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1. Yarn Winder RRigo Operated Capacity

Yarn Winder RRigo Operated Capacity

The cone is 4.75 inches high and 6 inches in diameter. It's easy to curse. The small and light weight winder makes carrying easier. Plastic and alloy are 22 cm and 3.3 cm. It's easy to install a metal table top clamp on a desk or bench, it has rubber in the base to protect the surface of the table. Attach it to any table edge or surface up to 1.5 cm thick, twist on the spindle, position the guide arm and start winding! These nifty gadgets don't require much to assemble. KEEPS YARN THREADS NEAT: Make balls out of loose yarn. You can easily winds up to 100 grams or 3.5 ounces of yarn, from lace and fingering weights to worsted and bulky weights. When you shake the machine, it will not make you sad, it will make you happy.

Brand: Rrigo

👤I harvest yarn from sweaters. When I saw this yarn winder, I thought it was worth buying it to speed up the process, because I used to make center-pull balls on my thumb. The thread guide falls down a lot, but it works well. When I'm unraveling a sweater, it makes sense to go directly from sweater piece to yarn winder, and I control the tension by hand so the yarn doesn't get stretched out. The hand crank is easy to operate. I don't see why yarn shops should use high-end winders, and I highly recommend this one.

👤This is a very cheap plastic, yarn holder that does not lock in place as it says, it was getting tangled underneath the gears, we finally got it to work, it is not worth 20 dollars for such cheap plastic. Do not recommend it, or do you have any suggestions to make it work better?

👤The device helps when you are trying to ball yarn. It makes quick work of knitting. If you don't pay attention to the yarn and don't go too fast, you will end up with some trouble down the road as you are trying to use your yarn. You will notice a difference in the quality of the wraps when you first try them. Take your time as the yarn wraps and you will be fine.

👤You get what you pay for. The guiding arm is very difficult to use. It works. You are limited by how much it can fit. It is possible to help that by keeping tension on the yarn, but be aware that it isn't very strong. Make sure that whatever you put in it is strong. The instructions were faded but still very easy to use. The scissors that come with it are sharp and effective, but you should know if you want to use them for a younger child or someone who shouldn't have sharps.

👤The product is GARBAGE. Don't waste your money. Instructions are poorly written. I wasted half a skein of yarn when it ate the yarn continually.

👤The metal rod that keeps the yarn in the same position will not stay in place for long because it is too flimsy. It can still be used successfully. I don't think it will last long. A wooden one is more beautiful. This one is a good price.

👤I wouldn't buy or endorse this item again. Too fragile, and the attached piece of equipment is a joke. The Clamp's width was less than an inch.

👤I received the ball winders the next day after purchasing 2 of them. Time was very important and this was great. I have used a similar ball winder for over 15 years. I thought they were the same as they looked. I believe they are not. We tried to wind 12 mph. Balls and none of them wound properly, they looked like flying saucers. The appearance of the ball was not as bad as the results could not be used and each one needed to be untangled. I will try to return to the merchant. If you are certain of the product you are buying, you should only purchase online.

2. Knit Picks Yarn Ball Winder

Knit Picks Yarn Ball Winder

You can use happy birthday yard signs to decorate your garden, as well as to enhance the fesitival atmosphere for your garden and make it distinct, Applicable occasions: these happy birthday yard signs are vivid and beautiful, you can use them to decorate your garden, as well as to enhance WinDS YRN: The Knit Picks Ball Winder allows you to transform yarn hanks and skeins into compact center-pull cakes that sit nicely while you knit and crochet. It's easy to wind up to 100 grams or 3.5 ounces of yarn, from lace and fingering weights to worsted and bulky weights. Attach any table edge or surface up to 1 inch thick and position the guide arm to start winding. It's easy to steal. A yarn guide arm that folds makes for compact storage and allows quick and easy assembly. It's great for crafting. Knit Picks Yarn Swifts can be used to organize all wound yarn into usable cakes.

