Best Cake Yarn 3 Pack

Yarn 9 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Lion Brand Yarn 525 209 Mandala

Lion Brand Yarn 525 209 Mandala

Knit and crochet accessories, garments, and home decor projects can be used. One glimpse of this mystical new yarn will leave you spellbound with its wide range of enchanting colors, from jewel tones to bright children's colors, and even classic shades for men. The ideal weight for crocheters is just one ball. CYC #3 Light is made of 100% Acrylic. Instructions for washing and dry. The weight is 5.3 ounces and the length is 590 yards.

Brand: Lion Brand Yarn

👤Very disappointed. I ordered six of them. Only one of them had all of the colors. Three of them had three different colors. The other two had different colors. Each cake of yarn should have all of the colors. Poor quality control. Not as described.

👤Love the idea but it isn't amazing. The yarn is not very thick. That's okay. It feels good on the skin. The color pattern is not good for me. There are huge lengths of one color and small amounts of others. I didn't have any green or purple in my rainbow. I had a lot of orange. Smaller projects will not be rainbow. The yarn was not colored well. I think there are a lot of white spots where the color was faded or completely missed during the dying process. It was cut and tied together in many places. I don't like having a lot of little knots in my work. I wish this was the yarn of my dreams. I will have to keep dreaming.

👤There was no purple except on the lable. Yellow and orange.

👤I bought this yarn to make an Afghan called Pheonix which is a crochet along. I love the self-striping colors.

👤The first purchase of the mandala was for $3.74 in August. Haven't tried. Quality looks good. The Sphinx is rich in blues and brown. Haven't tried. Quality looks good. Serpent is a blue cat and it goes well with yellow and black. The yellow and white bits were speckled with dark green when they were just running color from black and dark gray. One out of 5 came without yellow, it looked like the white was cut too early, and it was stained like yellow from the black and dark gray. 3 out of 5 were tested, thickness gradually inconsistent from thin2 to thick4 at least once per cake, 1 had a knot, the other two had a spot where it was about to break, a beginner's luck purchase. They all have the same smell. Individually sealed. Every other series is sealed in 3pk. I don't know about Mandala.

👤This yarn is wonderful. It makes a nice weight Shaw or blanket. It is easy to crochet with. I have had a lot of skeins from Amazon. I have gotten first quality skeins, but the seconds quality is starting to show up. There were factory knots connecting industrial skeins. The dye is spotty. It came with blue glitter on the skeins. The condition was advertised as new, and it was a warehouse deal. There was no mention of damage or imperfections. I make and donate blankets to sick children. I don't have to worry about glitter being washed out of my yarn. The quality on Amazon is not consistent. I only shop the deals when they pop up, because I feel it is worth the risk.

👤I should have read the reviews. The colors shown in the picture were not shown in the skein I got. Even though my skein had the same name, the colors were lacking, and I needed the blue and purple that were prevalent in the item I ordered. The skeins should have the same color composition for each item. I would pay for a hand dyed item if I wanted a skein that didn't have the same color scheme. Very disappointed!

2. 3 Pack Caron Simply Acrylic Skeins

3 Pack Caron Simply Acrylic Skeins

The Artsiga Crafts Project Bag is 13 x 16 inches and has a drawstring for easy closure and shoulder straps for easy carry-on and keeping projects on-the-go. You can knit and crochet your world in style. It's made from high-quality, 100% super- soft acrylic fiber and can be washed and dried. There is a full range of traditional, bright and on-trend fashion colors. The weight category is Worsted/#4. The gauge is 18 stitches x 24 rows and has a size 8/6mm needles and H8/6mm hook.

Brand: Caron International

👤The yarn is silkier than acryllic. It has a subtle sheen. I crocheted a baby blanket. I'm proud of it.

👤I like the yarn, it's light, pretty, and soft.

👤I made the most beautiful crocodile stitch neck warmer and baby blanket. The baby is dragging it everywhere. It's good to go again if you toss in the washer. Like new.

👤The yarn is soft and pretty. Caron has been a good brand to work with.

👤I ordered a discontinued product instead of driving 30 miles to purchase it in person. It is a good product that I like to use for baby blankets and afghans.

👤The yarn was perfect, exactly as I ordered it. As always, reliable!

👤I was very pleased with the quality and quantity.

