Best Caron Cake Yarn for Crocheting Sale

Crocheting 1 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Caron Medium Worsted Thickness Acrylic

Caron Medium Worsted Thickness Acrylic

The Caron jumbo is an easy care worsted weight 4, 100Percent acrylic yarn with a variegated shade range and is available in an economical big ball skein. For easy care, wash and dry. The ball is 552 meters/595 yards. The knitting gauge is 16 sts and 20 rows with a 5mm knitting needle. The crochet gauge is 12 sc and 13 rows. Knit and crochet accessories, garments, and home decor projects can be used.

Brand: Caron

👤I bought 2 skeins of yarn thinking it would make baby blankets. It made one large blanket. The yarn has a sequence of colors. The blanket has an open look because it was made with 1 double crochet and one chain stitch. Pictures of the finished blanket and its size are attached to show the actual color pattern on my dining room table. Two of the pictures were taken with a flash and the other two with a bright light overhead. I can't knit or crochet, and the only things I can make are blankets and scarves, because I was taught to crochet when I was 13 years old. When making something for a child, I look for yarn that is machine-washable and hypo-allergenic, and which is also soft. I intend for the mom to be comfortable putting the baby on the floor for him to play on, because this yarn did work into a soft blanket. I found one knot through the first skein and 2 knots in the second skein, so you should be aware that these are not continuous pieces of yarn, if that matters to your needlecraft. I will probably buy this yarn again to make a blanket for a friend's grandchild.

👤Very soft. I would call it "spongy", because of the texture. A small crochet baby blanket was made with one skein. A person made a scarf that was about 7 by 90" The pattern is pretty. It would have been nice to have it in a solid color. I used a different brand to make the white border. I have added a photo of scarves I made. The Rosewood was the first to be used, followed by the Seaside and the Spicy Ombre.

👤The colors are what I needed for the pattern I was working on. A larger skein was bought to limit the amount of connections and knots in a baby blanket. Well, so much for that. There were at least 12 knots/joins in one of the 2 skeins alone that ruined the idea of the baby blanket. This was excessive. The 2nd skein seems to be the same as the first skein. This was not a mill end purchase like some brands do. This was more than the retail price of the item. I am very disappointed as I use Caron yarns for most of my projects and have never come across this before, and just as frustrated as I am that I received zero customer service contact back when I contacted the brand.

👤I bought 2 skeins of yarn and am almost done with the first one. This afghan is a baby gift and I am very upset. It was turned off from Caron yarn.

👤I only bought 2 skeins of yarn since the project is made up of squares and color consistency on a variegated yarn is not usually an issue. The consistency of the yarn changed, it wasn't the color I was worried about. It's no longer silky, but it's much more bulky, on the same size 5 needles I used to use. There is a similar discrepancy in rows/inch and stitches in the two swatch photos. It's not the same yarn.

2. Lion Brand Yarn 525 209 Mandala

Lion Brand Yarn 525 209 Mandala

Knit and crochet accessories, garments, and home decor projects can be used. One glimpse of this mystical new yarn will leave you spellbound with its wide range of enchanting colors, from jewel tones to bright children's colors, and even classic shades for men. The ideal weight for crocheters is just one ball. CYC #3 Light is made of 100% Acrylic. Instructions for washing and dry. The weight is 5.3 ounces and the length is 590 yards.

Brand: Lion Brand Yarn

👤Very disappointed. I ordered six of them. Only one of them had all of the colors. Three of them had three different colors. The other two had different colors. Each cake of yarn should have all of the colors. Poor quality control. Not as described.

👤Love the idea but it isn't amazing. The yarn is not very thick. That's okay. It feels good on the skin. The color pattern is not good for me. There are huge lengths of one color and small amounts of others. I didn't have any green or purple in my rainbow. I had a lot of orange. Smaller projects will not be rainbow. The yarn was not colored well. I think there are a lot of white spots where the color was faded or completely missed during the dying process. It was cut and tied together in many places. I don't like having a lot of little knots in my work. I wish this was the yarn of my dreams. I will have to keep dreaming.

👤There was no purple except on the lable. Yellow and orange.

👤I bought this yarn to make an Afghan called Pheonix which is a crochet along. I love the self-striping colors.

