Best Yarn Cakes for Crocheting Clearance

Crocheting 25 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Lion Brand Yarn 217 606 Ferris

Lion Brand Yarn 217 606 Ferris

The knitting gauge is 16 sts x 20 rows and the crochet gauge is 12 sc x 13 rows. This yarn is lightweight, has beautiful self-striping colors, and is super soft. The cake has 270 yards, enough to make a scarf or hat. The CYC #4 Medium has 100% Acrylic Fiber. Instructions for washing and dry. The weight is 3 ounces and the length is 270 yards.

Brand: Lion Brand Yarn

👤I usually buy Lion brand directly from their website. I am going to take my yarn back to see if there are any issues. This one has a lot of garbage. I don't know if it's seconds Amazon bought or I just got a lousy ball. I bought two, but I am not going to relive the other one. I will return them. I have two more colors I bought. I really like the colors, so I hope this is just a bad lot. Maybe try again later. I don't know. It's pretty sad right now.

👤They have all the colors they have available.

👤It was easy to work with. The afghan I made with Cotton Candy is beautiful, because of the yarn. It looks like a Monet painting. I believe I used eight skeins to make the afghan. The skein yardage is short compared to other yarn. I think it is softer than those two yarns. If I didn't have so much other yarn, I would order more. I will combine two different colors next time, but not with this afghan.

👤I have never done crocheting before. I have worked with yarn that works well. I'm excited to make my own accessories. The yarn is soft and fuzzy. It's easy to work with and elegant as well.

👤I like the cake-style yarns because it is easier to dig into the center to find the end. There is a This says it is a #3, but it is actually a 4. At some point, the yarn gets wrapped around another part of the yarn because it started fuzzing as I worked with it. I like the colors, but I won't buy this again because my project turned out fine.

👤The Cottonwood Candy was received. The colors look a bit dull compared to the image provided. The yarn doesn't feel like a 4med. It is fuzzy and thin. If I search for this type of yarn, it will be usable. Can share how it held up.

👤The texture is lightweight. I made two toddler items. The yarn is pretty good.

👤This yarn is beautiful. It works up so soft with the fun colors. These would be great for babies.

👤This is not Lion Brand yarn. It is spun from imitation wool. I had a bad feeling when I removed it from the packaging. I tried to give it a chance by working it up into a swatch but I was afraid theyarn was going to break. It doesn't feel good. Please watch the video of me un-spinning. This is not a legitimate product and any crocheter or knitter can tell it. Don't waste your money.

👤Idéal pour mon projet. tellement, couleur. Pour l'hiver prochain, trs chaude. cakes pour ne pas en manquer

👤I got about 6 in total. I don't know that the size wasn't as big. I will use the length for my next knitting project even though I read it wrong.

👤The price was great for these. I have used the brand many times and have no issues with it.

2. Caron Cakes Striping Rainbow Sprinkles

Caron Cakes Striping Rainbow Sprinkles

The yarn is self-striping and is 80% Acrylic and 20% Wool.

Brand: Caron

👤I love this yarn. The colors are beautiful and it's nice to work with them. It is way over charged on Amazon. You can get it for half the price at Michaels. I am happy to find a better deal, but I think it's sad that Amazon overcharges so much.

👤I fell in love with the yarns when I first saw them. The colors were great. I was going to make six blankets for Christmas. Three of the blankets are made with double yarn, using a variegated Caron yarn and a solid Heart color. The three others were not made with any other yarn. The smaller blankets for the baby and toddlers are the three Caron Cake blankets. The yarn would be tied together in several places throughout the skein, which was an issue that I kept running into. It was what I would think of as normal in a few skeins. If necessary, maybe two or three times. Several of the skeins were tied together multiple times. There were some knots that were very close together. I don't like having to hide, or trying to hide, a bunch of knots in my blankets. You want something to be beautiful when you work so hard on it. The yarn was easy to work with and the finished result is beautiful.

