Best Edible Gold Flakes for Cake Decorating

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1. Premium Golden Routine Decoration Accessories

Premium Golden Routine Decoration Accessories

A simple and elegant label on each jar is easy to read. Also in a good size. It's great for storage. There arePERTIES. There are 30 sheets of gold leaf in the package. The golden yellow color is guaranteed. There was no heavy metalcontamination. The Precious Metal Testing Laboratory thoroughly looked over the report. BEAUTY: Gold leaf sheets are used in beauty routines. You can apply a facial mask to your face. You can blend into your makeup or use nail art as a decoration. ART DECORATION: Use in any art and craft work that requires luxurious golden texture, such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, pottery, handmade gifts, and furniture design. Baking and pastries are safe for cooking. Use to decorate bakeries to make them stand out. There is a book called Golden Theme. The color of happiness is the color of gold. It's easy to match other colors to convey the luxury class. That is the reason why they set a theme of "Gold" for any party. You can use gold leaf in many ways. The best way to give a souvenir gift is to give it to your loved ones.

Brand: Ama Grow

👤I used the standard sheets with the transfer paper before covering the sculpture. I decided to try this product since it was 1.5 inches, but the value is not as high as a 3.5" product, and the cost is not as high. I was hoping the smaller size would make it easier to cover the more difficult parts. The protective sheet is folded in half like a folder. It was difficult to use instead of the transfer paper that most 3.5" products use. It's very tiring to work with. This 24K product has a slight color difference from another company. The conclusion was drawn that this or the other product is not 24K because there shouldn't be any difference.

👤The item worked well, but be careful. The seller will email you after you buy it with a request for a review. I had enough.

👤This shows repairs to broken things. It was an old tradition to highlight where gold had been used to honor a broken object.

👤The paper has enough of an edge to not touch the leaf in the cake. Good packaging.

👤I was worried about handling sheets of gold. The ones I could find were the best price per unit. They stick to gold very well.

👤The first time I ate one, I felt a strange sensation in my mind. I've eaten a few more and haven't noticed anything. I'll buy some gold for fun. I might use them in some art. It seems like a good quality product.

👤It was fine. You can't use bare fingers. I expected them to be thinner than they are, but they are good for what I wanted.

👤If you watch the videos on how to make gold leaf, it's amazing. This is packaged great, it moves well, and just make sure you use a wood stick to move it, otherwise static cling will happen. I will order more in the future.

2. Wilton Edible Glitter Stars Ounce

Wilton Edible Glitter Stars Ounce

Not a low calories food. See the nutrition facts for saturated fat.

Brand: Wilton

👤I bought these for a gender reveal I was hosting and they were not mentioned that the item was processed with nuts. I have a severe allergy and can't have any nuts. The description says it is processed in a facility with tree nuts, but as soon as I opened the package, I realized it was not true. I am very happy that Amazon gave me a refund immediately since I have to find someone to give these to. I am very disappointed in the quality control of Wilton. If I had not been trained to check ingredients every time I use something, this could have led to an ER trip. I am disappointed that I don't have something to use for the decorations, but I am happy that it didn't turn into something worse.

👤Such a great product! I'm not a big fan of Wilton but this is a great product. It's subtle and doesn't add anything. There are many in one tube. I was able to use for 40 cupcakes and still have some left. The product arrived quickly and I am very happy with it.

👤It's a great addition to the treats. Very small. It was used for 28 pops, 21 cones, and 12 cupcakes.

👤A little goes a long way with this. Everyone maintains the star shape because they are beautiful and don't break apart like sprinkles. I did not like the brownie pops they were on. I was happy that they were for decoration.

👤Beautiful color! Exactly what I was looking for. They are a bit thin. I had to sprinkle them on so they wouldn't stick together.

👤These were great! I didn't think they'd go far because the tube is tiny. I used 1/3 of a tube for 30 cupcakes. I thought they would be easier to handle. They were great for my daughter's party.

👤These are pretty stars. They are not shiny or shimmering, but they do look striking against a dark chocolate frosting with Beauty and the Beast characters. They taste terrible. They are not as sweet as some of the other topping for cakes. They don't have much of a liking for food. It was just bland. Period. The gold ones are the best for that.

