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1. Hostess Coffee Cakes Cinnamon Streusel

Hostess Coffee Cakes Cinnamon Streusel

Eggs have anAllergen information. The United States is the country of origin. The item package weight was 0.286 kilogram. The item package has a dimensions of 4.445 cm L x 15.748 cm W x 27.432 cm H. There was no filling. It was crumb topping.

Brand: Hostess

👤The package had been opened and taped up. Product was hard and inedible. It's complete waste of money. Fast N' Fresh gives Hostess a bad name for what would otherwise be a quality product. Fast N' Fresh took my money and made me laugh. Don't be their next victim.

👤If possible, would give zero stars. I am sure they survived shipping. They would have been great. They were shipped in a plastic bag instead of a box and were completely smashed flat, some of the packages were split open, and the rest were just smashed into pieces. I played it safe and let them go.

👤This came on time, that's good. I was happy to see the expired date. I thought there was a lot of room in the box. There were right cakes when I opened it. Which is what the description says. There are 16 in the box they came in. I know they have been tampered with, nasty people in this world, do not buy.

👤They are individually packaged so that you can take them on a trip for a quick breakfast in the hotel room. I don't think they're worth it for what you get. I don't think I would order them again even though the taste is great.

👤I had indigestion that was horrible. I have not had indigestion in more than a decade and I was worried I was having a heart attack when I was hit with such bad indigestion. They were thrown out!

👤We love these. I always order a few boxes so they last a few weeks. The last 6 boxes I ordered were very dry and I believe they had to have been past the date or close to it. This is the first time I have had them dry and not fresh. This was only the one time. I got 6 boxes. All previous orders have been very good.

👤I gave these as a gift and put them in a care package for my boyfriend. I was able to get them on here for less than in stores. They were the same as they came from the store. I was able to get them to him. Win, win.

👤I don't mind gaining a few pounds because these are so delicious. I think I ordered three or four. I am on my last box. The seller was very professional. The contents were undisturbed even though one box was slightly bent. This seller is a big thanks for getting these. Everything was perfect!

👤When you get a good one, they taste great, even though they have been sitting in a warehouse for a long time.

👤It's not clear why people complain about the price, surely you know how much it costs before you buy? All the boxes I have purchased have arrived undamaged and are ready to use. A nice treat.

2. Little Debbie NB Nutty Bars

Little Debbie NB Nutty Bars

There are wafer bars covered in fudge. Sharing is easier with twin-wrapped. There are twelve (12) Little Debbie Nutty Buddy Bars in each carton. You can try their Nutty Buddy Milkshake or Nutty Buddy Pudding Pie recipes. Enjoy this treat today!

Brand: Little Debbie

👤I paid 9 dollars for a box of little Debbies. Please be aware. This was the robbery of the week.

👤They have a weird metallic taste and smell weird. Throw it into the trash.

👤It's not the healthiest snack in the world, but it's good on the go and tastes great. I have to go from place to place to place the practice for the team.

👤These things are bad for you because of their calories. Damn it. I love them so much that they are my guilty pleasure. I ate so many that I had to go to the bathroom.

👤This is one of the few peanut butter cookies I eat. It is better than a cup.

👤The flavor and texture are wonderful.

👤If you like snacks and peanut butter, it's the best flavor.

3. Oreo Double Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Oreo Double Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

There is a pack of OREO Double Stuf Chocolate Sandwich Cookies. The chocolate wafers were stuffed with the OREO creme. There are chocolate sandwich cookies for kids and adults. Birthday treats, lunchtime snack foods, or after school snacks can be enjoyed. Kosher OREO chocolate sandwich cookies are always made with real cocoa and are great for parties and events.

Brand: Oreo

👤These are amazing! And double! Double is 2x for people who know math. One thing we know about 2x is that it is as good as 1x. These are just as good as regular cookies. The Cubs won the world series in 1908, and they are remembered for their resemblance to Hydrox cookies. It is Hydrox - est. In 1908. There are cookies - est. 1912 The little cookie sandwich is stuffed. Excellent! These things can be used many different ways. Chop them up, add butter, and press into a cake pan. What goes in that pie? This is what you eat when you land on your tongue. Unless you're good at it. Don't ruin this for the rest of us and enjoy your chips. Throw them on top of ice cream and eat them. Chop them and mix them together into a shake. They should be eaten plain. Eat 1. You should eat a bag. I guess you just eat them, but are they good? Don't use them for communion. That would be ridiculous.