👤The first purchase of the mandala was for $3.74 in August. Haven't tried. Quality looks good. The Sphinx is rich in blues and brown. Haven't tried. Quality looks good. Serpent is a blue cat and it goes well with yellow and black. The yellow and white bits were speckled with dark green when they were just running color from black and dark gray. One out of 5 came without yellow, it looked like the white was cut too early, and it was stained like yellow from the black and dark gray. 3 out of 5 were tested, thickness gradually inconsistent from thin2 to thick4 at least once per cake, 1 had a knot, the other two had a spot where it was about to break, a beginner's luck purchase. They all have the same smell. Individually sealed. Every other series is sealed in 3pk. I don't know about Mandala.

👤This yarn is wonderful. It makes a nice weight Shaw or blanket. It is easy to crochet with. I have had a lot of skeins from Amazon. I have gotten first quality skeins, but the seconds quality is starting to show up. There were factory knots connecting industrial skeins. The dye is spotty. It came with blue glitter on the skeins. The condition was advertised as new, and it was a warehouse deal. There was no mention of damage or imperfections. I make and donate blankets to sick children. I don't have to worry about glitter being washed out of my yarn. The quality on Amazon is not consistent. I only shop the deals when they pop up, because I feel it is worth the risk.

👤I should have read the reviews. The colors shown in the picture were not shown in the skein I got. Even though my skein had the same name, the colors were lacking, and I needed the blue and purple that were prevalent in the item I ordered. The skeins should have the same color composition for each item. I would pay for a hand dyed item if I wanted a skein that didn't have the same color scheme. Very disappointed!

3. Caron Self Striping Meters BlackBerry 291222 22011

Caron Self Striping Meters BlackBerry 291222 22011

It's self-striping yarn is perfect for creating shawls and accessories. The contents are 42% nylon, 42% acrylic, and 8% bulky. The knitting gauge is 4” x 4” (10 cm x 10 cm). The crochet gauge is 4” x 4” (10 cm x 10 cm) with a 6.5mm crochet hook. Do not iron, do not tumble dry, do not dry clean.

Brand: Caron Yarns

👤I received pictures of my yarn. There should have been 2 cakes for the price of $17.81 with tax and labeling.

👤I like this yarn, but I was interested in the color combination in the "Persimmon Blue". The pop of color in this yarn that appeared online to be a happy orange sherbet shade, arrived as a rather unnerving red. It's red, in a tint that argues with the other soft blue and green colors, which do appear true to the picture. The orange is a fun bright spot, but still seemed to be in harmony with the background colors. I'm not going to return it because I love the yarn texture and quality. It will limit what I can do with it.

👤It's easy to work with this yarn. It is not easy to get rid of the work as it tangles up easily, just be gentle with the yarn and it will not rip or tangle up. My project was a poncho for a toddler. Light and soft yarn. There were no knots in the yarn. ponchos, scarfs, hats, and shawls are recommended.

👤I hope it comes back! I couldn't get my hands on more of the melon. I'm going to finish it with the Red Macaron. I don't want to say how much I spent on this yarn, but it works up so well in Tunisia. It's... So...FLUFFY! I love it!

👤This yarn is perfect for knitting scarves for the winter. The color is gorgeous and it is soft. I love the yarns of the latte cakes. The exact same yarn in different colors is more expensive.

👤This yarn is very easy to work with. Will definitely buy more. It's more expensive than Michael's, but it's free.

👤Beautiful color and striping. This yarn turned out great when I made a winter hat.

👤The synthetic variegated and soft fiber is unique. The halo effect is similar to Mohair. I started a poncho and needed more. Michaels stopped selling things out of style. Working with it was smooth. It took a long time to deliver the yarn. I started a new color and began to type yarn.

👤This yarn is smooth to crochet and not a fluff monster. It's a good thing. My project turned out well. Quality projects are created by the money.

👤I love seeing the videos on YouTube of people using the soft yarn to crochet. I thought I would give it a try.

👤Terrible to crochet. The yarn is soft. My project was a mess because of so many loose fluffy fibers. The colour is green.

