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1. Edible Sheets,10 Cooking Chocolates Decoration

Edible Sheets%EF%BC%8C10 Cooking Chocolates Decoration

Standard black foil metallic paper cupcake baking cups are the best choice to enhance your birthday, wedding, festival, holiday party, themed celebrations with standard cupcake liners. 99% gold and 1% silver are used in the making of the gold leaf. The gold paper is 4.33 x 4.33 cm. The gold foil paper can be used for skin care. The gold foil sheets can be used as a baking sheet, cake decorating kit, and other items. The gold leaf can be used in art and craft work which requires luxurious golden texture, such as sculpture, ceramics, painting,ceiling, pottery, handmade gifts, and stylish fashion accessories such as rings, nechlaces,bracelets, and crowns. They are a professional gold foil factory that has been in China for more than 20 years. Their team is always on hand to help their customers.

Brand: Kinno

👤I did a burn test with my tweezers. The gold did not tarnish. The other reviewer is not sure what he is talking about. It didn't burn up into nothing. Will purchase again.

👤It is difficult to use sheets. This isn't a complaint. The thin sheets are difficult to use. I had to turn off the ceiling fan and the air conditioning in order to not disturb the sheets. The product is good. The sheets must be worked on with care. I didn't handle them until I wasted 3 sheets.

👤These sheets were perfect for what I needed. A small amount goes a long way.

👤My inexperience applying these sheets to my art was the only complaint. They are very thin and easy to tear. It is more difficult to work with gold leaf than I thought. The product seems good.

👤I thought the size of the sheet would be much larger, but it was the size of a business card cut in half and the packaging was cheap. I guess it did the job, was it expecting more?

👤For the first time, I used it and it was very simple and elegant.

👤Buying foil sheets for the first time! I bought it despite some bad reviews and I think it went well. There are three sheets on a cake. I think this is the way to go if you don't want to spend a lot.

👤The product was easy to use. I love it!

👤Not the cheapest but easy to use.

👤No, he used the producto an. No, he querido por no estar segura de sea. No trae impreso los ingredientes. Slo tiene una pegatina con un cdigo de barras. He preguntado para saber. No, he recibido. Aqu guardado en un cajn hasta saber. An no puedo puntuar correct. Un 10.

2. SALIQU Acetate Collar Plastic Decoration

SALIQU Acetate Collar Plastic Decoration

It is possible to tape the seal of baking acetate roll after cutting with the help of the free stickers provided. The 4 inch cake collar is suitable for making molds, chocolate baking, cake decorating, lining rings and moulds in the kitchen. The cake collar sheets are made up of very suitable size and dimensions of 6 x 394 inches (15 cm - 10m), with 125-micron density, perfect for decorating any western style dessert. The clear transparent sheets of Cake Collar have a smooth and soft surface that makes peeling from the cake easy. Help protect the cake. It is easy to use and versatile for decorating and baking on a variety of occasions. It is famous for making Pull-me-up cakes. Premium quality food grade material. The material quality of the cake collar sheets is excellent. It is made of food grade material. It is not recommended for the oven because of the high heat resistance. Money has value for money. The bonus 15-pack stickers come with the 100% transparent acetate sheet. It is possible to shape your cakes perfectly.

Brand: Saliqu

👤There are lots of things for baking. It comes with cute stickers that I can use to tape the ends together. It is very smooth and soft, which will make it easy to peel off my desserts. I will not be using it in the oven, but I will be using it for a long time to decorate and shape my cakes, because it is only heat resistant up to 140 degrees.

👤The material is strong and easy to package. The only thing I didn't like was the design of the stickers. The overall quality of the product is unaffected by that small detail. It arrived on time for when I needed it.

👤I used this cake collar to do a buttercream transfer on a cake that was worked well and will use again, it is a great value for your money and a little goes a long way.

👤The cake collar is the perfect amount of sturdy for me, because I make mini personal cakes. You get a lot for the price.

👤Good quality makes it easy to stack and fill cakes. It comes with stickers to hold the acetate in place.

👤I used this product to make a cake for my friend's birthday. The product also has stickers. I can stick one side of the acetate to the other with this.

👤I needed to make a naked strawberries and cream cake with exposed strawberries.

