Best Cake Yarn Bags

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1. SumDirect Knitting Organizer Portable Accessories

SumDirect Knitting Organizer Portable Accessories

It's easy to curse. You can wear it over the shoulder or across the body, depending on how you want to carry it. A must-have gift for a knitting enthusiast. The handle makes it easy to carry. It's convenient to carry around or fold your bag. A great gift for anyone who likes to take projects on car trips, social meetings, and crocheting. It's large enough to carry your thread wool yarn, unfinished project and knitting supplies. The 4 holes on the top of the yarn keep it separated. This yarn storage bag is perfect for you, it's perfect for crocheting wherever you go, and it's comfortable to hang from your wrist. There are wonderful gifts for knitting enthusiast. There are lots of spaces for different colors of yarn, unfinished projects, ultimate guide, knitting needles, crochet hooks, wallet, phone and more. The package includes 9.84inch x 9.84inch x 5.51inch / 15.16 oz. A bag for knitting. The yarn bag, yarn and other accessaries are not included in the parcel.

Brand: Sumdirect

👤This isn't a bad bag for the price. It is not as large as it appears. It's quite small. If you use hooks with wide handles, it's not very practical to hold crochet hooks. They don't fit under the elastics where they show crochet hooks. The elastic is too big if you use the smooth handle. I don't think it's better for knitting for the same reasons. The places for the knitting needles are small, so forget it. It was too small.

👤This bag is amazing. There are a lot of reviews for how small it is. Here's the thing! It still has a lot of stuff. It holds my needles and hooks. Over the years, I have collected a lot. Two smaller projects are inside. I haven't added skeins yet because I'm waiting on more for my projects, but I will be able to get some of those in the bag. The bag decals are cute. Must purchase! Great price!

👤I use this in my crocheting. I thought the holes in the top would be where I could leave the yarn and pull it up from the case... I put the skein in the ball as is, so it might need to be in a ball. The yarn will not move from place to place if a ball works in there. I love the color of the zip up bag.

👤I used a small bag. I didn't need any needle/hook compartments on the back. I tacked the top edge of the pleats to create a large pocket. I have a pattern book there. Works well!

👤The dimensions of the bag are 9x9x5 and there was some discoloration around the corners of the front pocket. I will be returning the bag for something that is more practical for me. TheDR was smaller than anticipated but still usable.

👤I don't like that knitting bags are large and heavy. This one is very similar to the prom queen of knitting bags. I don't feel like a bag lady when I rush where ever I go. The bag has a lot of pockets. I have plenty of yarn, needles, accessories, and a project I am working on. It fits under the seat in front of me and next to my purse. Score!

👤I need a measuring tape at my desk. The end side of the paper is what they hold up. I don't know why I didn't know that. This is a huge disappointment for me. I won't use it for yarn because it won't fit.

👤The picture is not real. I thought it would be a lot bigger. It's the size of a lunch box. I really like using it now. It can fit about 4 skanes. I was hoping that it would allow me to work on what I'm working on inside, but not so much.

👤This bag keeps my knitting equipment neat and tidy. There is plenty of room for knitting needles, crochet hooks, needles and yarn. There is still plenty of space in this place, and I keep plastic eyes and noses for dolls here. The bag straps are small and can only carry the bag in hand, so a shoulder strap would have been nice.