👤I made a shawl with two cakes. It's more of a wrap than a shawl. I thought it would be hard to see the stitches because of the fluffy yarn, but with a loose tension, you can feel them. I wouldn't try a complicated pattern because you can't really appreciate it. The yarn is the beauty. I bought two cakes in the grey colour and plan to make a shrug. I have attached two pictures. The photographs show something that is cream-coloured. It is a lovely blend of coffee and cream.

4. Caron Simply Soft Paints Acrylic

Caron Simply Soft Paints Acrylic

The fiber content is soft, premium, 100% acrylic yarn. The ball is 5 ounces and 141 g. The knitting gauge is 18 sts and 24 rows. 13 sc and 14 rows with a 5mm crochet hook. Machine wash and dry.

Brand: Caron Simply Soft

👤I initially wrote a negative review. The skeins were tiny. Not normal sized like in the picture! I was furious because I was late getting started. I angrily called Amazon. The rep was not very helpful. I asked for his supervisor. I wrote an angry review. I looked at the skeins and they were normal sized. Appears they are normal. They were vacuum packed. They had to get back in shape. I feel like an idiot now.

👤The yarn has beautiful colors and they change frequently. It's so soft to work with that it's hard to separate the plies. It's going to be difficult to get it done. I've tried before, but didn't get far. If I can't get it to stay together while I work with it, it may go unused.

👤I needed yarn to make a blanket. I found the correct color, weight, and brand on Amazon after the store closed. There were breaks in the yarn while I worked with it. They were tied together in different places on the skeins. I made it work, but I have never encountered this issue before. I'm not sure if they were rejected from the manufacturer or if they were my luck. I paid more on Amazon than in the store. Beware!

👤The color shading of the Simply Soft "sunset" was wonderful, even though it does not have the feel of the yarns I like best. I bought it again here. I had not expected this difference. The yarn I bought was shades of red and brown, perfect for Christmas crocheting projects. This yarn had a lot of shades of orange, but no red, and the rest was brown. I would use it on some projects. I still had the original label from my original purchase, and that yarn had been manufactured in a different country, which might explain the different color. I wouldn't have bought this shade of yarn.

👤I ordered 5 packets of Sunset Autumn to use in an afghan. I have gone through 4 skeins of crocheting without any problems. There were no knots or breakages. The yarn is easy to work with. I ordered more skeins after I realized I would need more. I ordered 1 when it said there was only one in stock. The price increased by the 3rd order. The price went up from my first order. The price is more than I can afford. They won't be ordering anymore.

👤Great yarn to do Color Pooling, but also disappointing skeins. The sequence of color changes has to be in order. Each skein had a knot in the middle and the next string was a different color, resulting in yarn waste. I had to use the yarn in a ball because it was wound in the wrong sequence. The blanket I made was great, but it could have been better.

👤The yarn has bright colors. It works well, with a quick change of colors. The young granddaughters love the colors. It's easier to use a larger crochet hook than a smaller one because the yarn is not tightly twisted so the strands of yarn can easily separate. It doesn't seem to happen as much with a bigger hook.

5. Knitting Storage Crocheting Anywhere Accessories

Knitting Storage Crocheting Anywhere Accessories

There is a match per bag of 3 balls. The bag can be your constant companion. The yarn bag has a handle and shoulder strap that will allow you to knit wherever you sit. The container is a conduit craft bag. If you're fed up with searching for stray needles and chasing unspooled threads, this yarn holder has 7 pockets to neatly hold all your knitting and crochet supplies in one place. There is a superficial interference. The perfect solution for knitters and crocheters working on multiple projects at once is the 10.3" D x 11.8" H yarn organizers, which can hold up to 10 skeins of wool. The 4 handy slits at the top of this yarn storage organizer allow you to feed wool at the perfect tension, without any tangles. The Chalet Gifts are made of cheese. When the season of gift giving is large, treat yourself or surprise a creative with one of these crochet bags. They make great gifts.