Brand: Knit Picks

👤I'll lead with buy this. If you're going through a skein a year, don't bother, but more than that and the flaws are worth the benefit. I'm kicking myself for telling myself that this isn't mandatory for 10 years and not spending a lot of money for sanity. After spending every hour of my day winding my own balls of yarn, getting hand cramps, or using yarn straight from the skein, I just bit the bullet. I took out my big tote and made a day of it. The first picture shows a small portion of the cakes on cakes in my bin. The second week was a very cheap amigurumi yarn that defined hard to work with and you can see how the first two worked out. I never had to start over because I had to cut so many snarls out. The star knocked off something. There is a learning curve. I use masking tape on the lose end to make sure the top slots hold your yarn. I don't lose it. You will try to pull it tight and it will slip off and you will have a wobbly cake. It will seem like you won't, but you will get it quickly. Pull the yarn back through the cake until you hit a solid point and try again. It took a few tries to get the over down up thing. You're fine once you get it. The first five tries feel like a puzzle game, but it's one fluid motion. It really does squeak. It's very smooth for a while, then it starts to click a few times, like you're murdering it. I push in on the handle and wait for it to stop, it doesn't affect the yarn, and isn't often enough to not use it. I've tried many things, but nothing. I'm pretty sure they are possessed and it goes back to normal quickly. I thought I was breaking something. Hundreds later, still chugging. Pull this little guy out is the first thing I do when I get yarn.

👤I don't know why I waited so long to purchase this. I never imagined it would work so well. If you want to know how well it works, I will send out a message to the entire county that I live in, offering free yarn rolling services because it makes it fun and fascinating. The male family members in my life were so fascinated by how simple it was and how fast it worked that they all stood around watching. The guide arm needs to be moved and positioned opposite the winding handle to operate correctly. I didn't purchase a yarn swift because I didn't think it needed one. The instructions on the box were written in a way that made me worry that I needed one. I can promise that you don't. I used my left hand to guide the yarn to the floor and then turned the crank with my right hand to make sure it was wound correctly. I had a small box full of yarn that needed to be wound and organized and when I finished it the box was barely half full. I'm going to be more organized. I have created space for more yarn. You can never have enough yarn, right? My husband disagrees with that statement, but nobody asked him. It's a good thing. I can attest to the fact that you can wind skeins up to 100 grams or 3.5 ounces. I wound a skein that was 6 ounces and it did complete it to my satisfaction, however the crank felt heavy as I was nearing the end and I don't recommend going over the recommended amounts. If I had found a review equal to my, I would have made a decision sooner.

3. Acrylic Knitting Crochet Beginner Inscraft

Acrylic Knitting Crochet Beginner Inscraft

The Red Heart Super Saver Yarn is made of red yarn. There are 62 colors in this 100% acrylic yarn pack. A ball of yarn is about 35 yards in weight. It's perfect for projects with a wide range of colors. Storage knitting tote bag with one side transparent, waterproof and lightweight, enough space to keep your crochet yarn, knitting tools small finished works. It's ideal for beginners and experienced crocheters, it's simple and easy to start a crochet project. If used by kids, please be under adult supervision. Crochet yarn is great for inspiring imagination, creativity and practical ability. You can make amigurumi, coaster, hat,scarf, tassel ornaments, granny squares, a blanket and many other projects. Please read the size information in detail. The yarn is small. If you need to make big crafts, they recommend buying two sets or more.

Brand: Inscraft

👤If you want to make doll clothes, there's a lot of colors to choose from. Most people don't know what a 1 Oz is. + It looked like a skein size. The size is more apparent if you hold an individual skein. Returned item. Very sad!

👤The yarn is soft and strong, with a subtle sheen that isn't as bright as the one from Caron Simply Soft, but it's not so dull that it looks fuzzy or rough. It is very difficult to find a color that is part of a gradient when looking for acrylic yarns. The yarns are thinner than advertised, and they're more accurate on the weight scale. I was hoping they would be a little bit thicker. The tote the set comes in is disappointing, but not a huge deal, unless you were relying on it to store these skeins. It's not terrible, but there's no way you could keep all the skeins of yarn and tools in there, and you wouldn't be able to access them if you lost them. The hooks have no grip. I have better ones. They are too large for the yarn. I put them away, but I believe one was 4mm and the other was 5.5mm. I use a 3.5mm hook, but it was a bit larger than needed for these yarns. The large-eyed yarn needles are not suitable for this yarn. The stitch markers are very useful. I love the set and colors, but I wouldn't say it's for beginners. It's not cost effective because the skeins are too small and the yarn is too thin to practice with. It would be better suited for an experienced crochet artist who is looking for a large variety of colors to use.