👤I am incredibly disappointed. When I opened the package, I was surprised to see how small it was. I am embarrassed to give it away because I bought it as a birthday gift. I wish I hadn't spent it.

👤These aren't gold, they are a dull yellow color. They don't have any flavor or shapes that are good. I used the container on a small cake and didn't have enough. I won't buy these again.

👤Pour tre l'étoile de la situation. Partant de ce principe, le gteaux et le patisseries de tout acabit. Le got pourrait tre un tant soi. Une seule a passe, non. Faire attention pour remiser. A user.

👤I would love to give zero stars. Most of the stars don't look like stars. They are not stable. Very small. A picture is magnified. It can't be returned because of the waste of money.

3. Edible Sheets,10 Cooking Chocolates Decoration

Edible Sheets%EF%BC%8C10 Cooking Chocolates Decoration

Standard black foil metallic paper cupcake baking cups are the best choice to enhance your birthday, wedding, festival, holiday party, themed celebrations with standard cupcake liners. 99% gold and 1% silver are used in the making of the gold leaf. The gold paper is 4.33 x 4.33 cm. The gold foil paper can be used for skin care. The gold foil sheets can be used as a baking sheet, cake decorating kit, and other items. The gold leaf can be used in art and craft work which requires luxurious golden texture, such as sculpture, ceramics, painting,ceiling, pottery, handmade gifts, and stylish fashion accessories such as rings, nechlaces,bracelets, and crowns. They are a professional gold foil factory that has been in China for more than 20 years. Their team is always on hand to help their customers.

Brand: Kinno

👤I did a burn test with my tweezers. The gold did not tarnish. The other reviewer is not sure what he is talking about. It didn't burn up into nothing. Will purchase again.

👤It is difficult to use sheets. This isn't a complaint. The thin sheets are difficult to use. I had to turn off the ceiling fan and the air conditioning in order to not disturb the sheets. The product is good. The sheets must be worked on with care. I didn't handle them until I wasted 3 sheets.

👤These sheets were perfect for what I needed. A small amount goes a long way.

👤My inexperience applying these sheets to my art was the only complaint. They are very thin and easy to tear. It is more difficult to work with gold leaf than I thought. The product seems good.

👤I thought the size of the sheet would be much larger, but it was the size of a business card cut in half and the packaging was cheap. I guess it did the job, was it expecting more?

👤For the first time, I used it and it was very simple and elegant.

👤Buying foil sheets for the first time! I bought it despite some bad reviews and I think it went well. There are three sheets on a cake. I think this is the way to go if you don't want to spend a lot.

👤The product was easy to use. I love it!

👤Not the cheapest but easy to use.

👤No, he used the producto an. No, he querido por no estar segura de sea. No trae impreso los ingredientes. Slo tiene una pegatina con un cdigo de barras. He preguntado para saber. No, he recibido. Aqu guardado en un cajn hasta saber. An no puedo puntuar correct. Un 10.

4. YongbBo Genuine Cooking Skincare Decoration

YongbBo Genuine Cooking Skincare Decoration

This 2-row diamond rhinestone ribbon wrap is a great decoration for weddings, holidays, bridal and baby showers, graduations, anniversaries, holidays, and seasonal events. The dimensions and material are: There are 10 sheets of 24kt gold foil 1.7”x 1.7” (4.33 cm x 4.33 cm) in the package. Real gold will never change its colors or shapes after burning, because it is made of 99% gold. Gold leaf sheets have been used in beauty routine for a long time. After you clean your face, apply gold sheets to your face and massage your face with a serum. You can mix gold sheets into powder with your daily makeup. 24K gold leaf is widely used as food decoration. It is possible to decorate your bakery, cake, dessert, pastry, cookie, cupcakes with gold leaf, and it will add a touch of luxury to your dining table. These golden leaf sheets are guaranteed to transform your party into the most luxurious event of the year when you have a birthday, wedding, encouragement anniversary party. The gold leaf can be used in art and craft work which requires luxurious golden texture: sculpture, ceramics, painting,ceiling, pottery, handmade gifts, and stylish fashion accessories such as rings, bracelets, and crowns. They are a professional gold foil factory that has been in business for more than 20 years. Their team is always on hand to help their customers.