2. BarvA Crocheting Organizer Embroidery Accessory

BarvA Crocheting Organizer Embroidery Accessory

To bamboo red bowl, stitch marker, throw machine, countertop yellow dish, clearance plate, umbrella, scissors, wheel, grey bag, olive maxi caddy, silver tube, brown acrylic frame, dark rack, fabric linen cutter, gray divider box. If you are not entirely happy with your purchase, they will replace or refund it. If you have any problems, contact them immediately. The twine string is tall. A roller set with a twister. The project supply includes lace, macrame, and stuffing. A novelty anniversary present. Women, grandma, auntie, wife, grandmother, birthday idea. You can work wherever you please. It is possible to save time and money by holding everything in one place. Two long sticks are upright spinners. A tunic, hat, cardigan, tank, turtleneck, hoody, pants, skirt, blouse, sport dress, blazer, sweater, sock, beanie, scarf are basic needs. A twisted arm weaving device. There is natural organic material. The perfect combination of Solid and Stability is now possible. Mom housewarming device, needlepoint notion, baby blanket essential. The wood pound bobbin keeper is handmade. The butler is weighted. Medium bulk carrier. It's comfortable for knitting. Will serve you for a long time. A handy starter, household bundle product, and looming hobby thing. The tapestry cone protector is in the color pack. The solution was organized. To a black tote. Jersey, velvet, silk, alpaca, cotton, nylon, fleece, hemp separator. It looks more expensive than it costs. To bamboo red bowl, stitch marker, throw machine, countertop yellow dish, clearance plate, umbrella, scissors, wheel, grey bag, olive maxi caddy, silver tube, brown acrylic frame, dark rack, fabric linen cutter, gray divider box. If you are not entirely happy with your purchase, they will replace or refund it. If you have any problems, contact them immediately.

Brand: Barva

👤I have been using this a lot since I bought it. It is very sturdy and easy to turn on. The only time I had an issue with pulling it over was when I had a yarn ball with a hole too small to let the yarn sit all the way on the base. If you are winding your own yarn, wrap a 1/2 inch piece of pipe around it. I bought the double because it was cheaper than the single, and I am glad I did because I use both of them a lot. I thought the spindles would be screwed in, but this is much better. I have seen a lot of questions about whether this works with center-pull skeins, and of course it does, because all center-pull skeins can be pulled from the outside, too. This eliminates the need to pull from the center, and it should work for most sizes and shapes of skeins.

👤I love my spinning yarn holders. They hold all sizes of yarn, so I don't have to worry about unraveling it by hand. They are recommended to everyone who uses yarn.

👤I agreed to make a lace veil for a friend's kid out of 2 different coned threads. It was going to be very annoying to complete if I didn't have a double spindled holder. I am grateful that this worked out for me. I had some issues. The holder is really large. I put it on a no skid mat and it didn't help. I have to figure something out before I use it again. I spent a lot of time rearranging the base because I am a fast knitter. You need to pull thread or tarn pretty gently if you want the spindles to stay attached to the base. This only works with open topped cones. I needed to use one of the threads on a closed top cone. I had to cut the top off to fit on the machine. I am responsible for not knowing that but something to be aware of. I got my project done on time and it worked well once I got both cones on. My husband came up with a solution to hold it in place. If you pull on the thread too hard, it will skate around.

👤The BarvA double spindle yarn holder has pros and cons. It was finished without any problems so no worries. The balls of yarn can be inserted through the center of the ball with the help of the tall spindles. The yarn holder is out of serious consideration because of the cons. It is not weighted and will pull off any surface it is on. The seating has spindles that fall out. Even after watching a video in which the holder was taped to her table. I thought it would work if I sat on the floor. It did not. The spindles come out of the base. I would return if it weren't so important. I can only give 1 star since the finish and size of the spindles don't outweigh the flimsiness. There are better double yarn spindles on the internet. It is better to spend your money there.

3. Knitting Organizer Projects Circular Accessories

Knitting Organizer Projects Circular Accessories

The package includes 9.84inch x 9.84inch x 5.51inch / 15.16 oz. A bag for knitting. The yarn bag, yarn and other accessaries are not included in the parcel. The large crochet tote is large enough to hold all your crochet hooks, yarn bowls, knitting looms, circular needles, yarn and other knitting accessories. The clear plastic flap on top makes it easy to find what is inside without opening the bag. The fabric exterior and well-padded semi-flexible covers offer great protection for your items, with six separate knitting bag compartments for holding multiple skeins of yarn separately and tidily. The main compartment has enough space for storing unfinished projects and skeins, as well as all size crochet hooks and accessories, and a back pocket that fits books or patterns. The knitting bag has a sturdy handle and shoulder strap that makes it easy to grab and go when on a trip or visit to a crochet group.