👤I was excited to receive my package and I was hoping for a lot of yarn. The amount of yarn is disappointing, even though the holding package is great. There isn't enough to do with it. Before buying it, wish was aware of this.

👤The quality of the yarn was not good.

👤The pricing, presention and packaging of the yarn are what I like about the product. The colors are beautiful and it comes in a nice case. The yarn splits easily, strands are not consistent in thickness throughout the skein, and knots occur in the yarn when additional length is added. This yarn is good for children's craft projects. This yarn is not recommended for any project that is a gift or sentimental. I wish I would have spent the extra money on yarn for my project.

👤This yarn is hard to work with. It splits and splits. I wouldn't recommend this for beginners. It is very low quality. It works for me. Animals that aren't meant to be played with. There are many colors to choose from. If I were making items to sell, wear, or play with, I would want better quality.

👤This product is not for beginners because there is nothing to begin crocheting with. The package only came with a bag and yarn, not crochet needles or markers. The money is not worth anything. The yarn it came with was smaller than expected. I should have read the comments before purchasing and will not be ordering again or suggesting anyone to buy this.

4. Lion Brand Mandala Ombre Yarn

Lion Brand Mandala Ombre Yarn

The color changes of Mandala Ombré are more subtle than the original, as each color gradually blends into the other. The hand-dyed effect is created by the printing technique that allows for some of the cream yarn base to show through. The CYC #4 Medium has 100% Acrylic Fiber. Instructions for washing and dry. The weight is 5.3 ounces and the length is 343 yards.

Brand: Lion Brand Yarn

👤The original display picture showed 3 rolls of yarn. I wouldn't have paid that much for a single roll. Not satisfied.

👤The yarn is soft and bright and it's nice to work with. Even in the dark!

👤The cake has a squishy texture with a denim color that works up into a stripes pattern. The Classic Beret pattern was originally written for Patons Kroy Socks yarn. I thought I'd have to make a lot of changes to get this yarn to work with the Patons 1-super fine pattern, but that wasn't the case. I was close to the gauge of the original pattern. I ordered the yarn because I liked the copper colors and thought it would work with the dem color. I'm surprised that the two yarns are close in gauge. The Patons is more like a 2 than a 3.

👤I bought it for 5 bucks. I thought it was for 3 balls. I need to finish the project. The price is too high.

👤This yarn is my new favorite. It is soft, good quality, works up nicely, and the colors are bright. The colors work well together and the pattern that was created is unique. I have worked with many different brands of yarn and this one is the best.

👤I used this yarn to make a scarf. The pattern was really lovely and was worked with 10 needles. The scarf can be worn several ways.

👤I made 2 scarves with this yarn. The yarn is soft and lovely. I decided to make a 2nd scarf because I liked how well the first one turned out. Wishing you a Merry Christmas, who will know who you are soon?

👤I used this for an afghan that I gave away, and I have bought more to make one for myself. The changing colors kept it from getting dull. I love this yarn.

👤Absolutely wonderful to work with. The colors are vibrant and soft. There were no knots in the cake. I will be buying more colors this year. Not sure how fast it is. I will wash in cold water.

👤I think the wool is thinner than aran. It's amazing to work with colour change. It was worth every penny.

👤I was expecting the wool to behave well, but when I crocheted up some squares with it, they were stiff. When sewing squares together the wool splits a lot, but it's still workable, it's just a little annoying. Even though it's stiff, the wool is still soft, and it had no problems with it when working with just a hook.

👤It is a little expensive but it is definitely worth it as it is not easily available where I am in the world. The balls are 150g and are beautiful to work with. The 5mm crochet hook is very soft and easy to work with.

👤The velvet texture and colors are beautiful.

