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1. Caron Self Striping Meters BlackBerry 291222 22011

Caron Self Striping Meters BlackBerry 291222 22011

It's self-striping yarn is perfect for creating shawls and accessories. The contents are 42% nylon, 42% acrylic, and 8% bulky. The knitting gauge is 4” x 4” (10 cm x 10 cm). The crochet gauge is 4” x 4” (10 cm x 10 cm) with a 6.5mm crochet hook. Do not iron, do not tumble dry, do not dry clean.

Brand: Caron Yarns

👤I received pictures of my yarn. There should have been 2 cakes for the price of $17.81 with tax and labeling.

👤I like this yarn, but I was interested in the color combination in the "Persimmon Blue". The pop of color in this yarn that appeared online to be a happy orange sherbet shade, arrived as a rather unnerving red. It's red, in a tint that argues with the other soft blue and green colors, which do appear true to the picture. The orange is a fun bright spot, but still seemed to be in harmony with the background colors. I'm not going to return it because I love the yarn texture and quality. It will limit what I can do with it.

👤It's easy to work with this yarn. It is not easy to get rid of the work as it tangles up easily, just be gentle with the yarn and it will not rip or tangle up. My project was a poncho for a toddler. Light and soft yarn. There were no knots in the yarn. ponchos, scarfs, hats, and shawls are recommended.

👤I hope it comes back! I couldn't get my hands on more of the melon. I'm going to finish it with the Red Macaron. I don't want to say how much I spent on this yarn, but it works up so well in Tunisia. It's... So...FLUFFY! I love it!

👤This yarn is perfect for knitting scarves for the winter. The color is gorgeous and it is soft. I love the yarns of the latte cakes. The exact same yarn in different colors is more expensive.

👤This yarn is very easy to work with. Will definitely buy more. It's more expensive than Michael's, but it's free.

👤Beautiful color and striping. This yarn turned out great when I made a winter hat.

👤The synthetic variegated and soft fiber is unique. The halo effect is similar to Mohair. I started a poncho and needed more. Michaels stopped selling things out of style. Working with it was smooth. It took a long time to deliver the yarn. I started a new color and began to type yarn.

👤This yarn is smooth to crochet and not a fluff monster. It's a good thing. My project turned out well. Quality projects are created by the money.

👤I love seeing the videos on YouTube of people using the soft yarn to crochet. I thought I would give it a try.

👤Terrible to crochet. The yarn is soft. My project was a mess because of so many loose fluffy fibers. The colour is green.

👤I made a shawl with two cakes. It's more of a wrap than a shawl. I thought it would be hard to see the stitches because of the fluffy yarn, but with a loose tension, you can feel them. I wouldn't try a complicated pattern because you can't really appreciate it. The yarn is the beauty. I bought two cakes in the grey colour and plan to make a shrug. I have attached two pictures. The photographs show something that is cream-coloured. It is a lovely blend of coffee and cream.

2. Housweety Fiber String Winder Hand Operated

Housweety Fiber String Winder Hand Operated

There are 8 sizes of crochet hooks, including many soft handle hooks. The Yarn Fiber String Ball Wool Winder is new. The material is plastic and alloy. Approx:26 cm x 18 cm. The thickness is 26 cm. Put the string through the iron wire to block the grooves of the disk if you want to fix it. GCID: 552AEE326B578D0C.

Brand: Housweety

👤I'm loving my wool machine. I was glad I finally got one after putting off ordering for a long time. It is a pleasure to manage partial skeins. I wish I'd gotten the full-skein sized one, but I wasn't sure if I'd use a winder or not, so I didn't pay the higher price. A smaller wool winder is great for stitchers who use mostly basic skeins. I would prefer to make the artisan skeins center pull, but they won't fit on this smaller winder. If you use yarn, get the biggest size you can. If you prefer a center core inside your skein, you can use empty toilet paper tubes. yarn can get caught in the metal gears if it gets under the spindle. If you cut a hole in a container lid, yarn can't get under it. It is easy to fix that will make yarn winding easy.

👤It works great for me, I'm not sure what other issues people have had. I ordered the ball winder to use with the yarn swifts I built with my BF. The only issue I have with it is that it doesn't grip well, but the issue is with the table, not the clamp. Pull the guide all the way out until it feels like it should, but be careful because it will be 1/2 inch further than it should. It will stay up. Make sure your yarn doesn't slip by watching the wind. When the yarn starts to slip, you can tell when the winder is getting too full. Each skein is about 80 yards, and they come out beautifully. We wound about 7 balls on the first day, and everything worked well. I bought some cotton yarn at the store. If you want to ball up something bigger than a 4oz skein, you should get a bigger winder. Hope this helps!