Brand: Becraftee

👤One day, my husband was in the living room and he said, "I'm glad you crochet and that it keeps you busy and all, but does your stuff need to be everywhere?" It's taking over the entire room! He was correct. My stuff is on the coffee table, the end table next to the sofa, and a wicker basket on the floor, since I usually work while watching TV. I went to Amazon to see what I could find after I decided it was time to get organized. I had no idea there was anything better than an old fashioned, open-topped knitting basket. I knew I had to have this bag. It has helped me cut down on mycluttering. The bag is portable and holds a lot of yarn. I have a bag stuffed with two regular sized skeins, two "pound" skeins, and several smaller balls, and I am working on an afghan. There are small pockets that are perfect for organizing crochet hooks, a wider pocket that I'm using for scissors and stitch markers, and an even wider pocket that's perfect for holding printed instructions. Some people mentioned in their reviews that the zippers were sticking, but I haven't had any issues with them. I didn't detect any strange odors coming from the bag. The bag is sturdy and soft. It doesn't slump even without yarn in it. It stands up well. I don't know how to explain how awesome this bag is, I didn't know how much I needed it until I got it. Highly recommended.

👤There is an update. The original review is below. I'm changing my rating from 5 to 3 stars because I've used the bag for a couple of projects. The bag has no structure. Even with yarn in it, it collapses on itself and doesn't stand up, even though my photos show it empty. It's hard for yarn to get through the top slot as you work. I'm looking for a way to make it stand upright. The bag is getting donated because it's too much of a pain to use, if I can't figure out a way to do that. I needed a bag to hold my yarn while I was working, and this fit the bill. It's nice to have the strap, but I don't usually carry my projects with me. The pockets are used for holding needles and hooks. I'm satisfied with the bag.

👤I wanted a way to carry my knit projects. Two cats look at my yarn with amusement. They want to get their paws and claws on the yarn. This is a great solution. It helps avoid knitting with fur. The yarn is fur free. Fur is inevitable between two cats and a dog. The bag was more expensive than the other one I looked at. I'm happy I got this one. It was well packaged and arrived quickly. Just as described. I thought it would be smaller. The dimensions are accurate, but I didn't realize I could put a lot of stuff in there until I got it. Sometimes I take a project with me. I like the strap on this bag. It does not scream "craft bag". The sides of the bag are strong. It's still soft sided, but it keeps its shape. The smell of a new item was not very strong. Looks good, feels good. There are pockets on the outside.

6. Caron Simply Tweeds Medium Acrylic

Caron Simply Tweeds Medium Acrylic

The content is made up of 97% Acrylic and 3% viscose. The ball is 5 oz/141 g. The knitting gauge is 18 St X 24 r with 5mm knitting needles. The crochet gauge is 13 sc x 14 r with a 5mm crochet hook. Machine wash and dry.

Brand: Caron

👤I can't give it a rave review because it feels hollow. I ordered enough yarn to make a king size blanket, but I prefer a thicker yarn. Shoot, that is what happens when you can't try before you buy. I have a lot of Caron yarn, which is light to me, but this is noticeably thinner than what I already have in the same brand.

👤I love the way she is soft. You can make a variety of items with a great weight. It would make nice pillow cases and rugs with the texture. I used 18 balls of this yarn to make a blanket and it is just nice. The quality is okay because the yarn is thick and there are thin pieces throughout it. The thickness of your products won't be consistent unless you don't want to waist more than one ball. The yarn is cheap and soft so I will keep buying it.

👤Sturdy yarn. Each skein is wrapped in plastic. Pulling the yarn from the inside string came to a halt because there was a small piece of yarn that had to be untangled. Hopefully it was a one time occurrence. I love the color cream white. The yarn is soft. I purchased 4 skeins of this product and am happy with it, it's perfect for baby skin and anything that goes around the neck.

👤I lleg 3 different remesas con different fechas de fabricacin. Esto significa el color, pero el tono es un mismo. No pude retornar la lana, amigos, Yo tejo mucho con Caron Simply soft. Califico, el pedido con 3 estrellas.

👤I like to crochet with Simply Soft. I was worried that this might split, but it hasn't. I need a yarn that is light, boyish, and durable to make a blanket for my son. This is perfect. I like the texture of the material. I will probably order more and maybe some of the cream variety to make him hats for winter.

👤I have used 100's of Caron Simply Soft but this is the first and last time I will use the Tweeds, I had to cut and spin all of the yarn and could only use half, I contacted Yarnspiration. I wouldn't suggest using this yarn.