Brand: Procase

👤Yes! This thing is amazing. I was looking at a competitor's knitting bag on Amazon, and kept having a hard time justifying $60+ dollars just so I could get the bag with the lid. I am glad I did my due diligence and found this perfect. Everything I was looking for was in a knitting bag. It is well made and feels sturdy. There are a lot of details that show how well thought out this was, such as the pass-through design of the clear divider that includes a clear pouch, and tons and tons of pockets and storage options. When I travel, I can keep everything in here, because I have room left over. There is lots of space for multiple skeins of yarn in the bag with two open pockets on either side and a two-part lid. I have a knitting board that doesn't fit, but it pokes out the part that is zippered, and that has been fine with me. Everything else is secure and where I left it. I wish there was a more durable bottom to the bag and a piece of Velcro or a magnet that would keep the bag open when I want to open it. I take my bag everywhere and when I'm low on space, it's nice to know that the top isn't flapping around taking up extra. I take this camping with me, but I want a more durable bottom, so far I have had no issues with it being durable. The only con I can think of is that the topmost lid can sometimes be difficult to open, but it has not been an issue. I have attached some pictures to show size and layout. You will not regret this purchase.

👤After seeing it in person, I decided I needed one of my own. It's the best purchase ever. The fabric loosened up after a few uses, and the zippers were a little stiff, but after that they glide very smoothly. I can fit yarn and my project in the main compartment, as well as my hooks, scissors, needles, measuring tape and tools in the front, safety eyes and noses in a side pocket, and all the wires fit in. I have been without it for a long time. Everything is organized. I am able to put my food, drinks, and wallet in the back pocket. There are many places to put stuff. Highly recommended!

👤This bag is not as large as the other bags, but it is still sturdy. Size does matter here. If I knew the bag was smaller and the pockets were cramped, I would have bought a bigger bag or two for less money. The pockets are not really pockets. They're just flimsy, so be careful not to tangle your yarn ends. The other bags were similar. I sewed them closed at the bottoms. I can't do that with this one because of how it's made. The larger section of the bag that is supposed to hold extra skeins or smaller finished projects is smaller than the other section.

4. HOMEST Oversized Grommets Organizer Drawstring

HOMEST Oversized Grommets Organizer Drawstring

It's perfect for celebrating both kids and adults on a birthday. This yarn on the go bag is large enough to hold yarn skeins and all your notions, so you can enjoy knitting and crocheting while traveling. It is easy to carry with a handle or shoulder strap. The lightweight design makes it easy to move your craft room. You can pack up to knitting groups quickly with the wide opening on top. Large capital: It's great for larger projects that require many balls of wool, so you don't have to choose which project to take with you. tangling isn't a concern anymore with the spacious main compartment and individual inner pockets for yarns. The side pockets are great for things like needles and crochet hooks. The knitting needles won't bend or poke you thanks to the increased height. There is a fishing boat with 6 oversized trout. The 7th yarn hole can be used with the drawstring top closed. As you crochet tunisian simple stitch, keep the yarns clean and tangle-free. The knitting bag is made with durable material and can serve you for many years. Keeping hands and paws out of the way. They will make it right if you are not completely happy with your purchase.

Brand: Homest

👤I was disappointed when I received this bag. HOMEST replaced the item and gave me a partial refund. The customer service rep, Josie, was great and followed through to make sure I received the correct product and that I was happy with the resolution. The bag is extra large so it will hold large projects, such as an afghan. The bag is easy to locate. There are multiple pockets, inside and out, to make sure you have enough storage for everything. As advertised, it has grommets. The customer service was great and exceeded my expectations. Thank you for your patience and understanding. You did a great job and I am very happy with you. The Amazon description says 6 grommets and a top to use as a 7th. This is a bag with a top. Not as advertised, so will come back.

👤I got this crochet tote today and I am in love with it. The fabric on the inside is slick and allows your yarn to roll easily as you work. I took pictures next to a standard pillow and a 5Quart mixing bowl to show the perspective of height and circumference. It is large. The image is only half full. I left room at the top to store my work. The bag is very sturdy, but I only have it for a few hours. If it breaks quickly, I will update my review, but if it hasn't been updated in a while, I assume it's still going strong. I crossed my fingers. It was worth every penny.

👤I have received many positive comments on my new bag. My sister got a print after seeing my bag. My daughter wants a similar one. It has a lot of pockets to hold yarn, needles, books and other items. It is easy to use and well made. You will love it when you get it. The small bag holds 3 small skeins and I love the holes in it that allow you to feed your yarn through. It keeps your yarn free of dust. The large bag holds 6 skeins of worsted yarn in pockets with grommets and leaves room in the middle for a larger pattern book. It's nice if you like to work with many colors. It was wonderful to find it on Amazon.