Brand: Yongbo

👤It's great for making your own gold coated rolling papers. Don't give up, it takes practice and fines to apply the ultra thin gilding leaf. A nice adornment for a holiday. Thank you!

👤I was expecting a lot worse than that, after reading some of the reviews. If you read the description right, you will understand that the sheets are small. I used the paper they came in to work with so that they wouldn't break or melt, because they were a little tricky to work with after I touched them. If you're using it for a cake, I highly recommend it. I would have ordered more if I had more cakes. The right amount of sheets was 10.

👤Unlabelled packaging sealed the sheets. There are some sheets of silver from a Chinese factory. Is it pure? Don't know. Is it food grade? Maybe. The rest could be lead or mercury. There is no way to tell.

👤This is gold. It works perfectly for my leafing needs and didn't tarnish. I would buy again.

👤The product was well packaged and made my cake look amazing.

👤The gold foil looks great on treats. It was trial by fire because I never took the time to watch a video. I wasted at least three sheets because I messed up. I think I am the only genius who didn't know that you can't touch it with your hands. Don't be like me and watch a video before using. The queen posted an IG photo of treatsbythequeen.

👤Very well packaged, good value. The sheets are in a pouch.

👤The product was bought from the seller. It leaves a glowing skin. I used about 9 sheets for my facial and you should buy a couple packs for long term use. It can be mixed in with other products.

👤ningn maltrato el producto.

👤Lleg Perfecto, justo. Lleg 4 das ms tarde, pero supongo, por las festividades y la pandemia.

5. Slofoodgroup Lightly Attached Transfer Backing

Slofoodgroup Lightly Attached Transfer Backing

Warming REMINDER: They will always pay attention to customer suggestions, and they will give free tweezers in the product later, please continue to buy their gold leaf flakes,thanks for your purchase. The size of the gold leaf. The gold sheets are 3.15 inches by 3.15 inches and are attached to transfer backing. 25 sheets of soft press gold leaf are attached to the transfer backing. If you are looking for hard press of firm transfer leaf, please visit their other listing. All gold and silver products can be analyzed in a lab. AUTHENTIC - It is easy to handle genuine gold leaf on transfer sheets, but it is still extremely fragile and should always be handled with care.

Brand: Slofoodgroup

👤I have purchased 24K gold leaf from this seller twice and I am very happy with both of them. I bought the "loose leaf" 24K and now the "transfer sheet" type. The transfer sheet type is similar to the loose type in that it adds another sheet of paper between the gold leaf. I need to apply silver using a technique known as "keum boo", in which I need to lift off small pieces of gold leaf. It costs less to make this product than it does to make gold foil for keum boo. The gold leaf is loose enough to work for this purpose, so I'm happy. This is a 24K gold leaf, according to my tests. It is pure gold in all its beauty and should not react with anything over time. The pendant is made with gold that is heated to 600F. The gold would not bond to the silver if it were less than pure.

👤I liked the sheets. They were easy to remove. Two sheets out of the pack were missing half the sheet. I would expect to get everything I ordered.

👤These aren't on transfer paper. The leaf is loose. The paper between the sheets is very heavy. I did not count as I was using them. I am pretty sure there were no 25 sheets. Seemed like 15 to 20. I wish I didn't use them all so I could get a refund.

👤Excellent service and product. If it was an option, I would give 10 stars. The reports I requested came in quickly and were acceptable. The product was advertised. Will have no problem buying from these people again.

👤Good gold, but compared to other transfer sheets they slip off too readily. It's difficult to transfer a foot away from the book to a cake without them trying to fly away.

👤The sheet will fly away in the most inexplicable way if you hold your breath or someone talks in your general direction from across the room. Order the firmly-attached version instead of the hard to use one.