👤The ball of yarn that I ordered to complete my project arrived with no label band on it or in the box, just the ball of yarn. There were streaks of color on the strands of yarn and on the ball of yarn. It is very noticeable. I don't mind the look, but the rest of my project is solid with no streaks, just a few flecks once in a while. I ordered two more balls of the same color to finish the project. Hope they aren't "seconds" with no label. I think I got that. Quality Control was surprised by something. The yarn is very smooth to work with. Will see if the next 2 balls are better.

👤The colors in this yarn are pretty. I didn't expect to find knots in the thread, but it's hard to create a smooth stitch when those knots cause bumps and lumps. I have never had a problem with the self striping yarns before. The delivery was prompt and the product was new. I really like the combination of colors in the yarn. I don't like the knots found in the thread. Overall satisfied with the transaction.

👤I never thought about the bag until I used it. I am pretty sure that it was a rewrapped skein that had yarn missing. I had my project measured out to need one skein of the funfetti yarn, but it ran short, leaving my project unfinished. It was twice the price of an in-store equivalent.

👤It is interesting to see a design emerge. The ends that need to be hidden are not an issue. I was very disappointed that the same yarn was different in different transitions. I don't think you can take a chance on the skein being a consistent repeat if you intend more than a 1-skein project. A light color stopped abruptly and a dark color was tied on. It was very noticeable.

3. Red Heart Wrap Rainbow Seaglass

Red Heart Wrap Rainbow Seaglass

Solids are 5oz/142g and Tweeds are 4oz/113g. Cotton and acrylate yarn blend. The crochet gauge is 4mm on US G6 The knitting gauge is 4 cm on 3.75mm.

Brand: Red Heart

👤This yarn is gorgeous. It's gorgeous in the cake and worked up, but it's a nightmare to work with. The strands were worked at different tensions because they weren't plied. I had to keep pushing the yarn back towards the cake until it was long enough to cut and tie the strands all the same length, because the working yarn often had one or two strands longer than the others. I had to do this three times by the time I got to the first color change. I'm not sure if this is the nature of this type of yarn or this brand in particular, it could also be me, and it was odd that in the beginning it was only the dark blue threads that got longer and the light blue were fine. The yarn is gorgeous, but never again. I'm glad I chose a project that I could stop when I ran out of yarn.

👤I liked the color. I haven't used yarn this thin before, but I'm not going to give a lower rating for not reading the description carefully. It feels nice to be touched. I've never seen yarn that was just individual strands, but maybe some shawl yarns do this to keep the end product light. It's easy to use thinness in a different way.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by this yarn, Red heart is stepping up their game. The finished product was gorgeous. The yarn is very fine and beautiful.

👤I wanted to make a pattern that would work with a yarn substitution. So began my search. I was searching when everything was closed so I didn't see anything. I think they weren't making yarn. I found a vendor that had some. The manufacture did not. I thought the price was high, but it was not. I think I got a bargain. It's still more than I like to pay. The value for the money was good. Softness? Several strands of thread are what this is. It is soft enough for what it is. The strands of thread are not woven together, making it more difficult to work with. I had to be careful. The pattern was made up nicely with a little care. I like it. It was worth the time and money I spent to get it.

👤It was very easy to work with. It's not a yarn for you if you're not used to working with thinner thread type yarn.

👤The finished product of my daughter's crocheted shawl was one of her favorites because of the beautiful colors and soft yarn. It was difficult to work with the yarn because the threads were not twisted, and it was difficult for her to pick up all the threads while crocheting. My daughter had to tie the yarn back together after it became tangled in one area. The yarn is wonderful to use and the finished product is beautiful, no matter how simple the pattern is.

👤I will most likely not order online again because I was not as happy with this yarn. It would be better to see and touch this yarn in person first because it is very thin and mercerized cotton. It is perfect for a small shawl.

4. Yarn Ball Winder Craft Destiny

Yarn Ball Winder Craft Destiny

The weight is 3.5 ounces and the length is 100 yards. It is easy to set up and get yarn cakes. The Yarn Winder can be used as soon as you get the box. Sturdy with a metal handle and a plastic one. The yarn cakes can be used from the outside or from the center. The metal is sturdy and has a good grip. The table can be attached to it's thickness up to 1 inch. If there is an issue, they will make it right. You can contact them.