👤I thought this was a good one. Unfortunately it isn't. The yarn doesn't stay in place. There isn't a locking position. It flies off the base with no warning and you have to start again, but it doesn't do this every time but about 50% of the time. I wind in a slow pace due to arthritis in my shoulder. The yarn guide is not in place. I need a clothespin on the base of the post to hold it steady. It has probably been too long for me to return it. I would have returned it if I had used it more often. I wouldn't recommend this.

👤Not bad for the price. It was easy to use out of the box. I found that it works best if I apply a bit of tension with my fingers as it goes through the guide, otherwise, the ball of yarn seems too loose and tends to fall off the spindle while turning it and ends up in the gears. I have wound two different weights of yarn. In both cases, the spindles would hold about 4 ounces of yarn. The guide pops out of place if the yarn is not placed at the back of the machine.

3. Knitting Leudes Organizer Resistant Accessories

Knitting Leudes Organizer Resistant Accessories

To bamboo red bowl, stitch marker, throw machine, countertop yellow dish, clearance plate, umbrella, scissors, wheel, grey bag, olive maxi caddy, silver tube, brown acrylic frame, dark rack, fabric linen cutter, gray divider box. If you are not entirely happy with your purchase, they will replace or refund it. If you have any problems, contact them immediately. The dimensions are: 32*21*40 cm / 12.5*8*15.75 in. There is a patent pending. The storage capacity of the Yarn Storage Organizer is 25 liters. The crochet/knitting backpack bag is great for larger projects that require numerous balls of wool, which is loaded with spacious main compartment for unfinished projects and individual 6 interior pockets with matching holes on the side to prevent skeins of yarn from tangling. Pets can't get in because the holes are stiff. 2 inner pockets with elastic straps fit up to 14” knitting needles and 3 clear PVC inner pockets allow you to put your daily necessities. Front pouch with elastic loops for crochet hooks and accessories, side pockets for water bottle or umbrella, and back pouch with elastic loops for knitting supplies, iPad and more. "S" curve padded shoulder straps relieve stress of the shoulder. Doctor bag-style wide opening lets you quickly pack up. The structure of the knitting bag is kept by the steel frame of the main compartment. The yarn on the go bag allows you to enjoy knitting and crocheting while traveling. TheCrochet tote bag is made from nylon fabric and is chemical-free. The bag is only a bag and the accessories are not depicted in the product images. They will make it right if you are not completely happy with your purchase.

Brand: Leudes

👤I like the way this case is laid out. The yarn holes around the bag keep projects safe. It was big enough to hold all your instruments.

👤My toddler crawled into the bag if you wanted to know how big it was. Hes 2. I could probably put him in it. I would love to have the bag back from the toddler.

👤I bought this bag for my friend who is a crocheter. It was perfect for that purpose. I thought it would be perfect because my friend is a Highly organized person. There are many places to keep knitting needles, crochet hooks, yarn, and other important things in the bag, and there are holes in the bag to thread them through when you want to work on a project on a plane, train, or something else. I had to take 2 other items to return because I forgot about it when I went to return other items. I swung by my house to pick up the bag. It fit as if it was made for me when I first put it on. I have a lot of places to store things. I like that it stays open until I close it. I don't like to have to open my handbag to get something. I can tell if I have masks, hand sanitizer, or both at a glance, since I can see everything in there when I open it fully. I'm glad I went toUPS because I didn't have time to examine the bag thoroughly since it was a gift. The holes for the yarn? They are perfect for my earphones. I didn't buy the right bag for the right person.

👤I have been looking for an easy to carry crochet project organizer that can hold many balls of yarn and still have room for my project to grow without having to change to a larger bag. A lot of my work requires me to work with up to 15 or more colors. My current project is a blanket. I have room for my half completed project and the bag is not stuffed because I put all the colors in the organizers. The yarn pockets and holes make it so easy to work my project without having to constantly rearrange and/or untangle my yarn. The fact that this is a backpack makes it even better for project organizers. I am thinking about buying another project because I often have more than one project going at the same time. The Leudes organizes the work for me.