👤My wife ordered these to fill up the space in the pantry box. All of our stuff is covered in chocolate. I am not happy with this. It was a poor representation on Amazon's part.

👤The box doesn't last a day as my family eats them out of it. If I can hide them first, I use Double Stuff Oreos for favorite recipes, such as crushing the contents of the entire box, mixing with a 8 ounce block of cream cheese, rolling into walnut-sized balls before laying on a sheet pan and cooling in the fridge or freezer. The Bon Bons were a hit at my party. Thanks to the Pioneer Woman, I can make my children's favorite chocolate cake. If you want to make a cake that lasts an hour, you can use a recipe on Hershey's website that calls for making a cream cheese frosting and adding crushed Double Stuff Oreos to the frosting at the end. This product is a pantry staple for family-friendly desserts.

👤I wanted to buy the large family size because they are the best orEOS to buy. The cookie is always good. They said they were not available. So. We had to buy the double stuffed smaller size. They are not stuffed. They are all cracked and not present to company. I will. Wait for the family size.

👤When you fry them, put them in a pot with hot oil and take them out. On a paper towel, sprinkle them with powdered sugar and serve. But so delicious! This review was helpful.

👤The only bad thing was that a package of the cookies fell out of the cabinets when they opened up, because another package got crushed. There is a I made chocolate cheesecake and put it in the patients that I saved, like a good doctor. I didn't pick out all of the ingredients but it tasted like it was out of this world and it looked a little funny. I want to do it again, but I have to order more of them so they don't get crushed.

4. WELCHS Mixed Fruit Snacks Ounce

WELCHS Mixed Fruit Snacks Ounce

There are 40 single serving bags. There are delicious fruit snacks. 25% Vitamins A&E and 100% Vitamins C are included. Fat free, preservative free, andGluten free. It's a great snack for school lunches, sporting games, the office and more.

Brand: Welch's

👤Possibly the most addictive substance a man has ever produced. It is impossible to eat just one pouch. I can tell you from my experience that eating multiple bags in one sitting is not easy on your stomach or general health. The front of the box has many bright colors that draw the eye, and are just full of vitamins, which is what they are marketed as. Fruit juice and sugar are the main ingredients in the box. There are many types of sugar. Purchase away if you know these are not fruit snacks and should be treated as fruit candy.

👤These were perfect for many reasons. 1st When I quit smoking, these were helpful and my son loves them. I found a 40 pack box and later realized they had other varieties as well. We like to blend the berries and cherries every month. Being able to have them sent on a specific date each month is wonderful. You can have them shipped whenever you want, just subscribe and save. These and the Cherries are also recommended by me.

👤I used to buy them at work. This doesn't taste the same. At all. They are either old or expired.

👤The delivery was fast and it was delivered as requested. Which is appreciated by me... It's a small snack for the entire day that's juicy and portioned well... I would recommend this product to a mom who has children.

👤Normally I love these things, but I bought them as subscribe and save. Half of the packs are not good. When I get them from the store, I don't have this problem. They like it, but it's not expired. They have a powdery coat and taste funny. Some are okay and some are what I was expecting. I'm throwing at least half of it. This is not saving me any money. Very disappointing.

👤These are really good and you can taste the fruit in them. I like the packing because it's great to know. How many calories you get and what they are. Kids should like them. My dogs aren't much of a fan of them.

👤I bought this on the daily deal. Excellent pick up. Not just for adults. I have been helped by adults trying to kick their daily sugar intake. A pack of ice cream was a good substitute. Enjoy. Things can get hot when they are delivered at the wrong time.

👤The product is correct. The best by date is 10/11/2018. 190 days/ 27 weeks. I assume the problem is where the boxes are stored. I usually pick these up at the local store. I think that's correct.

👤bolsitas pequeas perfectas para snack. Producto por bolsita!

👤Me encantan es gomitas, llegaron en tiempo. Recomiendo al vendedor.