5. HEART E300P 8536 Super Saver Pooling Papaya

HEART E300P 8536 Super Saver Pooling Papaya

It was easy to plan pooling. It was engineered so that color repeats are evenly dyed. Basic yarn is a must for home dec, charity and craft projects. The Red Heart Super Saver Yarn is made of red yarn.

Brand: Red Heart

👤First time to crochet with yarn pooling. After a few trials, it is easy to finish the scarf with 2 units of yarn. There are 6 colors in one cycle. I worked chain stain and single crochet on each row. To adjust the tightness of the yarn, you need to watch out for the pattern. The process is enjoyable.

👤I'm using Haute Pooling for a project. I used to create the pattern, and the yarn has worked as I had hoped.

👤You can color pool with this yarn. I bought it in two different colors and it works like any variegated yarn. You need to use a moss stitch. Any other pattern will not work. You can use any machine dyed variegated yarn to color pool, not just pooling yarn. If you keep the number of stitches the same for every color, that's good. Your yarn will pool if you match every other row to be one stitch off in color. It takes a bit of guess work to get the first four rows correct. I always start with the number of chains I need for what I want to make, complete halfway through the third row, count how many stitches my colors are off from the first row, frog to the chain, and add that. It should work out perfect.

👤The colors and texture are nice. I just got yarn for the first time and I don't think it's a good sale. I found more for four dollars and prime delivered so it is up to the consumer and I don't think I will order again unless it's four dollars.

👤The price has gone up more than other yarns. I hunted for this color for 3 months. It cost a lot more when everyone was out. I would like to know how many ounces are in Super Savers. You can see it if it's not listed or shown.

👤It was delivered in a timely manner. Well packaged. I would've had to drive an hour to get this yarn, but it was worth it for the convenience. The blanket is of the quality.

👤This was a great purchase. The colors are clear and sharp, the price is outstanding, and all the skeins were from the same dye lot.

👤I love red heart yarn, but I was disappointed in the one in the middle of the skein, it was very thin, but the skeins in the middle were very bright and beautiful.

6. Mira Handcrafts Assorted Colors Acrylic

Mira Handcrafts Assorted Colors Acrylic

Easy to use: Attach the metal table clamp to any table edge or surface up to a thickness of one inch, twist on the guide arm and start winding! These nifty gadgets don't require much to assemble. Approx. 40 ACRYLIC YARNS. Mini balls are 22 yards per skein, excellent for accent works, amigurumi, craft projects, granny squares, pompoms, crochet, and the yarn bundle includes 40 skeins. This rainbow yarn has 24 different colors and 16 duplicate of the most common ones, perfect for projects requiring multicolor yarn. There are 7 e-books with crochet yarn that include step by step guides and photos in PDF. The crochet knitting craft kit is ideal for beginners and kids because it is soft, strong and not that thick. It's suitable for beginners who want to get on the path of crafts, it's easy to work with, learn crochet and knit small yarn projects, and it's suitable for loom knitting and mini projects too.

Brand: Mira Handcrafts

👤I had to laugh at it. They make it sound like you're getting a good deal. It's funny. These are the smallest balls of yarn. I've never seen something like that before. Smaller than my scrap balls. I should have paid more attention to the yardage. They got me on this one. I'm not sending them back because they will work for my granny squares, and the yarn is ok, but just know that what you're getting is not what you're expecting.

👤I expected the yarn to be in larger rolls. The packet of yarn is next to my woman's size 7 slipper. The colors weren't consistent. I received two of the most colors, but four of others.

👤Not all are the same size.

👤It takes 7 balls to make a hat.

👤These are Akeems of yarn. Go for it if you need tiny bits for small projects. I was expecting double this size per Akeem and I am very disappointed that I wasted so much money on a small batches. Will not be ordering again. I posted a photo with a ruler so you can see how small these are.

👤This is a great set of clothes. The colors are not labeled. It seems to be a more generic set. I bought another assortment from another company and the skein colors are the same. I plan to use mine to make tiny baby hats to donate to hospitals for families who babies are born too soon to survive, so it is perfect for what I need it for. Bonbons are small and not meant for big projects if you are not familiar with them. The yarn is very soft. I will be ordering again.