👤This is a great alternative to knitting bags. I don't carry this on my back as a backpack, but I love the style of it and it's unique to craft supply bags. I wanted the balls of yarn to have largepouches where the yarn can be accessed outside of the bag. It has plenty of storage for my knitting needles, crochet hooks, patterns, books, and accessories. I love the light pink color. Highly recommend this purchase!

4. MIUSIE Knitting Needles Convenient Installation

MIUSIE Knitting Needles Convenient Installation

Great coordination. Their Yarn Winder and Yarn Swift are carefully selected from several manufacturers to ensure they are compatible together. TheWOOL WINDER size is 4.13 inch/10.5 cm. You can use the complete knitting set to organize the yarn. The complete knitting tool set can meet all of your knitting needs, because they offered four different kinds of knitting needles freely. Excellent Yarn Dinner: You can use or remove it easily and quickly. The noise of their hand yarn winder is small and doesn't bother the families or neighbors. A good tool to save time. It's ideal for winding loose yarn into balls by turning the crank, which will get your knitting and crocheting supplies organized easily. You can make a well-kept ball in a few minutes, which saves you a lot of time. Fix the swift winder on the desk, tighten up the button, and let the yarn go through the wheel and into the ball.

Brand: Butuze

👤I decided to treat myself to a few gadgets that make my hobbies easier because I am recently physically disabled. The ball winder was on that list. I was a bit concerned by some of the negative reviews, but was quickly won over by this neat little device. I wanted to address some of the concerns that I saw, such as the box saying "wool" and the fact that yarn is referred to as "wool" in some countries. I paid attention to the time it took to wind one of these cakes up. The size seems to be on par with the other ball winders I have seen. I don't think I would need one bigger. I have used it to fit a 1 1/2” thick bookshelf and a 1/2” thick lap desk, and found it to work well with both. The yarn guide doesn't stay in the locked position very well. If you change the angle of the yarn, it stays the same. I highly recommend giving it a try if you are on the fence about getting one.

👤The device works for me. I've made over 60 yarn cakes with it. I've used it with fingerling. Each cake will be about 250 yards. You can't just put the yarn on and wind. You need to hold the yarn in one hand to guide and adjust tension, and you can wind at a medium speed. The tension bars on the more expensive ones were noticed by me. I found yarn in my Grandmother's attic. The yarn was stuck together and I had to separate it. I now have yarn cakes that make it easy to crochet.

👤You learn. The base is not wide enough to hold a lot of yarn, so eventually you have to watch and make sure the yarn doesn't circle around beneath the base, in which case it gets tangled and it's hard to take out. I was winding about 362 yards. It got filled. Make sure you have a place with a nice lip that is stable. You don't want to put it on a wooden table because it will scratch the paint on it or chip the wood when you tighten it, and you want to tighten it well. It's not the worst. I will know what to buy if I ever buy one again. It was worth the price.

👤The yarn holder where you feed the yarn never worked right, it always banged into the yarn. I used it for the 10th time today, but I had to hold it for the entire time. I am not sure what happened. It stopped balling the yarn correctly, it looked like a warped ball wrapped in a garbage bag.

👤I had a lot of fun with the winder but it is no longer usable after just over a month. I wouldn't recommend this for long term use. The yarn cakes are made at an impressive speed. I just got it and I've been playing with it all day. It was easy to set up with the video in the images. If you pull on the rod well enough, it will stay put, even if the ball pulls it towards it. I wouldn't leave your ball to unroll on it's own as you make the cake because the tension will be too loose and you'll have a soft cake that may fall in on itself. The perfect tension to make a yarn cake can be created by feeding the yarn between my fingers. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend this winder! It comes with extra hooks and markers.

5. SGHUO Stackable Container Compartments Organizer

SGHUO Stackable Container Compartments Organizer

There is a 100% risk-free SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. They offer a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee, so you can buy with confidence. They are certain that you will love the benefits of this sturdy and effective spool holder and will be impressed by the quality. Sufficient Space: Each box has 3 layers of storage container, 10 grids per layer, and 30 different compartments. PP hard plastic, lightweight and sturdy plastic construction, and transparent colors can easily find your toys or accessories. The box size is adjusted by the single grid size: 2.2"L x 2.0"W x 2.2"H. You can store larger crafts in the larger compartments that the dividers can make. The three tiers snap together to make the unit easy to use. It has a strong lid that snaps closed to keep items out of the way. The handle on the top can be carried around with you. The plastic organizers are perfect for storing jewelry, bobbins, sewing threads, Lego pieces, washi tapes, arts and crafts, and other items. Storage products in different sizes are offered by the company. They recommend that you check the size of the box before you buy it to make sure you get what you want. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

Brand: Sghuo

👤Very cheap. The picture makes it look bigger than it is. Very cheap plastic. If it does, you're lucky. I used it to hold my excess decorations that I use for wreath-making. You have to be very careful because you never know if it's going to come unlatches and spill everything onto the floor or table. The purchase I bought on Amazon was terrible. Think twice before buying. It's small. I was surprised by how small the box was.