Brand: Craft Destiny

👤I love it! It was packaged professionally and came with instructions in English, which were easy to understand and had pictures. I'm happy to say that this one fits on my 2inch thick crafting table, which is a problem with previous winders. The arm that you thread your yarn through stays still and the actual winder rotates, which means there is no annoying knocking sounds or thread coming out of place like other winders. I was able to wind an entire cake of size 3 (dk) yarn on it with no problem and when I took it off of the winder, it did not fall apart or collapse in on itself. I am excited to finally organize my yarn collection, because I love this yarn winder. It's a must have for any yarn crafter, crocheter, knitter, etc.

👤I don't have a lot of room. I have been buying yarn from a company. I love their yarn. I spent an equal amount of time untangling the yarn as I made my item from it. I had a ball of yarn within minutes after receiving this item. The level of frustration was zero. My yarn looks better than ever. I felt like I had to write a review before I started my scarf.

👤The first ball of yarn didn't turn out as well as we would have liked, and we tried to redo it, but I made a mistake. The second ball of yarn was better than the first. The first rule is to go slow and hold the tension on the yarn. It is a learning curve, but it was easy to use. I am very happy that I bought this yarn winder. My mistakes were not due to the wind but because I was not paying enough attention to what I was doing. Would recommend this machine.

👤Thanks to the sellers, this came a week earlier than it should have. The little notions pouch was a bonus gift and was stuffed with knitting things I hadn't had before. The winder itself. You just have to place the arm. It's possible that the living room table could go even thicker from the looks of it, so it's important to protect it. Does not budge a millimeter. It is not the quietest thing in the world. This was easy to use and I ended up winding 3 skeins on my first try, something which would have taken me about 2 hours to do before and now takes 15 minutes, tops. I love it!

👤I saw that this brand cost more, but the picture looked more durable than the others. The others looked flimsy. It looked like the picture showed when I got it. I made 3 cakes from skeins that are 4 ounces and less in a few minutes after I put it together. It wouldn't handle anything bigger than that, but none of them do as far as I can see. The little pack of goodies they send with it are good things that I wanted for my knitting and would have cost me more if I had bought them separately. The yarn holder arm is stable, unlike the other brands. The only thing that worried me was that you have to snap the spindle on it. I was afraid of breaking it, so I used enough force. I got the spindle on and it didn't break. I have bad wrists and this tool is definitely worth it.

5. Lion Brand Yarn 756 712 Cotton

Lion Brand Yarn 756 712 Cotton

The yarn is self-striping and is 80% Acrylic and 20% Wool. A 50% cotton, 50% polyester yarn with subtle flecks of color against a natural base is what Comfy Cotton Blend is. This yarn is perfect for shawls, tops, shrugs and baby gifts. 50% cotton, 50% Polyester. The weight is 7oz/200g and the length is 358m.

Brand: Lion Brand Yarn

👤The best yarn you can buy. You will know what I mean once you buy it and work with it. I love this yarn. Every time a new yarn comes out, I am amazed. How can they top this one? But will probebly.

👤The yarn is soft. It's a little heavy for dk but still works. It's a steal if you can get it on Amazon for less than the lion brands website price, otherwise it's a rip off. If you want this yarn with a deal, check out the lion brands website and wait for the wonder wheel. The sweater pattern is called the Piper sweater and it's a really comfortable sweater. If you get the same dye lot, some cakes are different and need to be changed when knitting or crocheting. The yarn should be treated like a hand dyed one because of the variations.

👤I was going to make a baby blanket for my neighbor. Chai Latte would be a great color for her, as she owns a coffee house. I ended up with a 21" square, not big enough for a blanket. I will call it a baby lap blanket. I was reassured that I could make a blanket after reading all the questions, but when it arrived, I suspected it wasn't big enough. Very disappointing. There are many knots in the yarn.