👤I made a lemon loaf for Christmas. It was easy to carry the cake and protect it. It's very easy to apply and it's great value.

3. RUSPEPA Metallic Paper 81 5 Christmas Gifts 30Inch

RUSPEPA Metallic Paper 81 5 Christmas Gifts 30Inch

High quality. Glossy silver foil has a metallic shine. Each roll is 30inch wide and 32.8ft long. There is 1 roll of wrapping paper. Risk free when buying now. If you don't like it, just return it and they'll replace it if there is a problem. The roll form consists of 1 separate individually wrapped in plastic, not folded, so no crease! All of the operations: Birthday, shower, congrats, wedding, and holiday gifts can be designed well. Also great for artistic inspiration.

Brand: Ruspepa

👤I threw out this roll after the gifts were wrapped. It was difficult to handle even with experience. The paint pen was difficult to use and had to be used again and again. The ribbon was falling off and they were the worst looking gifts. I had to try it out after I received this roll. There was a bunch of packing paper in the box. I thought it was a bit much at first. I wrapped the paper in a box. It worked out. The item arrived in a timely manor. Quality paper was what I noticed when I opened the roll. It is thick and durable. The black doesn't scratch off anything. It is not a big deal to me because it is slightly shinier than I expected. The back of the paper is white. It was easy to cut the box when I went to wrap it. The scissors didn't go through the paper where I didn't want them to. It was easy to fold around the box and even up, and it was easy to crease the box. The shine made me nervous, since I got the black paper to do fun name labels and pictures on presents. The paint pen I used worked out perfectly. It exceeded my expectations. It was beautiful. I am very happy. It is easy to put out on the box. It is difficult to get the paper to lay flat when securing it. If you don't secure it in multiple places, it may get wavy. It likes to hold its form. It likes being rolled up and going back to the position. It can make wrapping frustrating but that is just something I wanted to note. I will purchase this roll again.

👤I love the paper. It turned out to be more than I anticipated. I was able to wrap 30 gifts. It was very sturdy and did not tear. The only complaint I would have is that grid lines are not in the back. I use those lines to help guide the cuts I make, so not having them makes them a little less accurate. The paper is good and you get a lot for the price.

👤The color is not what the photo shows. It's a dark blue. We are looking for the brilliant royal blue that is in the picture, as it would match the other gifts we are preparing. It would have been great if we could find it in a quality paper. Will be back.

👤The paper is strong. It's good when you want a smooth gold look. My son liked opening his gifts. It took him a long time because of the paper. I have a lot left on the roll.

👤This is the largest wrapping paper I have ever used. I used it for my special santa paper and there was so much on the roll that I wrapped at least 27 gifts with some paper left over. Most of the gifts were not ripped up when they opened them. I cut into squares and gave it to my kids preschool because I felt bad tossing it.

4. Rose Boards Scalloped Dessert Inches

Rose Boards Scalloped Dessert Inches

A pack of 10 circles is 12 inches in diameter. CAKE BOARDS The round cake boards are a great way to present your baked goods. There is a multi purpose. It's ideal for use as a tray for cupcakes, gingerbread houses, a centerpiece on a dessert table, or as a pizza board. High quality. Premium cardboard paper makes cake base boards easy to dispose of. DIMENSIONS The cake drum is about 12 inches in diameter. What's included is 12 rose gold cake drums.

Brand: Sparkle And Bash

👤Material resistente, me facino.

👤10” Birthday cake was purchased.

5. YongbBo Genuine Cooking Skincare Decoration

YongbBo Genuine Cooking Skincare Decoration

This 2-row diamond rhinestone ribbon wrap is a great decoration for weddings, holidays, bridal and baby showers, graduations, anniversaries, holidays, and seasonal events. The dimensions and material are: There are 10 sheets of 24kt gold foil 1.7”x 1.7” (4.33 cm x 4.33 cm) in the package. Real gold will never change its colors or shapes after burning, because it is made of 99% gold. Gold leaf sheets have been used in beauty routine for a long time. After you clean your face, apply gold sheets to your face and massage your face with a serum. You can mix gold sheets into powder with your daily makeup. 24K gold leaf is widely used as food decoration. It is possible to decorate your bakery, cake, dessert, pastry, cookie, cupcakes with gold leaf, and it will add a touch of luxury to your dining table. These golden leaf sheets are guaranteed to transform your party into the most luxurious event of the year when you have a birthday, wedding, encouragement anniversary party. The gold leaf can be used in art and craft work which requires luxurious golden texture: sculpture, ceramics, painting,ceiling, pottery, handmade gifts, and stylish fashion accessories such as rings, bracelets, and crowns. They are a professional gold foil factory that has been in business for more than 20 years. Their team is always on hand to help their customers.