👤This candy is delicious. I took a star away from it because I feel like I may get diabetes because I am the only person at home eating this.

👤Son unas gomitas deliciosas.

5. Variety Oatmeal Brownies Philly Favorites

Variety Oatmeal Brownies Philly Favorites

There are 1 box of Little Debbie Zebra Cakes, 1 box of Little Debbie Honey Buns, 1 box of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls, and 1 box of Little Debbie Oatmeal creme Pies. There are 10 twin wrapped Zebra Cakes, 6 individually wrapped Honey Buns, 12 twin wrapped Swiss Rolls, 12 individually wrapped oatmeal creme pies, and 6 individually wrapped Cosmic Brownies. This variety pack is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. Little Debbie has been making smiles to the faces of snack lovers and dessert lovers for over 50 years. Little Debbie's treats are great for on-the-go energy, as an afternoon snack, for dessert after a meal, or simply as comfort food, and come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and tastes.

Brand: Little Debbie

👤The package was smashed so the treats were like crumbles.

👤This was a lie. Don't purchase this item! The seller refused to give me a refund. The value of your money is terrible. I will not purchase from this seller again.

👤The boxes have an expiration date of about a month. If you bought them in the store, it would be the same story. I need to eat all of these within a month as there's no way I can eat all of them within a week. I think it would be great to try.

👤If you don't eat them by the best buy date, they will be hard to eat, but they are fresh, no issues, and will last for at least 2 months after that. Each box at my local stores is usually $3-4 depending on the type, but I like it because I can't find all the different kinds at the same store, and it's nice to have variety instead of eating the same thing every time. It would be great to have one with mini's, donuts, and cupcakes, as well as nutty buddy's.

👤Today is July 22. August 2nd is the last date for 1 box. One box which expires in September is the only box that has August Expiration dates. The snack tastes good and I can't complain. My children should be able to eat them before it ends. I gave 2 boxes to a friend so they wouldn't go bad. It's not bad in taste but close to the end.

👤I got the variety pack because I wanted to try different products, I think the honey buns are the best with swiss rolls close by. The oatmeal pies were disappointing. Junk food with long ingredient lists and stuff you've never heard of is what these are. I'm not eating these to be healthy, but do you really need 5 different versions of sugar and some weird stuff added? Will not be ordering again.

👤These are a treat. I had a honey bun this morning. I couldn't sleep.

6. Hostess Twinkies Cupcakes Individually Wrapped

Hostess Twinkies Cupcakes Individually Wrapped

Product should have a long time before it expires.

Brand: Hostess

👤Everyone loves Hostess Cupcakes and Twinkies. You have received them and they are about to expire. Saturday August 1st is the day cupcakes expire. Twinkies will be gone on August 4th. I went to the grocery store the next day to check the expired products and it was 2 months away. I have a hard time walking, so I don't go out as much, with everything going on. I was ordering more food from Amazon. If I am getting Old Stock that should be thrown out in a week, why should I continue?

👤This item is repulsive. This is not what you remember if you have ever enjoyed a Hostess product. The cupcake is 1 1/2 in diameter and tastes like a ball of sugar and the Twinkie takes force to bite into it. I tried to return it before I left a bad review, but they don't accept returns.

👤I got these Hostess Twinkies and cupcakes. They tasted like chalk. Before eating, make sure to check the expiration date.

👤The Twinkies had a weird taste. They were not up to date. Will not buy again.

👤Twinkies and Cupcakes are undersized. Won't waste my money again.

👤The only positive thing I can say is that these have tasted ok. I used to love cupcakes. Twinkies and DingDongs were not the expected Twinkies and cupcakes, but they were in the photos. The package arrived with a $20.00 postage due. It is possible that the package carrier was faking me.

👤I got them two days ago.


👤Happy childhood days. To get Suzie Q.

👤The taste of Twinkies and cupcakes is not normal. I found them very sweet and unpleasant. Never again.

7. Hostess Brands Apple Pie

Hostess Brands Apple Pie

The package is 9.2 inches in length. The package width is 5 inches. The package is 2.3 inches high.