👤This yarn is wonderful. Its soft and unique in color. I couldn't tell that there is a light pink in the color scheme with the pictures provided, but it made the colors so much more beautiful. There's a neutral color, a light punk and a purple color. It all works out well. I was surprised that the blend is soft. I've used bernat home maker and lion brand cotton and it was rough. The bernat is a size 5. This is the best of the three. The size of the yarn is important. If Amazon doesn't say so, I have the Chai latte. The yarn glides along my finger when I'm crocheting and there's no irritation or burning when using it. It's a big deal if you crochet daily. I recommend trying the yarn because I would buy it again and in different colors. I have gone through almost a full ball of yarn so far and have not seen any knots or fraying, and the yarn size is consistent for most of the time.

👤This yarn is very soft. You can see the pattern in the pictures. I got a drink. It's a nice mix of shades of tan and pink, with some dark grey. It's very easy to crochet with and very warm. I will get more of this brand.

👤I use Lion Brand Chai Latte cotton to make the "sand" layer on the cactus. It is not too stretchy and is the worst weight. I have to be careful not to get a Lion Brand product that is a bit darker. I have trouble finding the Chai Latte in stores and have to pay a bit more for it online, though Amazon had a better online price than some.

6. Red Heart Super Saver Ombre

Red Heart Super Saver Ombre

The thickness of the yarn can be different and it's a thin yarn, but the whole color of the yarn is the same. The bright color will appear inside if it isn't seen outside. The Red Heart Super Saver is a 10oz container. Red Heart Super Saver is the most popular yarn in America. It is a 4ply yarn that is 100% Acrylic fiber. This premium all-purpose yarn has traditional hand and excellent wash performance and is ideal for afghans. 10oz deep teal is 482 yards.

Brand: Coats & Clark Inc.

👤The yarn is soft and easy to work with. I made a lap quilt out of it for a friend who loves these colors. I will use this brand of yarn again in the future.

👤The yarn was in a sealed bag. The yarn was very heavy and there was condensation on the bag. I opened the bag and the label fell apart, the yarn was soaking wet, like it was in a bucket. I don't think so. We have to take a lot of time and gas out of our own pockets to return items like this that are not our fault.

👤Red Heart yarn's quality has plummeted and it is no longer a quality product. It has many tie offs within a skein and the plys are not strong. It used to be cheap, but high quality. It is more expensive and less quality. SMH.

👤I made a shawl out of it and my friends are fighting over it. The color variation for my virus meet granny shawl took 3.5 skeins and was 70x 40 inches wide with a hook J border, which they sell here too. I have tried all the ombré yarns but green, so I am waiting to start. The price is less than Walmart.

👤The color doesn't match. I knitted this blanket in deep teal, but it was a little short. I brought another and this is the same color as the one on the end corner.

👤This is making a nice blanket. I love the self striping. It was easy to use. I expected the Read Heart brand to be exactly what it is.

👤This yarn is wonderful. The variations in color look great when you attach a new skein to your work. My only concern is that I ran into a couple of knots as I worked, so I had to cut it at the edge and put it back together. I would buy this yarn again because it was easy to work with.

👤This is a good yarn for craft stores. Softer than some. The label calls it worsted, but it's more of a weight. The scarf is stiffening more than I expected, and is being knitted with US #8 needles. The scarf would drape better if I moved up to #9. I thought the varigation would be shorter. This is a great yarn for this kind of project. I'm happy with it.

7. Lion Brand Yarn 828 302 Shawl

Lion Brand Yarn 828 302 Shawl

The machine wash is at 30 C. Handmade shawls are all the rage in the yarn world. Shawl in a Ball is the perfect yarn for beginners. The simplest knit or crochet stitches can be used to create accessories. The self-striping brushed acrylic is made with a 100% cotton slub and has the look and feel of silk mohair. One ball makes your project. The fiber content is: stripes: 42% Cotton, 39%Acrylic, 3%Other, and metallic: 61% Cotton, 34%Acrylic, 5%Other. Instructions for washing and drying: machine wash and lay flat to dry. The weight is 5.3 ounces and the length is 481 yards.