Brand: Yongbo

👤It's great for making your own gold coated rolling papers. Don't give up, it takes practice and fines to apply the ultra thin gilding leaf. A nice adornment for a holiday. Thank you!

👤I was expecting a lot worse than that, after reading some of the reviews. If you read the description right, you will understand that the sheets are small. I used the paper they came in to work with so that they wouldn't break or melt, because they were a little tricky to work with after I touched them. If you're using it for a cake, I highly recommend it. I would have ordered more if I had more cakes. The right amount of sheets was 10.

👤Unlabelled packaging sealed the sheets. There are some sheets of silver from a Chinese factory. Is it pure? Don't know. Is it food grade? Maybe. The rest could be lead or mercury. There is no way to tell.

👤This is gold. It works perfectly for my leafing needs and didn't tarnish. I would buy again.

👤The product was well packaged and made my cake look amazing.

👤The gold foil looks great on treats. It was trial by fire because I never took the time to watch a video. I wasted at least three sheets because I messed up. I think I am the only genius who didn't know that you can't touch it with your hands. Don't be like me and watch a video before using. The queen posted an IG photo of treatsbythequeen.

👤Very well packaged, good value. The sheets are in a pouch.

👤The product was bought from the seller. It leaves a glowing skin. I used about 9 sheets for my facial and you should buy a couple packs for long term use. It can be mixed in with other products.

👤ningn maltrato el producto.

👤Lleg Perfecto, justo. Lleg 4 das ms tarde, pero supongo, por las festividades y la pandemia.

6. Cupcake Liners Metallic Muffin Baking

Cupcake Liners Metallic Muffin Baking

Date bars are used on small foil wrapping. The cupcake liners are made of food grade paper which is odorless,durable andwrinkle free to meet your daily baking use. It is a perfect gift for a bridal shower. Baking cups. The outsides will remain bright and shiny while baking, because of the Grease resistant liners inside. The special package is easy to store and protect. Baking cups. The outsides will remain bright and shiny while baking, because of the Grease resistant liners inside. The special package is easy to store and protect. The Gold Cupcake Liners Craft- Cup cake liners are more happy. Having fun with kids. These elegant Cupcake Liners are perfect for any occasion.

Brand: Hadoife

👤My friend was getting married and she had a theme of Rose, Gold, Silver and White. I was so excited to see them all together. I loved baking them. The cheap ones were flimsy. They were perfect. I have more to use in the future.

👤I like the extra body of aluminum foil cupcake liners, the sparkle and fancy look, and the fact that the batter doesn't soak through the paper. I bought them for my 50th birthday party. I like that they come in three different colors so that I can easily distinguish between flavors of cupcakes. I was worried about the non-removable paper liner and the cupcake problems in the reviews. It was easy to solve this by spraying Pam or some similar spray. Some of them pulled away from the liners on their own after being sprayed. Every flavor was baked beautifully. I didn't see any evidence of the color running when they sprayed them with vegetable oil. I recommend these because they removed beautifully and we were a big hit that day. I have a ton left over and there is a great value for the price. Next year's birthday party will require me to bake cupcakes again. Just use vegetable spray before baking and you'll be set.

👤The liners were easy to put in the muffin pan. The liner was easy to remove from the baked good.

👤These are more for decorative cupcakes than breakfast muffins. I had to peel the muffin out of the lined paper. I like the full metallic liners for my muffins because they are easier to remove while hot.

👤I didn't see nice packaging in another reviewers pic. They were wrapped in plastic and had a sticker on it. They are bent out of shape but not bad. I wish the packaging was better since this is a gift for my mother-in-law. I'm not sure if I would buy from this company again.

👤I am making cupcakes for a party. I wanted them to look special. I wanted something that would stand up to travel, since I'm taking them to a potluck. I ordered the metallic ones from you. They are sturdy and attractive. They looked great and I liked the cupcake holders.