3. Lion Brand Yarn 756 098 Whipped

Lion Brand Yarn 756 098 Whipped

The starter kit is great for beginners as it contains all you need to start on a project, including some exciting patterns, and is suitable for beginners and travel too. A 50% cotton, 50% polyester yarn with subtle flecks of color against a natural base is what Comfy Cotton Blend is. This yarn is perfect for shawls, tops, shrugs and baby gifts. 50% cotton, 50% Polyester. The weight is 7oz/200g and the length is 358m.

Brand: Lion Brand Yarn

👤There was an update on August. Lion Brand has released a rich silver grey and deep cherry red, which are both available at my local discount store. I'm looking forward to more saturated jewel tones like these, as the multicolored colors left me uninspired. I like the yarn in the Whipped Cream color. I saw the other colors at Walmart, but I didn't like how they were. I would have ordered the saturated cottony shades. Unless you're looking for really muted colors, you'll be disappointed with the actual yarn, because the photos I've seen here by Lion Brand are not accurate. I have used this yarn to knit, crochet and weave, and I have some pros and cons. There are 1 positives. Very soft. It's more plush than silky soft because it has a matt finish. 2. The Whipped Cream color is gorgeous. This slight tint has a rich effect and is a bit warmer than an off-white with a grey base. 3. There are lots of yards (200 grams or 7 ounces, 358 meters or ) 4. I prefer a worsted (#4) weight when knitting color work or lacy stitch patterns. 4. Even though you're a blend, you can block your work with a spray bottle or wet bottle. If you use 100% cotton, your finished object will be much heavier than if you use the polyester content. There are 1. It's not perfect. That's the way it is in the fiber community. The four plies are only lightly twisted, so crocheting will untwist them and lead to splitting. 2. You can feel the material. The synthetic is silkier than the fiber blends. bamboo can be much more silky- soft than nylon, superfine acrylic, and viscose. I think it's a good value and a quality yarn.

👤I used a size 5 needle to knit several swatch from my first cake. I had a flat of 19 to 4” and a round one. The yarn is great for cable, stockinette is smooth and can be a little split with needles. I used double point Hiya Hiya and circular square addi rockets. They both did well, but I watch my stitches more than I usually do. When I was presented with a super awesome price on this yarn, I didn't snap up as much as I should have. When you go back, the price increases double or more. It would work well for scarves, baby clothes, and slippers. It washes up well.

👤This yarn is very easy to work with and it is aided by the help of Clover Hooks. The most recent item I have made with this is a wrap. It is very soft and has a beautiful sheen. I washed one of the items and it did not shrink. Excellent!

👤I ordered enough yarn to make a blanket and I received three different colors, so I gave this yarn one star. It's ridiculous. Lion Brand is known for tying knots in broken strands of yarn. I used one of the skeins that had broken spots. That is not right. I will never buy yarn online again because it was not cheap. It is better to buy from a retail store.

4. Premier Knitting Yarn Birthday 3 Skein

Premier Knitting Yarn Birthday 3 Skein

The weight is 7oz/200g and the length is 358m. The bundle includes a project bag. This is the description. The yarn is designed to create wide stripes in a regular repeat, without the tedium of weaving in all those ends, and each ball contains two complete repeats of the stripe pattern. The weight is 4 and the putup is 5oz/140g. On size US9/6mm knitting needles, Suggested crochet hook size USI/5.5mm. Skeins in the same Factory-Pack share the same dye lot, when buying multiple bags they try but are not always able to match Dye Lots; Care: machine wash, tumble dry, do not bleach, do not iron, do not dry clean. The Artsiga Crafts Project Bag is 13 x 16 inches and has a drawstring for easy closure and shoulder straps for easy carry-on and keeping projects on-the-go.

Brand: Premier Yarns

👤I like the self striping pattern. I needed to finish a project and ordered it from Amazon.

👤It's a great place to get yarn. The orders came with a bag. Thanks.

👤I have used yarn from Sweet Roll before. It is a great yarn to work with.

👤It was described. Well packaged. It was on time.

👤It arrived before the scheduled time.

👤It is easy to work with good quality.

👤It was worth the value, but a little smaller than I expected. Can you make a baby blanket?

👤Love the color scheme. All from the same lot.

👤There were so many knots. Will not buy again. I read the reviews before I bought, which were all good, but I'm not buying from here again because I just got a bad bunch.

5. Lion Brand Yarn 217 607 Ferris

Lion Brand Yarn 217 607 Ferris

The weight is 5.3 ounces and the length is 590 yards. This yarn is lightweight, has beautiful self-striping colors, and is super soft. The cake has 270 yards, enough to make a scarf or hat. The CYC #4 Medium has 100% Acrylic Fiber. Instructions for washing and dry. The weight is 3 ounces and the length is 270 yards.