👤Great for making small items. I made the amigurumi figures adorable. I need to make another order soon.

👤I wanted to use the yarn first on a small project for myself, so I purchased this bundle with some gift projects in mind. I looked through the books and found the owl. The yarn was soft and easy to use, and the colors are beautiful, even though the instructions were well written. The owl was a great first project for this yarn. I am confident that this yarn will work well for all of them, and I am excited to make the gifts I was planning now. I'm planning to purchase another bundle soon. There are just small amounts of certain colors needed for small amigurumi patterns. When I only need a few yards of different colors, I don't have to purchase a huge skein.

👤40 x 10g balls of yarn. I bought 2x packs of amigurami yarn which is ideal for crocheting. They are adorable. The colors are bright and gorgeous. Excellent quality yarn. It was easy to work with. No breaking or splitting. It's perfect for children, small craft projects or knitting and crochet items. I am very happy with my purchase and will definitely be buying more in the future, I loved these yarns and was about to subscribe and save them, but I realized the price had increased by nearly a 100%. I will not be buying them at this increased price as they are not worth the money. They were a great value pack of mini yarns. The quality of the yarn is not worth a double increase in cost. The ratings and comments in my original review were based on the purchase of these yarns, so I have not changed them.

7. Lion Brand Yarn 601 640 Bonbons

Lion Brand Yarn 601 640 Bonbons

TheCrochet tote bag is made from nylon fabric and is chemical-free. The bag is only a bag and the accessories are not depicted in the product images. They will make it right if you are not completely happy with your purchase. Bonbons has 8 miniature skeins of yarn, perfect for any project requiring multiple colors. Each pack is approximately 8.25 by 1 by 5.5 inches. These skeins of yarn measure 2 x 1 x 1 inches. Do not iron, dry clean or bleach any solvent. Except Trichloroethylene. Bonbons has 8 miniature skeins of yarn, perfect for any project requiring multiple colors. Do not bleach, dry flat, low iron, or clean any solvent. Except Trichloroethylene.

Brand: Lion Brand Yarn

👤People who do not knit have negative reviews about how small the balls are. You can get a skein of regular yarn for this price. Bonbon, search the images. They are usually chocolate covered. This yarn is named. It is great for accessories. It was nice to knit up. I am making ornaments and tags for Christmas. It's helpful to research the project you want to work on and then get yarn for it. It all works out.

👤I'm trying to pay it forward by writing a review of everything I buy. Some reviews are easier than others. You actually get more than you think. It's Lion Brand and they cost too much, but that's par for the course. It's worth noting that Crayons is thicker and fluffier than the other two. If you're combining yarn from different packages, be aware that Beach and Celebrate are narrower, smoother, and stringier than Crayons, which has more of a Red-Heart-style worsted weight and feel. It's not a big deal, but it's definitely something you'll notice while knitting, and if little details like that bug you, stick with a single.

👤Why didn't I read the reviews? I was in a hurry. I always check out what other people have to say before buying something. It was a big mistake. Maybe I should say a small mistake. I was looking for yarn to knit with. This stuff is called "barbie takes up knitting" This is like a thin string. Each skein is twice as big as a quarter. I put a quarter on top of the yellow one in the picture to make it easier to see. I'll be buying some human as size yarn when I return this. Before buying stuff, read the reviews.

