Best Jungle Cake Decorations

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1. LaVenty Toppers Animals Decorations Birthday

LaVenty Toppers Animals Decorations Birthday

If you need to return the goods, please contact me by mail. They don't have a reason to return the goods. There is a jungle wildlife decoration. The baby shower cake decoration is perfect for a wedding, birthday, baby shower, and boy girl party. Eco-friendly materials. The cute cupcake decoration can be used as a variety of different things. Let's support the earth's environmental protection by using safe and non-toxic materials. The package includes a piece of Happy Birthday cake, a piece of Leaf cake, a piece of Plastic lion, and a piece of Plastic giraffe. The jungle safari cake picks work best on cupcakes or 6 inch cakes. Bring your kids to real jungle life with these cake toppers. As the adventure continues in your own home, let your kid make their own stories. It will be a great party for your children. If you have questions about their products, you can get a 100% refund or replacement. Please buy with confidence. LaVenty has more products. The perfect gift is their top rated Jungle Safari Animal Cupcake Toppers. Purchase risk free. Your satisfaction is their highest priority. If you don't like your new Jungle Animals cake decorations, they'll give you a full refund.

Brand: Laventy

👤So disappointed. I bought for my son's first birthday. I uploaded the leaves which are made of a cheap card stock were damaged and flimsy, the happy birthday with animals is damaged and what am I supposed to do with it sit it on the icing. There isn't anything to hold it up. The giraffe is heavy and made of baked clay, but it is cute as the lion is made of fondant. I don't understand why this was sent to me. I am angry about it.

👤It was smaller than I thought and the clay lion and giraffe broke. I purchased the clay lion and giraffe because of that. The paper monkey in the happy birthday portion is mostly covered by the happy birthday.

👤The lion had to be tucked behind the Happy Birthday leaves because you couldn't see the lion but you could read the words clearly. My son loved the 3D animals. I could have easily made myself with the thin leaf pieces. The job was done well, but not worth the cost due to damaged pieces.

👤Many of the leaves were torn and bent. I fixed them the best I could, but there wasn't time to find anything else. My daughter loved it.

👤It was a bit flimsy and delicate, but it turned out fine. The cake is naked.

👤The poor quality flimsy and broken parts of this cake top is a waste of money. This one is not as good as the ones my 6 year old could make.

👤They were used to decorate a cake. They were sturdy and fit in perfectly. Will be able to reuse. The package was well packaged. The bakeries were not able to make the figures with fondant.

👤On top of my daughter's birthday party, these were so cute. I had a cake made by a chain supermarket and they used all the colors in the frosting that looked nice with these toppers.

2. Safari Jungle Animal Birthday Decorations

Safari Jungle Animal Birthday Decorations

The zoo animal cupcake toppers are only for decoration purposes and should not be used in the oven or microwave. The overall height is about 6.5 inches, two wild is about 5.5 inches. There is a package with one piece jungle two wild cake. The design of the cake topper is glitter paper which makes them shine. The cake toppers are perfect for jungle themed parties, baby boy and girl's birthday parties, baby shower, and wild themed birthday party decorations. If you want to decorate only, do not put the cake toppers in the oven.

Brand: Drwate

👤The picture of this item is not accurate. It shows that the cupcake top is a decent size for a 3 tier cake but it might as well be a cupcake top. Disappointed.

👤The little cake topper is great.

👤This was not the best quality. I didn't use it because I didn't think it looked good.

👤My daughter is having a two wild birthday. It is slightly flimsy, but it complemented the cake well, so be careful when taking it out of the packaging.

3. Safari Jungle Animal Birthday Decorations

Safari Jungle Animal Birthday Decorations

It's only for cake decorations and can't be eaten. The overall height is about 6 inches, the wildone is about 5 inches. The package includes a piece of jungle wildone cake. The design of the cake topper is glitter paper which makes them shine. The cake topper is perfect for jungle themed parties, baby boy and girl's birthday parties, baby shower, and wild one themed birthday party decorations. If you want to decorate only, do not put the cake toppers in the oven.

Brand: Drwate

👤The picture is too small. It's big enough for the price. It is only suitable for 4 inches cake.

👤The birthday theme was well matched by it. It was not very sturdy but held up.