👤I can't compare gold leaf to other products because I've never worked with it before. I ordered 2 packs to cover the wedding cake. It worked well. The transfer sheets were great because the leafing is very fragile. The way to go for cakes is definitely the way to go.

👤Many of the sheets are folded making them difficult to work with. If that was not an issue, I would have given 5 stars.

👤Is the gold foil worth the money? The packaging of the gold foil is an issue for me. They are not individually wrapped as I've purchased in the past. They are in a booklet like a receipt book, but they were unavailable. You can scrap the entire lot if you're not very delicate with the removal.

👤I use this in my artwork. It comes with a small packet for protection. It should be handled like a gold leaf. It works well for me.

6. Decopac Confetti Gold Quins Sprinkles

Decopac Confetti Gold Quins Sprinkles

These quins are great for topping off birthday treats. Add drama and flair to your cakes and desserts with these fancy sprinkles. These food-safe quins can be rolled into royal icing, scattered on top, or used in cake batter or cookie mixes. cupcake sprinkles are kosher These quins add vibrant colors and texture to cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other baked goods as well as ice cream and confections. It is easy to use and store cupcake Sprinkles. The container makes it easy to store a lot of these quins in a single location. They are fresh in your cupboard. The preferred cupcake Sprinkles of Professionals are DecoPac Quins. They like the consistency and results they offer.

Brand: Decopac

👤It was much easier to paint over my sequin cake with this. I can never paint over the green ones with enough regular confetti sprinkles. This saved me some time decorating.

👤I don't like the finish of my cakes and cupcakes, and I don't like the color of gold of the glitter, dust, and sprinkles I use. Quins shine with a dull metallic finish in most light. I like a richer gold color but it doesn't show up when I have it sprinkled on the frosting. I am not going to go as far as to paint them. The gold glint is enough. It's logical to think that the gold color will be more obvious when there are a lot of them together. If I were going to have to gilm them all together, I would want a deeper, richer gold color. If there's a teenie space of visible frosting here and there, the space won't be obvious because I would color the frosting to match the Quins. I don't know if I will ever coat a cake with a coat of Quins but I will definitely try in an area. I think these are a great addition to a decorated bakery treat. They are thin and easy to eat. The flavor is good.

👤I loved this! The pre-gold confetti was better than the colorful ones. They make it gold quicker to paint. I never used the colorful one. It would take a lot of gold dust to cover it. The prices are the same. I like how small they are. Great product!

👤The product is great for the price. The texture and flavor are wonderful. They are not hard like other brands. They have some shine in the picture show when they are completely matt. I solved my problem by adding a table spoon of gold duster and mixing it up for a few seconds.

👤They should fill the container to the top for what you pay because it is not full.

👤It was perfect! The texture and color are very nice. I thought I would have to make them more gold, but they were perfect as-is. They are thin and nice to eat. Definitely recommend!

👤I don't like the taste of sprinkles, they have a nice flavor that doesn't take away from the flavor of your cake. I have covered 2 cakes in this jar and still have leftovers. I use more gold over cakes.

👤Not gold! It looks like sesame seeds on a cake. Don't buy them unless you want them. I thought they were gold for my birthday cake. We were the only sprinkles that I had and I had to use them. The people at the birthday asked why I put sesame seeds on the cake. They won't return my money, so I should be refunded.

7. Wilton Gold Heart Edible Accents

Wilton Gold Heart Edible Accents

It was manufactured in Vietnam. The gold hearts add shimmer to the treats. It's fun to use for weddings. The net weight was 0.06 ounces. Equipment that processes soy is also made on that piece of equipment.

Brand: Wilton

👤Very pretty. Only decor has no flavor to it. If you apply it to a cake or jello shot, don't put it in the fridge. A small bottle for money. It was purchased for jello shots for my sister's 30th birthday and we used it on the cake to cover some flower damage. Which worked well.

👤I ordered the stars and hearts. The stars are great. They sit perfectly on the item. The hearts are not as pretty. The pink hearts I purchased are not as curved as these. The gold hearts are all curved. They sit on the item. You can not tell they are hearts. It would be different if they were flat. I am really disappointed.