👤Some of the best yarn I've worked with. It's easy to work with. I crocheted a triangle shawl made of the blue and Tweed.

👤The product was received as if it had been used before. The yarn was dirty and there was no shine in it. The texture was dull and the yarn thread had woolen attached to it. They did not return the product, but they did get the money back.

👤It's really soft and great to work with.

👤I'll make an Afghan for myself with it. I love it! I will buy some again and recommend it. A1

👤This is the most beautiful yarn. I used this to make a scarf. Will definitely be ordering again.

7. Bulk Buy Simply Solids H97003 9739

Bulk Buy Simply Solids H97003 9739

Hand wash and lay flat to dry the skeins. The price is for 3 skeins of Caron Simply Soft Yarn Solids Soft Green H97003-9739 for a total of 955 yards. It was made from 100% acrylic. Medium weight is also referred to as Aran, Worsted or Afghan weight knitting yarn. The crochet hook is H8 and the gauge is 4. Hand wash and lay flat to dry the skeins.

Brand: Caron

👤I've worked with other companies. I need a green color for my project. The green is the perfect color for my project. My biggest fear is that I don't have enough. I will definitely order from this company again if I don't. It was a nice surprise that the item arrived before it was suppose to.

👤The yarn can be washed and dried, making it a great yarn for children's clothing and blankets. It's very soft and good for crocheting caps for cancer patients. If you are a Prime member, the bulk package is a great deal.

👤This isn't the world's top-quality yarn, but if you're looking for something pretty, soft and reasonably priced Simply Soft is a good deal. Most folks you knit gifts for will just throw them in the washer and dryer. There's no point in buying merino wool if you're going into debt. You can save money by buying yourself imported wool yarn. It's a good thing.

👤One bundle of yarn was not properly wrapped and the end could not be found, but my wife loves your yarn and feel. She had to rewrap the entire bundle after trying to find a loose end in both ends. Not a critical problem. Maybe there is a quality inspection problem. She was wasted a lot of time by this.

👤Baby sweaters, hats and blankets are made with peefect yarn. It is a nice yarn. This is a great choice if you love natural fibers but don't like knitting.

👤I love how soft Caron Simply Soft is and have used it on many projects. I know my granddaughter will love how it feels, so I am going to give her a sweater.

👤Good yarn. A few years ago, probably sat in a warehouse. If you are careful. It was too much. The wife made a joke.

👤My grand daughter's blanket was made of that color. They were more expensive than Michaels. Michaels didn't have the color she wanted.

👤The color is beautiful. It looks sloppy after being knit. Very disappointed.

8. Caron Simply Soft Collection Yarn

Caron Simply Soft Collection Yarn

It was made in the USA. Information on the composition is provided by composition and permanence tables. They want to earn your trust through the traditional way they do business. It was manufactured in china.

Brand: Caron

👤I like working with Caron Simply Soft because it is very soft. I had occasional problems with it splitting. I watched a video by a person who tests crochet patterns. She stated in the video that there is no such thing as splitty yarn. I was working with a bamboo yarn that seemed to want to split constantly, so this grabbed my attention. If you're having problems with yarn splitting, you need to change your tool, according to the author. I switched to an inline hook after using an offset hook. Voila! My issue was solved. I did the same thing when I came back to my Simply Soft project. I have sets of both types of hooks so if one doesn't work I try another and I haven't had splitty yarn problems since! I already have most of the yarn purchased and I must have about 20 projects in the queue that will use this yarn. You find a yarn that you love to work with and you want some of every color.

👤I was trying to match the yarn. I had previously purchased. This one is not quite as soft as the other one. I will use it to finish my project because I can't go shopping in this crazy world to find a better match. I think it will be fine. I can finish my scarf as planned because it matches as closely as it does. I decided to make my gift in three shades, so this was perfect for the second shade. I have enough left to make a second scarf when I combine the rockstar white with it. Beautiful!

👤A gold and red mouse was ordered. I chose this one because it was what I was looking for. If you are a beginner, I don't recommend it because it splits a lot and can be annoying. The color is beautiful, but it is soft.