Brand: Hostess

👤I disagree with some of the posts. They are a quarter the size of fruit pies. If you put an entire 560 calories pie in front of me, I'm going to eat the whole thing. I can eat somewhere else when my sweet tooth is satisfied with this little Nugget. I see it that way. I agree with everyone. If you need a sweet treat, go for these.

👤When you eat one of these, you immediately regret it, you hate yourself, and every decision that brought you to your first bite of Hostess Apple Pie. There's another bite left, but it's nowhere near enough. You hated yourself, but you're going to have at least 2 at a time. My advice? Don't fight to it. You'll be fine if you know what these are and where to put them. It's not an apple pie. It's an artificial pastry with apples inside. Go forward.

👤I thought this might be a better deal than the $1 pies. I paid the sale price for all 12 pies. I could buy 3 of the 4.5 oz pies for the same price. I could get 4 of the $1 pies, for a total weight of 18 ounces, if the normal price of this box was $4.32. For less, almost half a pound more substance. I wish I'd done the math earlier. Say you have small children. These are the right size for a kid's lunch box. I don't think your child would complain much. Outside of that circumstance, these are bland. The amount of apples in them is laughable. I've only eaten a few chunks of apple in the 6 pies I've eaten. They're sweet, but don't have any real apple flavor. They're a step down from the $1 pies in general. The slogan is 100 calories per day. This isn't worth 100 calories. You can get cups of yogurt with fruit and more flavor in a single bite than these snack pies.

👤I can't believe I was taken in. It wasn't worth the high price. You are lucky to get 2 bites. They tasted good. Maybe they would have tasted better if they were a little bigger. I lost money and was let down. Shame on you. I have bought your treats for over 50 years. You let me down and left a sour taste in my mouth. There are others out there.

👤Excited for childhood memories. Not as I remembered. The snack size is in your hand. It is mostly bread and glaze. A small amount of filling would be generous in both product and review.

👤The pies were sent in a plastic envelope. The box was smashed. The pies were smashed. These pies are a joke. Never again.

👤The package was completely smashed. Only in a soft package.

👤You remember Hostess fruit pies? The fruit is more flaky than the crust. These pies are not what you're looking for. The hall were crushed when the box came in.

8. Hostess Frosted Donettes Bagged 11 25

Hostess Frosted Donettes Bagged 11 25

Donettes come in a bag. There are mini donuts with chocolate coating. It's great for having a small bite or many small bites. Share the love of chocolate with a friend. These mini bakery treats are great with coffee or orange juice.

Brand: Hostess

👤My wife and I threw all of them in the trash. I can't believe people think these are acceptable. The oils in these leave a coating on the tongue and hard palate. There is no chocolate taste at all. If you search for it with your tongue, most chocolate donuts have a slight chocolate taste. These have no. I will test to see if the ants will go for these. I can use them for rat trap bait because I believe rats are indiscriminate. I'm going to take the trash out to see if I can get something useful from them.

👤I bought these with an Amazon Fresh order so I could fulfill a donut craving. They were within the sell by date, but they tasted old and tough. They were not good, but I wasn't expecting that. My husband thought they were a bit tough and old tasting. I don't think I'll order them again.

👤This product is bad. This product will make you sick. You will be able to eat. It will make you sick. It has oil in it that will make you sick. This item will make you sick, so don't eat it. This is not a snack. This will make you sick. You will not be able to do anything after eating this food. I am not sure if it is the routine of Amazon. To sell bad products. This product is not worth buying or eating. I don't know why they did it. It is not my problem. This will make you sick. Don't eat this food.

👤The frosted donettes were fine. There could be some side effects. There were no complaints. I couldn't give any stars forthickness. Why? They were very thin. The picture shows that they didn't arrive as expected. The mini donuts arrived not quite flat because the bag was packed in a bubble wrap envelope. The vitamins were delivered in a box. Again, no complaints. We're in the middle of a disease. Thank you to the Amazon workers for their hard work.

👤The first two pictures are of the delivery of donettes, chocolate crumbling off of them, and no "best if used by" date. They have a date on the back of the package. The donettes looked terrible, the package was beat up in a soft sided bag, and the Amazon package was delivered by the USPS. I threw away one bag of chocolate. They looked like they had been eaten by a mouse. My family wouldn't eat them. If you want to deliver them, you need to have a best if use by date box.