Brand: Lion Brand Yarn

👤After reading the negative reviews, I was hesitant to buy this yarn, but I decided to because I loved the color. I haven't started my project yet because I received it yesterday. I removed the label and made a ball. I rolled my ball from the outside because reviewers said it was tangled when the yarn was removed from the inside. I looked at the beginning to the end of the skein. No clumps or flaws! I think I was lucky. I can crochet my project now. I love the color of the shade.

👤I made a pretty shawl as a gift and found the yarn to be easy to work with, the colors were beautiful and there was a little left over when the project was done. Will be buying again.

👤This is a yarn that is thick and fluffy, but sometimes thin, as a beginner at crochet. Definitely not for complete beginners. The shrug I made has a lovely drape and feels soft, I used a 6mm hook. The colour is gorgeous, and it is worth it.

👤Really like the wool. Interesting combinations of colors. It was on time.

👤I am looking forward to using the yarn.

👤I will definitely order it again.

👤Ich ist die fteren gekauft, allerdings, bei woolware uk. Ich finde Sie fr 2-farbiges Brioche. Die Farbverlufe ist schn und lang. Ich ist die kleider, somit Ich etwas verkauft. Weil die USA Dealern bei denen, bei denen bei denen, bei denen. Ihren Hndler "Totally-Crafty USA" lief das zum ersten mal von 4ren. Die Wolle ist aber robust und doch fein gehalten. Sie ist "lebendig" und "flaieend". Ich finde so schn aber as a Brioche/Patent, wunderbar luftig und edel. "Totally-Crafty USA" ist man gut empfehlen und dies zum erstenmal. Im USA hatte das Pkchen an der Tre dem Postboten angekndigt. Ich hatte 3 pro Knul. The hatten ist beigegeben. Ihren entschuldigt und Amazon war bei 12 Porto gekostet. Also Totally-Crafty USA wei wie man international.

8. Caron Simply Medium Worsted Acrylic

Caron Simply Medium Worsted Acrylic

The gauge is 4 - MED and 100 percent Acrylic. 13 sc and 14 rows with a 5mm crochet hook. The knitting gauge is 18 sts and 24 rows with a 5mm knitting needle. 5 oz/141gm, 250 yds/228 M. Machine wash and machine dry.

Brand: Caron International

👤The yarn is soft and the color scheme is nice.

👤The yarn is soft and nice. It's too slippery to use the magic knot technique to join. I had to use a bulkier method when I tried because the yarn slid out of the knot. It's nice to work with and feel good.

👤It wasn't the same yarn as I had. After comparing the labels I found that the one I had was made in Turkey and the one I bought was made in India. The yarn is soft and I recommend it to everyone.

👤This type of yarn is used to make baby Afghans. I was excited to find it on Amazon. You have to be careful. Some are very expensive.

👤Me es econmico, para un gorro para me.

👤Love this yarn, but it has too many flaws.

👤I bought this for my wife because she was going to make afgan for a grandchild. She was happy with the product.

👤I like the yarn. I'm making a sweater for my granddaughter and using it as an adornment.

👤My daughter loves wool. I thought I was ordering from a UK company but it was not. The item was shipped from the USA and took a while to arrive. Will make sure the company is in the UK when ordering wool again.

👤The best yarn ever. It is smooth and soft. The selection is limited so I wish all the colors were the same price.

9. Red Heart Super Saver Anthracite

Red Heart Super Saver Anthracite

10oz deep teal is 482 yards. Super Saver yarn is now available in gorgeous prints. You get that look without changing skeins because colors move from light to dark and back again. The yarn does all the work for you. You can either make a beautiful shawl with just one skein or you can make a show stopping throw with 4 skeins. It was made in the USA. The crochet gauge is 12sc x 15r. The knitting gauge is 17st x 23r. On a US 8 it's 10 cm on the size. It is per 10 oz. Machine wash cold/tumble.

Brand: Red Heart Yarn

👤I bought five skins of grey yarn and five skiens of grey yarn. I was short-changed by at least one yard of yarn on every skein. I was crocheting a king-size blanket with two yarns, the grey heather and the ombre. I ran out of ombre and had too much of heather grey. The package said that all ten skeins held 482 yds. I had to crochet a small pillow because of the discrepancy in yard lengths.