👤The color Pagoda is pretty and I love it. It's the same color as the toboggan photo and I love it. I only ordered a single skein to see if I liked it, I want to make a throw to place on the back of my sofa. The colors in the photo's are not what you get.

👤It was fine. I donated it to ladies making baby hats because it wasn't the shade I needed. I would prefer a lower price since I am making items to donate. I would pay for a more chartreuse shade.

👤The yarn was not the seller's. I have never had a harder time working with yarn. It was difficult to catch on to itself. It is pretty and soft. I didn't expect the shine. I didn't hate. I wouldn't purchase again.

👤The best yarn ever. I know it's not cool, but this stuff knits up really well. It is very soft. When knitting for a long time, some yarns irritate my skin. It is dry and machine washed. The baby blanket I made from this yarn is still new after many washes. It doesn't seem to get damaged after being put in the dryer. If you are not careful, you should split the yarn when knitting because you only knit half the strand. You have to pay more attention. The problem has been fixed by bamboo needles.

9. Caron Simply Solids Medium Acrylic

Caron Simply Solids Medium Acrylic

The content is 100% acrylic. The ball is 6 ounces and has a size of 170 g. Machine wash and dry. The knitting gauge is 18 sts and 24 rows. 13 sc and 14 rows with a 5mm crochet hook.

Brand: Caron

👤I have never had a problem with a skein of this brand of yarn. It is as if several strands got tangled in the middle of the manufacturing process and continued to get wrapped up in a tangled way the rest of the way through. I have been able to save at least half the skein without losing my mind. Even though it has been time consuming. Unless I want to work with bits of yarn a 6 inches to a foot long that have been tied off continuously, I will have to throw the rest away. How long that process will take is something not to mention. I have spent hundreds of dollars on this yarn over the years, and I was annoyed that it was the last skein I needed to finish the project. I didn't want to leave a bad review, but I couldn't find any other remedy on the Amazon website. There is no return policy. I was unable to find a link to explain my problem. In the future, I might just deal with Caron directly. It is a good yarn. Good quality with a great selection of colors. I had a dud skein. I don't know what the chances are of getting a replacement skein. I guess I will cross my fingers that I can finish my project.

👤It is not the best for wear and tear. I've used it many times. They are expensive and when the finished item is worn or washed it pills up so that little tiny beads are all over it. It's not good for hats or ear warmers because it stretches out and won't regain it's original shape. It's really flimsy, so it's ok for a shawl, but then again it pills badly. I will probably use this stuff for yarn bombing one day.

👤I decided to try out Amazon because it was cheaper than what I could find in other stores. I should have known. The first 3 1/2 feet of yarn are crinkled and useless. It looks like it got caught in something during manufacturing and wound too tightly. I tried to smooth it out but it was sticking out at a join right on the outside of the skein. This one is going to be useless because it is so large. I have no idea what the rest of the skein looks like, but I can see what they are. I'm worried. If it ends up being worse, I will update. I also ordered the same brand in white and it appears to be ok. I am not sure if this one is a coincidence or not, but I need one more skein to finish the blanket I am making, and I am afraid that it isn't as good as the rest. Time will tell...

👤I like working with Caron Simply Soft because it is very soft. I had occasional problems with it splitting. I watched a video by a person who tests crochet patterns. She stated in the video that there is no such thing as splitty yarn. I was working with a bamboo yarn that seemed to want to split constantly, so this grabbed my attention. If you're having problems with yarn splitting, you need to change your tool, according to the author. I switched to an inline hook after using an offset hook. Voila! My issue was solved. I did the same thing when I came back to my Simply Soft project. I have sets of both types of hooks so if one doesn't work I try another and I haven't had splitty yarn problems since! I already have most of the yarn purchased and I must have about 20 projects in the queue that will use this yarn. You find a yarn that you love to work with and you want some of every color.

10. Caron Simply Medium Worsted Acrylic

Caron Simply Medium Worsted Acrylic

The gauge is 4 - MED and 100 percent Acrylic. 13 sc and 14 rows with a 5mm crochet hook. The knitting gauge is 18 sts and 24 rows with a 5mm knitting needle. 5 oz/141gm, 250 yds/228 M. Machine wash and machine dry.