👤I was excited to receive this bag, but I was disappointed when I opened it. The bag I received did not have the advertised 6 over sized grommets. My bag is made of thin and flimsy material, the fabric on the picture is thick and sturdy. I don't recommend. Depending on how busy the post office is tomorrow, I will either return or throw away.

👤I have been waiting for this yarn bag for a long time. It is not meant to work with cake style yarn rolls, but I am still giving it 5 stars because the cat has not been able to tangle it up. When working with multiple strands they are easily separated and stored to prevent tangles.

5. Hoshin Knitting Capacity Organizer Portable

Hoshin Knitting Capacity Organizer Portable

The dimensions are 11.5" x6" x6". It's easy to take your yarn and tools with you when you visit friends. The knitting bag has an inside compartment for putting an unfinished project and 6 small compartments for skeins. You can thread yarn through the 6 grommets on top. 3 sets of straps keep yarn in place when not in use. KEEP your crochet tools in one place, with a large pocket with elastic loops for putting knitting or crocheting accessories, 2 side and back pouch to store ultimate guide, knitting supplies, phone etc. You'll have everything on hand because tools are easy to find and store. The flexible and clear cover of the bag allows you to see what is inside without opening it. You can put your unfinished projects in the bag without having to cut the yarn. The yarn organizers are made from strong denim on the outside, a nylon lining and cotton. It's lightweight, durable and multi-functional makes it ideal for crocheting. It's easy to curse. You can wear it over the shoulder or across the body, depending on how you want to carry it. A must-have gift for a knitting enthusiast.

Brand: Hoshin

👤I have had this bag for a day and I love it. I have many types of crochet bags, but this one is my favorite. It's large enough to hold 6 skeins of yarn, and I'm working on a bulky lap blanket with room to spare. I've been struggling with this project in other bags or plastic tub, but this keeps everything neat and organized. It's next to my couch and doesn't take much room. Storage for knitting needles and crochet hooks, plus accessories with just the front and top pocket. I haven't used the sides or back pockets, but they could hold a sm/med book or pattern print outs. The crochet hook slots were not compatible with the long knitting needles I had. They will fit in any of the other pockets. It is a deep red color. It would be fine for a man or woman to see it in my phone camera. It has a shoulder strap for travel. The bag is light and stood up on its own after I fluffed it out. When not in use, can collapse back down for easy storage. I'm pretty sure this one earned a permanent spot next to the couch.

👤It is a keeper, but not for travel. This item is too heavy for me to carry around and the size is too small. For the good stuff. It is made of heavy material. Two of the four sides have storage pockets. There are two smaller pockets inside the big pocket that hold 15 crochet hooks. It has a full cover zip around on top with holes in it for yarn to pass through. When you put your project in the bag, there is a slot for it to connect to the yarn. There is a small pocket on the top that holds knitting needles. The yarn would feed through the holes in the box. The bottom of the sections are open. There is room for a pattern or book. The designer of this item must have been a needle worker. It is alone even when it is empty. There is also a shoulder strap. Time will tell if it is durable.

👤The knitting bag is exactly what I was looking for. I can store yarn for more than one project, as well as the project itself. There is a place to keep books and patterns, and handy outside pockets on all 4 sides. There is a pocket in the bag for crochet hooks, knitting needles, stitch counters and other small items. I can carry my needle work projects in a single bag. It is made with quality materials. I am sure whoever designed this bag knew a few things about what a crocheter needs to store needed items in one place. The shoulder strap will be useful when traveling in our RV; otherwise the handles are all I use at home. This bag is perfect for storing your crochet and knitting items. I would like to update my experience with the bag. I bought it 2 years ago. I like the size and space for yarn and projects. One of the snaps on the bag came out of the plastic. The decorative button cannot be attached to the magnetic part. I am not happy with the way the top looks now. I tried to get in touch with the company, but haven't been successful.