Brand: Lion Brand Yarn

👤I had to pull back some stitches to correct a mistake after I started crocheting with this yarn. I had to give up because the stitches wouldn't come out. I contacted Lion Brand through 2 emails, one of which generated a ticket which was closed without their contacting me. I called their customer service number multiple times during their business hours, but there was no response. The yarn and customer service was disappointing.

👤The yarn changes in thickness which affects your project.

👤I don't know what to think of this yarn. I don't want to take off a star for my personal preference, but it might be a 5 start product. I just needed a regular worsted weight yarn for the rug I bought it for. It isn't usable for what I wanted. It is very light and small. My problem is that it is fuzzy. If you have to frog it out, you should just cut it off and start over. If it tangles a little bit, it will attach itself to its own fibers, and what you thought was an impossible knot, are, at the center of the tangle, just two strands that have to be wrenched apart. It is pretty, but it doesn't fit my crochet. I have some knitting looms that can accommodate this. This will work great for me because I have a particular stitch in the loom that makes a thin yarn almost mandatory. I will not be returning it. It will make a great thin crocheted fabric, but stick to piece work that you can throw away if you have to. You can find a person that loves a challenge and can spend a half hour trying to make a row or two of crochet. Pros... good quality, light weight, soft. It was thinner than regular worsted and fuzzy enough to tangle. It will make an awesome double loom stitch fabric, but not for crochet.

👤I was excited to start my project with this yarn. It is the worst novel ever. The stupid yarn gets twisted up so you have to be careful. I've tried all the tricks in the book. The yarn is not as soft as it is described. It is hard to work with. If I'm working with it for a long time, it hurts my hands. I dread working with this yarn because I cannot wait for this project to be over.

👤This was the first yarn I've purchased and I was very impressed. It's easy to crochet with. The fibers don't shed while I'm working on a pattern. I will buy this again because of the variegated colors. The yarn is thin and I needed that for my pattern.

👤Where to start with this yarn. The coloring is good. That's where this ends. This yarn is not close to a medium weight yarn and fuzzies that are very fast. The only reason it gets 2 stars is because of the coloring and softness. I ordered 3 of them and they were not recommended for another buy.

6. Bulk Buy Simply Solids H97003 9702

Bulk Buy Simply Solids H97003 9702

The price is for 3 skeins of Caron Simply Soft Yarn Solids Off White H97003-9702 for a total of 955 yards. It was made from 100% acrylic. Medium weight is also referred to as Aran, Worsted or Afghan weight knitting yarn. The crochet hook is H8 and the gauge is 4. Hand wash and lay flat to dry the skeins.

Brand: Caron

👤Sport weight yarn is thinner than Caron Simply Soft. For knitting it is wonderful, but for crochet it takes some skill, because the yarn has no elasticity at all, and I have to use multiple hook sizes to maintain consistent tension appearance. The direction of the twist is ideal for knitting, so the 4 strands frequently untwist as I am crocheting. I have to make sure I don't split them or catch my hook on just 1. It's easy to untangle because it has a very slippy texture, which requires that every stitch be worked through at least two loops to avoid the final fabric developing huge holes and tight knots at the top of your stitches. If you're making stitches with a lot of different sizes, you need to adjust your hook size to make sure you don't break your hand. I still like knitting with it, but I don't recommend it for beginners. It can be difficult to work with if you are not prepared for the challenges. The drape quality for this stuff is 10/10. I have used silk blend yarns well.

👤I always use the same yarn when I knit hats for cancer patients. It's soft, easy to use, washes beautifully, and keeps its shape. I use it for almost everything I knit, including toys, sweaters, scarves, shawls, baby blankets, and Christmas socks!

👤I use the Simply Soft yarn for every project. It's easy to use, works up into a luxury item and is easy to care for. The colors are striking. The yarn is soft. You can't go wrong with this yarn.

👤The yarn is soft and good to work with, but until you try to pull it out of the end, a huge knot inside that I could not entangle. I was disgusted that I had to throw away a large part of it. I ordered more of a different color, so I hope this order is better. Check the machine you use to wind the yarn.

👤I like to crochet with Caron simply soft. I have been crocheting for 60 years. It is very soft and works up very well. I use this brand in many different colors.

👤I am sure this yarn can be used in many ways, but it was difficult for me as the yarn splits so often. I will not buy it again.