👤I'm not complaining about the size of the yarn, I'm complaining about the quality of the yarn, and the consistency of the product in a single package. The yarn in my package is fuzzy and splitty. I would have guessed it was closer to fingering weight if I had seen it alone. I'm not the only one who finds it thin, as another review calls it. For comparison, the recommended hook size for Red Heart Super Saver yarn is three times as thick as this stuff. The knitting needle is small. There is not usually a difference between the suggested hook and needle sizes. If you use the recommended hook, you'll be left with a floppy disappointment. I'm including a picture of some of the red skein. The yarn is fuzzy and not out of focus. The inconsistency problem is now. I didn't think to take a photograph until after I'd used the red, but the second photo is of my little skeins. You can see from the product photo that they are not all the same size, but it's more obvious in my photo. The package says that each skein of yarn is 28 yards. The orange is larger than the others. The yellow didn't seem smaller than the red and light orange, but it had less yarn in it. I was able to get a nice 6-round granny square from both the red and the light orange, but the yellow skein came up short with half a round to go. I have been crocheting for 25 years. I'm not a new person. This is not an issue of tension that is inconsistent. There is an issue of inconsistent amounts of yarn. I was going to leave a three star rating until I ran out of yarn. The colors don't coordinate. I don't know if it's an issue across all the colors, but it is here. The red and purple are rich. The green and blue are similar. There are three neon colors, one of which is almost a pastel. Why are there two shades of orange? Neon and pastel orange is not red-orange or yellow-orange. I'll make it work since it was a gift on a holiday, but it's not something that's in keeping with the standards of design or color theory.

8. Lion Brand Yarn 217 607 Ferris

Lion Brand Yarn 217 607 Ferris

The weight is 5.3 ounces and the length is 590 yards. This yarn is lightweight, has beautiful self-striping colors, and is super soft. The cake has 270 yards, enough to make a scarf or hat. The CYC #4 Medium has 100% Acrylic Fiber. Instructions for washing and dry. The weight is 3 ounces and the length is 270 yards.

Brand: Lion Brand Yarn

👤I had to pull back some stitches to correct a mistake after I started crocheting with this yarn. I had to give up because the stitches wouldn't come out. I contacted Lion Brand through 2 emails, one of which generated a ticket which was closed without their contacting me. I called their customer service number multiple times during their business hours, but there was no response. The yarn and customer service was disappointing.

👤The yarn changes in thickness which affects your project.

👤I don't know what to think of this yarn. I don't want to take off a star for my personal preference, but it might be a 5 start product. I just needed a regular worsted weight yarn for the rug I bought it for. It isn't usable for what I wanted. It is very light and small. My problem is that it is fuzzy. If you have to frog it out, you should just cut it off and start over. If it tangles a little bit, it will attach itself to its own fibers, and what you thought was an impossible knot, are, at the center of the tangle, just two strands that have to be wrenched apart. It is pretty, but it doesn't fit my crochet. I have some knitting looms that can accommodate this. This will work great for me because I have a particular stitch in the loom that makes a thin yarn almost mandatory. I will not be returning it. It will make a great thin crocheted fabric, but stick to piece work that you can throw away if you have to. You can find a person that loves a challenge and can spend a half hour trying to make a row or two of crochet. Pros... good quality, light weight, soft. It was thinner than regular worsted and fuzzy enough to tangle. It will make an awesome double loom stitch fabric, but not for crochet.

👤I was excited to start my project with this yarn. It is the worst novel ever. The stupid yarn gets twisted up so you have to be careful. I've tried all the tricks in the book. The yarn is not as soft as it is described. It is hard to work with. If I'm working with it for a long time, it hurts my hands. I dread working with this yarn because I cannot wait for this project to be over.

👤This was the first yarn I've purchased and I was very impressed. It's easy to crochet with. The fibers don't shed while I'm working on a pattern. I will buy this again because of the variegated colors. The yarn is thin and I needed that for my pattern.

👤Where to start with this yarn. The coloring is good. That's where this ends. This yarn is not close to a medium weight yarn and fuzzies that are very fast. The only reason it gets 2 stars is because of the coloring and softness. I ordered 3 of them and they were not recommended for another buy.

9. Bernat Softee Baby Yarn Solid

Bernat Softee Baby Yarn Solid

Content is 100% acrylic. The ball size solids are 140g / 5 oz, 331 meters / 362 yards, and the Ombres are 120g / 4.25 oz. The knitting gauge is 22 sts and 30 rows. 16 sc and 19 rows with a 4mm crochet hook. Machine wash and dry.

Brand: Bernat

👤The yarn was purchased to make a baby blanket. I have purchased Bernat Softee Baby Yarn many times. This skein had three knots in it. I had to hide them. Bernat sent me replacements for the Antique White Baby Yarn that I had an issue with. I will not be buying this brand again.