👤I'm using in on customers. There are fancy things on top of my cakes. My cakes are getting a good reputation of being elegant and stylish. I will continue to order these items. The gold on top of the white chocolate is very pretty.

👤These remind me of popcorn kernels that get stuck in your teeth. If you get close, they are cute. They are hard to apply because they are in a tiny vial. They were used for wedding cupcakes.

👤They looked gorgeous on my red good black themed cupcakes, even though they didn't taste like anything. I know that whenever I buy a Wilton product, it means great quality.

👤I bought these for the baking project I was going to do, but they look really nice, so I haven't used them yet. A small tube of gold hearts. They all look different. They will be nice when I use them.

👤I used these as sprinkles on cupcakes for my daughter's birthday party. They looked cute and I liked them a lot. It is very simple and dainty yet adds something special.

👤It looks great on cups. It's much nicer than sprinkles. I dropped it because it's a bit slippery. A sprinkle top is a nice addition to the design. They look good. 10/10 would order again.

👤Not used yet. It looks pretty. It will make my Christmas deserts look pretty. Less expensive than gold leaf.

👤If you have a store by you, you can buy the vial these for less than at Michaels. The product is the same as found in stores.

👤They were too small, and couldn't tell that they were hearts. The icing on the cupcakes was gold. Would not order them again.

👤I was shocked by the price and will never buy them again.

8. KINNO Genuine Decorative Chocolates Decoration

KINNO Genuine Decorative Chocolates Decoration

The gold leaf is 25 grams of pure and natural gold. These 24 Karat flakes are delicious and can be used for both crafts and cooking. Do not eat your cake and sweet. The gold is a great food decoration. You can use gold leaf to decorate cakes, cupcakes, and other baked goods. The gold leaves can be used to decorate your plates and add a touch of luxury to your dining table. It's ideal for decorating cakes, cupcakes, confectionary, chocolate, desserts and cocktails. The WOW Factor is what you should give your creations. Their gold leaf has 24 kart purity and is certified to be gold leaf, so you can buy gold leaf with confidence. They are a professional gold foil factory that has been in business for more than 20 years. Their team is always on hand to help their customers.

Brand: Kinno

👤I can't see anything on the container. The container has not been mentioned in the description. I don't want to say that gold is in my food. The man is named Edi.

👤Product was fine, but barely anything in the container. It's hard to separate. We only got a few strawberries. As a hump, come out.

👤I must state that I am not using this product as intended. I was hoping to use this to sprinkle on glass before firing it in a kiln. My experimentation has been limited so far. The little flakes are not "flakes". They clump up when I try to add it to my glass. Please let me know if there is a trick to this. The good news is that when fired inside of a glass component, it comes out of the kiln looking as beautiful as it went in.

👤The amount lost when opening the package was four stars. The protective plastic cover has a small amount of product that sticks to it, which is not really cool. Other than that, 5 stars. If you know what you're doing and have experience with this leaf, it's easy to use. If you don't know what you're doing, it can blow it away.

👤I had a difficult time with gold leaf, but I don't think my experience applies because I feel like this is something that will mostly be purchased by people who use it frequently. I was very disappointed in the quality of the money. I was very excited when I received the jar because I thought it would last for several rounds of cupcakes. The jar was hollow when I opened it and the leaf was pressed against the walls. I had to remove the jar to make sure that my cupcakes had 3 small particles. I don't feel like the quality of this is comparable to the price.

👤The picture on the front page of Amazon is much larger. Roughly 50 cupcakes decorated like the above (1-2 leaf flakes each) have enough in it. We used tools. They work well and look nice, and the bottle we got was 25mg. I thought it would be better from the front page of Amazon.

👤It is beautiful, but very delicate. Transfer is difficult if you stick to fingers. Use tools to remove objects. Excellent overall!

👤The jar was barely full. The jar was open. Terrible value and quality.

👤Not much to say. There was hardly anything in the tub. The tub was full but the silver leaf was half the amount. Having to order more.

👤The gold colour is hard to use. I used a paint brush to pick out the gold leaf and place it on the strawberries and cakes but most of it would fall off and ruin the cakes. They are quite expensive, so not great.