👤These are a guilty pleasure and family favorite. This time, it wasn't so great. When I got them, they were all smashed and the ones that weren't were only half chocolate covered. The quality was off because of the rough coating, and they were smashed and broken when they were shipped.

👤The chocolate coating was good quality and tasted very fresh. The donuts are more cake-like than softer ones, say Duncan. The more traditional type of donut is what I like.

9. Hostess Brands Cake Multi 12 70

Hostess Brands Cake Multi 12 70

It's snack sized for those hunger cravings. The cake has chocolate icing and a creamy center. HOSTESS snacks are the perfect treat for the whole family. The cakes were creamy filled.

Brand: Hostess

👤These are not the Hostess cupcakes I remember from my childhood, but they are the same recipe as before the company went out of business and was taken over by someone else. They are too small and seem to be less moist in the cake than I remember. Sometimes icons of certain industries that die out are re-created by others who want to preserve the name and product, and others just want the revenue that brand name brings. The filling is not very good, and the size of the cupcakes is not very large. I can't recommend them.

👤When I was a kid, my folks couldn't afford these cup cakes because they were so small. I can afford them now that I have money. I don't eat them often because I'm not young anymore.

👤Sorry. I usually like this brand of Hostess cakes but this batches were not up to par. The icing was discolored and should have been a clue to me. Too involved to try to get them back.

👤They are hostess cupcakes that are not good. They are good. They are 1/3 of the size of the two packs. I haven't eaten a hostess cupcake in about 8 years, so maybe they are making them smaller as well?

👤The best desserts have always been provided by Hostess. The cupcakes are very similar to the deli's and such. I get them all the time.

👤There was no real flavor in the dry cupcake. I understand that it's not made from scratch. This makes you want to bake something.

👤I'll be ordering again for it's a great product to snack on, thanks for delivering it, I had a very short date.

👤The cupcakes were hard to eat. These had been sitting around for a while.

👤It tastes nice but not everything. Hostess cupcakes used to be twice the size of a full cream one. It was delicious. I bought these despite bad reviews because I wanted to experience my childhood again.

👤The cakes were almost inedible despite the fact that the best before date was two months from the delivery date. The chocolate 'icing' on top was discolored and the white swirl was taupe. The cake was hard and dry, and the cream centre had dried and taken on acrunchy texture. Really not impressed. Returning for a refund.

👤I've not had a Hostess cupcake in a while, but they are not what I would expect from them. The cake is dry and the icing is hard. Will not be buying again.

👤Getting addicted to hostess cakes. Will definitely buy more. It was soft and tasty.

👤I used to love these, but they have changed in size and texture. The icing has lost it's smooth texture and is now very sweet.

10. Little Debbies Variety Pack Oatmeal

Little Debbies Variety Pack Oatmeal

There are 1 box of Little Debbie Zebra Cakes, 1 box of Little Debbie Honey Buns, 1 box of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls, and 1 box of Little Debbie Oatmeal creme Pies. There are 10 twin wrapped Zebra Cakes, 6 individually wrapped Honey Buns, 12 twin wrapped Swiss Rolls, 12 individually wrapped oatmeal creme pies, and 6 individually wrapped Cosmic Brownies. This variety pack is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. Little Debbie has been making smiles to the faces of snack lovers and dessert lovers for over 50 years. Little Debbie's treats are great for on-the-go energy, as an afternoon snack, for dessert after a meal, or simply as comfort food, and come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and tastes.

Brand: Little Debbie

👤These were the small boxes. I paid $24 and it wasn't worth it. The cost should be eight dollats. I will ask for a refund if you send these again.

👤These are small. You end up paying more than the market price. The dale is less than a month away. You can get this size 3 for $5.00 at the supermarket, but we don't eat them that fast. Don't buy from Amazon.

👤I received them on January 12th after ordering them on December 29th. The boxes have a price in the upper right corner. The dates on the boxes can be different. I thought I needed to put that in a review. The dates were from January 25th to February 11th. If you can consume all 5 boxes by Feb 11th, it doesn't matter. I know I can't. "Little Debbies" is something I love.