6. Premier Knitting Yarn Birthday 3 Skein

Premier Knitting Yarn Birthday 3 Skein

The weight is 7oz/200g and the length is 358m. The bundle includes a project bag. This is the description. The yarn is designed to create wide stripes in a regular repeat, without the tedium of weaving in all those ends, and each ball contains two complete repeats of the stripe pattern. The weight is 4 and the putup is 5oz/140g. On size US9/6mm knitting needles, Suggested crochet hook size USI/5.5mm. Skeins in the same Factory-Pack share the same dye lot, when buying multiple bags they try but are not always able to match Dye Lots; Care: machine wash, tumble dry, do not bleach, do not iron, do not dry clean. The Artsiga Crafts Project Bag is 13 x 16 inches and has a drawstring for easy closure and shoulder straps for easy carry-on and keeping projects on-the-go.

Brand: Premier Yarns

👤I like the self striping pattern. I needed to finish a project and ordered it from Amazon.

👤It's a great place to get yarn. The orders came with a bag. Thanks.

👤I have used yarn from Sweet Roll before. It is a great yarn to work with.

👤It was described. Well packaged. It was on time.

👤It arrived before the scheduled time.

👤It is easy to work with good quality.

👤It was worth the value, but a little smaller than I expected. Can you make a baby blanket?

👤Love the color scheme. All from the same lot.

👤There were so many knots. Will not buy again. I read the reviews before I bought, which were all good, but I'm not buying from here again because I just got a bad bunch.

7. Hallmark Plastic Birthday Birthdays Parties

Hallmark Plastic Birthday Birthdays Parties

The yarn holder for knitting will be free for a year. The gift bag is large by 56" high. It's perfect for holding large, hard-to-wrap gifts like bedding sets, stuffed animals, toy trucks, home décor and more. A jumbo gift bag has a colorful "Happy Birthday" lettering with balloons, presents and slices of cake on a blue background. Purchase includes a gift bag with a matching gift tag and red cord to close the present. It's perfect for celebrating both kids and adults on a birthday.

Brand: Hallmark

👤It made gift wrapping easy and painless. It comes with a gift tag. It was larger than expected. I folded the extra bag underneath and taped it to keep it's form and look pretty, even though it was a little larger than I needed it for. I'm very happy with this purchase because it's reuseable and I'm hoping to use it again. The quality of the wrapping material from Hallmark is very good. I used this to wrap a children's battery operated quad.

👤I needed large bags to wrap my husband's gifts. The bag was used for a 34 inch curved monitor because of its packaging. The tie and bag are nice. It is thick enough to hide the details from an adult but not from children. There are rows of holes in the bag. It should be listed in the description if this is normal. I didn't realize that some tissue paper would be needed for this. It's for an adult present and should be re-usable for at least a couple of years. If you need to account for packaging, you should order a bigger monitor than the actual present.

👤I don't want to spend hours wrapping gifts for my kids at Christmas. I called it a Santa Sack because I put all of their presents in them. There was room for 6 gifts in the bags, with room to spare. I put a bow on it. It worked out great.

👤The bag is colorful, decent thickness and perfect for birthday gifts. The bag was sealed in a package. There were two rip in the material when I opened the bag. The rips were not as noticeable when I tied it off. The gift was for my son and he will not care about the top. I would be disappointed if this gift were for someone else.

👤This thing is large. The reviews say it's huge. I thought it was big. But no. It's really, really big. I jammed it full of my daughter's gifts because I got this instead of wrapping them. She said it was better to not have to unwrap gifts on her birthday. From now on, we will be purchasing these every year. It's funny. It saves time and mess. And it's disposable. I won't have to buy another one because it was durable and didn't tear. I love it!

👤The bag is of good quality. It is larger than a standard trash bag. It smelled like Chicken Top Ramen, but I sprayed it with perfume and it fixed it. It did a good job and was worth the money.

👤I could not find an oversized bag. I almost fell inside when I opened it. I put the item inside and used more tissue paper after rolling it down to the floor. I left a lot of the bag unused after tying it shut. The plastic is not strong. I wouldn't recommend a heavy item.

👤I did not receive the correct bag. I was really disappointed in that. I got a happy birthday one and a flowery one. I was going to take it to a party, but I got it the day before. There is no time to exchange. I was so embarrassed that I had to take that to the party. It's really hard. The bag is nice. Sturdy, huge. It was too big. The top was cut down. If they had sent the correct one, I would have been very happy.