👤If you want to keep the gold leafs "leaf like", do not touch them with your hands. They are no longer in your hand. I used a pair of tweezers to put them on the cake. Make sure they are on the thing you're decorating as they will blow away in an instant along with the money you've just spent on them!

9. Metallic Shimmer Glitter Sparkle Cookies

Metallic Shimmer Glitter Sparkle Cookies

The gold leaf can be used for many projects, such as gilded statues, crafts project, art, gilding, decoration, furniture and so on. You can add glory to the place you want. This is the closest they came to finding real gold. This product is prepared and packaged using machines that may come in contact with wheat/Gluten, Eggs, Dairy Products, Peanuts, Soy, and Tree Nuts. The amount of money you need to get the bakery decorating job done is up to you. The differences in monitors and screen resolution may affect the shades shown online.

Brand: Whimsical Practicality

👤I should have purchased gold disco dust. It tasted like sawdust. It was a yellow mustard. It disappeared when I used it with my chocolate decos. The gold was not noticed, I meant mustard flakes, which were supposed to create gold glittered chocolate decos. No one. This was a huge waste of money and time.

👤The cake I made tasted great and shimmered very well.

👤The color was similar to tumeric. It was not gold. There was a black plastic object inside the bottle. I don't know what that was supposed to be.

👤It looks like fish food.

👤Didn't look like gold or corn.

👤The cake was decorated perfectly.

10. KINNO Gilding Flakes Imitation Metallic

KINNO Gilding Flakes Imitation Metallic

The hybrid manicure removes nail polish just like regular manicures. The kit set contains 3 bottles, 2.5 gold flakes, imitation silver, and 100% copper. The gold color is made of a mixture of copper, silver, and aluminum. This gilding flakes can be used in a wide range of applications, including home office, nail foil,resin supplies, painting, crafts, home decoration, furniture,building,interior design and artistic work. The metallic foil is non-edible, can not be used to decorate cake, ice-cream, drinking or make up, can only be used for decorations. They are a professional gold foil factory that has been in business for more than 20 years. Their team is always on hand to help their customers. They suggest to deal with the delicate gold flaks with tweezers.

Brand: Kinno

👤I love this! They were used in my pieces. I have not used silver yet. You can see copper and gold in the photos. The light weight of the flakes makes them ideal for attaching to anything. Don't waste any.

👤The flakes are perfect. They are light weight and there is a decent amount of them. They add a beautiful touch to my pieces. Since they are lightweight, they may poke through the top of your piece, so make sure they are completely submerged in your resin.

👤The colors are pretty. I haven't been able to test the quality yet. When I opened the package, the silver flakes lid and seal were missing and there was a bag full of them. The packing looked like nice quality, but I was not happy with it. The company reached out via email for a refund. They have great customer service and it really means a lot to them.

👤I was skeptical about this product as it seemed cheaper than others, but I am very happy with these flakes! The bottles are jam packed full.

👤It works well in the material. I recommend pouring it into your mold before presiding it. Less messy!

👤This is the best deal I can find. The foil came with a large amount. I only used 10% of the gold foil to make the art wall, which is a 11x15 canvas. The package was messy, there were foils around the container, and it took me more time to open it than I would have liked. It came out looking great when I tried it with resin. Attached are pictures. You need to break them into smaller pieces to get better results.

👤I bought this to add detail to the keychains I make and so far I have really enjoyed it. You need to mix it with the casting agent you are using before putting it into the mold. It is much easier to mix the two together before you add your casting agent if it sticks to the mold. I am impressed by the product and the containers were bigger than I thought. The silver looks like aluminum foil if it isn't spread out enough and it also has a few black pieces in it. It was worth the price and the shipping was fast.

👤There is a lot of it because the colors are even and the quality is really good. I used it to make a set of 10 nails, and you can't tell I've touched it. I can not open the tub properly.

👤It is easy to separate clumps of flakes in jars. Good colors. Even when you receive them and start using them, you will soon realize the jars are packed full.