👤It came all bent when it was delivered in an envelope. The stick was not attached to the sign. The back of it is brown and the layers of paper are not the same as before. I don't have time to send it back and replace it because my son's birthday is next week. Don't waste your money, it's a joke.

👤This was a rather flimsy top, and it was smaller than the normal ones.

👤It is too much for the price.

👤The cake is perfect for the theme. I like it. Good quality.

4. Figurines Decoration Birthday Centerpiece Supplies

Figurines Decoration Birthday Centerpiece Supplies

If you want to decorate only, do not put the cake toppers in the oven. The material is made of high quality durable ABS materials. The scene is perfect for a jungle animal themed party. That's a great decoration for your party, from wild-one birthday parties for kids, to baby shower, to funky wedding celebrations. Make your baby shower decoration perfect. These baby shower decorations are made with a premium card stock and will give you the right amount of sparkle for your event. The package includes 7 gold jungle animals, 3 gold palm leaves, 3 green palm leaves, and 5 kinds of golden animals. Total safety is eco-friendly. It was tested to be safe for kids.

Brand: Erweicet

👤It was perfect for my 1 year old's birthday party. She still plays with them and is happy that it wasn't just used for a day. The pictures looked really cute. It didn't feel cheap.

👤I had to spray paint the animals because they were not as gold as the pictures show.

👤These were too big for what I wanted them to be. Even if they'd been the correct size, they wouldn't have looked right because they were different shades of gold. I'm going to come back.

👤You get what you pay for. Some of the animals legs are not the same length so they can not stand up, and the color is inconsistent.

👤I didn't know it came with cupcake toppers, but I like them and the price is great.

5. LaVenty Jungle Animals Birthday Cupcake

LaVenty Jungle Animals Birthday Cupcake

Are you looking for a jungle party? There is a jungle baby shower. You can check JeVenis Store to prepare a party. This premium quality jungle animals cake topper will add to the cheeriness of the next party. The new design stunning cake topper with the eye-catching golden ''Happy Birthday'' wording wrapped nicely in a colorful and fun jungle animal wreath would be a perfect addition to any birthday party cake of your choice! It's perfect for birthday parties, baby showers, garden parties, home decor, etc. This can be used in a floral arrangement. The package includes 1x birthday cake topper and 28 x cupcake toppers. This will be a great addition to your party or gift. The cake smash session's cake needs to be decorated with this wild one.

Brand: Laventy

👤The items were cute, but not great quality. Some of the greenery was bent when I received the items and the cake top had a monkey that was detached. I contacted the seller and was offered a replacement of the refund. The cupcakes were decorated with animals that were detached from the glue on the sticks. I had to use command glue strips to get the animals back on the stick. I was short as well.

👤Cualquier decoracin!

👤Excellent buy. The colors could have been brighter. The picture is showing more color.

👤The on sticks animals are not the same as the cake topper animals.

👤You can put everything on your desert table with this cake topper and cupcakes. It was very well made.

👤My daughter's birthday cake was made with these.

6. Squeezable Birthday Stocking Stuffers Decorations

Squeezable Birthday Stocking Stuffers Decorations

There is a cupcake top included. There are 8 different types with 3 pieces. There are 12 animals. You will get a 12 pack of different rubber Squeezing animals in different styles and colors in a Poly Bag. The size is 2 inches. This is just the right size to display on a birthday cake or for the little kids to play in the pool. The animals at the Safir ZOO. Each dozen includes 2 tigers, 2 Hippos, 2 Monkeys, 2 Lions, 2 Giraffes, 2 Elephants, and a lot of other animals. They'll be a hit as party favors because they're so cute. These party favors are great to use for baby shower decorations, carnival games, easter baskets, birthday gifts, and much more. You can be sure that you will get the best quality when buying mini Zoo Animals with Bedwina, they are super cute and can be used over and over again.

Brand: Bedwina

👤The giraffe neck is long and the monkey is smaller than I expected. I don't want my baby to play with those two. The water that gets into these toys can be squeezed out. I fill them with water and squeeze them out to prevent mold andbacteria growth. The design of some of them makes it hard to squeeze the water out.

👤I bought these for a baby shower. They were light enough to not hurt the cake but large enough to fall over. They are adorable. I won't use them as bath toys because of the little hole in the bottom, but they will be cute to play with for an older toddler. It was a good value.