8. Knitting Storage Crocheting Anywhere Accessories

Knitting Storage Crocheting Anywhere Accessories

There is a match per bag of 3 balls. The bag can be your constant companion. The yarn bag has a handle and shoulder strap that will allow you to knit wherever you sit. The container is a conduit craft bag. If you're fed up with searching for stray needles and chasing unspooled threads, this yarn holder has 7 pockets to neatly hold all your knitting and crochet supplies in one place. There is a superficial interference. The perfect solution for knitters and crocheters working on multiple projects at once is the 10.3" D x 11.8" H yarn organizers, which can hold up to 10 skeins of wool. The 4 handy slits at the top of this yarn storage organizer allow you to feed wool at the perfect tension, without any tangles. The Chalet Gifts are made of cheese. When the season of gift giving is large, treat yourself or surprise a creative with one of these crochet bags. They make great gifts.

Brand: Becraftee

👤One day, my husband was in the living room and he said, "I'm glad you crochet and that it keeps you busy and all, but does your stuff need to be everywhere?" It's taking over the entire room! He was correct. My stuff is on the coffee table, the end table next to the sofa, and a wicker basket on the floor, since I usually work while watching TV. I went to Amazon to see what I could find after I decided it was time to get organized. I had no idea there was anything better than an old fashioned, open-topped knitting basket. I knew I had to have this bag. It has helped me cut down on mycluttering. The bag is portable and holds a lot of yarn. I have a bag stuffed with two regular sized skeins, two "pound" skeins, and several smaller balls, and I am working on an afghan. There are small pockets that are perfect for organizing crochet hooks, a wider pocket that I'm using for scissors and stitch markers, and an even wider pocket that's perfect for holding printed instructions. Some people mentioned in their reviews that the zippers were sticking, but I haven't had any issues with them. I didn't detect any strange odors coming from the bag. The bag is sturdy and soft. It doesn't slump even without yarn in it. It stands up well. I don't know how to explain how awesome this bag is, I didn't know how much I needed it until I got it. Highly recommended.

👤There is an update. The original review is below. I'm changing my rating from 5 to 3 stars because I've used the bag for a couple of projects. The bag has no structure. Even with yarn in it, it collapses on itself and doesn't stand up, even though my photos show it empty. It's hard for yarn to get through the top slot as you work. I'm looking for a way to make it stand upright. The bag is getting donated because it's too much of a pain to use, if I can't figure out a way to do that. I needed a bag to hold my yarn while I was working, and this fit the bill. It's nice to have the strap, but I don't usually carry my projects with me. The pockets are used for holding needles and hooks. I'm satisfied with the bag.

👤I wanted a way to carry my knit projects. Two cats look at my yarn with amusement. They want to get their paws and claws on the yarn. This is a great solution. It helps avoid knitting with fur. The yarn is fur free. Fur is inevitable between two cats and a dog. The bag was more expensive than the other one I looked at. I'm happy I got this one. It was well packaged and arrived quickly. Just as described. I thought it would be smaller. The dimensions are accurate, but I didn't realize I could put a lot of stuff in there until I got it. Sometimes I take a project with me. I like the strap on this bag. It does not scream "craft bag". The sides of the bag are strong. It's still soft sided, but it keeps its shape. The smell of a new item was not very strong. Looks good, feels good. There are pockets on the outside.

9. Knitting Bag Yarn Storage Accessories

Knitting Bag Yarn Storage Accessories

It's easy to converse. You can wear it over the shoulder or across the body, depending on how you want to carry it. A must-have gift for a knitting enthusiast. knitting a few projects simultaneously is not a problem with the CRAFTISS yarn storage bag. Their crochet bag is made of natural material and free of bad or chemical smell. The knitting project bag can be used to store unfinished items. You get a free knitting accessories case with their crochet bags and totes organizers. The yarn holder for knitting will be free for a year.