👤Needed cupcake holders for a party. The shipping was fast and the price was good. I used other liners for the cupcakes and they look nice.

👤I couldn't believe it, what a great deal this was. They were used to bake chocolate muffins. They turned out perfect. The papers were sturdy and the colors were great.

7. Collars BYKITCHEN Transparent Chocolate Decorating

Collars BYKITCHEN Transparent Chocolate Decorating

It was made from high quality foam. The smooth edges and light polystyrene allow you to place your materials over the edge. Practice that is affordable and easy to manipulate will prevent long- lasting waste and save time and effort. Use the dummy with modelling paste and royal icing. If you want to redecorate again, it can be washed and reused. Each cake collar roll is 8 inches wide and 3 inches long. You can cut it into any length you need. Premium food grade PP is non-toxic, odourless and eco-friendly and is 100% safe for daily use. Help you keep the cake shape nicely without damage and soft enough to be bent into various shapes. High clarity makes your cake more attractive. The best cake ring partner in the kitchen is MULTI-PURPOSE.

Brand: Bykitchen

👤I used this item for two things, the first being to use it as a template for cookies to match the theme of my birthday party and the second being to make a tsunami cake. It worked well for both of them.

👤I bought this for what I wanted and it works well.

👤I expected it to be exactly what I was looking for. I would order again.

👤I like the height of cakes and desserts.

👤This is not strong. Doesn't hold the cake if I double fold it.

8. Gifbera Silver Standard Cupcake 200 Count

Gifbera Silver Standard Cupcake 200 Count

Enough quantity is the total of 100 pieces 7X12inch, enough to meet your needs. The muffin liners are heavy duty and easy to release. The cupcake liners are 2 3/4" high. The bottom diam. is 2 x 2. The standard size cupcake/muffin pans can be fitted with this high. The metallic foil liner is a quick and festive way to dress up cupcakes and muffins. It's the best choice to enhance your birthday, wedding, baby shower, holiday party, themed celebrations. Baking cups are kept in their shape with a plastic container. If you have an issue with your product, get in touch with them for a replacement.

Brand: Gifbera

👤I took these to a pawn shop and tried to sell them, but the guy said they were worthless and I had to leave. I told him to fight about it. "Get out of my store or I'm calling the police," he said. I backed some cupcakes when I left. The cupcakes turned out alright. They didn't get sick. They looked like jewels when I took them out of the muffin pan. They tasted okay because my buttercream didn't turn out. My failure was hidden by all that bling. Purchase these cupcake cups now.

👤I will only use Gifbera brand foil liners now that I am a professional baker. They are the best liner I have ever used. The liners are sturdy and beautiful. They separate easily. Gifbera does not have an issue with foil liner brands that are almost impossible to separate.

👤I bought the liners to use at the wedding. Two different stacks of liners had defects that made them unusable, but the liners were very nice and they baked beautifully. There was a hole in the side of the stack. The other had half the cups folded down. The rest of the cups look pretty at the wedding.

👤I have tried other brands of cupcake holders and have been disappointed when they bleed through with oil. These are shiny and do not bleed at all, and the guests like the look of them, I gave them a try and they are very good.

👤I'm not sure. When I ran out of Reynolds liners, I thought they'd be a good replacement. I used the remaining liners for the other muffins. I don't have a muffin pan so I use them. I put them on the cookie sheet. The Reynolds hold shape was good. I have a problem with the Reynolds because they are like normal aluminum foil and they melted. They stuck to the pan and I checked the bottoms to make sure the heat didn't cause it to break. Kinda weird. I would have blamed temperature or over cooking, but 2 of the muffins in that batches had liners from Reynolds. It's not the same material.

👤The cupcake tins are beautiful. My cupcakes looked beautiful for my baby's first birthday party. I received a lot of praise.

👤These cupcake liners are of excellent quality. The shape and exterior color of the cakes were perfect while baking and the rose gold color is the same as the picture the seller provided. Highly recommended!

👤I just baked about 3 dozen cupcakes and I really like the liners. These are sturdy and beautiful. I initially thought they were not quite as pretty as they should be, but they are a beautiful color and easy to work with when baking. I would purchase again.