👤The products show dates that will expire in a month from when you will receive them. The first box of this variety purchase will last for 3 weeks from when I received them. Very concerning.

👤When I saw the Little Debbie Variety pack, Nutty Buddy, Oatmeal crme pie, Swiss rolls and Zebra cakes, 46 set chocolate, on Amazon for a bargain price, I immediately purchased it. The delivery service was great and I was looking forward to eating these delicious snacks. The variety pack was fresh and had a lot of variety. The variety pack has Little Debbie snack/deserts. The rating was 5 stars. Joseph J. Truncale is the author of Haiku moments: How to read, write and enjoy haiku.

👤It's a great deal better than the grocery store, and they were fresh, so it was nice to get them in a variety of snacks, but I didn't like the fact that it took so long for them to be shipped.

👤I'm giving these a 3 star rating for their taste and variety. My family is fond of them. The price for them is too high. They are small packs of snack cakes that can be found at Walmart or your local grocery store.

👤They claim they were sent from the Little Debbie factory when you ordered it. All the boxes inside were to expire in less than a month after I received my order. I had to eat them quickly. One was still had 1 week, but was almost expired. Won't buy again. It's more expensive to buy them this way.

11. Royal Dansk Selection Preservatives Coloring

Royal Dansk Selection Preservatives Coloring

There are snack size packages. The tree nuts have an Allergen information.

Brand: Royal Dansk

👤I find these cookies in large tins in other stores. These cookies are not worth 3 lbs. I was happy to find a small tin of cookies. I was worried about ordering them from Amazon because of other reviews that said their cookies were broken and in pieces. I ordered them. Even though the box was delivered on its side, all the cookies were in tact. They are as good as I remember them being. My mother used the tin as a sewing kit when she was younger. My mother did things the same way as I do now.

👤Too angry to write. A photo is worth 1000 words.

👤My grandparents used to have Royal Dansk Danes on hand for the holidays. I loved them all and could never stop eating them. I once ate an extra large tin after buying it. I haven't had these in a while, but I think they must have changed the recipe as they don't have the same texture and flavor. They are still good but not great. They arrived in perfect condition and fresh, but do wish they had the same recipe.

👤They're so simple and delicious, my grandma used to buy them for us and give them as a Christmas gift. The Pretzel looking ones have bits and pieces of Sugar. They're fun to eat and if you're not careful you'll be watching TV and eating them and in 20 minutes you'll realize there's barely left.

👤The cookies are damaged and the tin is damaged. I was really looking forward to this.

👤There were broken cookies. Please use theUPS. It is unacceptable. My treats were broken by FedEx.

👤These are just awesome. Simple, lovely, a little variety of types and always a hit. People give these as gifts or bring them to work. When one of these tins shows up in my office, I am always happy. A cup of coffee or a glass of milk is pretty much all you need. The bonus is added. You can use the tin to make your own baked goods, give them as gifts or transport them to a gathering.

👤It was very delicious. I wouldn't buy again. The cookies have crumbled. The cookies I got have an expired date of January 1, 2019. But crumbled cookies.

👤Some biscuits came broken and packaging wasn't the best but they're biscuits so it doesn't really matter Would buy again.

👤My wife was reminiscing about when she bought these biscuits when she was younger as she really liked them. The biscuits were not the same as she remembered and were in a different tin.

👤My childhood memories were brought back by this tin. Love it very much. I wish it was bigger. Will definitely buy again.

👤Excellent tasting cookies. Each one has its own flavours. It's on your tongue. It's a great value for money. Next time, I will get a bigger tin.

👤My sister and I were always given a tin of these by my mother. I decided to treat us all and bring back some memories after not having them in a long time. They are very good. There is nostalgia in a tin.


What is the best product for zebra cakes little debbie?

Zebra cakes little debbie products from Hostess. In this article about zebra cakes little debbie you can see why people choose the product. Little Debbie and Oreo are also good brands to look for when you are finding zebra cakes little debbie.

What are the best brands for zebra cakes little debbie?

Hostess, Little Debbie and Oreo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for zebra cakes little debbie. Find the detail in this article.

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