👤I used to use Caron yarn for a baby blanket, but now I use Bernat yarn because it is much nicer. Bernat baby blanket is perfect because it is softer and a better quality yarn.

👤I loved this yarn. It's soft and well-packaged. I used the pink and white baby yarn to make a toddler hat. I doubled it because it's a light #3 yarn. 2 strands were used for the body of the hat. The yarn was not doubled.

👤When I got this yarn, I thought it would be great for making a sweater for my granddaughter. I wish I'd tried to roll it into the ball, because it's all snarled and knotty. The pictures show the fourth knot that I found when trying to roll this yarn into a ball. What a mess. I have wasted my money because I am beyond the return date.

👤I wanted to make a baby gift with this yarn. I ended up with a bowl of spaghetti after the skein started out perfectly. I spent 6 hours trying to untangle the mess. That's the reason for the low rating. I haven't used Bernat yarn in years and don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but I thought others should know my experience. I had to cut the knot out and tie the ends together. There were places where the yarn was worn through.

👤I bought this in April to have a baby blanket. I thought it was me but it was the yarn. It is soft but shreds! It comes together in many places. You can see the knot on the project because the pieces are tied together. I couldn't find the end piece and it has become a mess. There were no problems when you started a new roll from a different brand.

👤We wanted to match the color "light red", which is halfway between salmon and red. The yarn is a little bit more pink than we were hoping for, but it's close enough. The texture is very soft. The thickness is fine for our use, which is to make a blanket stitch in a contrasting color around a couple of couch throws. I'm not sure if this is a little thinner than normal yarn, but it's not dramatically so.

👤I used less than a third of the yarn and have two broken sections. I have never used this brand and type before so I don't know if I received bad yarn or if it is a normal problem. I didn't return it because I am making a stuffed animal and it is easy to hide. It would have gone back if this had been for something else.

10. Caron Cakes Striping 10 5oz Nightberry

Caron Cakes Striping 10 5oz Nightberry

The crochet gauge is 7 sets and 8 rows. Fiber: 100% Acrylic Worsted. Each cake is 10 ounces. 4” square on US 8 (5mm) needles is the knitting gauge. A square is 4” on a US H-8 (5mm) hook. All your projects are easy to care for because they are machine washed and dryable.

Brand: Caron Yarns

👤This brand and type of yarn is my favorite. I only order yarn online when I am in bed. The price of these yarns can be triple what it is in most stores.

👤I love yarn cakes. They have the same amount of cakes as normal size cakes and the colors blend well.

👤Don't buy this yarn. I thought the first roll was bad luck. The teal blue bled into the lighter colors in spots, making the whole blanket look spotty. The second cake was worse than the first. So sad. My granddaughter was going to be the beneficiary of this blanket. It was a lot of work and not a good result.

👤I crocheted an Afghan that called for two big cakes, so I bought two of them. The first big cake was very proportional and pleasant, only one knot, and uniform texture. The speckling was fun. The second cake was different. It started out okay, and to continue my striping I had to do a little of my own cutting, which was easy to hide on this afghan, but soon the color pools were all out of whack, and color transitions were abrupt rather Han thoughtfully blended. I had to work in the yarn I had trimmed off at the beginning of the second half after the knots came. The yarn became thin and stiff as it became saturated with dye. I hope it will sort itself out with washing, because that persisted for longer than I wanted. You can't tell by looking at the finished product, but it didn't feel good. I am happy enough to make one for my daughters, but I would probably look for a different gift for an adult.

👤I fell in love with the yarns when I first saw them. The colors were great. I was going to make six blankets for Christmas. Three of the blankets are made with double yarn, using a variegated Caron yarn and a solid Heart color. The three others were not made with any other yarn. The smaller blankets for the baby and toddlers are the three Caron Cake blankets. The yarn would be tied together in several places throughout the skein, which was an issue that I kept running into. It was what I would think of as normal in a few skeins. If necessary, maybe two or three times. Several of the skeins were tied together multiple times. There were some knots that were very close together. I don't like having to hide, or trying to hide, a bunch of knots in my blankets. You want something to be beautiful when you work so hard on it. The yarn was easy to work with and the finished result is beautiful.