👤I used these to make cake toppers. They are just as cute as online. The reviews stated that they were about 2 inches. There were no toxic odors. The kids will love playing with each other.

👤It's cute to use as a decoration, but small. A baby under 3 years old would be allowed to play with them. The monkeys are cute.

👤The pictures were cuter than the product. They were smaller than I was expecting, but that was my fault, because I didn't notice the size.

👤I bought them for my sons' birthday party and he still plays with them.

👤My grandson can use the pool toys from the birthday cake this summer. You get two of each animal, but I didn't realize. It's a good price.

👤El producto is totalmente X, el material, la calidad igual, and para el producto.

7. Animals Cupcake Birthday Supplies Decorations

Animals Cupcake Birthday Supplies Decorations

Please don't use it in the oven or microwave, it's only for decoration. There are 6 styles of jungle animals cupcake toppers. It's not food. The jungle animals cupcake toppers are made of high quality paper, Eco-friendly, non-toxic and odorless, it is lightweight and could be reused. The wooden pick is attached to the single-sided color printing. Hippopotamus is measure approx 2.4"2.4", and theElephant is measure approx 2.3" 2.3". It is measure approx. Tiger is measure approx. 2.4" 2.2". This colorful and personalize cupcake top is perfect for boys and kids all party, they make your cupcakes look great! Add to Cart now! 100% refund service and fast Amazon delivery. You can get a 100% refund if you have any questions.

Brand: Nicelife

👤The baby shower theme was cute. The cake was decorated with the animals.

👤They were going to make cupcakes for the baby shower.

👤These are cute! They worked great for the baby shower.

👤I had a theme for the baby shower.

👤Supe duper is cute. It's so beautiful. They are cute.

👤They were used for the baby shower.

👤These were exactly what the picture looked like.

8. TOYANDONA Toppers Animals Decorations Birthday

TOYANDONA Toppers Animals Decorations Birthday

If you want to decorate only, do not put the cake toppers in the oven. These cake toppers are made from premium material. Children will love them. It's a great choice for people who want to make their own cake. Make your party more interesting by decorating your food and dessert. It's perfect for a jungle themed party, baby shower, or birthday party. There are different cartoon cake toppers like giraffe, elephant, panda, lion and fox. It's perfect for decorating your cake. It's suitable for birthday, wedding, baby shower and so much more. This is a set of cartoon cake decorations. They are made of eco- friendly material. You can decorate your cake with them. If your friend wants to make a cake, these are a good choice.

Brand: Toyandona

👤The figurines look like they were made at a bakery. Beautifully done! My son's birthday cake was saved by a bakery cancellation. I loved them.

👤I am very happy with my purchase. They are the most adorable little animals.

👤They arrived on time. They were like handmade fondant. It's easy to decorate cakes with themes for little ones. I will purchase them again because they are adorable. If you wanted, you could put a stick into the bottom of the animal to insert the cake, but you could leave it off if you didn't. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤It's perfect for my one year old's birthday cake.

9. Jovitec Pieces Cupcake Coconuts Decorations

Jovitec Pieces Cupcake Coconuts Decorations

If you have a question about their product, you can get a 100% money refund or replace. Purchase with confidence. Please visit JeVenis for more products. It can be used for cake decoration, fruit plate decoration, or aquarium garden building model landscape, which can bring coconut a lot of joy to your life. It can be used as a cake or cupcake top for a variety of parties, such as beach, garden, summer or wild forest themed parties. There are two different sizes of coconut cake toppers, 8 cm/ 3.15 inch and 14 cm/ 5.5 inch, which are suitable for many kinds of cakes. It is not easy to break down plastic, so please keep inedible items away from kids under 3 years old. The package includes 16 pieces palm tree cupcake toppers, enough for your party cake decoration needs.

Brand: Jovitec

👤I didn't like my purchase. These trees are plastic and they are not good quality, so you need to update your description. I would love to send them back. I am a handicapped person and you are passing off bad merchandise, ripping people off, I guess I'm out of the money. You should be ashamed of yourself. I will not be buying anything else from you.

👤Glue down and support worked well for our project. They should have an anchor stem to push the styrofoam. The look of the trees is very plastic and toyish. We are pleased.

👤Only two of the palm trees were worth anything. The others were very flimsy and cheap.