Brand: Craftiss

👤The knitting bag is made to fit my needs as a knitter. The large slit on top is large enough to pull skeins of yarn through while you're working on a project, so you aren't tethered to the bag with your scarf. The bag doesn't have enough strength to stand on its own, so I gave it four stars instead of five. The main problem is that the dividers don't connect in any way to the bag, so they tend to fold up if you aren't stuffing your bag with yarn. I used a needle and thread to tack the top parts of the divider in place. The outside pockets on the bag are nice to use. I like being able to put my knitting gloves in the sides. The bag holds up well to washing, as a tragic incident involving a nervous chihuahua and a full bladder created a test I hadn't expected the bag to undergo. This is worth it for the price. The yard feeding through the top holes is a great way to keep everything nice and easy to carry. There's plenty of room to stuff this bag full because of the turquoise color.

👤I read the negative reviews after I ordered the bag, and I was afraid of what I would get. I was happy I didn't cancel. The purple color is a bit darker than the picture shows. The outside pockets are large enough to hold smaller projects. I currently have 6 standard size skeins in it and an accessory bag, which is a decent size. I like the fact that the divider is replaceable. I can take it out if it becomes annoying. Being able to close the lid is a great feature of my dogs. It's perfect for keeping their fur off my projects. One review said it had a strong smell, but I did not. Good price and good quality. I'm happy I got it.

👤The pros are 1. It holds a lot of yarn. 2. The balls of yarn are kept untangled. 3. There are lots of pockets outside. It's not crowded to hold my yarn, project, phone, tablet, hooks, bottle of water and other items. The company gave me a free 1-year warranty. The handle and straps are attached to the lid, so you can only move it if the top is closed. I keep the lid open because it's annoying when I want to just move a short distance and either have to zip it shut or carry it by the sides. 2. They don't stay "open" on their own. If any of the sections are empty, the others are close by. 3. I am trying to think of a way to give more structure to the bag without having to rely on the divider. I'm happy with it.

👤The bag is roomy enough, but it is cheap and doesn't line up with the top openings. The biggest issue I have with this bag is the horrible smell of pesticides. When I took it out of its packaging, the smell was so strong that it made my eyes watery. It makes one wonder what kind of material the bag is made from and what it has been exposed to. I will be sending the bag back to Amazon, instead of having a yarn bag made by an artisan.

10. Knitting Leudes Organizer Resistant Accessories

Knitting Leudes Organizer Resistant Accessories

To bamboo red bowl, stitch marker, throw machine, countertop yellow dish, clearance plate, umbrella, scissors, wheel, grey bag, olive maxi caddy, silver tube, brown acrylic frame, dark rack, fabric linen cutter, gray divider box. If you are not entirely happy with your purchase, they will replace or refund it. If you have any problems, contact them immediately. The dimensions are: 32*21*40 cm / 12.5*8*15.75 in. There is a patent pending. The storage capacity of the Yarn Storage Organizer is 25 liters. The crochet/knitting backpack bag is great for larger projects that require numerous balls of wool, which is loaded with spacious main compartment for unfinished projects and individual 6 interior pockets with matching holes on the side to prevent skeins of yarn from tangling. Pets can't get in because the holes are stiff. 2 inner pockets with elastic straps fit up to 14” knitting needles and 3 clear PVC inner pockets allow you to put your daily necessities. Front pouch with elastic loops for crochet hooks and accessories, side pockets for water bottle or umbrella, and back pouch with elastic loops for knitting supplies, iPad and more. "S" curve padded shoulder straps relieve stress of the shoulder. Doctor bag-style wide opening lets you quickly pack up. The structure of the knitting bag is kept by the steel frame of the main compartment. The yarn on the go bag allows you to enjoy knitting and crocheting while traveling. TheCrochet tote bag is made from nylon fabric and is chemical-free. The bag is only a bag and the accessories are not depicted in the product images. They will make it right if you are not completely happy with your purchase.

Brand: Leudes

👤I like the way this case is laid out. The yarn holes around the bag keep projects safe. It was big enough to hold all your instruments.

👤My toddler crawled into the bag if you wanted to know how big it was. Hes 2. I could probably put him in it. I would love to have the bag back from the toddler.