👤I like big cakes from Caron. The blanket was made using two different colors. The value is great and it is soft after being washed. I highly recommend.

👤This yarn was used to make a blanket. It is very easy to crochet. I have washed it a few times and it is as new as can be.

11. Revolution Fibers Recycled Bundle Pre Wound

Revolution Fibers Recycled Bundle Pre Wound

How to wash and dry. The silk is very soft. To make sure that anything you make with this yarn lasts long, hand wash it in warm water with gentle detergent, and lay it flat to dry. There are two balls of 100% recycled Sarai Silk. Their balls are made from sari fabric ribbon scraps. This silk is hand-torn, sewn together and then hand-spun in order to give it a new life. Every ball of yarn has a different color pattern and no two hanks are the same, but they all come in unique and vibrant colors. 100 grams per ball. The silk fiber has a thickness that can vary from sport weight to the worst saried weight. The yarn is 100gr in length. Crafts made from sari silk yarn feel soft and textured. Bring a bohemian edge to your craft projects with Knit, Weave, or Needle FELT. There are a variety of sari silk projects, from scarves, clothing, and purses, to throws and even jewelry. The hook size is I, J, K. How to wash and dry. The silk is very soft. To make sure that anything you make with this yarn lasts long, hand wash it in warm water with gentle detergent, and lay it flat to dry.

Brand: Revolution Fibers

👤I was disappointed when I opened the package. I knew it would have to be used for something stiff. I made a small sling purse for the summer. The color is COLOR. The colors are bright, but the outside of the ball is a combination of orange, fuchsia, lime, and dark green. The center of the ball was a different color scheme of baby pink, purple, neon yellow, turquois, white and red. What? I stopped crocheting because it would have looked ugly. I thought the picture in the listing was attractive and that this is a combination of many colors. It would be nice if the 2 skeins were the same. Some places are as thin as sport weight. I don't mind a little variation, but it's too much. You have to work to smooth it out because there are many places with bunches. If you are a crocheter, you will be able to make a large fabric. Softness varied wildly, with some places very soft. TWIST: The yarn is twisted so tightly that it rolls back into itself in loops. I stopped every half row, stood up, and tried to untwist it, 6 feet at a time. I like to work quickly, but I will invest the extra energy if the end product is good. I said this is too much to deal with when I reached a new color scheme. I'm returning it. I pay $26 for 100 gram balls of yarn. Superb quality is what I expect. This is a failure.

👤The photos of the yarn make it look larger than it is, but the colors are beautiful. The size of the yarn skein is 2oz. I put some photos of the difference in size between 6oz and 2oz skeins compared to the recycled sari yarn so you can see if this amount is worth the price. Good luck!

👤I started to make a purse after buying this. Its colorful and unique. The twist is not set or overspun. I'm not upset about it because it looks cool to have little twists in your work. It's thickness varies from worsted to fingering weight, which makes me worry about its strengh. To make sure I held the two skeins together as I crocheted it, no breaks so far.

👤I used the sari yarn I bought from another vendor to weave. The product was bought with the idea of doing another weaving, but it couldn't be used effectively because of the thickness of the yarn. I tried knitting a scarf with it and it has a very unusual look. I'm not sure if it's attractive, but it's interesting and unique. It's not clear what the best use is for this yarn.

👤The yarn is not attractive when crocheted.

👤bunches of fiber make a lump It is listed as 100 yards in some places and 80 in others. I wanted to use it to make a scarf, but it is too soft. I think it's ok for a weaving project. I haven't done weaving in 50 years. The colors are pretty but not user friendly.


What is the best product for cake yarn 3 pkg?

Cake yarn 3 pkg products from Rrigo. In this article about cake yarn 3 pkg you can see why people choose the product. Knit Picks and Inscraft are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake yarn 3 pkg.

What are the best brands for cake yarn 3 pkg?

Rrigo, Knit Picks and Inscraft are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake yarn 3 pkg. Find the detail in this article. Lion Brand Yarn, Red Heart and Mira Handcrafts are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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