👤I was excited to organize all the pieces from the disassembled sets after receiving these today. I had all the pieces sorted into baggies as a temporary solution but wanted something where my son could easily find the piece he wanted without having to search. The 3 layers are separated so that you can find what you need. The sections have walls that can be changed to fit the size of the items. You can quickly and easily put them away if you have a handle on them. The inner walls are a bit flimsy and rough. The plastic handles that hold the layers together don't seem to last long with a lot of use. There is a small amount of space under some inner walls where thin pieces can be stored, but it's only an issue for things thinner than a fingernail. This is great for the price and the fact that it is perfect to organize all the specialty LEGO pieces we had will make it easier for my son to build. I recommend!

👤It was perfect for my colorful beads. The compartments hold a lot for my beads. My beads couldn't fit into another compartment because of the tight dividers. Storage containers are nice.

👤Hate it. The compartments are generous at first. The clips on the side fail many times when you grab your box. This makes it difficult for kids. I'm going to use an ArtBin that's sturdy and reliable.

👤Yuck! I was surprised at how small it was, but it was worse than I thought. The thing looks like it came from the dollar store. I paid $24.95 for it. For about 2 minutes, until I pulled up my account. The item should not be priced over two dollars. If you used them, they looked like they would break. I didn't try. I'm going back immediately.

👤This is a flimsy plastic. It is smaller than I anticipated. The container has a handle. There is a small item under the compartments. I had to tape around the bottom. Not good.

👤My second one is exactly what I was hoping for and is currently holding all my washi tape and stickers. I think it'll be fine for my washi. I might use some tape to close the Stickers off because they like to slide under the walls. I said my second. I had to get a new one immediately. I pulled off the plastic wrap after the lid fell apart. The inside dividers of the top level were bent and not usable. It was completely useless, which was disappointing. Mixed emotions. The first one was broken up, but the second one works just fine for my needs, and I'm thinking about a third since I need a little more space for washi/stick.

6. Yarn Boss Bag Travel Notions

Yarn Boss Bag Travel Notions

The knitting bag is made with durable material and can serve you for many years. Keeping hands and paws out of the way. They will make it right if you are not completely happy with your purchase. The Yarn Boss Yarn Bag is a travel-friendly bag. Their canvas yarn bag is designed to keep your yarn tangle-free and easy to access whether knitting at home, social gatherings, or traveling. This bag is comfortable to carry and has smart storage. Six oversized grommets that smoothly feed yarn make it easy to organize. It is possible to fit up to six yarn skeins standing on end without the unneeded gaps that can prevent smooth transitions. The top of the tote has a wide,.75” hole for each grommet. The Yarn Boss Yarn Bag is great for knitting, crocheting, or weaving and can be used for multiple color projects. There is a lot of storage. The Yarn Boss Yarn Bag has three large pockets and four pencil pockets for hooks or needles, which makes it easy to access all your notions and accessories. Their bag helps keep projects organized without worry about yarn or fabric picking. The bag has a divider for better organization. This bag is made to last without weighing you down. It holds up to 6 standard skeins, 10 yarn balls, or 3 one-pound skeins. The double zip top keeps yarn clean and dry. The Yarn Boss folds flat for easy storage at 10” x 10” There is a shoulder strap included. The Yarn Boss brand is run by my dad, my brother, and my beautiful wives. Quality products and customer satisfaction are what they pride ourselves on. Their goal is to make the highest quality yarn storage products possible and to provide world class service to their customers.

Brand: Yarn Boss

👤The tote did not come with an interior divider as advertised, so I was disappointed. I immediately received an answer to my email. They apologized to the divided people immediately. I know that any business can make a mistake, but how they handle it is important. I was impressed. I found the tote very useful to use while I was in the car. It is very easy to use and it is very sturdy. There is a lot of storage room. Highly recommended!