👤I used this yarn before to make a baby's blanket and I loved it so much I bought another one. The yarn is soft and off white. I'll buy Caron again.

👤I needed more yarn to finish the bed runner. I will not order from this vendor again. The gray yarn runs through the off white color intermittently. Cut those portions out. The off white color varies from the yarn I began my project with because of the manufacturer's date on the label. The yarn was manufactured on Oct 9, 2019. I didn't know they would ship yarn four years old. It's unbelievable!

👤The baby blanket was great.

7. Bulk Buy Simply Solids H97003 9739

Bulk Buy Simply Solids H97003 9739

Hand wash and lay flat to dry the skeins. The price is for 3 skeins of Caron Simply Soft Yarn Solids Soft Green H97003-9739 for a total of 955 yards. It was made from 100% acrylic. Medium weight is also referred to as Aran, Worsted or Afghan weight knitting yarn. The crochet hook is H8 and the gauge is 4. Hand wash and lay flat to dry the skeins.

Brand: Caron

👤I've worked with other companies. I need a green color for my project. The green is the perfect color for my project. My biggest fear is that I don't have enough. I will definitely order from this company again if I don't. It was a nice surprise that the item arrived before it was suppose to.

👤The yarn can be washed and dried, making it a great yarn for children's clothing and blankets. It's very soft and good for crocheting caps for cancer patients. If you are a Prime member, the bulk package is a great deal.

👤This isn't the world's top-quality yarn, but if you're looking for something pretty, soft and reasonably priced Simply Soft is a good deal. Most folks you knit gifts for will just throw them in the washer and dryer. There's no point in buying merino wool if you're going into debt. You can save money by buying yourself imported wool yarn. It's a good thing.

👤One bundle of yarn was not properly wrapped and the end could not be found, but my wife loves your yarn and feel. She had to rewrap the entire bundle after trying to find a loose end in both ends. Not a critical problem. Maybe there is a quality inspection problem. She was wasted a lot of time by this.

👤Baby sweaters, hats and blankets are made with peefect yarn. It is a nice yarn. This is a great choice if you love natural fibers but don't like knitting.

👤I love how soft Caron Simply Soft is and have used it on many projects. I know my granddaughter will love how it feels, so I am going to give her a sweater.

👤Good yarn. A few years ago, probably sat in a warehouse. If you are careful. It was too much. The wife made a joke.

👤My grand daughter's blanket was made of that color. They were more expensive than Michaels. Michaels didn't have the color she wanted.

👤The color is beautiful. It looks sloppy after being knit. Very disappointed.

8. Lion Brand Yarn Blankie Mizzle

Lion Brand Yarn Blankie Mizzle

The cake is 437 yards in weight and packs in 800 grams. That is enough to make a 42” x 42” knitted blankie. Instructions for washing and dry. Made in China. The Fiber Content is 100% Polyester.

Brand: Lion Brand Yarn

👤I loved this yarn. I crocheted my first baby blankie and it turned out to be very warm and soft. Will definitely be buying more of this product.

👤I wanted to make a big blanket with this, so I bought 4 cakes and the blanket size is 64x62. I used a single crochet into the back loop pattern. The yarn is very thick and soft, which is what I was looking for.

👤The wheel of yarn is worth some money. Unless it is on sale, this type of yarn is usually sold for $7.99 per skain. It would be $32 for 4 individually sold skains. You save a lot of money. The yarn is good for hats and scarves.

👤I usually don't write reviews, but this is needed. The yarn is big and good for 20 dollars, but I didn't know I needed a 9mm hook. I would recommend this yarn to anyone who would like to make a blanket, I would recommend getting two to make an actual blanket and not a child's one.

👤It was soft. It is easy to work with yarn. I made a blanket for my grandson and he loves it. I bought 2 more to make a blanket for myself. I am very happy with the quality. The knots were small and not noticeable when worked in, as was stated in another review.

👤I like that I can complete an entire project. This is the amount of yarn. We make a lot of "Blankies" for children who have lost their homes in our community. We've been told that when a child gets a Blankie, it makes them feel better, and they have something to hold on to for the rest of their lives. Thanks for making this product available to us.

👤The yarn is amazing. I bought 4 balls for each of my children and I'm knitting a blanket for them. I will use 2 balls for each and I'm about 1/3 done with the first one, and it looks like it will be generous. The shipping was great and arrived in perfect condition.