👤I love the shades of gray. The yarn is rich and comfortable. The afghan will be a single stitch with a size I hook. This pattern has only 1 1/2 more to go. I plan to use some pink for another afghan. The price is reasonable. The texture is my favorite thing about this yarn. I will wash it with a gentle cycle in the machine. This yarn is good. Fast delivery.

👤I've made a variety of things with this yarn. This yarn is practical. Throw it in the wash and it will start out stiff, but then it will start to soft up. It's easy to use and it's a good thickness. I have bought it many times and will continue to do so. I've made many stuffed animals with it and it works great for making mandalas.

👤I have not seen this color in any of the stores where I look for yarn. I made my grandson a blanket at Christmas that was gray in color. I decided to try it after I found it on Amazon. It is a pretty color, going from palest gray to dark charcoal. You can't see the variations of gray in my picture, but it's pretty and just what I needed. As long as they make it, I will keep it in my yarn stash. Will go with a lot of other colors.

👤This is not the most soft yarn I have used, but it still feels beautiful to touch, it is easy to use, and the different shades incorporated make the end product stand out. One of my favorites.

👤The color is beautiful, but the yarn was not enough to finish a scarf, so I had to order another skein, the price was affordable, but the yarn was splitting apart half way through, not very happy with it.

👤This is a color that I like. The yarn is not very soft. The price is more on Amazon. It's coming out nicely after I combined it with a teal comb.

👤I don't think there's anything bad about red heart yarn. I can go to Walmart and get the same thing for $6. The yarn is double or triple the price on Amazon. I use red heart yarn but will buy it at Walmart.

10. Knit Picks Yarn Ball Winder

Knit Picks Yarn Ball Winder

You can use happy birthday yard signs to decorate your garden, as well as to enhance the fesitival atmosphere for your garden and make it distinct, Applicable occasions: these happy birthday yard signs are vivid and beautiful, you can use them to decorate your garden, as well as to enhance WinDS YRN: The Knit Picks Ball Winder allows you to transform yarn hanks and skeins into compact center-pull cakes that sit nicely while you knit and crochet. It's easy to wind up to 100 grams or 3.5 ounces of yarn, from lace and fingering weights to worsted and bulky weights. Attach any table edge or surface up to 1 inch thick and position the guide arm to start winding. It's easy to steal. A yarn guide arm that folds makes for compact storage and allows quick and easy assembly. It's great for crafting. Knit Picks Yarn Swifts can be used to organize all wound yarn into usable cakes.

Brand: Knit Picks

👤I'll lead with buy this. If you're going through a skein a year, don't bother, but more than that and the flaws are worth the benefit. I'm kicking myself for telling myself that this isn't mandatory for 10 years and not spending a lot of money for sanity. After spending every hour of my day winding my own balls of yarn, getting hand cramps, or using yarn straight from the skein, I just bit the bullet. I took out my big tote and made a day of it. The first picture shows a small portion of the cakes on cakes in my bin. The second week was a very cheap amigurumi yarn that defined hard to work with and you can see how the first two worked out. I never had to start over because I had to cut so many snarls out. The star knocked off something. There is a learning curve. I use masking tape on the lose end to make sure the top slots hold your yarn. I don't lose it. You will try to pull it tight and it will slip off and you will have a wobbly cake. It will seem like you won't, but you will get it quickly. Pull the yarn back through the cake until you hit a solid point and try again. It took a few tries to get the over down up thing. You're fine once you get it. The first five tries feel like a puzzle game, but it's one fluid motion. It really does squeak. It's very smooth for a while, then it starts to click a few times, like you're murdering it. I push in on the handle and wait for it to stop, it doesn't affect the yarn, and isn't often enough to not use it. I've tried many things, but nothing. I'm pretty sure they are possessed and it goes back to normal quickly. I thought I was breaking something. Hundreds later, still chugging. Pull this little guy out is the first thing I do when I get yarn.