👤I wanted the cupcake case to not collapse. I was making 150 cupcakes and 50 brownies so I was looking for good quantity and quality. I decided on these because of the reviews. These cases are bright pink. They are strong to hold the mixture and do not collapse. I found them to be great quality and they did not burn on the bottom. They did a great job. I have bought many cupcake cases that have ruined my baking so it's important to find the right ones. I recommend them. I like to bake for family events. The photos are of the end results.

9. Chocolate Wrappers Aluminium Packaging Decoration

Chocolate Wrappers Aluminium Packaging Decoration

100% recycled: If your local recycling center accepts aluminum foil, you can recycle it again. Auminum tin foil is a food storage wrapper. Insider is silver and outside is colorful. Products should be kept free from outside. There are 5 sets of 5, 100 gold foil wrappers, 100 red foil wrappers, 100 purple foil wrappers, 100 sapphires blue foil wrappers, and 100 silver foil wrappers. Date bars are used on small foil wrapping.

Brand: Pabck

👤I was expecting them to come in a pack but I was pleasantly surprised that they are individually packaged so you don't have to look through a whole pack to find a color. Candy wrapper foils are fragile and are no exception. They are the same as the ones found at the craft stores. I only needed half of a foil wrapper to wrap my chocolates. The best way to cut them was to cut them diagonal. It was the perfect size for my needs. When the time comes, I will purchase again but I will be fine because I can get two candies wrapped with one foil.

👤I put these on my caramels and they don't come off. These are not for sticky candy.

👤I used these to wrap my candy. I used different color wrap for each kind. They looked pretty. I donated a bunch of them to my daughter for her holiday party, she put them in a clear glass bowl and put them in the center of her table, very pretty, very festive. The sheets are thin, pressed together, and can stick together, which is a small problem to be aware of. I rubbed them between my thumb and fore finger to separate them.

👤I've used these for Christmas candy before. Softer things like fudge are fine. The caramels were difficult to make. Try out a few different ways to fold sticky things, like caramels, so that there are no edges on the wrap. I didn't have to pick out pieces of foil for my candy because they were easier to open.

👤These were used to wrap cocoa bombs. They worked well. The colors are vibrant and they were the right size. The foil is wrapped around the chocolate. Will buy again when necessary.

👤I was very happy to find these wrappers. The gifts looked more special. I would suggest getting them apart before you start wrapping. Will be using them in the future.

👤Our fudge looked better for gifts and placed in a table. It was fun to do it with my grandsons. If you can deal with some of the quirks of the kids. Ahaha.

👤I like making chocolate candy and now I want to make mint peanut butter and cream filling. I have to wrap each piece. Colorful and well received.

👤Muy buen producto, el color plateado parece papel aluminio.

👤calidad, colores, and regalos de repostera are recomendables.

👤Couldn't find them anywhere else and I needed them to wrap my caramels. It worked out perfectly. Thanks.

👤It's nice to have a lot of different colors.

10. Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil Square

Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil Square

The Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil roll is 75 feet long by 12 inches wide. Reynolds foil is backed by over 70 years of quality and strength, making it the perfect foil for home cooks. Use kitchen foil to cook packet meals, tent roasted meats, cover casseroles, and protect leftovers from freezer burn. They don't recommend using aluminum foil to line the bottom of your oven. The Easy Tear Edge is built right into the package for convenience. Reynolds aluminum wrap can be used to cover pans to avoid messy splatters, wrap food in a packet for maximum flavor and texture, or simply store leftovers.

Brand: Reynolds

👤I don't want to be that person who complains about foil. The first few layers of the box looked like they had been torn and hastily rolled back together. I should have just gotten it, put it in my drawer, and that's it. I am wondering where and why it was opened.

👤I use aluminum foil to wrap around my head in order to communicate with aliens. I have used brand names from many of the major players. When I use Reynolds aluminum foil for my geese, they are specifically designed to focus on unintentionally transmitted signals, but when I use glazed ceramic bowl helmet and connect the electrodes to my aquarium, they are specifically designed to focus on intentionally transmitted signals. A given radar antenna will have sidelobes that are different from the main antenna's aim. The radar intelligence discipline involves learning to recognize a radar by its primary signal, captured by the main ELINT sensor, or by sidelobes, which may be a sensor aimed at the sides of the radio antenna. I can't hear anything. This is the problem with Reynolds wrap.