👤I bought this bag for my friend who is a crocheter. It was perfect for that purpose. I thought it would be perfect because my friend is a Highly organized person. There are many places to keep knitting needles, crochet hooks, yarn, and other important things in the bag, and there are holes in the bag to thread them through when you want to work on a project on a plane, train, or something else. I had to take 2 other items to return because I forgot about it when I went to return other items. I swung by my house to pick up the bag. It fit as if it was made for me when I first put it on. I have a lot of places to store things. I like that it stays open until I close it. I don't like to have to open my handbag to get something. I can tell if I have masks, hand sanitizer, or both at a glance, since I can see everything in there when I open it fully. I'm glad I went toUPS because I didn't have time to examine the bag thoroughly since it was a gift. The holes for the yarn? They are perfect for my earphones. I didn't buy the right bag for the right person.

👤I have been looking for an easy to carry crochet project organizer that can hold many balls of yarn and still have room for my project to grow without having to change to a larger bag. A lot of my work requires me to work with up to 15 or more colors. My current project is a blanket. I have room for my half completed project and the bag is not stuffed because I put all the colors in the organizers. The yarn pockets and holes make it so easy to work my project without having to constantly rearrange and/or untangle my yarn. The fact that this is a backpack makes it even better for project organizers. I am thinking about buying another project because I often have more than one project going at the same time. The Leudes organizes the work for me.

👤This is a great alternative to knitting bags. I don't carry this on my back as a backpack, but I love the style of it and it's unique to craft supply bags. I wanted the balls of yarn to have largepouches where the yarn can be accessed outside of the bag. It has plenty of storage for my knitting needles, crochet hooks, patterns, books, and accessories. I love the light pink color. Highly recommend this purchase!

11. Teamoy Knitting Storage Divider Unfinished

Teamoy Knitting Storage Divider Unfinished

The weight is 5.3 ounces and the length is 481 yards. There are loads of space. The main section has a large compartment, 6 small compartments for skeins, an additional front pocket with elastic loops for crochet hooks and accessories, 2 sided pouch, and a back pocket. There is a parenting fad. The pouch is long enough for 14 knitting needles and has a clear flap that makes it easy to see what is inside. There are 6 small and 2 large reinforced grommets. When not knitting, 3 sets of magic tapes keep yarn in place. Excellent quality. Ripstop nylon is lightweight and durable. The section dividers are sturdy and don't collapse. Excellent protection. The top cover keeps your projects and yarn away from the elements. Even though it is not completely full, it can stand on its own. It's easy to converse. You can wear it over the shoulder or across the body, depending on how you want to carry it. A must-have gift for a knitting enthusiast.

Brand: Teamoy

👤Awesome bag! Either large or small. The reviews said that was the way to go. When I received it, I thought it was too large for me, I like taking smaller projects with me. I ordered the small one. The smaller one works better for me because it is too small. I think it would be perfect if they made one in between. The large is great for large projects. It can hold a few of the larger skiens. The small can hold up to four skiens, but you can't zip it closed. It's small enough to take in the car or the doctors office. The large is too big to do that. I think quality will last a long time. I hope this helps you make a decision.

👤Really nice bag. After another product was delayed, I bought this for my grandmother. I decided not to buy the cover for the bag as it seems like a complete rip off and I would have to pay $25 to add the lid. It's also why I'm taking off 2 stars from the review. It feels like this is just a tacky way to make this seem less expensive than it is, and if you want the whole bag, you can click on the link. With the actual lid, pay almost double! I don't think the lid is necessary if it will never go outside, but it would have been better to include it with the original price. It felt a bit too close to me.

👤This bag is amazing. I thought it was a lot bigger. The large is 888-739-5110 The small is $3 more than the small. There are lots of pockets.

👤I bought this bag for my chair and I just love it. It has several of my projects in it. The bag is large. It's on it's own and has anything in it. I love that I can pack it up and go anywhere with it, and it will sit on the floor or in my car when I knit or travel. I can put my laptop in one of the side pockets or in the rear of the main compartment. I chose the purple because it was made of canvas like fabric. The strap is not in the way when I am at home. It has two strap handles. I love this bag.

👤I love this bag. I am a knitter and crocheter. My cats love yarn as much as I do, so I want them to be clean and organized. I would like to see someone develop more packets. I can leave my stuff inside of the bag and just pick it up and everything will be the same. There is a person named Erika.


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What are the best brands for cake yarn bags?

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