👤The 7 year old picked out a blanket for her. She likes the colors. I am making a second blanket with the same yarn and colors as the one my granddaughter saw, as she wants it to be the same. It is soft. It's easy to work. I used single crochet. It can fit on a twin bed. I used 2 skeins of yarn to make it.

👤The yarn is soft to make a blanket. It is the same as the description of a 43x43" blanket made with enough yarn left over to make a small pillow.

👤Great product! The yarn of wool is good. I will make another purchase soon after I found it. For more information, see the video.

👤I love that yarn! The texture is great and it is fun to knit with it. There are many knots in the cake. The purpose of buying such a large amount of yarn was to not have knots in my work.

9. Caron Simply Paints Worsted Acrylic

Caron Simply Paints Worsted Acrylic

The gauge is 4 - MED and 100 percent Acrylic. 13 sc and 14 rows with a 5mm crochet hook. The knitting gauge is 18 sts and 24 rows with a 5mm knitting needle. 5 oz/141gm, 250 yds/228 M. Machine wash and machine dry. The single ball yarn was included.

Brand: Caron International

👤I wanted to make a scarf out of the yarn colors I fell in love with. It's beautiful to weave both warp and welf. The individual strands of yarn stay together nicely. Will be midweight when I finish. Works well on the loom. Highly recommended for the weaver in addition to knitters and crocheters.

👤There is 250 yds. in the description. per skein. This is incorrect. The label states there is only 234 yds. per skein. I was disappointed that I had to order more.

👤The quality is the same as all the other yarns. The sections of color are very short before the color changes. It's hard to find the right stitch for a nice flow or shift. When I first started working with it, I thought it looked like the 90's. The ball of yarn is the first picture I took. The 2nd is messing with it while using a 6mm hook and a tight triple stitch pattern for a beanie.

👤I'm not happy with the quality of the yarn I'm using to crochet a blanket. I choose to crochet because it's much faster, however the yarn is so loose that I often end up with one or two threads on the hook and have to redo a stitch to include the whole thread or hide pieces I've missed. There are a few pics of examples. This is making the project hard to complete. I don't have an issue with other yarn. I have to make sure the yarn stays together in order to get in the zone. It is soft and I like the colors. If I get tired of fighting to keep the yarn together, I may make this into a scarf.

👤I've used yarn for years, and I've recently tried to make a very complicated knitted sweater, but I got not one, but two tie knots within 5 rows of each other, and it took me more than half way through to finish. I can't give this as a gift for anyone's baby because I can't hide it right on the edge, but I can use it on one of my dolls. I need to finish the top of the sweater and the sleeves, but I have half the skein left. I hope I don't find another tie knot.

👤The price was twice that of Walmart. The yarn labeled "Yarnspirations" is not as glossy or soft as the yarn not labeled as such. It did blend, but not the same quality.

👤Love the colors. Very colorful. I was going to make her a dress. It turned out to be amazing.

👤My son is doing an art scarf weaving project. They were using straws. The yarn didn't make a whole row of one color before changing, so it wasn't striped at all. I was expecting a chunk change. He was happy with the bright colors and it was still cheap.

👤I made a great scarf out of this yarn and it's just so bright. I'm not a skilled weaver. I don't think I can recommend using this wool. The quality of both skeins has some inconsistencies, and I had some threads that were threatening to break on the warp, and others with large clumps of fibre that made bulges in the weave. I brought the tension down so I was able to finish the project, but just a word to the wise if you're going to weave with this yarn. Perfectly possible but not very risky.

10. Caron 29402222006 Simply Medium Acrylic

Caron 29402222006 Simply Medium Acrylic

The gauge is 4 - MED and 100 percent Acrylic. 13 sc and 14 rows with a 5mm crochet hook. The knitting gauge is 18 sts and 24 rows with a 5mm knitting needle. 5 ounces/141gm, 235 yds/ 215 M. Machine wash and machine dry.

Brand: Caron International

👤I made my first "in the round" hat with this yarn and it turned out very well. The yarn is soft and nice to work with. It is too slippery for a regular magic knot if you need to join the yarn. I had to use a bigger knot to make sure it wouldn't fall apart. I really like this yarn.

👤I got these for so little that I'm still jazzed. Simply soft is my favorite basic yarn to crochet with.

👤I really liked the color and it was perfect for my project, but I ended up needing a lot more of these skeins than I anticipated, for a project that wasn't really huge. I was concerned that some of the skeins had knots in the middle. I expect the yarn to be a single strand. One of them had been tied up twice.