👤The trees were going to be perfect for the nativity scene. The trees were cheap and some were broken. The trunk and leaf color is not real and they are not very tall. If you don't care about your use, you should not buy these.

👤The trees are small and chintzy. Too small for the project I had in mind. This item has a no return policy. The total waste was $10!

👤We used them for cake decorations. They were easy to put on and the kids liked them. I have extras for another cake because there were a lot more than I expected.

👤The palm trees do not look like the photos that are advertised. The ones received are cheap, flimsy, and completely different in color. They sent 14 of these and 2 bigger palms. What a waste of money.

👤They won't stand up and fall apart.

👤I was happy with these.

👤The cake was used on a daughter's birthday. She still plays with the figurines and trees after it was a big hit.

10. Morofme Tropical Cupcake Decoration Birthday

Morofme Tropical Cupcake Decoration Birthday

The package comes with a plastic box and 48edible tropical turtle leaves cake decorations. It is convenient to store and can be a gift. The palm leaves are 1.6 inches in diameter. The cupcake top is made of paper. There was no flavor in it. It's not good but save and look good. It can be kept in a cool place. It is eatable leaves. It's a great way to make a cake and cupcakes look professional. The cupcake can be used as a dessert decoration. The date is on the package with a sticker. These high quality icing sheets are great for decorations such as Christmas, wedding, birthday, baby shower anniversary, engagement, new baby, Hawaii aloha jungle safari summer tropical themed party cake decorations, wild one cake decorations. If you have a question about their product, please purchase with confidence and they will give you a 100% money refund or replace. Please visit Morofme for more products.

Brand: Morofme

👤I thought they would be like sugar or fondant, but they are more like peanut consistency. They look great. I'll use them, but I don't like letting the kids eat them.

👤There is a second hand item. The box was clearly used with dirt and scratches, and had no safety seal or packaging. The leaves were not green in 888-739-5110 was 888-739-5110 If it had been described, I would have given it a 5 star review. Food items are expected to have basic packaging.

👤It is easy to use. It worked well for my cake.

👤It is a good option for birthday parties. Especially for children.

👤They don't lay flat, they work well down fall.

👤I didn't think it was food, it was very sturdy. Cute for the pretzels.

11. Goo Party Dinosaur Birthday Jurassic

Goo Party Dinosaur Birthday Jurassic

The package includes 16 pieces palm tree cupcake toppers, enough for your party cake decoration needs. The package includes a soft clay dinosaur cake top, paper leaves for cake decorating, and a cupcake top. All they have done is aimed guests, made from premium soft clay and paper. Quality materials make your party experience better. The cake decorations set is ideal for creating a celebratory atmosphere for your upcoming kid birthday party, dinosaur theme party, jungle party, wild animals party,jurassic world party,zoo roar party. If there is a defect, contact them via Amazon, they will provide a full-refund or hassle-free replacement service. It's only for cake decorations and can't be eaten.

Brand: Goo Party

👤The pictures have dinosaur figures and paper foliage that is hot-glued to wooden sticks. Most of the paper things included with the kit were not still attached to the plastic sticks, so you will probably want to toss them. The figures smell of paint.

👤Some pieces were broken when I opened the package. The ones that were usable were more than enough for our cake. I loved how they looked like they were made from fondant. The kids loved them. Everyone was able to take a piece of the cake.

👤All is great except for the dinosaur that didn't stick. Overall, it's all great.

👤I looked great and they are cute. I couldn't use all of the broken pieces because they were too expensive.

👤I got a very plain cake and these little toppers really dressed it up. The design, colors and size were nice. The bottom tier of the cake is 7in and the top tier is 6in. Highly recommended!

👤This product made his bday cake amazing.

👤My daughter wanted a dinosaur rainbow cake.

👤There is a cake toper. It was perfect. Lots of colors.


What is the best product for jungle cake decorations?

Jungle cake decorations products from Laventy. In this article about jungle cake decorations you can see why people choose the product. Drwate and Drwate are also good brands to look for when you are finding jungle cake decorations.

What are the best brands for jungle cake decorations?

Laventy, Drwate and Drwate are some of the best brands that chosen by people for jungle cake decorations. Find the detail in this article. Erweicet, Laventy and Bedwina are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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