👤I don't know why I waited so long to purchase this. I never imagined it would work so well. If you want to know how well it works, I will send out a message to the entire county that I live in, offering free yarn rolling services because it makes it fun and fascinating. The male family members in my life were so fascinated by how simple it was and how fast it worked that they all stood around watching. The guide arm needs to be moved and positioned opposite the winding handle to operate correctly. I didn't purchase a yarn swift because I didn't think it needed one. The instructions on the box were written in a way that made me worry that I needed one. I can promise that you don't. I used my left hand to guide the yarn to the floor and then turned the crank with my right hand to make sure it was wound correctly. I had a small box full of yarn that needed to be wound and organized and when I finished it the box was barely half full. I'm going to be more organized. I have created space for more yarn. You can never have enough yarn, right? My husband disagrees with that statement, but nobody asked him. It's a good thing. I can attest to the fact that you can wind skeins up to 100 grams or 3.5 ounces. I wound a skein that was 6 ounces and it did complete it to my satisfaction, however the crank felt heavy as I was nearing the end and I don't recommend going over the recommended amounts. If I had found a review equal to my, I would have made a decision sooner.

11. Caron Simply Soft Collection Yarn

Caron Simply Soft Collection Yarn

It was made in the USA. They want to earn your trust through the traditional way they do business. Information on the composition is provided by composition and permanence tables. It is manufactured in turkey. Knit and crochet your world in style with matching softness, drape and luster. For easy care, the machine is dry.

Brand: Caron

👤I like working with Caron Simply Soft because it is very soft. I had occasional problems with it splitting. I watched a video by a person who tests crochet patterns. She stated in the video that there is no such thing as splitty yarn. I was working with a bamboo yarn that seemed to want to split constantly, so this grabbed my attention. If you're having problems with yarn splitting, you need to change your tool, according to the author. I switched to an inline hook after using an offset hook. Voila! My issue was solved. I did the same thing when I came back to my Simply Soft project. I have sets of both types of hooks so if one doesn't work I try another and I haven't had splitty yarn problems since! I already have most of the yarn purchased and I must have about 20 projects in the queue that will use this yarn. You find a yarn that you love to work with and you want some of every color.

👤I was trying to match the yarn. I had previously purchased. This one is not quite as soft as the other one. I will use it to finish my project because I can't go shopping in this crazy world to find a better match. I think it will be fine. I can finish my scarf as planned because it matches as closely as it does. I decided to make my gift in three shades, so this was perfect for the second shade. I have enough left to make a second scarf when I combine the rockstar white with it. Beautiful!

👤A gold and red mouse was ordered. I chose this one because it was what I was looking for. If you are a beginner, I don't recommend it because it splits a lot and can be annoying. The color is beautiful, but it is soft.

👤The color Pagoda is pretty and I love it. It's the same color as the toboggan photo and I love it. I only ordered a single skein to see if I liked it, I want to make a throw to place on the back of my sofa. The colors in the photo's are not what you get.

👤It was fine. I donated it to ladies making baby hats because it wasn't the shade I needed. I would prefer a lower price since I am making items to donate. I would pay for a more chartreuse shade.

👤The yarn was not the seller's. I have never had a harder time working with yarn. It was difficult to catch on to itself. It is pretty and soft. I didn't expect the shine. I didn't hate. I wouldn't purchase again.

👤The best yarn ever. I know it's not cool, but this stuff knits up really well. It is very soft. When knitting for a long time, some yarns irritate my skin. It is dry and machine washed. The baby blanket I made from this yarn is still new after many washes. It doesn't seem to get damaged after being put in the dryer. If you are not careful, you should split the yarn when knitting because you only knit half the strand. You have to pay more attention. The problem has been fixed by bamboo needles.


What is the best product for yarn cakes for crocheting clearance?

Yarn cakes for crocheting clearance products from Lion Brand Yarn. In this article about yarn cakes for crocheting clearance you can see why people choose the product. Caron and Red Heart are also good brands to look for when you are finding yarn cakes for crocheting clearance.

What are the best brands for yarn cakes for crocheting clearance?

Lion Brand Yarn, Caron and Red Heart are some of the best brands that chosen by people for yarn cakes for crocheting clearance. Find the detail in this article. Craft Destiny, Coats & Clark Inc. and Caron International are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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