👤The bag is well made and works well. I have yarn for a baby blanket and a summer wrap. It helps to keep the yarn from rolling across the floor, but I have to turn the skein when it is new. The heavy canvas type material is better than what I found in JoAnns. When you run yarn through a hole and want to put the project in a bag to protect it, the yarn has to go through an opening in the bag. A protected re-entry spot would be safer. The raw edges of the material have become entangled with the yarn and the zip up. After trimming the loose ends a few times it stopped, I think, but that was an irritant. I still think this is a 5 rating because of the reasonable price.

👤I love this bag. I love the turquoise interior. I would definitely recommend it. I use this to carry all the yarn for my amigurumi project. Whether in the car. Just from room to room. My kids can't get into all my yarn. The front pocket is the perfect size for my crochet hook organizers.

👤It was very well made. The insert allows for different size yarns to be housed in the same bucket. The multiple grommets at the top allow yarn to come out wherever it works best. Sturdy construction, collapses flat for easy gift giving. I love the short handle on top, but it also comes with a shoulder strap if that is better. The zip pocket on the side is great for small items that might fall out. There are special pockets for crochet needles. The bag is small and not too big. It's correct!

👤This bag is great for knitting and crochet, both of which I love to bring to work everyday, so this bag is perfect for me. There are four different pockets around the edges, one with a zipper, one with room for slightly chunkier tools, another that is flat for papers or patterns, and a small flat pocket on top of that. There are pockets for hooks and needles. I have jumbo skeins from Caron and I think they will fit inside. I only use 2 skeins so I'm not sure yet, but with 2 it has room for me to slip my projects in next to it. I was standing and waiting in line at the DOL. It's great for any yarn crafter. It's not a good idea to sit at your side in crowded spaces like a bus or train. It's nice to just move my knitting from room to room.

7. Yarn Swift Winder Knitting Holder

Yarn Swift Winder Knitting Holder

It's great for crafting. Knit Picks Yarn Swifts can be used to organize all wound yarn into usable cakes. Metal parts are more sturdy than green ones. The dimensions are 21" x 19" x 17 The storage case is large enough to keep it clean. The ADVANTAGE can be set up either vertically or horizontally. The Wood Swift is much lighter than the better shaped one. It can be mounted on a table. The clip on the table is 1.75" and it holds the swift in place and spins freely as you wind skeins. The table is rounded. It stays put, but not as strongly anchored as on a table. There are marks on a wood table. Put something protective in the cover. The knitting yarn folds up more compact than the wood ones because of the metal construction. It's easy to work with. The end is designed so that you can put the swift at any angle. It's easy to set up a horizontal or vertically-aligned clamp once you know how to use it. The size is easy to adjust. If you have limited table space, you can hang this off the table without it getting in the way. The yarn swift is a workhorse. They have used the swift yarn with different yarn weights from lace to Aran, and wound scads of skeins of everything from crochet cotton size 10 to a heavy worsted, and it's worked for all. When using the top handle, it can rock a little, but nothing to make you discard it. You can reuse the yarn from sweaters from thrift shops. 60" hanks were created by unraveling the sweater directly to the swift.

Brand: Cutediy

👤I have owned a Swift for a long time. I bought a second one. These are a good buy. I have two wooden swifts that are more expensive, but this one spins better than the bigger ones. It's my first choice. There is only one downside to having a larger diameter than the swift. There is a Even with almost daily use, my first swift is still great.

👤The price works exactly as expected, just remember to guide the yarn with your hand between the swift and the winder to prevent tangles.

👤I wasn't expecting that, but it's not the strongest it could be. It has been sturdy for my needs and it's not letting me down yet. I didn't think I'd use it until I got a hank of yarn, but I've found it to be an excellent companion to my yarn winder as it's much easier to correct issues with. At one point, I put on a total of 10.3 ounces, and it handled that without issue. The plastic handle on top isn't strong enough to hold up in use, but it's sturdy enough for use. The handle has a bend. It's not a flaw as another reviewer thought, and it doesn't make it weaker, just be aware that it is there. It's a minor issue and only happens when expanding or contracting the swift, and does not have an impact on use. A small nuisance. The thinness of the center post and the clamping mechanism make it difficult to use, but nothing that causes problems with use, and again, for the price, "works as described" means an awful lot. I don't know if this will last me many years, but if I have to replace it every year or two, I'd buy it again.

