmo.

Brand: 365 By Whole Foods Market

👤Good table sugar. Good for coffee if you need it. Don't be fooled by the fact that there is no healthy sugar. Pick the right type of sugar. I think cane sugar has more caramel notes.

👤It's sugar. It tastes like sugar. It's like sugar. What else can one say? I pay more for that benefit because it's organic. It's bad for one's teeth and inflammation, but tastes good. :D

👤I want dried sugar cane juice without purification steps. Pure white sugar is what this is.

👤This is the best. The old world is a classic. Every dish and desert taste perfect. It is the classic and has been used for generations. It is not as white as a non organic because it is not taught. Love it. Love it. Love it.

👤It's a better choice than the processed stuff. The amount is great. I made a couple of batches of the dessert and it was wonderful.

👤I use this to make hummingbird feeders. It's easy to get rid of. My hummers love it. The value is great.

👤I love the taste of organic cane sugar, it's much better than regular sugar. The organic cane brands taste the same, but it's always cheaper. Get some.

👤This is perfect for coffee. It is smooth and sweet. It fills up my sugar jar and is a great value.

👤Hmm... The original ingredient label was taped over with another label when I received it. . I threw out the product and placed the company on my "Do not trust list" without knowing why or what had changed. I would have looked at what was changed, but the label was ripped. "Buyer beware" is a recommendation.

👤The caramel flavour of this organic sugar is what it should taste like. It's almost the same as Just Us! organic sugar. Some reviewers don't know that food imported into Canada must have bilingual labels and meet Canadian standards in food labeling. It is not an indication that something is wrong with the product. Another reviewer said that it is not refined white sugar. The American, unilingual labels were revealed when I peeled them off. The package and the Canadian labels are shown in the pictures.

👤This is a better value than the brand usually sells. It works well in baking. Quite coarse sugar. I don't mind that. OK packaging. Convenient home delivery is a plus. I will buy again. The author of the Groovy Green Kitchen cookbook series is Geraldine Helen Hartman. The votes that are helpful are appreciated.

👤I bought this product because it was stated in the description that the product may arrive in different packaging. As long as the nutrition information didn't change, I was fine with it. The product has a different sticky label on top of the original packaging. Why? This makes me wary of even trying it because it seems like the seller is trying to hide something. I won't be buying this again if the cover-up label is any different than the original one.

10. 365 Everyday Value Nonpareils Sprinkles

365 Everyday Value Nonpareils Sprinkles

Brought to you by Whole Foods Market. The packaging for this product is new. The product and quality are not going to change even though you may get the new packaging in your order. Enjoy! "Nonpareils" means without equal. There's no other way to make these little spheres more delightful. Sprinkle them on to create a fun design. The possibilities are endless, but you have to add them to your cart first. Certified vegan.

Brand: 365 By Whole Foods Market

👤The balls are small and less shiny than I expected, but they worked well for cookie decorating.

👤Artificial tasting sprinkles are usually used on cupcakes cookies or snacks. I would snack on them.

👤The safety seal was pushed into the cap. I ordered 2. The second item was not the same as the first.

👤It's a great price and so good. It is worth the purchase.

11. 365 Everyday Value Baking Powder

365 Everyday Value Baking Powder

Whole Foods Market's products give you that dance-down-the-aisles feeling. Their huge range of choices with premium ingredients at prices you can get down with makes grocery shopping so much more than tossing the basics in your cart.

Brand: 365 By Whole Foods Market

👤The reviews state that the product doesn't tell you how much to use. I guarantee that the recipe is somewhere between 1 and 1.5 grams. There is a baking powder with no scent. I use it to bake. It does what God intended it to do.

👤I wanted to make chicken wings. I read online that if you lightly toss the wings in aLUMINUM-FREE baking powder, it will make them incredibly crisp in the oven. It was correct. It didn't have a bitter taste because it's aluminum free. For regular baking, I'll probably stick with normal but for my oven-baked wings, this is the one!

👤Baking soda is a basic product and it's hard to complain about it. The quality of the daily value is decent and it gets a rise in baked gods, pancakes or microwave mug cakes. Rumford is the best baking soda out there, followed by Arm&Hammer and Calumet, with the365everyday value, I don't get the fizzyness and raise of the other three. If you use baking soda often, the 10oz is a great value. I wish the container wouldn't have the whole mouth open, or at least have a stopped or partial enclosure; otherwise the packaging is fine.

👤Baking powder that is similar to the brand. I wish it had a metal edge on the inside so you could level off measuring spoons. I use the hard edge on the lid. Don't press too hard because it will be a little hard to level.

👤Who would like to review the flavor of baking powder? It works, it is baking powder.

👤I bake a lot. I like the aluminum free baking powder varieties. I will replenish my pantry with this deal because it is a great deal.

👤I love baking with aluminum free baking powder. The results are the same without the metallic taste.

👤The packaging makes it hard to use the powder. There is no leveling edge as Poptop pulls off the entire cover. Nuff said.

👤There are two labels with one pasted over the other. A 5 year period can do a better job. Since there is no exchange or return on this item, I will peel the outer label to see if it's the same as the other one. September 2020 is the Expiry date.

👤I wish Amazon would start selling their own brand of baking powder. This one is ok, not bad for non organic. There is no weird taste in baking. I like the way the packaging is kept dry. Good price compared to other brands. Baking results are consistent. The Groovy Green Kitchen series was written by Geraldine Helen Hartman. The votes that are helpful are appreciated the most.

👤It was very easy to remove the old can with a new label. It's metal on top and bottom of can. I'm going to toss it out and not use it. Not impressed.

👤It works great, but it looks like a 2 year old applied a Canadian label to the original container. It doesn't affect the quality of the product, but you would think Amazon would have more pride in their products.


What is the best product for cake whole foods market?

Cake whole foods market products from 365 By Whole Foods Market. In this article about cake whole foods market you can see why people choose the product. 365 By Whole Foods Market and 365 By Whole Foods Market are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake whole foods market.

What are the best brands for cake whole foods market?

365 By Whole Foods Market, 365 By Whole Foods Market and 365 By Whole Foods Market are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake whole foods market. Find the detail in this article. 365 By Whole Foods Market, 365 By Whole Foods Market and 365 By Whole Foods Market are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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