Brand: Caron International

👤The yarn is soft and the color scheme is nice.

👤The yarn is soft and nice. It's too slippery to use the magic knot technique to join. I had to use a bulkier method when I tried because the yarn slid out of the knot. It's nice to work with and feel good.

👤It wasn't the same yarn as I had. After comparing the labels I found that the one I had was made in Turkey and the one I bought was made in India. The yarn is soft and I recommend it to everyone.

👤This type of yarn is used to make baby Afghans. I was excited to find it on Amazon. You have to be careful. Some are very expensive.

👤Me es econmico, para un gorro para me.

👤Love this yarn, but it has too many flaws.

👤I bought this for my wife because she was going to make afgan for a grandchild. She was happy with the product.

👤I like the yarn. I'm making a sweater for my granddaughter and using it as an adornment.

👤My daughter loves wool. I thought I was ordering from a UK company but it was not. The item was shipped from the USA and took a while to arrive. Will make sure the company is in the UK when ordering wool again.

👤The best yarn ever. It is smooth and soft. The selection is limited so I wish all the colors were the same price.

11. Caron Simply Paints Worsted Acrylic

Caron Simply Paints Worsted Acrylic

The gauge is 4 - MED and 100 percent Acrylic. 13 sc and 14 rows with a 5mm crochet hook. The knitting gauge is 18 sts and 24 rows with a 5mm knitting needle. 5 oz/141gm, 250 yds/228 M. Machine wash and machine dry. The single ball yarn was included.

Brand: Caron International

👤I wanted to make a scarf out of the yarn colors I fell in love with. It's beautiful to weave both warp and welf. The individual strands of yarn stay together nicely. Will be midweight when I finish. Works well on the loom. Highly recommended for the weaver in addition to knitters and crocheters.

👤There is 250 yds. in the description. per skein. This is incorrect. The label states there is only 234 yds. per skein. I was disappointed that I had to order more.

👤The quality is the same as all the other yarns. The sections of color are very short before the color changes. It's hard to find the right stitch for a nice flow or shift. When I first started working with it, I thought it looked like the 90's. The ball of yarn is the first picture I took. The 2nd is messing with it while using a 6mm hook and a tight triple stitch pattern for a beanie.

👤I'm not happy with the quality of the yarn I'm using to crochet a blanket. I choose to crochet because it's much faster, however the yarn is so loose that I often end up with one or two threads on the hook and have to redo a stitch to include the whole thread or hide pieces I've missed. There are a few pics of examples. This is making the project hard to complete. I don't have an issue with other yarn. I have to make sure the yarn stays together in order to get in the zone. It is soft and I like the colors. If I get tired of fighting to keep the yarn together, I may make this into a scarf.

👤I've used yarn for years, and I've recently tried to make a very complicated knitted sweater, but I got not one, but two tie knots within 5 rows of each other, and it took me more than half way through to finish. I can't give this as a gift for anyone's baby because I can't hide it right on the edge, but I can use it on one of my dolls. I need to finish the top of the sweater and the sleeves, but I have half the skein left. I hope I don't find another tie knot.

👤The price was twice that of Walmart. The yarn labeled "Yarnspirations" is not as glossy or soft as the yarn not labeled as such. It did blend, but not the same quality.

👤Love the colors. Very colorful. I was going to make her a dress. It turned out to be amazing.

👤My son is doing an art scarf weaving project. They were using straws. The yarn didn't make a whole row of one color before changing, so it wasn't striped at all. I was expecting a chunk change. He was happy with the bright colors and it was still cheap.

👤I made a great scarf out of this yarn and it's just so bright. I'm not a skilled weaver. I don't think I can recommend using this wool. The quality of both skeins has some inconsistencies, and I had some threads that were threatening to break on the warp, and others with large clumps of fibre that made bulges in the weave. I brought the tension down so I was able to finish the project, but just a word to the wise if you're going to weave with this yarn. Perfectly possible but not very risky.


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Caron, Lion Brand Yarn and Caron Yarns are some of the best brands that chosen by people for caron cake yarn for crocheting sale. Find the detail in this article. Caron Simply Soft, Becraftee and Caron International are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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