👤I used to wind the yarn by hand, using my knees spread out. The yarn would get tangled a lot. I used a chair back to stop the process but the yarn still got tangled and took a long time. I gave in and got this Swift because the yarn I dyed was a little more tangled than a fresh skein. I used the swift to make a ball because the Winder was delayed. I placed this Swift on the edge of my dining table and placed a skein of merino over it. I started winding a ball by hand as my winder was still in the mail. Oh. My. God. I made a ball while this thing spun and released the yarn. I wound my skeins into little balls. It took 15 minutes per skein with this Swift and my hands, but it would have taken me two hours or more. I think it would take less time, but I have to try that out. I could adjust the height and width of the Swift to hold the yarn properly because it folded out nicely from the box. I could not get the top lid of the box back on because it folded back down nicely. This thing works, and it's well constructed. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on it, and this brand was less expensive than the wooden ones I've seen. Good purchase!

8. Classic Knit Wooden Spinning Thread

Classic Knit Wooden Spinning Thread

The knitting bag is made with durable material and can serve you for many years. Keeping hands and paws out of the way. They will make it right if you are not completely happy with your purchase.

Brand: Classic Knit

👤I really like this little thing. I got a hand crank yarn winder because it is easier on my hands and faster than winding yarn balls by hand, but I didn't like the way the center pull cakes started to flop. This is a great tool to pull yarn from the outside of the cake. I haven't had a lot of problems with yarn getting caught and wrapped up around the bottom if you just let the yarn feed while you work. I pull the yarn off the axel when I pop the top piece off. I am a kind of slow knitter/crocheter, so fast people may experience more issues. This thing is light and I like to keep one of those things to open jars under it to keep it from sliding.

👤I was surprised that they were less expensive than others, but I decided they were worth a try because I had already spent so much on knitting supplies. Their design is different than others, but I have actually used that feature, in that the spinning part comes off the bottom. They keep my yarn balls from rolling around after I untangled it. When knitting stranded colors or two-at-a-time socks, using two makes it easy to keep two separate yarns from twisting together.

👤I wanted to like this product. I bought two of them because I wanted to use two yarn colors for my crochet projects, so I needed to carry one or the other through the work. The wood is smooth, it spins easily, and I found it to be stable. I have to stop to get my yarn out of the top and bottom of the spindle because it keeps getting wrapped around them. The whole thing is destroyed by hugging on it. That doesn't help streamline my work. I'm not sure what the answer is but there may be too much space between the two sections. It spins too freely? I will be returning them.

👤When I unwrapped it, I wasn't excited but I was excited when it arrived. There was a space at the bottom that I knew yarn would get stuck into, and the wooden part where the spindle goes around was not smooth at all. These are easy fixes that I can do. I filled in the space and sanded the rough piece so I will be using this soon. I think it was a good deal because I don't feel like I should have to do these fixes, but it will work and I think it's a good idea.

👤It's perfect for cakes and balls, but be careful with the pressure on the nostapin base, as mine made cracking noise when I inserted it to balls. With no gliches, spins smoothly. If there is a knot in your skein, it will slip off your table.

👤This is great! It's a two piece contraption. If it's too light, you can use E600 glue to adhere a weight or washer to the bottom.

👤It's a handy little sucker. The family did a project at Thanksgiving which was to dye some white sock blanks. Then had to use a ball to make cakes. I made a world champion yarn barf of over 1/2 of a skein when knitting directly from the ball. After 3 days of cursing and being patient, I wound a new ball and centered it on the spinner and have completed an entire pair of socks. I have a yarn bowl that keeps it stable so it won't move or fall over if pulled on. The center is slightly rough to make the yarn turn. It has a definite purpose, but some other person did not like it.

9. Lily Sugarn Cream Cotton Nautical

Lily Sugarn Cream Cotton Nautical

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - They're confident you'll love their Poly Zipper bags just as much as they do. If you don't want to exchange your order, contact them and they'll give you a full refund. It's suitable for knitting and crochet projects. Natural cotton is absorbent and soft. It is designed for easy usage and storage.

Brand: Lily

👤I use this for crocheting and it works well. The yarn does not stretch at all, but it does not split, which is great, and it can be a bit stiff to work with until you get used to it. I like the variety of options and the colors are lovely. It's nice to not have to join yarn midway through a project, and the cone holds enough for about four or five nine-inch-square washcloths, which is a great value. I use it for mesh bags and washcloths because it's not particularly soft, but it's great for projects that needDurability over Softness. I use it in the garden to tie up tomato plants and it lasts the whole season. The yarn is easy to wash and dries in the washing machine. This yarn is easy to work with and durable. I definitely recommend it.