👤I bought this yarn to make a baby afghan. I didn't like the texture of the yarn or the olor ombonation. There were several places in the yarn that were tied together. I bought a few more skeins to make a throw for the couch after I decided it was not a good weight for a newborn baby afghan. I will buy this yarn again.

👤I had a problem making an afghan with it because there were places where one color would go on forever and make big patches of another color. I would have to cut the yarn and tie it to get a better blend of colors. If the colors were only 4 or 5 inches each, it would blend better. Some of the colors weren't dyed well and there were little threads of white. The yarn is very soft and works well.

👤Simply Soft is my go-to product. Finding variegated yarns that suit my purposes is difficult, but this is very good. They should have a yellow.

👤It arrived quickly. They were wrapped individually in their own bag and then in a box it doesn't get dusty or dirty before it is used! Excellent done!

👤This brand of yarn is not something I have experienced before. It was frustrating because I had to untie the knots and there were too many extra ends to weave in. The whole purpose of this yarn was to avoid that.

👤The scarf turned out lovely, because of the great colour.

👤Knitted up well. It was soft and washed well. Would buy again.

👤This is even nicer than the Simply Soft one. It's a camo with longer color ways.

👤Pour faire des cache-cou mes petits enfants.

👤Wech lst die gut verarbeiten und beispielsweise gut aus.

11. Caron Bulk Buy Simply H97003 9701

Caron Bulk Buy Simply H97003 9701

13 sc and 14 rows with a 5mm crochet hook. The price is for 3 skeins of Caron Simply Soft Yarn Solids White H97003-9701 for a total of 955 yards. It was made from 100% acrylic. Medium weight is also referred to as Aran, Worsted or Afghan weight knitting yarn. The crochet hook is H8 and the gauge is 4. Hand wash and lay flat to dry the skeins.

Brand: Caron

👤I like the yarn from Caron Simply Soft white. This yarn is fuzzy, so if you must unstitch stitches in Crochet or Knitting, be careful. The yarn is soft and makes for lovely items once completed. The yarn becomes even softer after washing. It is a pleasure to work with other issues. I have to roll up the skeins into a ball or a cake before I can use them, otherwise the skeins collapse on themselves and make a huge mess of a knot. I spent more time untagling that knot than crocheting until I made myself roll them up into balls.

👤Buying yarn online is the best. I could never get enough for a project at my local craft store. I would have to wait until the store had more yarn in stock and they were still going to carry it. I was able to buy the year out right after this purchase. It was of better quality to me.

👤The yarn is great for baby blankets. It's on the lighter end of the worsted weight. I use this yarn with a 6.5mm hook to make a criby blanket. The yarn has a consistent weave.

👤The yarn is soft and has a nice sheen. Also cleans well. There are a lot of options with the multiple color choices. The only downside of using this yarn is that it can catch easily and cause a problem if you don't know how to fix it, so watch your rings and make sure your fingernails don't catch. This yarn makes beautiful pieces, whether it's sweaters, afghans, or baby items.

👤One of the three was perfect. I caked it all the way through. I had to deal with one of them that had multiple knots, and the wraps weren't even proper. I needed this for an order and it doesn't look like the other one I have, it was just trash. It's complete waste of money.

👤I bought 3 packs of Country Blue and White. I noticed it had gotten a bit thinner. The yarn is called Caron. As you will see in the photo... It's only 3ply. It has to be sent back. Pull out from the center of the skien.

👤I buy Caron because of its consistency. I made 6 afghans for Christmas. I didn't have a skein that had a knot in the middle. The last batches had a knot about a yard into the skein. I will still buy Caron because it works best for me.

👤Love is in the air with simply soft yarn. They turn out so soft and there are so many colors to choose from. It is not hard to get used to working with this yarn because it does not affect the final project. The learning barrier is slight, but the softness is worth it. I would recommend this yarn to others. The yarn was packaged well and delivered quickly, I am happy with it. Thank you.

👤The yarn is gorgeous. Makes lovely children's cardigans. I made myself a cardigan and jumper. This yarn has a nice sheen and the white is really white. I love this yarn.


What is the best product for cake yarn 3 pack?

Cake yarn 3 pack products from Lion Brand Yarn. In this article about cake yarn 3 pack you can see why people choose the product. Caron International and Premier Yarns are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake yarn 3 pack.

What are the best brands for cake yarn 3 pack?

Lion Brand Yarn, Caron International and Premier Yarns are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake yarn 3 pack. Find the detail in this article.

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