👤I bought this back in August and put it away until now. There is no way to return. I am ashamed that I didn't open my ALUMINIM FOIL to make sure it would come off the roll. The foil roll was damaged. The box was not damaged. It had to have happened before it was boxed. $10 worth of trash is what this is. I have never had one from Walmart like this. Thanks to Amazon.

👤I always buy the same brand at the store, and am very pleased with the quality. I don't know why it's different when ordered through Amazon. It was very thin. A waste of money.

👤I will give 5 stars for the quality of the foil. It would have taken me a long time to use up all of the 200 feet of it. I can't say that it wasn't 200 feet that I used up. If I have to pay more than I would for a single 200 foot roll of aluminum foil, I'll just buy 4 fifty foot rolls instead. I will be able to have a better idea of how much I have left before I run out of it. I would recommend that you take all of what I have said in this review with a grain of salt, because of my own confusion about it.

👤The package was badly damaged and the foil is very hard to pull out because it is beat up on the end and tares when I try to pull it out.

👤I would never have discovered this if I only bought one. When you buy 3, I will use them as I know we will eventually use them. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me as I hefted each one, as the boxes felt weird in my hands. I broke out the scale, and I was correct about the weights. I thought they might have changed the center roll. I decided to open them because I didn't want to wait and find out months from now, and I can see that the 600 gram one is a bit less visually. I don't feel like I can measure it out, but I can see that the one that is missing is not as large. I don't believe in the production and packaging process, they don't do simple things like measure and weigh these for quality control. What happened if they do? If something else is going, then what a scam or bait to switch shorting some aluminum foil. All of the packages are the same, except for the center roll diameter and how they were shrink wrapped. I thought I should let other consumers know that we bought these one at a time in the past and I would have never thought twice if we got a whole roll.

11. Cupcake Wrappers Wedding Birthday Decoration

Cupcake Wrappers Wedding Birthday Decoration

The color is pink. The paper is pearlecent art paper. Made of high-quality pearlescent art paper, not harmful for your health. Flatten packaging is easy to assemble. The design of the cupcake wrappers is elegant. It's perfect for a wedding, anniversary, engagement, birthday, Halloween. If the product quality is problematic, you should accept a refund.

Brand: Jinhuicheng

👤They came in a timely manner when I received them. I opened the package. I received a return item from a previous customer. There were cake crumbs in the liners. I think some of the liners received yellow stains. The package was short on the 50 count. I immediately requested an exchange. I returned it the next day. The return or exchange was fine with me. I received my liners in 3 days. I was happy with the liners, they were good in count. The liners are strong. They look good, but you know they aren't good. They worked for me and my guest loved them. They add a nice touch to the cupcakes. I was very happy with the exchange. The shipping time was great, it didn't interfere with the time window of my event. I would buy again.

👤These were very pretty. They were easy to use. Some of them had brown/yellow stains. I turned it the other way and used them. The access paper that came off from the lace swirls was another thing I didn't like. The access paper is similar to punched wholes. I made sure that the access paper was completely out before I used it.

👤The first one I gave a bad review may have been a cover because the rest weren't as flimsy as I thought. They hold the cupcake well and you need to tape them to stay together. They look lovely and have decorative support.

👤The product is good but the color is not pink and the size is a bit larger than a regular cupcake. They looked great on my table.

👤They are really pretty. It is a perfect presentation. Highly recommended!

👤They work well for tall cupcakes with tall frosting. A cupcake with little frosting will not show well. They don't stay together without tape or glue. The hot glue gun or gorilla super glue work well. They add a pretty flare to cupcakes, but it's time consuming to get the final look.

👤I am happy that my cupcakes have the extra pop that I need.

👤I like it for cup cakes and other things. I bought it for candy apple decorations.


What is the best product for cake wrap foil?

Cake wrap foil products from Kinno. In this article about cake wrap foil you can see why people choose the product. Saliqu and Ruspepa are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake wrap foil.

What are the best brands for cake wrap foil?

Kinno, Saliqu and Ruspepa are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake wrap foil. Find the detail in this article. Sparkle And Bash, Yongbo and Hadoife are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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