👤Buying a cone of yarn is to avoid having all those wasteful ends to work in when making projects, whether knitting, crocheting or weaving. The cone of Sugar and Cream has been tied off knots almost every 25 to 40 yards. I've been winding a warp for weaving, using individual colored balls of Sugar and Cream along with an off white cone of Sugar and Cream. I haven't seen any knots in the balls, but have had 5. The amount of yarn is the same. This is frustrating and annoying. The general quality of the yarn is good, making allowances for the cheap nature of this kitchen cotton yarn. I'll stick with individual balls of Sugar 'n Cream since the quality control seems better.

👤This cone was a huge disappointment. There are splinters of yarn. I gave up trying to knit from it. The deformities were getting bigger. I have been using your yarn for a long time. I have made hundreds of dishcloths for family and friends, but I wouldn't want to give anything with this yarn to anyone. I can't imagine what to do with it. The problems are obvious. It got past any quality control.

👤This is a great yarn to crochet with. I like cotton yarn that has a variety of colors in it. This one starts with one basic color and then throws in a few more colors randomly. I'm making a blanket for my daughter. The shade of green/blue in this color matches her couch. I think it's looking good so far. I think two cones will suffice for a throw size blanket. If you want it to be a bigger one, you should probably have 3 cones. I am making it on the smaller side. It was about 42" long. It might be about square. I don't have to worry about tying yarn together with these cones. I don't like doing it and worry that it will come apart, so the less I have to do it, the better. The cones are easy to use. I realized that I could work from the inside of the cone if I removed the cardboard form that held the yarn. I didn't have any issues with it getting tangled. From now on, I'm going to do this. The price makes this yarn a great value. Thanks for reading my review.

10. Yarn Winder RRigo Operated Capacity

Yarn Winder RRigo Operated Capacity

The cone is 4.75 inches high and 6 inches in diameter. It's easy to curse. The small and light weight winder makes carrying easier. Plastic and alloy are 22 cm and 3.3 cm. It's easy to install a metal table top clamp on a desk or bench, it has rubber in the base to protect the surface of the table. Attach it to any table edge or surface up to 1.5 cm thick, twist on the spindle, position the guide arm and start winding! These nifty gadgets don't require much to assemble. KEEPS YARN THREADS NEAT: Make balls out of loose yarn. You can easily winds up to 100 grams or 3.5 ounces of yarn, from lace and fingering weights to worsted and bulky weights. When you shake the machine, it will not make you sad, it will make you happy.

Brand: Rrigo

👤I harvest yarn from sweaters. When I saw this yarn winder, I thought it was worth buying it to speed up the process, because I used to make center-pull balls on my thumb. The thread guide falls down a lot, but it works well. When I'm unraveling a sweater, it makes sense to go directly from sweater piece to yarn winder, and I control the tension by hand so the yarn doesn't get stretched out. The hand crank is easy to operate. I don't see why yarn shops should use high-end winders, and I highly recommend this one.

👤This is a very cheap plastic, yarn holder that does not lock in place as it says, it was getting tangled underneath the gears, we finally got it to work, it is not worth 20 dollars for such cheap plastic. Do not recommend it, or do you have any suggestions to make it work better?

👤The device helps when you are trying to ball yarn. It makes quick work of knitting. If you don't pay attention to the yarn and don't go too fast, you will end up with some trouble down the road as you are trying to use your yarn. You will notice a difference in the quality of the wraps when you first try them. Take your time as the yarn wraps and you will be fine.

👤You get what you pay for. The guiding arm is very difficult to use. It works. You are limited by how much it can fit. It is possible to help that by keeping tension on the yarn, but be aware that it isn't very strong. Make sure that whatever you put in it is strong. The instructions were faded but still very easy to use. The scissors that come with it are sharp and effective, but you should know if you want to use them for a younger child or someone who shouldn't have sharps.

👤The product is GARBAGE. Don't waste your money. Instructions are poorly written. I wasted half a skein of yarn when it ate the yarn continually.

👤The metal rod that keeps the yarn in the same position will not stay in place for long because it is too flimsy. It can still be used successfully. I don't think it will last long. A wooden one is more beautiful. This one is a good price.

👤I wouldn't buy or endorse this item again. Too fragile, and the attached piece of equipment is a joke. The Clamp's width was less than an inch.

👤I received the ball winders the next day after purchasing 2 of them. Time was very important and this was great. I have used a similar ball winder for over 15 years. I thought they were the same as they looked. I believe they are not. We tried to wind 12 mph. Balls and none of them wound properly, they looked like flying saucers. The appearance of the ball was not as bad as the results could not be used and each one needed to be untangled. I will try to return to the merchant. If you are certain of the product you are buying, you should only purchase online.