👤This stuff is great value for money, it is beautiful and you only use small amounts at a time. I think it will last me a while.

👤It's a great value for money. It's wise to break up the big clumps because there are some that are quite large.

11. Sweet Sticks Decorative Milliliters Metallic

Sweet Sticks Decorative Milliliters Metallic

Before you start, make sure to shake the bottle well to make sure the solid and liquid ingredients mix together to form an even consistency to paint with; you can also open the bottle and give the mixture a stir with the end of your. Before you start, you should take the time to play with your paints, get a feel for them, and also play with the paint on different painting surfaces, because each color has different pigmentation. These metallic paints do not work on Italian or Swiss meringue buttercream as these surfaces keep the paints from air-drying and leave them in liquid form. If you want to wash your brush with hot soapy water, put it in a paper towel and then rinse it with hot water. How to paint is tip 1. Don't load your brush with too much paint, it's easier to build up the color than take it away, and wait for the first coat to dry, thick coats of paint will take much longer. This paint is designed to be used straight from the bottle, and you can add a drop of high-grade alcohol to thin the paint when needed. The tip is to dry the paints. If paints aren't air dried correctly, you may be left with a bitter taste in your mouth, so please allow time for this too; a fan can be used to speed the drying process. Allow time for drying before putting the cake back in the fridge.

Brand: Sweet Sticks

👤I was worried after reading all the terrible comments on the product. When I got it, I shook the bottle and began painting. I piped them with their filling and let them set. I tried one and then another and it tasted good. I did the same thing when I had another order, but I did not let them dry completely. Yes, and yes. The not so good tastes come to be. Let your paint jobs dry first. It's a good thing.

👤I was trying to buy paint for some cake pops. I bought this without reading the reviews because I thought it was going to be a really good product. I bought it because I thought it would fix the bad taste, but after reading the reviews, I realized it was just a flavor extract. I tried it with out flavor extract and it was horrible. It tastes like paint. I added the strawberry flavor extract to make it taste better. I am very disappointed in this product.

👤I was forced to decorate my daughter's 7th birthday cake because of COVID-19. It was her golden birthday and she loves Legos. It seemed like the easiest way to get gold fondant. It was brilliant. It took one coat and a few touches to cover the entire cake. I used some left over for cake pops. I was thankful for barely any taste. I would use this again.

👤When a famous cake expert recommended this product, she was 100% on-point. I have been trying to find a gold food paint or luster dust that would give me metallic gold in one sweep of the brush. It's perfect! It goes a long way and dries quickly. They could charge more than one. I would still buy it. I used it on a little girl's birthday in October with a pink, orange and gold pumpkin theme. Like the photo. This product is a miracle.

👤I used this to paint. It was very easy to apply. The entire jar was used. The jar is small and I should have bought 2 jars. Make sure to mix thoroughly.

👤I don't know what happened. I don't like this stuff. I've seen people brag about this brand. I didn't like that. The gold tasted weird. I would write that if there was a better word. The taste of the strawberries tainted the taste of the treats I made for them. I felt like I was eating poison. I used 2 coats of gold. It required two coats because one wouldn't hold it and it kept coming off. I don't know if I used it correctly because I didn't use water and it didn't come with directions. I don't know why people like this one so much.

👤This is my favorite paint. It goes on well. If it's not humid you shouldn't have a problem drying. When you get to the end of the bottle, it's all glitter and no liquid, that's the only thing I don't like.

👤This is the best gold paint I've ever used. The coverage is great. It took one application. Don't let the small bottle fool you because it lasts forever! A little goes a long way. Definitely buying again in the future.


What is the best product for edible gold flakes for cake decorating?

Edible gold flakes for cake decorating products from Ama Grow. In this article about edible gold flakes for cake decorating you can see why people choose the product. Wilton and Kinno are also good brands to look for when you are finding edible gold flakes for cake decorating.

What are the best brands for edible gold flakes for cake decorating?

Ama Grow, Wilton and Kinno are some of the best brands that chosen by people for edible gold flakes for cake decorating. Find the detail in this article. Yongbo, Slofoodgroup and Decopac are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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