11. BarvA Crocheting Organizer Embroidery Accessory

BarvA Crocheting Organizer Embroidery Accessory

To bamboo red bowl, stitch marker, throw machine, countertop yellow dish, clearance plate, umbrella, scissors, wheel, grey bag, olive maxi caddy, silver tube, brown acrylic frame, dark rack, fabric linen cutter, gray divider box. If you are not entirely happy with your purchase, they will replace or refund it. If you have any problems, contact them immediately. The twine string is tall. A roller set with a twister. The project supply includes lace, macrame, and stuffing. A novelty anniversary present. Women, grandma, auntie, wife, grandmother, birthday idea. You can work wherever you please. It is possible to save time and money by holding everything in one place. Two long sticks are upright spinners. A tunic, hat, cardigan, tank, turtleneck, hoody, pants, skirt, blouse, sport dress, blazer, sweater, sock, beanie, scarf are basic needs. A twisted arm weaving device. There is natural organic material. The perfect combination of Solid and Stability is now possible. Mom housewarming device, needlepoint notion, baby blanket essential. The wood pound bobbin keeper is handmade. The butler is weighted. Medium bulk carrier. It's comfortable for knitting. Will serve you for a long time. A handy starter, household bundle product, and looming hobby thing. The tapestry cone protector is in the color pack. The solution was organized. To a black tote. Jersey, velvet, silk, alpaca, cotton, nylon, fleece, hemp separator. It looks more expensive than it costs. To bamboo red bowl, stitch marker, throw machine, countertop yellow dish, clearance plate, umbrella, scissors, wheel, grey bag, olive maxi caddy, silver tube, brown acrylic frame, dark rack, fabric linen cutter, gray divider box. If you are not entirely happy with your purchase, they will replace or refund it. If you have any problems, contact them immediately.

Brand: Barva

👤I have been using this a lot since I bought it. It is very sturdy and easy to turn on. The only time I had an issue with pulling it over was when I had a yarn ball with a hole too small to let the yarn sit all the way on the base. If you are winding your own yarn, wrap a 1/2 inch piece of pipe around it. I bought the double because it was cheaper than the single, and I am glad I did because I use both of them a lot. I thought the spindles would be screwed in, but this is much better. I have seen a lot of questions about whether this works with center-pull skeins, and of course it does, because all center-pull skeins can be pulled from the outside, too. This eliminates the need to pull from the center, and it should work for most sizes and shapes of skeins.

👤I love my spinning yarn holders. They hold all sizes of yarn, so I don't have to worry about unraveling it by hand. They are recommended to everyone who uses yarn.

👤I agreed to make a lace veil for a friend's kid out of 2 different coned threads. It was going to be very annoying to complete if I didn't have a double spindled holder. I am grateful that this worked out for me. I had some issues. The holder is really large. I put it on a no skid mat and it didn't help. I have to figure something out before I use it again. I spent a lot of time rearranging the base because I am a fast knitter. You need to pull thread or tarn pretty gently if you want the spindles to stay attached to the base. This only works with open topped cones. I needed to use one of the threads on a closed top cone. I had to cut the top off to fit on the machine. I am responsible for not knowing that but something to be aware of. I got my project done on time and it worked well once I got both cones on. My husband came up with a solution to hold it in place. If you pull on the thread too hard, it will skate around.

👤The BarvA double spindle yarn holder has pros and cons. It was finished without any problems so no worries. The balls of yarn can be inserted through the center of the ball with the help of the tall spindles. The yarn holder is out of serious consideration because of the cons. It is not weighted and will pull off any surface it is on. The seating has spindles that fall out. Even after watching a video in which the holder was taped to her table. I thought it would work if I sat on the floor. It did not. The spindles come out of the base. I would return if it weren't so important. I can only give 1 star since the finish and size of the spindles don't outweigh the flimsiness. There are better double yarn spindles on the internet. It is better to spend your money there.


What is the best product for cake yarn holder?

Cake yarn holder products from Caron Yarns. In this article about cake yarn holder you can see why people choose the product. Housweety and Leudes are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake yarn holder.

What are the best brands for cake yarn holder?

Caron Yarns, Housweety and Leudes are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake yarn holder. Find the detail in this article. Butuze, Sghuo and Yarn Boss are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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